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This Must Be A Test
4/21/2014 6:54:17 AM,  0 COMMENTS

I know. I know. I know. I know all the frustration of this weekend is meant to make me figure out SOMETHING I can pass on to my teenage girls at...  Read more


Stress log 4.21
4/21/2014 3:11:19 AM,  0 COMMENTS

Yesterday was wonderful. I have been choosing to go home Sunday's after wk to sleep for the night ( I wk nites) or going to church & praying like e...  Read more


Patriot's Day
4/21/2014 1:14:34 AM,  2 COMMENTS

Patriot's Day Date When Celebrated: Third Monday in April Some people know little or nothing about Patriot's Day. To New Englander's,...  Read more


Risen Indeed
4/20/2014 11:44:31 PM,  4 COMMENTS

On this Easter Day, sometimes referred to as Resurrection Sunday, Christians around the world examine the historical and personal implications of Chri...  Read more


Happy Easter.....
4/20/2014 10:16:32 PM,  2 COMMENTS

Hope everyone had a great Easter Sunday. I am happy to report, namely to myself, that I was within my caloric range. No candy, no sweets...just my n...  Read more


Easter Tidings
4/20/2014 10:04:12 PM,  0 COMMENTS

I hope you've all have a very blessed Resurrection Sunday! My roommate and I wore Easter dresses today. First time I've worn a dress in years....  Read more


Sunday - A most blessed Easter...
4/20/2014 8:30:36 PM,  3 COMMENTS

We had a packed sanctuary with friend and family. We did the cross of flowers and the youth did there drama to "HE IS". DS came and attended with us....  Read more


4/20/2014 5:58:25 PM,  1 COMMENTS

Yesterday we didn't do a volksmarch, but we did do a couple miles out letterboxing. We visited several locations including. Sa...  Read more


Uneven in April
4/20/2014 5:12:46 PM,  2 COMMENTS

Now that we're half way through April I thought I'd toss a blog up here. I have not been consistent this month. That's understating it. The first c...  Read more


Christ is Risen
4/20/2014 3:48:03 PM,  2 COMMENTS

The sermon today was awesome. These are the points that the pastor made: There are 7 reasons that Christians would be most pitied if Christ had n...  Read more


Gonna have a dance night
4/20/2014 11:43:09 AM,  1 COMMENTS

with a special girl!!! Bethanee loves to dance so I am gonna do Zumba with her later for a little bit. I love Zumba because it works everything....  Read more


Happy Easter!!
4/20/2014 11:12:57 AM,  4 COMMENTS

Well, I hope everyone is enjoyed their Easter I know I am not only is a holiday but it is my Birthday!!! Happy Birthday to Me!! Lol!! Well, I let...  Read more


Happy Easter FRIENDS!!!!!!!
4/20/2014 11:01:05 AM,  1 COMMENTS

I hope you have a very blessed Easter Sunday....  Read more


Happy Easter
4/20/2014 10:45:35 AM,  0 COMMENTS

He is risen!...  Read more


4/20/2014 10:36:01 AM,  6 COMMENTS

HELLO MY DEAR SISTERS AND BROTHERS IN CHRIST! 220 We are SO blessed! Relax in Jesus Who is Our Life! He's ALIVE! Celebrate that T...  Read more


Happy Easter!
4/20/2014 10:35:59 AM,  1 COMMENTS

So, I may not be blogging much. Or tracking my food. Or logging on to Spark. Or even working out. But I did hit a new "low" today. My weigh in th...  Read more


4/20/2014 10:09:06 AM,  2 COMMENTS

The greatest day in the history of the world - what a wonderful day my Creator is risen...  Read more


Small victories
4/20/2014 9:02:05 AM,  2 COMMENTS

4-20-14 Happy Easter! On this holy day, I'm giving thanks for all the blessings bestowed upon me. Not the least of which is starting on the path o...  Read more


Easter Sunday
4/20/2014 8:19:35 AM,  5 COMMENTS

Easter Sunday Easter Date April 20, 2014 The real meaning of Easter, is the Resurrection of Jesus Christ from the dead. To Christians...  Read more


Stress Log 4.20
4/20/2014 3:06:12 AM,  3 COMMENTS

I talked with a friend today about stress busting techniques .Just talking with her made a difference. Have a safe , relaxing Easter. He is risen inde...  Read more


Disappointment Reigns Again
4/20/2014 2:24:59 AM,  0 COMMENTS

Aarrrggh! I am so frustrated! I have had to work with that bunch of heathens for five days straight. Yesterday (Friday) was hellatious with j...  Read more


Finally.....entering the Dynamic Duo Days!
4/19/2014 11:28:55 PM,  2 COMMENTS

Well it has finally started to happen! What I refer to as the dynamic duo days. A day where excellent eating AND exercise happens within the same...  Read more


Seeing Triple, or maybe Quadruple
4/19/2014 11:07:07 PM,  12 COMMENTS

Did I mention that the San Antonio Botanical Gardens was set up for a wedding yesterday? I wouldn't have thought that Good Friday would be a perfect w...  Read more


Saturday and everything is in boom...
4/19/2014 10:55:05 PM,  6 COMMENTS

There has been loads of rain this spring. So all the grasses and the wild flowers are in bloom. The grass has grown so much and so much needs to be mo...  Read more


4/19/2014 8:56:01 PM,  2 COMMENTS

What a great day. I found a great recipe for brownies that have few calories and few carbs. They are really good and moist. They are made with black b...  Read more


Stormie is rambling again...
4/19/2014 3:37:29 PM,  3 COMMENTS

Sometimes, I feel like I am settling, and I don’t want to do that anymore. I don’t want to become complacent, and let “good enough” be enough. I deser...  Read more


Genius and Joy of being 'Simple'
4/19/2014 3:37:25 PM,  3 COMMENTS

Faced with internet issues, slowness and lack of cooperativeness of govmt, and just general life frustrations, this is what came out..... Sounds...  Read more


"What is Holy Saturday?"
4/19/2014 2:58:46 PM,  17 COMMENTS

184 184 184 184 184 184 184 184 184 184 As always 229 and 304 for your show of interest in this blog. The following comes from...  Read more


Sam's First 5K Race
4/19/2014 12:12:46 PM,  8 COMMENTS

He did it! My little guy ran his very first 5K race this morning. I'm so proud of him, and we had a blast! ...on to the next!...  Read more


My Three day Weekend!
4/19/2014 12:11:53 PM,  5 COMMENTS

I am taking a much needed break from the yard work to blog. We spent the past year and a half building a walkway bordered by a planter box that goes...  Read more


Lovely Day
4/19/2014 9:50:22 AM,  0 COMMENTS

Worked in my front garden (even with my sinus infection); everything looks wonderful....  Read more


National Garlic Day
4/19/2014 9:21:28 AM,  9 COMMENTS

National Garlic Day When : Always April 19th National Garlic Day promotes the many uses of Garlic. And, there certainly are many uses....  Read more


4/19/2014 7:03:05 AM,  6 COMMENTS

What a large amount of gratitude i have for the sacrifice God made for me...  Read more


Stress log 4/19
4/19/2014 4:20:59 AM,  2 COMMENTS

Finances have me Stressed. I actually tried to get out in horrible Friday traffic to apply for a second job. It was a lesson in frustration. I forgot...  Read more


Hump Day - Day 50 of my 100 Day Exercise Challenge
4/19/2014 2:02:47 AM,  12 COMMENTS

On March 1st of this year I started a 100 Day Challenge and invited others to join. Mine was an exercise challenge today is the halfway point so I th...  Read more


Friday! Loving it.
4/19/2014 1:30:27 AM,  0 COMMENTS

Yeah....  Read more


Havent done one of these
4/19/2014 12:13:34 AM,  3 COMMENTS

in a bit so here it goes.... Goals for upcoming months: Keep working on tracking my food on here Step up my work outs. Eventually go in th...  Read more


Friday - no funnies on Good Friday
4/18/2014 10:50:54 PM,  5 COMMENTS

It's Friday but Sunday's comin'! John 19:41 At the place where Jesus was crucified, there was a garden...  Read more


Horticulture of Danger
4/18/2014 10:15:28 PM,  10 COMMENTS

After my wonderful fieldtrip to the Ladybird Johnson Wildflower Center in Austin yesterday, I had a chance to visit the San Antonio Botanical Center t...  Read more


Spring And The Glorious Texas Wildflowers
4/18/2014 4:03:05 PM,  3 COMMENTS

I love this time of year in Central Texas! We have the most glorious wildflowers and the most amazing is our state flower, the Texas Bluebonnet, as s...  Read more


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