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  • On Hiatus and the RAIN

    10/8/2015 6:23:36 AM, by HOMEINTR

    Seems like forever since I've been around Spark People. I am trying to find my way in this quest to lose weight. I have hit a plateau... mainly b... Read more

  • Attitude of Gratitude, not Fatitude

    10/8/2015 4:50:42 AM, by JSTETSER

    It's time to change my focus. Rather than obsessing my food intake I will be thankful for who God made me, and treat myself as God's temple. <... Read more

  • The doctor, the vet, and lunch

    10/7/2015 6:02:18 PM, by LESLIELENORE

    I called the doctor this morning, and they got me in at 10:30 today with the NP. She sent me for xrays, to rule out any kind of fracture, which ... Read more

  • Following my dreams

    10/7/2015 5:23:50 AM, by JSTETSER

    Every day we have a choice on where our heart and min... Read more

  • I need shackles!

    10/6/2015 6:55:41 PM, by LESLIELENORE

    I was doing well with staying off my bum ankle, until... Walking to the chiropractor and back, and an hour walk with the dog. I think I am going... Read more

  • Yes, you can!

    10/6/2015 5:31:46 AM, by JSTETSER

    It is only when you believe that you can accomplish y... Read more

  • Autumn kayaking

    10/5/2015 10:55:44 PM, by LESLIELENORE

    My brother, Jeremy, and I went kayaking on Lake Erie this evening. It was warm enough to forgo wetsuits, but cool enough to keep almost all the ... Read more

  • Fall Foliage and hiking

    10/5/2015 5:23:28 AM, by JSTETSER

    Fall foliage hiking is beautiful and peaceful. Yeste... Read more

  • I need to pace myself

    10/4/2015 5:45:39 PM, by LESLIELENORE

    Still dealing with the gimpy ankle. It is bruised halfway up my shin, still purple and swollen, but I can walk on it. I guess it isn't myself I... Read more

  • New Hampshire at its peak!

    10/4/2015 5:34:42 AM, by JSTETSER

    The best time of the year to hike NH is this week. The foliage colors are beautiful, the air is crisp, and hiking is peak perfect. Read more

  • Still gimpy

    10/3/2015 5:54:31 PM, by LESLIELENORE

    Sprains do take a long time to heal. I know this. But patience with limited mobility is not my strong suit. Sigh. Still swollen. Still dark ... Read more


    10/3/2015 4:42:05 PM, by CHOCLAHOLIC

    RIP Bailey ... We had 13 years together... My Heart is breaking... But I know it was time to let you go... I held you in my arms as you left me..... Read more

  • Sparking along, and all fired up!

    10/3/2015 5:30:27 AM, by JSTETSER

    Sparking along, and all fired up! Today turned cold. It never got above 48 degrees, and that meant time to start the wood stove. We do not cu... Read more

  • Retrieved my dog

    10/2/2015 6:25:26 PM, by LESLIELENORE

    I was lonely last night without my dog, but my ankle was a little better this morning for the rest. I took advantage of being dogless this morni... Read more

  • Falling into Autumn

    10/2/2015 5:35:19 AM, by JSTETSER

    Fall is my favorite season with beautiful leaves and co... Read more

  • An actual rest day...

    10/1/2015 5:18:57 PM, by LESLIELENORE

    With a sprained ankle I am not out walking or running miles and miles. I think this is the first truly low activity rest day I have taken in mon... Read more

  • Sunrise!

    10/1/2015 5:27:20 AM, by JSTETSER

    Today I can forget about yesterday. The sun is rising on a new day. Yesterday's defeats and discouragements are behind me. Read more

  • That effin' hurts!

    9/30/2015 4:44:49 PM, by LESLIELENORE

    I walk a lot, and overhear many snippets of conversation in passing. No context ever. But I have noticed that the F word gets used a lot in cas... Read more

  • Good Use of a Bad Mood!

    9/30/2015 5:20:59 AM, by JSTETSER

    I had a down day. Yesterday I was tired when I got home. Kids at school and my 93 year old mom just wore me out. Then I saw it. My Verizon b... Read more

  • Another rainy day...

    9/29/2015 7:23:14 PM, by LESLIELENORE

    But I would say it was not a lazy day. I had coffee with mom and dad, then came home and walked Cooper, followed by almost an hour on the bike w... Read more

  • The Painful Gift

    9/29/2015 5:28:57 AM, by JSTETSER

    Divorce can be a painful gift Good things are not always easy things. My divorce was the most painful thing that I went through in my life, bu... Read more

  • Lazy, rainy day

    9/28/2015 7:58:17 PM, by LESLIELENORE

    It was overcast and drizzly most of the day. My various forays into the great outdoors with the dog were mostly short ones, as he despises rain.... Read more

  • Special touches

    9/28/2015 5:34:34 AM, by JSTETSER

    Last night the grandkids from Maine came. We had a blast! I always love to add flowers to my table when special people come for dinner. Read more

  • Take time out for tea......

    9/27/2015 6:46:55 PM, by LUVS2BIKE101

    Has there ever been a time in your life when you are being pulled in every direction? Many of us who work full time have additional responsibili... Read more

  • Being thankful

    9/27/2015 2:20:48 PM, by LESLIELENORE

    Sometimes I need to just stop and remember all the things I have to be grateful for in my life. I have a tendency to let small frustrations esca... Read more

  • Schnitzel Fest!

    9/27/2015 6:41:55 AM, by JSTETSER

    I set up my Smittens at the annual Schnitzel Fest her... Read more

  • Plans? Ha!

    9/26/2015 3:25:55 PM, by LESLIELENORE

    So, the nurse called and said she wouldn't make it today, but might tomorrow. I guess I changed my plans for no reason. Sigh. I did get th... Read more

  • Hometown Fair

    9/26/2015 5:33:51 AM, by JSTETSER

    Today in Hillsboro, NH we have our annual Schnitzel Fest! Once again, I will be out selling my smittens, mittens and hats. Last weekend I sold ... Read more

  • Flexibility

    9/25/2015 8:00:27 PM, by LESLIELENORE

    The visiting nurse called and said she would be here in the early afternoon on Saturday, so I made arrangements with mom to move our normal Satur... Read more

  • Take the Shot!

    9/25/2015 5:30:46 AM, by JSTETSER

    Dear Friends, Flu season is almost upon us, and now ... Read more

  • A little Dawn works wonders

    9/24/2015 7:38:58 PM, by LESLIELENORE

    So, I had the sleep study last night. The tech was hysterical, and had me laughing. He is a Puerto Rican ex-Marine, ex-police officer from NYC.... Read more

  • Happy Fall!

    9/24/2015 5:38:09 AM, by JSTETSER

    My favorite mountain at my favorite time of year! Pa... Read more

  • A waiting sort of day...

    9/23/2015 3:42:15 PM, by LESLIELENORE

    My day is going along like usual, except for the eye I am keeping on the time. I have that sleep study tonight, and I have to drop the dog off w... Read more

  • Sticking Together!

    9/23/2015 5:27:38 AM, by JSTETSER

    We get so much more accomplished when we work together rather than arguing or fighting. Today, make someone's day GREAT by helping out where you... Read more

  • A different perspective may be the solution...

    9/22/2015 5:49:44 PM, by LESLIELENORE

    So, most of you know I have been suffering with a constant headache, with intermittent migraines for about a year now. I have consulted with a n... Read more

  • Join the parade!

    9/22/2015 5:30:50 AM, by JSTETSER

    Maybe it is time to get off the sidelines and join the parade. There is one cause that I have been looking at, and doing nothing about. Tod... Read more

  • Easing up

    9/21/2015 5:57:08 PM, by LESLIELENORE

    I have decided to ease back on the workouts, and take more regular recovery days. I am hoping this helps with the headache. But if not, maybe i... Read more

  • Choosing my thoughts

    9/21/2015 5:31:37 AM, by JSTETSER

    Sometimes I just need to have a little talk with myself. Self, Today you need to really watch yourself. You get upset with people who manage... Read more

  • I am angry

    9/20/2015 4:00:01 PM, by LESLIELENORE

    Today was supposed to be the end to end paddle on Lake Chautauqua, and it was... but not for me. I woke up around 1am with a migraine. The puki... Read more

  • Finding perfect joy in an imperfect world

    9/20/2015 6:29:57 AM, by JSTETSER

    Sometimes life is tough. I'm sure that you have noticed it. There are times that we can't spend as much time with loved ones as we want. There... Read more

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