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Blogs by Members of SP Class of November 1-7, 2009

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  • a bucket list

    2/2/2015 11:50:07 AM, by MJMONE

    todays sparkcoach exercise talked about a bucket list, or mentioned it, I should say. Do I have one? I would like to travel thru the Britis... Read more

  • Why? think about it

    1/29/2015 9:10:36 AM, by MJMONE

    So, on SparkCoach I am entering Step 3, Lifestyle...I don't feel ready, as I have not lost the weight, but the first lesson was good. Think abou... Read more

  • changes...

    1/18/2015 11:13:49 AM, by MJMONE

    Something crazy happened this morning, for breakfast I had plain oatmeal, that I added banana and a touch of honey to. Me? Plain oatmeal? yik... Read more

  • up and down

    1/14/2015 1:29:02 PM, by MJMONE

    Its been a while, all I can say to recap is up and down..down and up, and in January I find myself pretty much the same place I was in May last y... Read more

  • Keep Pushing

    1/13/2015 12:27:48 AM, by PEYTKAM

    I am at day 12 and I need to remind myself to keep pushing. It is so easy to go off the rails. Here's to a strong day 13! ... Read more


    12/4/2014 3:25:07 PM, by PERSEPHONEROSE

    Ok. So, let's get real. Like really, real. I eat the healthiest food. Like ever. Breakfast Plain Oatmeal 1/2 cup of berries Green Tea... Read more

  • 2 Month Check-In-14 lbs down!

    12/1/2014 1:16:52 PM, by PERSEPHONEROSE

    October 1st-205 December 1st-189 14 lbs gone! Woo-hoo!!! Only 44 lbs to go-lol. I worked non-stop in October and up until Thanksgivi... Read more

  • Struggle and Strength

    11/28/2014 3:48:29 PM, by PERSEPHONEROSE

    2013 was the hardest year of my life. Everything self destructed after two years of peace, happiness, prosperity, amazing accomplishments, and gr... Read more

  • People that I want to help get healthy

    11/23/2014 10:45:48 AM, by JENNYIMP2

    I want to help my husband get healthier. We are both smokers and very overweight. He has very high blood pressure and I am diabetic. I am hoping ... Read more

  • 2014's Progress Photos

    11/16/2014 12:21:33 PM, by ALLISONAZ

    I haven't updated you guys with my progress photos in such a long time. The last time I posted a picture I was still in the 200s! So in Jan... Read more

  • The prodigal daughter returns

    7/13/2014 8:00:28 AM, by CALLISTOANGEL

    Hello sparks people. Last time I was on here was early spring 2011, last time I wrote an entry was Jan 2011. Back with my tail between my legs. B... Read more

  • month of May, recap

    5/28/2014 6:55:30 PM, by MJMONE

    This past month has been extremely busy, my downtime has been gone. Have not spent a lot of time online. Why you ask? Well, around the end of ... Read more

  • blc #25

    5/1/2014 4:37:43 PM, by JSFORSELL

    I have started yet another BLC challenge. The last one I did round 24 was successful in the sense I lost approx. 10 #. I'm hoping to loose 10 m... Read more

  • weekly food plan

    4/7/2014 10:41:04 PM, by JSFORSELL

    mon , wed fri breakfast fruit smoothie=almond milk, oj banana and blueberries Tuesday and thur breakfast=yogurt with granola snacks=2 tang... Read more

  • Fit to Win

    3/14/2014 10:25:05 AM, by MJMONE

    Fit to Win is a group I am joining today. This is their 2nd round, there is a $10 buy in...and if you gain weight during the time period...a $1 ... Read more

  • wow, okaaaaaaay....

    3/6/2014 11:50:24 AM, by MJMONE

    Gotta admit the past 2 days were difficult. I was feeling sooooo hungry at work. This morning, I'm sitting here in a bit of disbelief. ... Read more

  • well, havent' lost sight of the goal

    3/3/2014 5:14:04 PM, by MJMONE

    My family was out of town for 3.5 days...and normally it would be 'crazy time' know, when I can drink pepsi, eat brownies and donuts withou... Read more

  • can't say I've improved any

    2/27/2014 1:47:59 PM, by MJMONE

    Wow, its been since October since I've blogged. I have been 'lurking' and trying to get back to my daily SparkCoach. But other than tha... Read more


    2/16/2014 10:08:34 AM, by HAPISUNSHINE

    This weekend was absolutely busy and it was wonderful! Spa time and much needed couple time with the husband on Friday! Saturday was filled wit... Read more

  • Unwind.....It's almost time

    2/13/2014 7:03:32 AM, by HAPISUNSHINE

    While I am tired, I'm excited that today is my Friday! I have a great weekend in store and I can't wait. For Valentine's Day, my husband purcha... Read more

  • Florida Sunshine!!

    2/12/2014 6:34:50 AM, by HAPISUNSHINE

    This morning, like every morning, I find myself thinking about my mom. She passed away December 2013, but I truly feel that I lost her in August... Read more

  • It's all about me!! (Well, it should be...)

    2/11/2014 7:03:30 AM, by HAPISUNSHINE

    Every morning, I wake with such a positive outlook. I look forward to the day. No problems.... In come the people. Now, I never have been one... Read more

  • New Start - Hike_Katahdin87

    12/3/2013 11:17:53 AM, by LUCKYIMYOURS87

    Hi everyone, I know my last blog post was over a year and a half ago (!), and so much has changed since then. I met a new guy named Tom, we ... Read more

  • Full Disclosure

    10/31/2013 2:04:37 AM, by RORYTA

    I have had 3 wonderful months of training and nutritional heaven. A Routine of breakfast, lunch, dinner, a post workout protein shake and a good ... Read more

  • looong 2 weeks, and a 'kitty' miracle.

    10/4/2013 10:08:02 AM, by MJMONE

    My 13 year old cat, Percy, became really sick. The vet says he got a bladder infection that got real bad real fast. He spent a weekend at the ... Read more

  • Update and the flow of this Journey

    9/30/2013 11:16:06 AM, by RORYTA

    Excuse this (scientific blog), but Iíve been working on my paper for Uni and Iíve had an urge to do an update blog about this topic. But before I... Read more

  • Never Give Up...Never Surrender...

    9/23/2013 12:04:15 PM, by MJMONE

    and I have been, so, I'm back to tipping the scales @ 190. It has been such a struggle. There are some stresses that I won't go into, I'll just... Read more

  • It's working!!!

    9/9/2013 10:21:13 AM, by RORYTA

    I start writing this with the thought in mind that this is going to be a very quick update, here's hoping that's true :D Since my last blog,... Read more

  • Okay....Darnit!

    7/27/2013 12:09:28 PM, by NEBRASKA-GAL

    I am sooooo tired of being overweight and not having any energy. About 6 years ago I weighed close to 375 pounds. I am down 100. But I haven't... Read more

  • I love my life

    7/26/2013 9:04:26 AM, by RORYTA

    I read my previous blog a few days ago, and It sounded so strange to me. I was saying that all my life I've wanted to lose weight and be a succes... Read more

  • Shuttle-No Thanks!

    7/18/2013 11:03:41 PM, by SUEKISTAR

    Finally got the call that my car was ready for pick up and I was just going to go for a walk. What to do? I asked myself. So, I decided to walk... Read more

  • Back on Track

    7/17/2013 3:01:02 PM, by SUEKISTAR

    Well, its been a crazy year. Last July my mom passed away and I went into a tailspin. I found my comfort in food and put on nearly all I had lo... Read more

  • No more plans, it's my way or the highway.

    7/13/2013 1:06:28 PM, by RORYTA

    I believe that I am due for an update blog. Simply, life's tough! and I've realized that I am not willing to do what it takes to reach my goals. ... Read more

  • 'happy' weight?

    7/12/2013 9:47:25 AM, by MJMONE

    Today's SparkCoach session was about finding your 'happy' weight a weight goal not relying on 'numbers'. hmmmm, I do know that when I was do... Read more

  • A womens spin on stress- i copied from another sparker!

    6/27/2013 1:42:42 PM, by JSFORSELL

    A WOMAN'S SPIN ON STRESS - A young lady confidently walked around the room while leading and explaining stress management to an audience with... Read more

  • A good feeling soured by a bad attitude

    6/20/2013 11:46:35 PM, by JAYMEMC1

    Right off the bat I should clarify that the bad attitude was not coming from me. The good: after almost 2 weeks of vacation I am back home ... Read more

  • blc #22 day one

    6/5/2013 9:03:09 PM, by JSFORSELL

    I need to post my 12 week goals for my new challenge for the summer 1) Be an activie participant on this team 2) Lose 12-20 # 3)Exercise 5 ... Read more

  • Adding exercise

    5/29/2013 8:22:41 PM, by JAYMEMC1

    I work at a university and the cheapest and easiest gym option is the gym at the school. It is a very intimidating feeling to go into a gym where... Read more

  • Almost 1 Yr

    4/30/2013 11:51:16 PM, by JAYMEMC1

    So I have almost been in Milwaukee for a year. When I moved here I had all these plans about how I was going to put myself first, take care of my... Read more

  • Who knew? This might help you out!!!!

    4/28/2013 1:51:24 AM, by RORYTA

    Hi Spark friends, Sorry for being away for so long. But as you all know, life happens and we are taken away from things that are important ... Read more

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