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Look Deep Within
7/13/2014 12:09:15 PM,  1 COMMENTS

I've been taking time out from the computer world and just coming back today... It's been an incredibly difficult week for me and I'm trying hard to c...  Read more


Killer Snacks
7/13/2014 11:56:04 AM,  0 COMMENTS

Sunday… Rain… Work… And I’m sore as hell. Moved around those 20lb dumbbells on Friday morning and my body hates me a little bit today for it. That a...  Read more


Day 1 of gratitude
7/12/2014 3:47:58 PM,  4 COMMENTS

For the next 7 days. I am going to write something I am grateful for. I invite you to do the same...let's start a mob of gratefulness: I am grat...  Read more


Has my future self put a spell on my food dragon???
7/12/2014 1:09:23 PM,  9 COMMENTS

My blog from yesterday I noted that I asked my future self what I should do... and today when I discovered some candy leftover from DH's birthday and...  Read more


Good-bye (week 18 recap)
7/11/2014 6:12:25 PM,  2 COMMENTS

As you shed pounds, you'll begin to notice that clothes begin to fit differently. Once you've lost 10lbs, you might begin to notice that you've dropp...  Read more


Making a good start
7/11/2014 8:30:55 AM,  11 COMMENTS

Woo hoo, I am down a pound and I managed to get nearly 5,000 steps yesterday! Things are possible! My knee injury and watching the weight cree...  Read more


Breaking Down...
7/8/2014 8:07:37 AM,  26 COMMENTS

I've felt this before - but perhaps this time it's even scarier as I swore I'd never be back here again. This weekend was truly heart wrenchi...  Read more


Choosing to sit and enjoy
7/5/2014 8:49:19 AM,  9 COMMENTS

Yesterday I asked myself where my favourite place is to sit and "look out". I have several. There is a cafe on the canal in Ottawa where you can sit...  Read more


Borderline Personality Disorder
7/4/2014 9:00:40 PM,  18 COMMENTS

I made a few calls today - first to the Children's Aid Society to clarify what had been said to me with respect to giving up my daughter to temporary...  Read more


Keeping promises (week 17 recap)
7/4/2014 9:46:39 AM,  0 COMMENTS

I love this quote, and this is exactly why I took this week off from work. I needed and deserved a break. Typically, I take vacation because I...  Read more


Affirmations at Work...
7/3/2014 5:18:10 PM,  12 COMMENTS

Life and every NEW day is definitely a blessing to be appreciated! It was back to work today and it felt good - especially since things cooled...  Read more


Staying Strong ... and Coping
7/2/2014 5:20:34 PM,  18 COMMENTS

It's very heart wrenching that my 13 year old daughter is going through so much. Today was another day off for me - and I hoped to rest but spent i...  Read more


Overcoming Adversity
7/2/2014 8:22:29 AM,  13 COMMENTS

Yesterday was quite a day for me. It started with my motivation on a high because of the new month but as the day progressed things became more...  Read more


30 Days to my 8 Year SP Anniversary!
7/1/2014 7:55:43 AM,  8 COMMENTS

This SP quote is ME - as I weighed in and measured again - no big changes from last month and overall since the beginning of my journey here 8 year...  Read more


Faith Will Bring Me Through This
6/30/2014 9:27:47 AM,  10 COMMENTS

I am catholic - but I am not a church goer at this time in my life. I am very spiritual and truly do believe in the higher power, my angels, and ye...  Read more


1 Year to go!
6/29/2014 9:12:33 AM,  5 COMMENTS

On June 25th this year I turned 25 years old. As some may no my goal is to lose 90lbs total before my birthday. This leave a little less then a yea...  Read more


Feeling Fear as these big changes approach...and trying to turn that fear into something positive
6/28/2014 12:23:05 PM,  4 COMMENTS

On February 1, 2013, I posted a blog entitled The Power of Fear (
individual.asp?blog_id=5232528 ) about...  Read more


Grumpy and her Friends Park at the Mall
6/28/2014 12:15:50 PM,  19 COMMENTS

...  Read more


New Day... new strategy.
6/27/2014 9:03:05 AM,  8 COMMENTS

New Day... new strategy. Yesterday a friend who is a doctor in emerg cautioned me not to get my hopes up that my surgery will be any time this su...  Read more


AUB & DBI (week 16 recap)
6/26/2014 4:31:07 PM,  0 COMMENTS

You might remember a few weeks back, I blogged about AUB. It can occur when a woman drops weight quickly or increases their level of exercise (eg. ru...  Read more


Another Beautiful Grad Pic
6/26/2014 4:23:43 PM,  15 COMMENTS

This picture was taken the night of the graduation dinner - it's even nicer than the package I purchased... her hair is longer and her smile... Gor...  Read more


Cleanse and Healing
6/25/2014 10:17:32 AM,  10 COMMENTS

I can't believe we are nearing the end of another month. With school officially ending and summer beginning - it's time to think of vacations...  Read more


Grrrrrrrrrrr - so much for yesterday morning's calm resignation
6/25/2014 8:58:04 AM,  13 COMMENTS

Long vent coming. My goal is to stay on my crutches (I keep cheating which of course is silliy) but I want to get things DONE without asking DH. DD23...  Read more


Gift and Purpose
6/24/2014 8:29:20 AM,  16 COMMENTS

My blogs and writing are my gifts back to the world. As I document my journey - my struggles and my successes, I allow others to see that they are...  Read more


Motivation is Lacking - The WHY my Resistance is Low
6/23/2014 7:44:37 PM,  10 COMMENTS

I start the day off with good intentions... and then I get hit with the reality and heartaches that have been ongoing and my resistance get worn do...  Read more


This too shall pass
6/23/2014 12:15:51 PM,  10 COMMENTS

I just called the doctor and the secretarie's first words were "we have not received your referral yet..." and then while I was talking to her she sai...  Read more


Finding strength to do this
6/22/2014 10:03:44 AM,  9 COMMENTS

I was responding to a blog comment and wrote the following: "So easy to let things go... and so hard to keep it "in line" but as they say when yo...  Read more


6/22/2014 9:54:24 AM,  13 COMMENTS

Yesterday was good - while I didn't stay on track with my intentions - I am ok with what happened and accept where I'm at right now. I spent...  Read more


Whistle a Happy Tune
6/21/2014 1:34:51 PM,  9 COMMENTS

Grateful. Today's blanket feeling. I have had Seawave here this week and she and her DH have the most positive of attitudes. They are amazing peopl...  Read more


Face the Truth - Coping....
6/21/2014 9:09:31 AM,  13 COMMENTS

I wake this morning feeling like I need to truly face some hard facts... I cannot move forward until I face some realities and that is tha...  Read more


No one is perfect (week 15 recap)
6/20/2014 11:42:50 AM,  1 COMMENTS

The last few weeks have been a struggle. We're adjusting to our new family activity schedule and work has been busy. I've kept to my food promise, b...  Read more


6/19/2014 5:55:32 AM,  0 COMMENTS

Logging in here has been a challenge, but I'm not ignoring my goals. Busy life has advantages as well as disadvantages, but I do my best to check in h...  Read more


10 Power Thoughts for a More Rewarding Life
6/18/2014 8:25:55 AM,  14 COMMENTS

Louise Hay has been an incredible influence in my journey. It started with the book "You Can Heal Your Life" and now I live by positive affirmations a...  Read more


A Graduation Gift...
6/18/2014 5:24:42 AM,  5 COMMENTS

It was a nice evening last night... the pics above of all three girls and my daughter receiving her diploma. In the mail was an enve...  Read more


Need Spark Support
6/17/2014 9:13:01 PM,  9 COMMENTS

It's hard to keep strong, and I'm at the point where I need some spark friend support! I'm not tracking as often and letting certain foods slide! Anyo...  Read more


Graduation Day
6/17/2014 9:04:07 AM,  7 COMMENTS

Tonight is my 17 year old's graduation dinner and I can't believe the day is HERE!! It's been a challenging road to arrive here - but tonight...  Read more


5% Challenge - 12 Things I'm Reaching For...
6/16/2014 7:25:00 PM,  5 COMMENTS

On January 2, I blogged about 12 things I'm reaching for. I was just out of surgery (again) and gearing up to go back to work, and things were looking...  Read more


Seeing my challenges through a different light
6/15/2014 11:04:41 AM,  12 COMMENTS

The pain in my knee is getting less but I am being careful and always using the crutches. The hardest part is NOT doing anything and letting go. I h...  Read more


The self pity is filed away on the top shelf of a far away closet...
6/14/2014 12:26:31 PM,  11 COMMENTS

A few tears. A lot of venting to spark friends and family. My spark friend suggested that I could indulge in self pity for a while but then file...  Read more


I had Good Intentions...
6/13/2014 5:39:28 PM,  14 COMMENTS

The T from HALT was at play today BIG time - I am feeling so drained and tired from a week of about an average of 4 to 5 hours sleep... And so...  Read more


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