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  • Another Trivia Night win

    1/29/2015 10:55:46 PM, by LESLIELENORE

    Went out for trivia night once again, and our team won... handily. And I did not over eat. Just had a half sandwich and a salad... and lots of ... Read more

  • Burnaby Lake Hike

    1/29/2015 10:37:41 AM, by MKMMARTY

    The day has ended.. Dalhouise was home waiting for us with his tail waggi... Read more

  • Broke the ice

    1/28/2015 6:07:54 PM, by LESLIELENORE

    Or rather the ice broke my fall. Bloodied my knees, but other than that everything seems okay. Since that is the first time I have fallen on th... Read more

  • A secret from Noni

    1/28/2015 9:42:20 AM, by MKMMARTY

    The day before I thought that yesterday I would like to go on the ten kilom... Read more

  • Hungover, but nothing to drink

    1/27/2015 7:44:47 PM, by LESLIELENORE

    Last night I went to bed with a wicked headache and woke up in the night to go throw up. That is a first for me. I feel okay today, just a litt... Read more

  • Cake and shaking

    1/27/2015 6:58:12 PM, by MKMMARTY

    Blueberry pound cake for breakfast.. Noni made cake. I walked Dalhouise early in the morning - ate cake - went to church. After church we go t... Read more

  • What a day it was

    1/26/2015 9:48:12 PM, by MKMMARTY

    The sun rose so pink in the sky this day.. I did not what to go to Vancouver to hike Burnaby Lake - maybe tomorrow this will happen.. Read more

  • Gym day... again

    1/26/2015 6:26:59 PM, by LESLIELENORE

    I met Jeremy at the gym at 2pm today. I only did 5,15 miles in 51 minutes on the treadmill, but once again I cranked up the incline on the walk ... Read more

  • Gym day

    1/25/2015 6:14:34 PM, by LESLIELENORE

    Jeremy contacted me late last night to set up a gym workout today. As usual I was early and he was late, so I had about a 20 minute head start o... Read more

  • I'm back...

    1/25/2015 8:12:22 AM, by KAYAKKIM

    After having been slowly slipping backward on my weight since I stopped using Sparkpeople, I am back. I have been struggling with stress and slee... Read more

  • wow!

    1/24/2015 7:18:09 PM, by CHESSIEMUTT

    Was struggling but then I discovered when I increase my protein intake, I feel more full, feel less stress, have more energy, and lose more weigh... Read more

  • Typical Saturday...

    1/24/2015 6:07:35 PM, by LESLIELENORE

    Started the day with an hour walk with the dog, then off to my parents' house to make lunch. Mom had a very pretty eggplant she wanted to use fo... Read more

  • Gym day plus....

    1/23/2015 11:59:17 PM, by LESLIELENORE

    I went to the gym in the early afternoon, after lunch. I walked Cooper for an hour in the morning with my niece. I had a light lunch then went ... Read more

  • Noni goes snowshoeing first time

    1/22/2015 11:18:49 PM, by MKMMARTY

    We have rain - heavy rain forecasted for the next week. If I am going to get out with Noni today must be the day. The plumber came - the plumbe... Read more

  • No lifting today, but...

    1/22/2015 9:26:16 PM, by LESLIELENORE

    ...My legs work just fine! I went for two runs, walked the dog, used the bike, danced, did some yoga, and stretched the restriction a little by ... Read more

  • Active day

    1/21/2015 6:46:26 PM, by LESLIELENORE

    The day started early... well, early for me. Jeremy wanted to meet at the gym an hour earlier than usual so he would have time to get some work ... Read more

  • Failed day or successful day

    1/21/2015 11:59:36 AM, by MKMMARTY

    Not... Read more

  • New doctor

    1/20/2015 6:01:55 PM, by LESLIELENORE

    Had my appointment with my new GP today (my old one left the practice, so I just got assigned to a different doc), and she seems a bit disorganiz... Read more

  • One amazing Day in January

    1/19/2015 10:56:59 PM, by MKMMARTY

    This day turned out to be a very good day for me. I began sitting in my f... Read more

  • Gym day...

    1/19/2015 5:26:18 PM, by LESLIELENORE

    Up early and off to the gym this morning. I did 7.62 miles in 65 minutes on the treadmill, 30 minutes on the elliptical and weights. Then we we... Read more

  • Back on the bike

    1/19/2015 11:04:58 AM, by 4A-HEALTHY-BMI

    My fitness has really suffered during the past 3 months. My bf moved down to AR from NY to join me and brought a nasty head/chest cold that knoc... Read more

  • Skating

    1/18/2015 7:01:56 PM, by MKMMARTY

    Fear that could be me ... And so I don't skate anymore. The fall it self i... Read more

  • Relaxed day...

    1/18/2015 6:50:52 PM, by LESLIELENORE

    Had a relaxed day with the pup. He didn't want to walk until noon, so I sat and read until he got out of bed. I did hop on the bike for a while... Read more

  • 17 January - birding - geocaching - shopping

    1/18/2015 12:46:49 AM, by MKMMARTY

    I could not spend a wet - cold windy day inside... That would be normal and ... Read more

  • Fun and excitement

    1/17/2015 9:26:47 PM, by LESLIELENORE

    I had my usual Saturday morning, with a walk with Cooper and the short drive out to my parents' house, where I cooked lunch. Today we had roast ... Read more

  • A full day

    1/16/2015 11:33:22 PM, by MKMMARTY

    Today - where do I start? First I took Dalhouise for a short walk to the... Read more

  • Gym day...

    1/16/2015 8:59:41 PM, by LESLIELENORE

    I was up and out early this morning to meet my brother at the gym. I sure worked hard. I was still working the weights when Jeremy left to go t... Read more

  • I Don't Exercise for the Calories

    1/15/2015 9:32:55 PM, by VHALKYRIE

    Two weeks down in the new year. Last week I had a setback because I got sick. I was most disappointed that I couldn't get to the gym and contin... Read more

  • Quick check in

    1/15/2015 5:47:37 PM, by LESLIELENORE

    Calm day for me and the pup. Got some house cleaning accomplished, got in some exercise. Ate pretty healthy (a little too much sodium), and oth... Read more

  • False starts

    1/15/2015 11:09:59 AM, by MKMMARTY

    False starts, but enjoying every moment. But some times not. That sounds catchy doesn't it? Spring sure seems to have had sprung, sighting a R... Read more

  • Odds and ends... and a miracle

    1/14/2015 7:01:04 PM, by LESLIELENORE

    I could not get my butt out of bed this morning, so I didn't get to the gym. Instead I did 5 miles with Leslie Sansone, then walked the dog for ... Read more

  • Picnicking in Januaryn

    1/14/2015 11:26:40 AM, by MKMMARTY

    Waking up this morning with no real plan... I had mentioned to Noni that we should go to Vancouver again to buy some speciality coffee that she l... Read more

  • Focus on nutrition

    1/13/2015 9:05:13 PM, by LESLIELENORE

    So, after yesterday's discouraging results I decided to focus on nutrition. Or rather refocus on nutrition. I got out the measuring cups and sp... Read more

  • Yesterday

    1/13/2015 12:00:06 PM, by MKMMARTY

    I am home... Went to the store and it was closed on Mondays.. Then I got loss... Eventually we found our destination - Piper Spit at Burnaby L... Read more

  • A little frustrated and discouraged

    1/12/2015 1:48:30 PM, by LESLIELENORE

    I had my fitness profile review at the gym today, and the results were discouraging. My body fat % has gone up, and my cardiac recovery rate has... Read more

  • Is it Today

    1/12/2015 10:34:02 AM, by MKMMARTY

    Today - this day if I kick my butt of the couch I want to do some walking in Vancouver area... Birding and Geocaching could be part of my motivat... Read more

  • And again...

    1/11/2015 9:40:10 PM, by LESLIELENORE

    Went for an evening snow shoe hike with my brother. We set a brisk pace and maintained it up and down hills and around deadfalls in the woods. ... Read more

  • Meadowlarks and happiness

    1/11/2015 5:32:42 PM, by MKMMARTY

    This morning - I did it again I left my camera at home when I took Dalhoui... Read more

  • Estuary

    1/10/2015 10:46:38 PM, by MKMMARTY

    It was a good day with me sighting 14 species of birds. I even seen my first Robin of this year... In Ontario the first sighting was always an en... Read more

  • Went snow shoeing

    1/10/2015 7:57:17 PM, by LESLIELENORE

    The high today was at most 15 degrees, but the sun was out, so Jeremy and I went snow shoeing after lunch. It was so beautiful in the woods. I ... Read more

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