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Day 2 of 100
7/13/2014 1:21:33 AM,  0 COMMENTS

Progress is definitely a slow process but I feel good. I just completed day 2 of the 100 days of exercise challenge and I already feel more energetic....  Read more


A Great Way to Start Your Day and A Great Way to End Your Day
7/12/2014 9:01:34 PM,  4 COMMENTS

see my blog at  Read more


Saturday drowse
7/12/2014 8:02:38 PM,  4 COMMENTS

This morning I went out to breakfast with my carpool buddy. She had pancakes and eggs, I had chicken fried steak and eggs. Yes, I know I'm woefully pr...  Read more


Just think
7/12/2014 4:18:27 PM,  7 COMMENTS

...  Read more


Day 7 of streak 7/11/14 153
7/12/2014 4:17:01 PM,  6 COMMENTS

Whoa I am finding out more and more how difficult it is to get 150 points. Today I got 5 points on the bonus spins. I have never gotten all 1's befo...  Read more


Hanging in there
7/12/2014 11:34:20 AM,  2 COMMENTS

I haven't been making progress as quickly as I like, but I suppose that's the same for everybody! I am so impatient sometimes! Now that it's Sat...  Read more


7/12/2014 9:51:11 AM,  0 COMMENTS

Has anyone else had lower extremity swelling at the end of the day? I have lowered my sodium intake to healthy levels and increased water intake, but...  Read more


Day 49 - fear
7/12/2014 7:28:39 AM,  2 COMMENTS

Up running this morning again!!! While I do love the concept of the whole thing and I love the after effects, I do not enjoy the struggle!!! But my in...  Read more


Thought and Prayer for Saturday, July 12, 2014
7/12/2014 7:08:08 AM,  6 COMMENTS

July 12, 2014 UNDERSTANDING THE ELDERLY How many times do we look at older people and feel sorry for them because of their health deteriorating?...  Read more


7/12/2014 1:05:39 AM,  2 COMMENTS

Well as normal, it is another hot day, Of course,we are having the violent storms due in the afternoon. We do have an appointment for our hair cuts...  Read more


Day 1 of 100
7/12/2014 12:13:43 AM,  0 COMMENTS

Today was day 1 of my 100 days of exercise challenge and I am feeling good! I feel energetic and ready to take on this challenge. I'm so afraid of los...  Read more


Sodium ...
7/11/2014 10:35:34 PM,  4 COMMENTS

The Spark Nutrition tracker is telling me I eat way too much salt, even when the calories are in check. I was relying too heavily on Zero Calori...  Read more


Wrung out
7/11/2014 9:51:22 PM,  16 COMMENTS

I truly don't know why I take days off. We got in so many payments that nobody logged or posted while I was gone that I've spent all four days this we...  Read more


Update on requested prayer blog of July 6th!
7/11/2014 5:26:56 PM,  16 COMMENTS

459 459 459 459 459 459 459 459 459 459 Natalie posted this a few minutes after 7:30pm on July 8th... The love of my life has entered He...  Read more


An Empty Room Full of People
7/11/2014 4:52:53 PM,  0 COMMENTS

I asked the Reference Librarian at our local county biblioteca if there were any local writer's groups that meet to discuss their art/craft? She gave...  Read more


My Life Struggle.....Still!
7/11/2014 2:18:55 PM,  3 COMMENTS

I envy all those beautiful, skinny, high metabolism skinny women out there that seem to eat what they want and continue to be the stick that they are....  Read more


My thought for the day
7/11/2014 12:34:34 PM,  8 COMMENTS

...  Read more


Patiently waiting
7/11/2014 12:33:44 PM,  4 COMMENTS

It seems that time is suspended right now. I am watching as the clocks ticks by, tick, tick, tick - one slow second at a time. I'm wondering whether...  Read more


PREP day
7/11/2014 11:44:59 AM,  25 COMMENTS

Today I must prep. I was lazy yesterday cooking wise. I should of made some food for today knowing I was going to run out. Today I must...  Read more


7/11/2014 10:50:36 AM,  1 COMMENTS

After my post of yesterday several advised that I should talk with the owner. I got up and waited until I felt they were into their morning and had e...  Read more


it's friday
7/11/2014 9:29:41 AM,  10 COMMENTS

the weekend is finally here! yay! other than my allergies flaring up this morning, i am doing alright. meeting up with a friend of mine later this aft...  Read more


Changes in wedding plans
7/11/2014 9:24:09 AM,  1 COMMENTS

I'm really hoping my blogs wont be all about wedding stuff... I dont wanna be devoured in wedding stuff and thats all I talk about. However, this blog...  Read more


Day 50 - Everything normalizes
7/11/2014 7:39:47 AM,  1 COMMENTS

I read this somewhere a few weeks ago and it has been revolving around in my head ever since. I don't know about you but I tend to have behind thought...  Read more


Thought and Prayer for Friday, July 11, 2014
7/11/2014 6:32:02 AM,  6 COMMENTS

July 11, 2014 WISDOM AND UNDERSTANDING We all know people who others go to for everything. These people always have the right answers. These peo...  Read more


the day
7/10/2014 11:00:17 PM,  0 COMMENTS

well my day was as good as it could be. work, stress, up early, but pay day made it good. Still getting my work out in and walking and feeling good....  Read more


happy Memories are the Hardest
7/10/2014 10:46:21 PM,  1 COMMENTS

When a loved one dies everyone always tell them to ''Think about the happy memories''. I am here to tell you they are the most difficult. They are...  Read more


Major chain reaction
7/10/2014 8:49:11 PM,  7 COMMENTS

Today was the day I needed to keep my mouth shut. My partner called and told me she had not picked up my meds. I got angry which mad her angry. Whe...  Read more


Day 6 of streak - 159
7/10/2014 8:34:35 PM,  2 COMMENTS

I had to really work for my numbers today. I got only a few points on the bonus spin and new I would have to squeak out every point I could. I did a...  Read more


7/10/2014 5:11:07 PM,  5 COMMENTS

Today was Coco's spa day. I met my friend at a lovely little local place for lunch. It is locally owned and they have the best desserts. All made i...  Read more


Easy Towel Edging Revised....Tatting Pattern
7/10/2014 4:42:33 PM,  0 COMMENTS

Here is the Pattern that I promised. It is a pattern for beginners. I hope you all enjoy it. Happy Tatting Everyone. Easy Towel Edging Version T...  Read more


it's thursday
7/10/2014 10:51:54 AM,  7 COMMENTS

i will need to take a day off school to get the rest of some important errands done. i have applied to be a volunteer at a big event here next year an...  Read more


Easy Peasy Weight loss
7/10/2014 9:17:54 AM,  27 COMMENTS

274 Yesterday I made Corn Fritters, a recipe from Rawamazing. It wasn't so amazing. The texture and flavors were not right. But it was e...  Read more


Teeny Tiny Progress
7/10/2014 8:56:19 AM,  3 COMMENTS

I know it's only been four days, but I haven't missed any exercise yet. In fact, after this blog I'm going to have some breakfast and then get on the...  Read more


Remember where your strenght lies...
7/10/2014 8:51:21 AM,  8 COMMENTS

...  Read more


Day 51 - Summer heat
7/10/2014 8:26:00 AM,  1 COMMENTS

For many many years I have dreaded summer! I always found the heat to be unbearable. I think this was in part due to my insistence on wearing bulky cl...  Read more


thankful thursday
7/10/2014 8:08:54 AM,  1 COMMENTS

Today I will focus on how far I have come in my weight loss efforts. It is difficult for me to remember that I did not do this alone - for Christ made...  Read more


Thought and Prayer for Thursday, July 10, 2014
7/10/2014 6:01:45 AM,  8 COMMENTS

July 10, 2014 HIS PLAN God has a plan for our lives because He understands us. We should be so grateful for God’s plan for us and know that it...  Read more


7/10/2014 12:44:55 AM,  8 COMMENTS

As I go along, I ponder throughout the day why I want to reach for food (or yummy drink) when I am already nourished and hydrated. We all know the dea...  Read more


7/9/2014 10:39:53 PM,  3 COMMENTS

LOTS ON TABLE this morning and felt really motivated. I started with my linen closet and then the small bath closet and cabinets. I spent the day cl...  Read more


7/9/2014 10:35:06 PM,  1 COMMENTS

Tracker is back on and I am so glad...  Read more


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