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What Successful Weight Loss People Do Right
7/24/2014 9:58:18 AM,  6 COMMENTS

It's no surprise. People who really do lose the weight they need to lose, people who really do transform their lives, they all have one thing in...  Read more


Getting sleep
7/22/2014 12:47:59 PM,  1 COMMENTS

I finally got some good sleep. Been somewhat down recently though....  Read more


Monday thru Friday
7/21/2014 8:59:35 AM,  1 COMMENTS

I just cant seem to get on here on weekends, its too difficult to navigate from my phone :/ sigh so some of these streaks will never happen...  Read more


I feel the mid-section of my body becoming concave & gushy
7/20/2014 6:42:33 PM,  4 COMMENTS

Which is the front and which is the back..........aha....but the waist is now down to 37 and the bellybutton line is 40. For me this is amazing...  Read more


Sunday 7/20
7/20/2014 12:15:29 PM,  3 COMMENTS

So far so good today, made a Jamba Juice smoothie for breakfast. Trying to stick to my program......had a good start. Have a potluck dinner at church...  Read more


Time for an update
7/19/2014 9:52:55 PM,  5 COMMENTS

I have updated my sparkpage, now time for a blog! A lot has been going on..... I have given up my trainer (or maybe she gave up on me!). I am s...  Read more


Needing to get better at managing money
7/18/2014 10:28:14 AM,  5 COMMENTS

I know I make enough that I should not be struggling but I am constantly over spending and then panicking the few days prior to the next check. HELP!...  Read more


Neverending Dirty, hard work by Hand
7/16/2014 11:14:51 PM,  2 COMMENTS

40 ft. tarp laid over thick ivy 6 weeks ago to kill it but its still growing. I was outside at 6 AM gathering even more weeds for...  Read more


Figuring Out How to Balance Meals Since Going Vegan 32 Days
7/16/2014 10:16:12 AM,  1 COMMENTS

At 387 calories, I had some satiating old fashioned oatmeal, soaked overnight in water, cooked on the stove for 5 minutes with almond milk, bana...  Read more


New Start
7/16/2014 12:50:39 AM,  1 COMMENTS

Hello, I wanted to take the time to write an entry because I'm going to be start spark people again. This time I'm going to buy a few tools to h...  Read more


First Egg Since June 7th
7/15/2014 12:42:55 PM,  5 COMMENTS
=Mxd%5E...  Read more


Accountability Through Snap Chat
7/15/2014 8:58:44 AM,  4 COMMENTS

Smart phones, there's an app for everything. You snap pictures of everything under the sun so why not what you put in your mouth? The idea: My fr...  Read more


32 day VEGAN diet lowered all lipid numbers
7/12/2014 12:40:10 PM,  6 COMMENTS

April 7th my numbers were high. They probably continued to go higher until I started the VEGAN challenge for 32 days. But I only have the numb...  Read more


Day 11: Weight loss commandments
7/11/2014 3:30:26 PM,  1 COMMENTS

Just like the 10 biblical commandments, I need weight loss commandments. I think this list is pretty doable - but I really have to work on the get...  Read more


Losing weight for all the right reasons; I want to be a stripper.
7/11/2014 1:38:30 PM,  8 COMMENTS

Yeah yeah.. How appalling; How offensive. Ef it. Men are going to disrespect women, thatís life. As a stripper.. You can pay to disrespect me....  Read more


Day 10 - Who you ARE vs. Who you WANT to be
7/10/2014 4:29:18 PM,  1 COMMENTS

I have heard several times "Insanity is doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results."; however, I have come to believe...  Read more


Day 9 - No Excuses!
7/9/2014 2:26:30 PM,  2 COMMENTS

Enough said! Happy sparking! Kita - obesity survivor!...  Read more


PMS worst thing invented EVER
7/9/2014 1:04:24 PM,  1 COMMENTS

I feel like Im eating the kitchen sink and everything else that is not glued down right now. My only saving grace is that I really don't have the most...  Read more


Next Mini Goal is Getting Back to Onederland
7/8/2014 1:49:00 PM,  4 COMMENTS

...  Read more


Day 8 - Back on track!
7/8/2014 12:41:13 PM,  1 COMMENTS

So, the pity party is over! I put my big girl panties on and placed yesterday in the past. One of my spark friends told me to concentrate on t...  Read more


2 dates with the same guy then no contact oh well.... on to the next one
7/8/2014 11:29:27 AM,  6 COMMENTS

I thought things were going good but after our second date he pretty much quit texting back. I even attempted the next day to just start a conversatio...  Read more


I kept saying NOTHING was working...
7/8/2014 8:46:06 AM,  5 COMMENTS

I've eaten clean food for....ever. But I eat good portion sizes as I work like a chain gang member with a pick axe and pile of rocks. I'm hungr...  Read more


Starting over AGAIN! Hopefully this will be the one!
7/7/2014 10:45:57 PM,  1 COMMENTS

Started the Paleo diet/lifestyle on June 22, 2014. currently have lost 13 pounds! I'm learning to make more vegetable dishes, eat more fruit, and stay...  Read more


Day 32 of Vegan challenge
7/7/2014 8:04:58 PM,  4 COMMENTS

I just spent a long time posting about 30 pictures of food I made over the past several days and there is something wrong with the computer after I ju...  Read more


Day 32 of 30 Day Vegan Challenge
7/7/2014 8:00:44 PM,  1 COMMENTS

My computer crashed from a software product that Staples Office installed on June 3rd. I spent the last penny to my name getting computer fixed with...  Read more


Days 5-7... In need of your prayers
7/7/2014 10:48:03 AM,  4 COMMENTS

I was going to post another quote, but when I found this one, I HAD to use it! This weekend was a bust! I didn't have a shake all weekend. Frida...  Read more


Don't even know where to start...
7/6/2014 11:09:05 PM,  10 COMMENTS

I'm embarrassed to tell you, but I have been away so long, it took me quite a while to figure out how to enter a blog. My last blog was April 30th. I...  Read more


Day 30 of 30 Day Vegan Challenge
7/5/2014 11:16:08 AM,  2 COMMENTS

1/4 cup combined ground raw sunflower seeds & raw almonds 1/4 cup whole wheat flour baking powder 1/2 cup soy milk 1/4 cup fresh blueber...  Read more


Amended Blog with Pictures - Day 29 of 30 Day Vegan Challenge
7/4/2014 1:47:35 PM,  5 COMMENTS

blueberries, orange, cinnamon, coffee oatmeal soaked overnight and cooked with soy and almond milk. chick peas, tofu, asparagus, p...  Read more


Day 4 - REALLY Long DAY!
7/3/2014 8:15:34 PM,  2 COMMENTS

Never a truer word spoken. Did not do so well on the eating today, so I need to be better tomorrow. It's 8:15 PM and I'm just now about to lea...  Read more


Drinks with a Guy?
7/3/2014 1:14:26 PM,  4 COMMENTS

I am just starting this dating game and it makes me nervous. But I have learned confidence is sexy, smiling is attractive, and being myself is beautif...  Read more


Day 28 of the 30 Day Vegan Challenge
7/3/2014 8:22:52 AM,  2 COMMENTS

Ground old fashioned oats soaked overnight in filtered water to break down the phytic acid in the grain. Cooked 5 minutes with soy and almo...  Read more


7/3/2014 8:08:46 AM,  0 COMMENTS

The simplest definition of vegetarianism is a diet free of meat, fish, and fowl flesh. But eating habits of vegetarians cover a wide spectrum...  Read more


Day 26 of 30 Day Vegan Challenge
7/2/2014 5:11:10 PM,  4 COMMENTS

I'm just not hungry. My daughter picked today as the day we'd spend together this summer. First she said last Friday, "next week some time" and I sa...  Read more


Feeling Amazing
7/2/2014 11:08:08 AM,  3 COMMENTS

There is 1 person that put this smile on my face after 19 years we've seen it all family through it all DJE 88...  Read more


Day 3 - Inspired!
7/2/2014 10:10:55 AM,  2 COMMENTS

I received this message today and it touched my heart. The way we live is truly our message to the world. While I don't have children of my ow...  Read more


back to pure foods ~ no more white bread rolls - its poison to my body
7/1/2014 1:27:37 PM,  4 COMMENTS

After eating a white flour kaiser roll with a Morning Star vegan veggie burger (filled with crap) I was 2.4 lbs. heavier this morning than from...  Read more


Day 2: Excited!
7/1/2014 12:24:50 PM,  2 COMMENTS

On the advice of a nutritionist, I'm doing a variation of the Slim Fast plan, protein shakes for breakfast and lunch and a sensible dinner. Because I...  Read more


99 pounds from my goal
6/30/2014 10:46:41 PM,  15 COMMENTS

Ever since I had my latest weigh in last Thursday, this song has been haunting me.... except that the words in my head are "99 pounds from my goal.......  Read more


Day 1 - AGAIN! We Fall Down... BUT WE GET UP!!!
6/30/2014 1:58:41 PM,  4 COMMENTS

Over a year since my last blog... LIFE certainly has thrown some challenges my way, but I'M STILL HERE! I've been logging in and spinning the wheel,...  Read more


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