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  • Saturday- Day 6 New cut backs

    2/13/2016 3:43:32 AM, by ODDLASS

    140lb 10st 00lb BMI 29.29 'What is she doing back on here? Hasn't she got a life to go to?' well yes i do. but as I may not have time t... Read more

  • Friday- Day 5 new cutbacks

    2/12/2016 11:26:58 AM, by ODDLASS

    139lb 9st 13lb BMI 29.25 Another surprise!! down another pound and I felt sure it would be up today! SO, why is it going down? WELL... Read more

  • Thursday- Day 4 new cutbacks

    2/11/2016 3:31:20 PM, by ODDLASS

    140lb 10st 00lb BMI 29.43 Only very slightly up on scale today, but I didn't eat dinner last night. Because I didn't have any tuna in the... Read more

  • Wednesday- Day 3 new cutbacks

    2/10/2016 10:19:07 AM, by ODDLASS

    140lb 10st 00lb BMI 29.38 WOW! I know this isn't a genuine loss! It is my day following a fast day, so will pop back up a bit tomorrow. Pl... Read more

  • Tuesday day two -new cutbacks

    2/9/2016 3:19:28 PM, by ODDLASS

    143lb 10st 3lb BMI 29.94 I have read a bit more about the Paleo, I find the idea behind it very interesting. Some of the articles I read ... Read more

  • Monday day one -new cutbacks

    2/8/2016 1:48:20 PM, by ODDLASS

    144lb 10st 4lb BMI 30.22 OK! let me get going with this latest trial. This weeks I am going to cut out bread, refined sugar and processe... Read more

  • Bad weekend!

    2/7/2016 5:03:13 PM, by ODDLASS

    I didn't get weighed this morning, I couldn't get to the wii ... and that may not have been a bad thing, because I haven't been good at all!! Dro... Read more

  • Week Seventeen Roundup

    2/7/2016 3:56:05 AM, by MMEZEPHIRINE

    0.7 lb lost this week I may be slow, but I've lost every week since the second one. Now where is he...... For my weight-ins, ... Read more

  • A wii differance

    2/4/2016 3:20:09 PM, by ODDLASS

    143lb 10st 3lb BMI 30.03 I haven't been on to blog 'Proper' for a wee while. But here I am now. The weight has still been yo yoing... Read more

  • Week Sixteen Roundup with the tape measure

    1/31/2016 4:32:20 AM, by MMEZEPHIRINE

    Another 0.5 lb lost this week so I'm inching down. Literally inching down - this is what January looks like on the tape measure: 1" off my bus... Read more

  • Week Fifteen Roundup

    1/24/2016 4:29:51 AM, by MMEZEPHIRINE

    I finally passed my 20 pounds milestone, with a 2lb loss this week. This week: I've stayed in calorie range although I was over... Read more

  • TV suprises.

    1/24/2016 3:48:39 AM, by ODDLASS

    143lb 14st 3lb BMI 30.03 I am going to TRY to stick with sensible eating today. Going out to breakfast, but can have the bagel and cre... Read more

  • Go AWAY you naughty pound!!!!

    1/22/2016 11:02:12 AM, by ODDLASS

    143lb 10st 3lb BMI 30.03 I really need to push past this stubborn pound! And now it is the weekend! agghh! LOL. I am annoying myself... Read more

  • Snow!

    1/17/2016 4:47:58 AM, by ODDLASS

    144lb 10st 4lb BMI 30.17 The pre Christmas yo yo pound is back I see! Challenge - get to 142lb! get past this stubborn 143!! ha ha. ... Read more

  • Week Fourteen Roundup

    1/17/2016 2:26:49 AM, by MMEZEPHIRINE

    A better loss this week - 1.8lbs. I'm getting closer to my 20 pounds milestone and reward. This week: I stayed in range despite having to ... Read more

  • Back to December.

    1/16/2016 5:30:08 AM, by ODDLASS

    143lb 10st 3lb BMI 30.03 Weight now back to pre Christmas place. I had a good walk yesterday and took photos, but they don't want... Read more

  • Yesterday sun, today snow

    1/14/2016 3:24:36 PM, by ODDLASS

    144lb 10st 4lb BMI 30.22 So yesterdays efforts dipped a pound. Today I have stuck to 1400 cals and all recommended levels for protein, ... Read more

  • Steps and Sunshine ... more steps than sunshine though!

    1/13/2016 2:41:52 PM, by ODDLASS

    145lb 10st 5lb BMI 30.45 The 2lb loss following my last 16:8 was followed by only 1 lb returning the next day, which I have now seeme... Read more

  • Week Thirteen Roundup

    1/10/2016 5:33:04 AM, by MMEZEPHIRINE

    Yep, that's three months. This week's loss - 0.4 lbs. Weight loss seems so slow at the moment, so I need to focus on other changes. But my next... Read more

  • I think this counts as progress

    1/7/2016 3:44:01 PM, by MMEZEPHIRINE

    I don't know why the first week back after Christmas is so blah, but it is. At least there are fewer food temptations at the office! We don... Read more

  • Get in there!

    1/7/2016 3:32:56 AM, by ODDLASS

    145lb 10st 5lb BMI 30.36 ANOTHER 2lb gone this morning! but yesterday I DID try hard!! I did the 16:8 fast, which, for my non fast f... Read more

  • How to End Emotional Eating

    1/6/2016 5:09:55 PM, by SHERRYLHBB

    I just finished reading an article giving advice on how to tame emotional eating. ("Tame the Emotional Eating Beast for Good: 3 Ways to Get Back ... Read more

  • ooops, false start. :-D

    1/6/2016 3:57:56 AM, by ODDLASS

    147lb 10st 7lb BMI 30.82 How are we all doing with the new year star up? I started by putting a pound on over the weekend! Reaching 10s... Read more

  • Week Twelve Roundup (including New Year)

    1/3/2016 3:36:45 AM, by MMEZEPHIRINE

    This week@s loss - 1.4 lbs. Weight loss has slowed down but the tape measure is really starting to show results. I'm hoping this means I am ma... Read more

  • Hello 2016!

    1/1/2016 5:26:23 AM, by ODDLASS

    148lb 10st 8lb BMI 31.01 Hello people, and happy new year. I am back on the case! We had a good Solstice, Christmas and enjoyed a l... Read more

  • Better luck in 2016

    12/23/2015 6:15:30 PM, by ODDLASS

    Well! so much for that challenge!! I have slowly got heavier everyday for the last 5 days! tut tut! HA HA!! Far too much finger food, treats an... Read more

  • Thursday blog

    12/17/2015 3:33:36 PM, by ODDLASS

    143lb 10st 3lb BMI 29.99 Okay, the scale went up a very tiny bit this morning, but, for the first time, it has stayed below a BMI of 3... Read more

  • looking forward

    12/16/2015 4:46:54 PM, by ODDLASS

    143lb 10st 3lb BMI 29.94 I have not done anything I said I was planing in the last blog Ha ha! It is all up and down again, BUT at least i... Read more

  • A boring blog

    12/9/2015 2:43:30 AM, by ODDLASS

    The first 16:8 did not go too badly on Monday. Though I was quite peckish from 7.30pm onward, I was not -starving hungry- I stuck with it, but I ... Read more

  • Here we go!

    12/7/2015 3:21:05 AM, by ODDLASS

    143lb 10st 4lb BMI 30.27 Same old story, eating main meal late ...healthy meal! .. but not til later in the day. And to be honest, I coul... Read more

  • Tough week

    12/5/2015 6:03:51 AM, by ODDLASS

    143lb 10st 3lb BMI 30.03 Well, that was a hard week at work, Friday was off the chart!! VERY unhealthy and unwise!! 8.30am-7.30pm with no ... Read more

  • New thinking needed.

    11/30/2015 4:02:07 AM, by ODDLASS

    145lb 10st 5lb BMI 30.36 Evenings and cold wet days are still taking a toll!! The number of steps/day are going down, evening snacks creep... Read more

  • Sunday night thoughts

    11/29/2015 4:15:21 PM, by ODDLASS

    143lb 10st 3lb BMI 30.03 Even though I would REALLY like to get to 10st by Christmas I am still not sticking to it the way I was in the su... Read more

  • Brrrracing weather.

    11/22/2015 3:32:36 PM, by ODDLASS

    144lb 10st 4lb BMI 30.27 I can see from the status's and blogs on here, that quite a few of us are feeling the cold already, aint even wint... Read more

  • Not so sunny Sunday

    11/15/2015 6:24:32 AM, by ODDLASS

    146lb 10st 6lb BMI 30.73 Not bad to just put a little bit on, considering that the little chap found his appetite late last night so we had... Read more

  • Quiet weekend?

    11/14/2015 3:06:22 AM, by ODDLASS

    146lb 10st 6lb BMI 30.54 Friday was a wet-dark-windy day with bursts of nice sunshine! Unfortunately, not good for taking my clients o... Read more

  • Stepping out late

    11/13/2015 3:51:30 AM, by ODDLASS

    147lb 10st 7lb BMI 30.98 10000 steps and drink the water? Thursday it was not done before the end of work, in fact it was a push to get my... Read more

  • Good day for me ... but not for the weight.

    11/12/2015 3:45:31 AM, by ODDLASS

    148lb 10st 8lb BMI 31.10 The past two days little challenges were, once again, not bad but not100%. I am happy with ANYTHING that is show... Read more

  • Steady day

    11/10/2015 3:04:50 AM, by ODDLASS

    147lb 10st 7 lb BMI 30.96 I did not get much time for getting steps in yesterday, but I went on the wii fit after work and did a 30 mi... Read more

  • ooops again!

    11/9/2015 3:51:06 AM, by ODDLASS

    148lb 10st 8lb BMI 31.08 ooops a daisy! 3lb on? Not to worry! U should be used to this time of year by now, I have had 58 of them before... Read more

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