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  • Decluttering and having fun

    5/5/2015 11:24:49 PM, by SBECKER526

    We are seriously preparing for an apartment after being in our home for 43 years. The amount of stuff ... Read more

  • Less Worrying...More organization

    5/2/2015 6:30:21 PM, by SBECKER526

    I am not worrying about the future. I worked diligently for years to set aside funds for entrance to a retirement community. I will be able to ... Read more

  • I don't blame mom, I blame mom's biome.

    5/1/2015 10:16:22 AM, by DOTSLADY

    I struggle with sugar addiction apparently (in denial because I ate so well, but the urge doesn't let up!), and in the throws of stress tend to w... Read more

  • Retirement Community

    4/28/2015 9:34:01 PM, by SBECKER526

    I am a proud member of the Future Resident Club of the Highlands of Wyomissing. I attended the Soup to Nuts session for a presentation, luncheon... Read more

  • Coping

    4/25/2015 6:29:06 PM, by SBECKER526

    I am feeling better when our weather is milder. I got out to play golf on Tuesday. I did well. I get very tired. I will need to give up some ... Read more

  • Golf and RA - post surgery

    4/16/2015 11:32:05 PM, by SBECKER526

    I have worried about golfing, RA, and post abdominal surgery. My surgery on Jan 17 restricted me from exercise for 2 weeks and then with modific... Read more

  • Recognizing change in me

    4/12/2015 11:06:19 PM, by SBECKER526

    I am accepting the challenges that lie ahead for me. Bob has been ill most days. His stomach is finicky. Sometimes restaurant food appeals mor... Read more

  • Keeping calm

    4/8/2015 11:17:57 PM, by SBECKER526

    I am diligently working on taking things in stride. I heard a speaker in January who reinforced that we are defined by our passions and not by o... Read more

  • Hope for less pain

    4/4/2015 11:05:18 PM, by SBECKER526

    I am hopeful for lessening of pain. I have spent time with yoga and tai chi at home. I have plans to exercise for 30 in the morning, 60 minutes... Read more

  • BINGO! Cause of Fibro is SIBO!

    4/3/2015 3:10:14 PM, by DOTSLADY

    I've had enough testing the last few years to KNOW this doctor is talking about me and my experience. Low tryptophan? Check! Low seroton... Read more

  • dear people in my life

    4/2/2015 11:08:47 PM, by SBECKER526

    Today I ran into a person who is so dear to me. I have not seen him for almost a year. I am reminded how I need to reach out more to those who ... Read more

  • Working on the positive

    3/31/2015 9:07:36 PM, by SBECKER526

    Tulips are beautiful. I always order a batch for Easter and look forward to planting the bulbs for renewed beauty each year. I wel... Read more

  • Snaggles needs more time

    3/28/2015 11:45:11 PM, by SBECKER526

    Snaggles makes me smile. He loves to tackle my ankles and run after me. He is eager for his food and snack. Tonight he had a cat ... Read more

  • Workshops, planning, board meetings, and more

    3/26/2015 7:51:37 PM, by SBECKER526

    I am feeling better, but watch how much I try to do in a day's time. Several of my passions involve my volunteering. I still work with the reti... Read more

  • SIBO and FIBRO treatment (FODMAPs +)

    3/24/2015 4:25:59 PM, by DOTSLADY

    I have been seeing a paleo doctor (occasionally). It's a "boutique" service where I "get" to pay an extra $2k a year for personal attention. You ... Read more

  • Resilience and Hope

    3/22/2015 3:08:58 PM, by SBECKER526

    I endured a rough winter with much snow, ice and cold temperatures. I also had surgery and numerous health problems. Hence a publication headli... Read more

  • Snow melted - Sunny Day

    3/21/2015 10:07:32 PM, by SBECKER526

    I felt better in attitude today with the sunshine and the melting of yesterday's snow. I want to walk outdoors and not have to bundle up. I fel... Read more

  • getting more rest

    3/19/2015 3:35:29 PM, by SBECKER526

    I am trying to pace myself better and get more rest. I do feel better. I'm staying on a healthy diet, doing gentle yoga, meeting with my traine... Read more

  • More pain makes exercise harder

    3/17/2015 6:50:27 PM, by SBECKER526

    My pain level is much higher recently. I am working out using the Back in Action DVD and working with my trainer. I get fatigued. I am cycling... Read more

  • Learning to accept what I cannot change

    3/7/2015 4:24:49 PM, by SBECKER526

    I have reached a stage in my life where arthritis requires more modifications in my daily routine. I am grateful for my housekeeper, Lori. I am... Read more

  • Winter wonderland

    3/5/2015 4:14:54 PM, by SBECKER526

    I live in Pennsylvania so wind chills of -20 are new to me. There is so much ice and snow. As a person with RA and OA, my joints are aching. F... Read more

  • Feeling good

    2/28/2015 11:21:43 PM, by SBECKER526

    I met friends for breakfast at 8 am on a Saturday at the Tomcat cafe. This restaurant got best in Berks again. The menu is overwhelming. The ... Read more

  • Quiet, but good day

    2/25/2015 11:33:43 PM, by SBECKER526

    I am doing so much better at the gym. I am using the elliptical trainer for cardio. I expect to start cycling at home on Saturday. Next week I... Read more

  • Feeling better

    2/21/2015 11:12:23 PM, by SBECKER526

    The pool was great. It was -20 degrees with the wind chill outside. My damp hair froze. As I drove home, the water ran down my back as my hair... Read more

  • Catching up!

    2/19/2015 9:15:53 PM, by SBECKER526

    I am returning to my activities as I reach week 6 of my healing. I get to go to the pool to swim tomorrow. I had a 12 page newsletter to edit a... Read more

  • Reading and listing questions

    2/15/2015 9:53:46 AM, by SBECKER526

    I see my primary care doctor and his resident on March 3. I am getting away for a day to see the Philadelphia Flower Show on March 2. Each day ... Read more

  • Feeling low for a few hours

    2/13/2015 11:36:14 PM, by SBECKER526

    I really felt low for a few hours. I now see the reports from all medical tests. I'm not happy about having ankylosing spondylitis and fused di... Read more

  • Enjoying each day

    2/11/2015 10:18:46 PM, by SBECKER526

    I am enjoying each day. I am getting plenty of rest. I am able to listen to my body concerning fatigue and pain. Gradually I am cooking more a... Read more

  • Taking time to heal

    2/9/2015 12:01:14 AM, by SBECKER526

    I am finding that my recent surgery is taking time to heal. I am using my time wisely and not doing too much. My car was discontinued in the US... Read more

  • Small improvements

    1/30/2015 10:46:54 PM, by SBECKER526

    Bob and I wish to remain in our home. A retirement community is not what we want at this time. We analyzed our home and where we wanted peace o... Read more

  • Good news and some projects done!

    1/29/2015 10:18:49 PM, by SBECKER526

    I am so happy. My surgeon felt I'm progressing well. I may return to the gym with modifications in exercises for 4 weeks. I may return to swim... Read more

  • Projects underway - feeling more alive

    1/28/2015 8:27:35 PM, by SBECKER526

    Today I resolved to get to my computer. I have a report to my friends on the Board of Directors due Friday. I got most of my information today.... Read more

  • Appreciating Kindness of Friends

    1/27/2015 8:58:30 PM, by SBECKER526

    Today almost overwhelmed me with kindness. The caring and compassion of two friends really touched my heart. One friend offered... Read more

  • Watching the storm

    1/26/2015 11:34:09 AM, by SBECKER526

    I am watching the storm along with Snaggles, the cat. We like the front window to see people, birds, and animals. Yesterday Snaggles had a cat ... Read more

  • Making small steps of progress

    1/25/2015 10:50:06 AM, by SBECKER526

    It is often difficult to be a caregiver when I am recovering from surgery. I must really set priorities. I can take care of my husband's meds, ... Read more

  • Recovery Underway

    1/21/2015 10:29:13 AM, by SBECKER526

    I'm looking in the mirror and wondering how things happened so fast! I was preparing for my CT scan and taking those wonderful drugs... Read more

  • I did it!

    1/11/2015 1:08:53 PM, by SBECKER526

    At each Pink in the Rink game, the Reading Royals Charities' donates funds to the Breast Cancer Support Services of Berks and the Susan Koman Gro... Read more

  • Next Doctor Visit

    1/9/2015 11:39:48 PM, by SBECKER526

    I really do not mind visiting my internist/primary care resident and doctor. They are so focused with my care and ailments. I get nervous with ... Read more

  • Feeling positive

    1/3/2015 11:16:16 PM, by SBECKER526

    I am doing better with my RA. My home looks better as the clutter is dimishing. Today the upstairs closet got its floor cleared. My plans are ... Read more

  • Grateful

    12/31/2014 11:53:55 AM, by SBECKER526

    I am so grateful for my family, friends, and cat. I am so grateful for my church family and online friends. I am grateful that I have the f... Read more

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