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Blogs by Members of SP Class of September 27- October 3, 2009

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  • New day!

    8/26/2015 2:33:58 PM, by MOONDUST815

    Here's to a new day. It's beautiful and sunny out so I"m going to get up off this couch and get outside for a while. Today will be wonderful! Hav... Read more

  • Well...

    8/25/2015 10:52:15 PM, by MOONDUST815

    Today wasnt the best day in regards to eating... Been fighting sugar cravings and I lost today.... But that's ok, I'll start again tomorrow. Tom... Read more

  • Long post...

    8/23/2015 10:38:49 PM, by MOONDUST815

    So it has been a very long time since I posted last. I have had a lot happen since then and I have a lot more work to do on myself than I did bef... Read more

  • Biker Love

    8/2/2015 8:30:41 PM, by JLO863

    Well, I've been riding my bicycle in the park - and I'm loving it. I climbed on my "moving" bicycle on Friday, July 31st, 2015. I rode for alm... Read more

  • Big things happened this week.

    7/24/2015 10:22:50 AM, by SAABSTORY

    Well what a difference a week can make in your life. Well actually a few days, I am just now getting a chance to put it on paper. First m... Read more

  • I met my hero last Wednesday and Thursday

    7/20/2015 12:40:21 PM, by SAABSTORY

    I met my hero last week. It wasn’t the first time we had met. As a matter of fact I have known him all his life. I was there the day he was ... Read more

  • Dance -A-Thon (Done Being The Fat Girl)

    7/17/2015 8:07:05 PM, by JLO863

    Hey Everybody, I participated in the Spark Team, "Done Being The Fat Girl" - Dance-A-Thon. I tried to tape this am at 9am. I wasn't record... Read more

  • Can't understand it

    7/16/2015 8:14:04 AM, by DENISEPBABB

    why oh why can't I seem to lose this weight. I am now at the heaviest I have ever been and now I have moved into the obesity range for my weight... Read more

  • Can't understand it

    7/16/2015 8:12:16 AM, by DENISEPBABB

    why oh why can't I seem to lose this weight. I am now at the heaviest I have ever been and now I have moved into the obesity range for my weight... Read more

  • The Passage of Time

    7/14/2015 4:00:42 AM, by JLO863

    I somehow think that the journal entries that I wrote (or pasted) a few years back -- are to serve as motivation now, as I recommit myself to th... Read more

  • Lucky 7 - 7 Lbs. Down!

    7/14/2015 3:23:45 AM, by JLO863

    Well ... The scale has moved just a few pounds; but I'll take it I'll call it my "LUCKY 7." Although I have a loooong way to ... Read more

  • Healthy Lifestyle Declaration ...

    7/14/2015 2:32:34 AM, by JLO863

    Something else that I should keep in mind. I should never ditch my healthy lifestyle efforts, because the scale hasn't changed. The scale d... Read more

  • A Mental "SPARK" Boost

    7/12/2015 10:25:17 PM, by JLO863

    More and more, I am recognizing that "the dialogue" in my head is half the battle with my weight loss challenge. For the most part, it's that "bo... Read more

  • Intentionality ...

    7/12/2015 11:15:22 AM, by JLO863

    I'm sure that because of the fanciness of this word, "intentionality" - that I found it in a book somewhere, and I wrote a note about it. In one... Read more

  • Subliminal Exercise? ...

    7/9/2015 1:50:18 AM, by JLO863

    I can't recall from where I typed up this note and pasted it in my Journal; but the thoughts seem worth remembering. 1) Today, I am choosing ex... Read more

  • Positive Affirmations ...

    7/9/2015 1:20:05 AM, by JLO863

    Another Journal Entry from a few years back. * WITH GOD - I CAN. WITHOUT HIM - I CANNOT! ... I can do all things through Christ who strengthens... Read more

  • The Power Of Words

    7/9/2015 12:25:57 AM, by JLO863

    I've seen this saying for years, and I posted it in one of my journals. Each time I read it; it resonates with me. (Author: Frank Outlaw) Wat... Read more

  • Ready to begin again. Again.

    7/8/2015 2:10:42 PM, by SAABSTORY

    Ready to start again. And again. And again. I know I am not alone in this. I know probably most of here have been in this position before... Read more

  • I Will and I Can ...

    7/7/2015 3:43:55 AM, by JLO863

    I have a thing for acronyms, and I always have. For some reason it seems to make spelling and letters more interesting and fun : ) Anyway, I... Read more

  • Defying Obstacles

    7/6/2015 8:38:39 PM, by JLO863
    ontent/uploads/2015/02/DiM... Read more

  • Self-Love

    7/4/2015 1:38:51 PM, by JLO863

    The topic of self-love recently came up; and to be honest -- I don't know how to address it -- as it relates to "ME." I've always heard: "If yo... Read more

  • P.U.S.H.

    7/4/2015 11:18:31 AM, by JLO863

    Another acronym that I like (Author Unknown): P = Pray and "Push" U = Until S = Something H = Happens ... Read more

  • S.U.C.C.E.S.S.

    6/27/2015 11:26:54 PM, by JLO863

    Acronym For Success (Author Unknown): S = See My G... Read more

  • Exercise Benefits & Solutions ...

    6/27/2015 5:04:47 AM, by JLO863

    Another reminder for myself ... EXERCISE BENEFITS & SOLUTIONS: * Increases (my) energy lev... Read more

  • Good Enough Reasons ...

    6/27/2015 4:18:02 AM, by JLO863

    What are my reasons for wanting to lose weight, and to improve my fitness level? I'm recording my answers as A REMINDER. What are your re... Read more


    6/27/2015 2:42:16 AM, by JLO863

    EPHESIANS. 3:16-19 HOW DO YOU MAINTAIN THE "SPARK" and "MOMENTUM," ON YOUR HEALTH & FITNESS JOURNEY? .... It's ironic that someone ment... Read more

  • Cold Hard Truths

    6/26/2015 10:40:27 PM, by JLO863

    I was watching a program yesterday, that chronicled the lives of those who have a whole lot of weight to lose -- and their fight to regain contro... Read more

  • 2 Days Later From Last Blog

    6/25/2015 9:58:15 AM, by SASSIE7S

    Lost a total of 2.4 pounds since Tuesday and just feel like I don't want to do the treadmill. Feel like I just want to sleep instead. Already did... Read more

  • A Week Now

    6/23/2015 2:04:31 PM, by SASSIE7S

    Been doing the treadmill for a week now since Wednesday June 17th,2105 and at the moment I am at 240.2 pounds which I lost 6.4 pounds since I sta... Read more

  • The Spark!

    6/23/2015 4:58:40 AM, by JLO863

    I was just sitting here thinking: "What is the "Spark" for me, as it relates to this platform? What are your feelings? 1) Positive Communi... Read more

  • Pressing On

    6/23/2015 3:59:31 AM, by JLO863

    "Bad Moments, Like Good Ones, Tend To Be Grouped Together" - Edna O'Brien I've adapted this passage to my own liking. I thought that it mak... Read more

  • A Different Path

    6/23/2015 12:17:24 AM, by JLO863

    In pondering some deeper issues as to why I have success or what I perceive to be "failure" with weight loss; I've entrusted the Spark Coach and ... Read more

  • Words of Encouragement

    6/22/2015 10:47:34 PM, by JLO863

    As I newly start to travel around "Spark Country" again (after many years hiatus) - I'm enjoying the comfort in knowing that I'm not alone in my... Read more

  • So Far

    6/20/2015 7:46:20 AM, by SASSIE7S

    Today is day 4 and already don't 0.75 miles on the treadmill in 30 minutes and before I did the treadmill for this morning check my weight to see... Read more

  • Interesting comparisons

    6/19/2015 7:30:24 PM, by ELISADENK

    Just had a visit with my 27-year old niece whom I haven't seen in 20 years. She's my height. Has my brown eyes. Has my teeth. She c... Read more

  • Gotten A Wake Up Call

    6/19/2015 5:18:19 PM, by SASSIE7S

    Somehow the other day if I remember right it was Tuesday when I was walking outside. I decided to go to the post office to see what was going on ... Read more

  • ♥♡♥ Exercising w/ Leslie ♥♡♥

    6/15/2015 4:49:16 PM, by JLO863

    I so enjoy doing my indoor walks with Fitness Expert, Leslie Sansone. I noticed today that she said a few things that I should keep in mind. ~ ... Read more

  • A Nice View (Positive Visualization) ♥

    6/15/2015 4:02:58 PM, by JLO863

    Spark Coach Motivation that I will put to use: Take in the "positive energy" of my favorite place (for me that would be Santorini, Greece and a ... Read more

  • Always Ravenous?

    6/15/2015 3:32:33 PM, by JLO863

    Well ... I haven't figured out if this issue is mental or physical ... But, I ALWAYS seem to be so hungry after I work out? I'm like ready to cl... Read more

  • Self Sabotage?

    6/12/2015 5:19:13 PM, by JLO863

    The thought of "self-sabotage" keeps running through my head. I've done it over and over again, and I'm not sure why. It goes hand-in-hand with... Read more

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