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Some day!!
7/10/2014 1:59:41 PM,  3 COMMENTS

Some day I will lose this blubber!!! Just tried so many times, and though I would be on a roll since having rid of the pesky thyroid. ...  Read more


Way to go Wednesday
5/21/2014 2:54:01 AM,  0 COMMENTS

Today is going to be a good day! Walked nearly 2 miles yesterday and hoping to get a chance to do the same today. I also got organised with my Open Un...  Read more


Too Too Tuesday
5/20/2014 2:58:00 AM,  0 COMMENTS

I am here again still gaining weight and struggling to diet, it isn't that I don't know the right things to eat or that I dint track my food. I do but...  Read more


UK WeightWatchers Spark Team has started!
2/8/2014 9:30:47 AM,  2 COMMENTS

Iíve been doing ww for a while but I got a bit frustrated with the recipe ingredients on spark being in US measures and having US brand names!... So...  Read more


No more SW for now
2/6/2014 3:48:07 AM,  0 COMMENTS

Weight 188lb WELL! last week I had not lost any more weight at Slimming world weigh in. SO, I have stopped it for now. I am going back to working...  Read more


week 6 on sw
1/21/2014 6:30:03 AM,  1 COMMENTS

Another pound bites the dust. Which is good see the back of it, but quite disappointing! I had thought I would have lost some last week, and hoped it...  Read more


5 weeks on sw
1/10/2014 2:19:26 PM,  2 COMMENTS

Weight 192lb no change total loss 6lb Well! That was a bit of a kick in the knickers! Really was expecting a loss this week! Not sure what went...  Read more


4 weeks on SW
1/3/2014 5:33:36 AM,  4 COMMENTS

loss 3lb total on SW = -6lb Lost 3lb of the 4.5 Christmas baggage this week. I could have got it all if I hadn't had a bit of a slip up...  Read more


2013: A Year of PBs
1/1/2014 11:29:18 AM,  2 COMMENTS

364 365 331 237 In my last blog I said that 2013 was a good year for weight loss and, more importantly, keeping almost all of the weight off. I...  Read more


2013: A good year
12/31/2013 4:34:00 AM,  2 COMMENTS

From a weight loss/healthy living perspective, I had a wonderful year. Usually I start the year at around 152/153 lbs and finish maybe 1 or 2 lbs lig...  Read more


Planning and Preparation
12/29/2013 9:31:58 AM,  1 COMMENTS

521 306 381 I can't believe that I haven't written on my SP blog for nearly a year. Well, actually I can. I have a personal blog on WordPress w...  Read more


3 weeks on SW
12/28/2013 6:42:16 AM,  2 COMMENTS

Well I put the 4.5lb back on this week, that I lost last week! But will try shake it off again in the next couple of weeks. On the bright side...  Read more


Week 2 slimming world
12/19/2013 5:49:43 PM,  4 COMMENTS

4.5 lb loss this week. so that's 7.5 so far. but next SW meeting is next Friday..... day after Boxing day. that should be ,.... er ...... interestin...  Read more


New Plan
12/11/2013 4:29:38 PM,  2 COMMENTS

Well, once more I have returned! The thyroid should no longer be a problem, so I should be on a level playing field now! I have had a few false...  Read more


11/4/2013 6:21:51 AM,  1 COMMENTS

Things are going good for me. I have been able to get a place on the local get healthy group that takes place in the Leisure Centre on a Friday. It's...  Read more


10/14/2013 5:54:49 AM,  3 COMMENTS

It's a special occasion I'm too tired It's easier to start after the weekend I've earned a treat It's been a stressful day I'...  Read more


My relationship with food
8/12/2013 6:22:17 PM,  6 COMMENTS

My relationship with food and alcohol has always been unhealthy, my biggest problem is on an evening when i tend to snack through boredom, over the la...  Read more


Its good to be alive- let me tell you what matters!!!
8/10/2013 4:17:15 PM,  6 COMMENTS

I am back here at Spark people after a long time, and after an experience that has change my whole being and my whole concept of life. I ended up in h...  Read more


New walking distance record
8/4/2013 11:32:12 AM,  1 COMMENTS

Also upped my longest walk today! Since June I have gone from nothing to walking over 9 miles in 1 go... Really pleased and proud of myself, doi...  Read more


Happy Days! - No More Plateau
8/4/2013 11:11:32 AM,  1 COMMENTS

Finally seem to have broken my plateau, after 3 weeks sitting at the same weight, have read loads of posts and decided to up my calorie intake for 1 d...  Read more


Blog at Tumblr!
7/22/2013 10:33:29 PM,  7 COMMENTS

I've created a blog over at Tumblr. Haven't decided if I like it there or at Wordpress better, so I'll try this one out for awhile: thejourneyo...  Read more


I've reached a cross road.
4/16/2013 2:53:11 PM,  4 COMMENTS

Ok, so this is a knee-jerk reaction because I am having a particularly bad eating spell, and I am sure people will try to change my mind, but I am thi...  Read more


streak - day 2
4/15/2013 2:25:12 PM,  2 COMMENTS

hi all well I've been super good for the last 2 days - well under on my calories, have been having around 1300, which is brilliant for me - and I...  Read more


April update
4/10/2013 5:45:42 PM,  4 COMMENTS

My goodness! One third of this month has passed already! I just don't know where time goes to, I really don't! So far this month has not been suc...  Read more


New beginnings
3/31/2013 7:31:10 PM,  1 COMMENTS

So, today (31st March) was a multi-faceted occasion over here in the UK - it was Easter Sunday, the first day of British Summer Time and also the last...  Read more


March-ing towards happiness! - Day 26
3/26/2013 3:21:09 PM,  2 COMMENTS

I haven't been online very much of late, so I wanted to write an update of how things are going. This month I have managed to lose 2lbs - not mu...  Read more


So, how did you celebrate the Spring Equinox, Lexie? :-)
3/20/2013 4:19:40 PM,  13 COMMENTS

By building garden furniture in the snow. How else? LOL No, it wasn't that bad. It was more sleet and the occasional hailstone. And bar...  Read more


March -ing towards happiness! - Day 16
3/16/2013 11:02:04 AM,  1 COMMENTS

Well, this has been a busy working week and with TOTM as well, I haven't eaten as well as I could have. Still better than I used to though, so I'm put...  Read more


March -ing towards happiness! - Day 10
3/10/2013 2:14:20 PM,  1 COMMENTS

So I had intended doing the following this week: Tues: 10 mins wall presses / shin touches (as opposed to touching my toes) Wed: 10 mins squat...  Read more


March-ing towards happiness - Day 5
3/5/2013 2:16:01 PM,  2 COMMENTS

So, the bathroom scales showed the same weight again this week. I know, I should be glad I didn't gain, but that is not going to help me make progress...  Read more


Batman alive and well and fighting crime in Bradford, England!
3/4/2013 12:05:29 PM,  12 COMMENTS
30 I love news stories like this. They put such a smile on my face! Hope they do the same for y...  Read more


Had a lazy week, but all is good anyway, and I think I'm back on track
3/3/2013 9:56:46 AM,  10 COMMENTS

Well, no harm done. I'm still at 12 1/2 stone ish, even though I've not been accurately measuring food or water, and I haven't specifically exercised...  Read more


March -ing towards happiness! - Day 2.
3/2/2013 4:31:32 PM,  1 COMMENTS

Well, today I found myself enjoying doing nothing. I often enjoy doing nothing (by "nothing" please read watching tv/ surfing the net), but this month...  Read more


March -ing towards happiness!
3/1/2013 6:44:57 PM,  3 COMMENTS

So, we are at the start of March already! I think in the last few weeks I have made some good progress with my eating habits. There is still plenty of...  Read more


The night before weigh-in!
2/25/2013 2:10:35 PM,  4 COMMENTS

I really don't know what to expect with my weigh-in tomorrow morning! Hubby keeps telling me I have become boring where eating is concerned, so that m...  Read more


this is it!
2/24/2013 5:44:39 AM,  6 COMMENTS

morning folks I know, I've said all this before, but this is my promise to myself! I've had a rubbish few months, but now I'm focusing on ME ...  Read more


Needs must when you don't have a microphone stand!
2/21/2013 3:12:57 PM,  11 COMMENTS

So, We Sing Robbie Williams arrived in the post today, and we excitedly plugged in the microphones and had a good singalong to such classics as Kids,...  Read more


A few pics from Oxford.
2/19/2013 7:20:44 AM,  13 COMMENTS

Well, I have to start this collection with a most exquisite piece of kit! This it THE car! The vehicle I would buy for myself if I was ridiculously,...  Read more


Playing with my new camera...
2/19/2013 3:55:35 AM,  8 COMMENTS

Bought a new camera, for work, but also for a bit of a play from time to time. Thing is, I have never owned a digital camera, so I am on a fast track...  Read more


Post-holiday catch up
2/9/2013 5:52:29 PM,  2 COMMENTS

Hubby and I walked lots whilst we were away, but not as much as usual. I think we both soon realised that we were less fit than last year. We adapted...  Read more


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