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  • Starting a new year

    7/21/2017 11:49:02 AM, by TAPPY49

    Today I turn 55 and boy it is amazing that I am here. A year and 1/2 ago, I didn't believe I was going to live to see a new day. I got very ill... Read more

  • Day by Day

    7/20/2017 11:37:55 AM, by TAPPY49

    I wake up every morning wishing it was three months from now and having lost at least 10 pounds. It is today and I can only go day by day succee... Read more

  • Reality sets in

    7/18/2017 11:18:28 AM, by TAPPY49

    I knew going in to yesterday's Doctor's appointment that I had many concerns with my diabetes. Of course, all those concerns were valid. I need... Read more

  • Monday

    7/17/2017 2:42:34 PM, by TAPPY49

    Monday is here too soon. I wanted to pull the blankets over my head and go right back to sleep. I even considered calling in sick. I didn't, o... Read more

  • Hmmmm

    7/14/2017 12:37:44 PM, by TAPPY49

    There are lots of things on my mind. On Monday, I have an appointment with the doctor. There are some things going on medically with me that I ... Read more

  • Children

    7/13/2017 5:58:19 PM, by TAPPY49

    When you have children in your life, there are serious consequences to the choices you make. I need to set a healthy example for my daughter so ... Read more

  • Gave in to temptation

    7/12/2017 12:21:49 PM, by TAPPY49

    I have been trying very hard to stay away from refined sugar. Although it was a small hiccup, I ate two of the small cinnamon rolls from Costco,... Read more

  • maintaining

    7/12/2017 6:29:35 AM, by ULLABELLE

    i've been at or around this weight now for almost 6 months. 163/164 vacation, setbacks, stress, lots of things going on. at one point i embrace... Read more

  • Blues Go Away

    7/11/2017 7:49:34 PM, by TAPPY49

    Will that really help, to wish the blues away. I have tried all day to improve my mood, and for the most part, it hasn't happened. It is just a... Read more

  • Some days better than others

    7/10/2017 12:41:32 PM, by TAPPY49

    I don't know about most of you, but since I started again on this journey to healthful living, I seem to have my emotional ups and downs. I am l... Read more

  • Self Restraint

    7/6/2017 4:04:56 PM, by TAPPY49

    Now that I have a made the decision to eliminate unhealthy foods from my food intake, it feels so easy to say no to donuts, egg salad and other i... Read more

  • Daily Struggle

    7/5/2017 11:17:12 AM, by TAPPY49

    When I have a stressful day, I struggle to keep my focus on my health. I weigh in today and I am not certain how I did overall this week. I had... Read more

  • Emotional

    7/3/2017 11:16:18 AM, by TAPPY49

    Conflict is a natural occurrence in our lives. For me, having conflict is usually resolved through eating. It is difficult for me to express my... Read more

  • Friends to Partners

    6/30/2017 11:59:39 AM, by TAPPY49

    My new husband and I went out for some alone time last night. Eating out when you are trying to maintain a healthy weight, as many already know,... Read more

  • Make it a habit, like breathing every day.

    6/29/2017 2:49:28 PM, by TAPPY49

    I have a renewed commitment to myself to venture into a healthier lifestyle. I know there will times that I stumble and times that I want to giv... Read more

  • One step at a time

    6/28/2017 6:55:31 PM, by TAPPY49

    In the last year and a half, I have made considerable strides with my health. In January 2016, I broke my foot and kept on passing out. After m... Read more

  • Blessed

    6/26/2017 12:27:24 PM, by TAPPY49

    As I continue to make changes in my eating habits and staying away from things that damage my body, I have committed to something even bigger. O... Read more

  • Wow, things change without noticing

    6/15/2017 5:53:34 PM, by TAPPY49

    It has been over four years since I made an entry. Things have gone up and down for me and I was very ill, went down in weight. When I got well... Read more

  • Day 2 - HCG - VCLD

    9/11/2016 11:26:23 AM, by PERSEPHONEROSE

    Day 1 - 188.1 Day 2 - 184.5 (-3.5 lbs) WOOO-HOO!!!! My energy has increased. I am in a better mood. And my digestion has improved. So far,... Read more

  • HCG - Day 1 of 46 - Phase 2 - VCLD - 188.1 lbs

    9/10/2016 9:42:15 AM, by PERSEPHONEROSE

    Good Morning Beautiful People, Today, I am beginning my HCG journey! Today is my first day of the VCLD.. Some hopes that I have that will c... Read more

  • HCG - Day 1/2 - Load PH1

    9/9/2016 10:41:58 AM, by PERSEPHONEROSE

    I am doing the 46 day HCG program to go from 185 lbs to 145 lbs and finally end the weight loss phase of my journey and begin lifetime weight man... Read more

  • vivofit...my new bff

    4/13/2016 1:38:27 PM, by MJMONE

    As of last Friday, I finally installed my Garmin vivofit ...and started using it. Gotta say, so far I really like this gadget. The first ti... Read more

  • back on the wagon, again and again and again

    4/13/2016 1:22:35 PM, by MJMONE

    from last week on personal blog... for the first time I watched Extreme Weight Loss (Trina's story). I have been watching My 600 lb life, ... Read more

  • My Motivators

    2/9/2016 6:13:01 AM, by TEESLIM

    My health, looking and feeling good! Today I just have to think about all the lovely clothes in my wardrobe, begging to be worn! I have to... Read more

  • Eat before Workout

    1/24/2016 8:10:08 AM, by TEESLIM

    I exercise first thing in the morning i.e. 5:00am. That's way too early for me to eat, so I usually make sure I eat a nice balance of protein and... Read more

  • Surviving Meetings

    1/22/2016 3:12:14 AM, by TEESLIM

    Today is one of those days when we are having an external meeting that will be laced with a slap up meal in a swanky hotel/restaurant.....hotels/... Read more

  • Here We Go Again

    1/21/2016 5:24:12 AM, by TEESLIM

    As usual I'm losing weight! Of course I will I'm eating around 1500 cals a day, doing low carbs and also doing boot camp 6 days a week. But I ne... Read more

  • Day 4 of my 30 Day Challenge with Uzo

    1/20/2016 5:40:16 AM, by TEESLIM

    I'm baaaack! Not really sure why I stopped Sparking as its the only true thing that works for me....measuring, logging.....being accountable to ... Read more

  • What to wear to a beach wedding when you are the mother of the bride?

    8/11/2015 11:13:08 AM, by TWINBASKET

    Ok so my daughter is getting married on the beach in Florida in October. The colors are Coral/Teal. Teal dresses for the brides maids. The m... Read more

  • midweek, week one...identify sugar habits.

    7/29/2015 2:31:36 PM, by MJMONE

    Okay, being more conscious of when I go for sugar. Right after I eat, esp if it is something savory...I really want that sugar (dove's dar... Read more

  • it is time to face sugar...

    7/27/2015 10:22:48 AM, by MJMONE

    just joined or should I say decided to participate in the 'conquer your sugar addiction' team. Here is my intro post. Hi! my name is Karen.... Read more

  • At peace

    7/20/2015 6:19:18 AM, by RORYTA

    The last blog entry I made was in October 2013. Soon after, I pretty much hated the idea of tracking and blogging. 2014 was possibly the worst ye... Read more

  • muuuuuuuch better

    6/25/2015 11:08:14 AM, by MJMONE

    Yesterday was much better as far as food and controlling myself. Just went back to the simple small 6 meals throughout the day. Started the da... Read more

  • Epic fail...but not gonna call myself a failure

    6/24/2015 10:32:13 AM, by MJMONE

    Last night I did something I have not done in years. Completely by myself I consumed an entire box of Mac and Cheese mixed with tuna. Oh My Goo... Read more

  • a bucket list

    2/2/2015 11:50:07 AM, by MJMONE

    todays sparkcoach exercise talked about a bucket list, or mentioned it, I should say. Do I have one? I would like to travel thru the Britis... Read more

  • Why? think about it

    1/29/2015 9:10:36 AM, by MJMONE

    So, on SparkCoach I am entering Step 3, Lifestyle...I don't feel ready, as I have not lost the weight, but the first lesson was good. Think abou... Read more

  • changes...

    1/18/2015 11:13:49 AM, by MJMONE

    Something crazy happened this morning, for breakfast I had plain oatmeal, that I added banana and a touch of honey to. Me? Plain oatmeal? yik... Read more

  • up and down

    1/14/2015 1:29:02 PM, by MJMONE

    Its been a while, all I can say to recap is up and down..down and up, and in January I find myself pretty much the same place I was in May last y... Read more

  • Keep Pushing

    1/13/2015 12:27:48 AM, by PEYTKAM

    I am at day 12 and I need to remind myself to keep pushing. It is so easy to go off the rails. Here's to a strong day 13! ... Read more


    12/4/2014 3:25:07 PM, by PERSEPHONEROSE

    Ok. So, let's get real. Like really, real. I eat the healthiest food. Like ever. Breakfast Plain Oatmeal 1/2 cup of berries Green Tea... Read more

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