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  • Changes

    8/18/2017 1:41:48 PM, by SINGGLORIA

    What is life without change? Not realistic. I completed part 1 of a 3 part class on diabetes and living with it. A friend went with me. She ... Read more

  • Day 21

    8/17/2017 11:35:32 PM, by CHRYS00

    Attempt 20something or other in trying to post to my blog. Been trying for five days ugh. So tired of retyping this. So quick version. Yay blood ... Read more

  • Two Week Summary

    8/17/2017 1:09:53 PM, by WANDERINGCUPPA

    Two weeks ago...seems like forever ago... Tomorrow morning at precisely 9:10 a.m. marks 2 weeks since the unbelievable phone call from my do... Read more

  • Knowing my limitations

    8/15/2017 9:20:42 PM, by MON_THURS

    I love the opportunity to participate in exercise classes. But, I'm discovering that I need to limit myself, somewhat, so I don't over do it. ... Read more

  • Disappointed with myself

    8/15/2017 11:12:40 AM, by AHARRIS02

    Well I stopped doing my 21 day workout because I just didn't keep up with it. But I'm not giving up on the program, so I'm starting over again to... Read more

  • Learning daily

    8/14/2017 1:01:45 AM, by 1BODY_1LIFE

    So one thing I learned being in the hospital for 9 day... Read more

  • KETO Struggles

    8/13/2017 10:27:54 PM, by WANDERINGCUPPA

    It seems I am still eating too much protein, not enough fat to match up to what the RD group goes by...sigh. I know that the fat is what will ke... Read more

  • Rest

    8/13/2017 7:22:04 PM, by SSWALTER411

    Rest day for me today. As hard as it is to rest, your body needs the time to recover. Will be back at it tomorrow! Happy Sunday everyone!!... Read more

  • Week 1 - Tough, but I made it!

    8/13/2017 11:39:24 AM, by REBELCAT

    I made it through week 1! It was tough, and there were plenty of times where I was irritable, to say the least, but I stuck with it. And the scal... Read more

  • Week One Done

    8/12/2017 2:06:39 PM, by WANDERINGCUPPA

    It's been one week since the hammer dropped and I found out I have diabetes. I've been plugging along with the Therapeutic Ketogenic Diet (sound... Read more

  • Moving forward

    8/11/2017 9:37:13 AM, by SINGGLORIA

    At this point in time, I have made some changes: -quit school -allow myself to get up without an alarm (I am an early riser so I still easily... Read more

  • Take control now

    8/11/2017 8:46:18 AM, by 1BODY_1LIFE

    So in the hospital for 9 days reality hit how fragile ... Read more

  • Goodbye Hospital!

    8/11/2017 8:42:47 AM, by 1BODY_1LIFE

    After 9 days of being in hospital I'm thrilled to be home today. Learned a great deal about carbs there and how to eat more on less carbs. Mixing... Read more

  • Goal Reached!

    8/11/2017 7:12:14 AM, by LRB605

    I didn't know what to expect when I stepped on the scale this morning! I reached my goal!!! The first time in a very long, long time that I saw 2... Read more

  • Oh Ulla .. you are so awesome!

    8/10/2017 1:28:34 PM, by BBLUNDON

    Hi Sparklers .. I was not drinking enough water .. my friend told me about Ulla - this is how it works: Attach Ulla - Ulla works with... Read more

  • Fourth day of 21 Day Fix Program - Pilates

    8/10/2017 10:49:10 AM, by AHARRIS02

    Today was the Pilates Fix for the 21 day program. It was pretty good. Had to do a lot of the modified workout. Glad I'm waking up early in the mo... Read more

  • Camping....No service!

    8/9/2017 10:37:47 PM, by LRB605

    I went camping for 6 days in an area that had little or no cell service. But the highlight was lots of hikes and walks. Back in civilization!... Read more

  • Day 13.. I think

    8/9/2017 5:43:51 PM, by CHRYS00

    So I went into my diabetic assessment thingy today. Learned much that will help me in the long run, like I CAN EAT NORMAL STUFF! I showed her the... Read more

  • Today was leg day for 21 Day Fix

    8/9/2017 10:22:02 AM, by AHARRIS02

    So today was leg day for the 21 Day Fix. I got through it. But didn't like it. I feel good that I got through it even though my legs are hurting.... Read more

  • Legs Hurting, But good hurt

    8/8/2017 10:48:59 AM, by AHARRIS02

    So last night when I got home, I did the first day of 21day Fix, Total Body Cardio, and today, my legs are killing me. It's a good sore, but I'm ... Read more

  • Yoga

    8/7/2017 9:36:43 PM, by MON_THURS

    I have a Gentle Yoga DVD that I like. But, this time, I went to a Yoga Class. There were only 5 of us; but, I really liked it. With all of the... Read more

  • New Week

    8/7/2017 10:28:09 AM, by AHARRIS02

    Last week wasn't the greatest for me. But this week I have myself set up. I didn't wake up in time this morning to do my Beach body workout, but ... Read more

  • Herding instinct

    8/7/2017 12:08:01 AM, by -JAMES-

    A friend of our daughter brought her dog with when visiting. A border collie. It is strange how herding instincts are bred into them. Luna w... Read more

  • Starting again!

    8/6/2017 3:13:47 PM, by REBELCAT

    Well, I've stopped and started losing weight man... Read more

  • 20 lbs down eathing Low Carb

    8/6/2017 1:01:58 PM, by BBLUNDON

    HI all On Jun 2 or so I started to eat less carbs .. I think I posted a blog about how I'd eaten like average 200 grams of carbs per day and... Read more

  • Day 9

    8/5/2017 6:02:27 PM, by CHRYS00

    Been a few days since I wrote anything. Not much to tell. I lost a few pounds this week, and my blood sugar has dropped below 200. I think. Prett... Read more

  • Coming Down off the Predisone

    8/5/2017 7:24:48 AM, by WALKIN4JEANIE

    I took the last of the Predisone earlier this week. I am really having a rough time as it leaves my system. I feel like I am going through some t... Read more

  • First work out at 5:15AM!!

    8/3/2017 6:02:01 AM, by WALKIN4JEANIE

    I am finally allowed a real workout after being sick! Today was the first day of my new 2 mornings per week mini-tram routine. I slept in m... Read more

  • Day 6

    8/2/2017 7:01:23 PM, by CHRYS00

    Skipped a day on my blog. Didn't know what to say not that I cared to think on it much. Not a great couple of days for me. broke down Monday nigh... Read more

  • If you wanna burn lotsa calories, try painting & moving.

    8/2/2017 6:17:05 PM, by MON_THURS

    Painting, moving boxes, heavy cleaning... Wow, just wow. I am not trying to "diet." I am just doing what I have to do. In the mea... Read more

  • New Month - New Beginning- New Me

    8/2/2017 3:57:23 PM, by AHARRIS02

    August is a new month for me to start over and get really back on track. Goals this month is to do at least 1500 fitness minutes. Eat healthier. ... Read more

  • Workout day .. felt good

    8/2/2017 12:10:08 PM, by BBLUNDON

    Hi Sparklers For those that view my blog you KNOW that I hate exercise, and yet every Tuesday I go to personal training with a lady I admire... Read more

  • Stand by meals

    8/1/2017 4:48:05 PM, by SINGGLORIA

    -Scrambled eggs with veggies and a piece of fruit - HB egg with fresh veggies and fruit -vegetarian spaghetti sauce with bean pasta -tuna s... Read more

  • Day 4 ....... sigh

    7/31/2017 5:51:01 PM, by CHRYS00

    Not much to tell. been laying in my room all day, sleeping and staring at a blank openoffice page. And working on getting myself motivated for to... Read more

  • GARDENING HELL... battling deer and now a groundhog!!!!

    7/31/2017 12:38:56 PM, by MIMULUSBUG

    OK. I now have a nicely fenced garden down by the barn, and still trying to keep small kitchen garden by the house for herbs, some more tomatoes ... Read more

  • Moving furniture & boxes is a work out!

    7/31/2017 12:18:20 PM, by MIMULUSBUG

    Wow! Spent four hours Sunday w/friends moving furniture and boxes we've been storing in old mobile home here in WV (this stuff we've been storing... Read more

  • Day 3

    7/30/2017 1:38:26 PM, by CHRYS00

    Today has been a little trying. Yesterday I felt ok, today Im tired with a headache. I got my headache after breakfast. same yesterday but it did... Read more

  • Finally over the allergy hurdle

    7/30/2017 10:05:16 AM, by WALKIN4JEANIE

    Wow! I am now over the allergic reaction hurdle. Friday evening, I was able to stop the 4 hour Benadryl doses and go on to my regular once per da... Read more

  • Not giving in

    7/29/2017 5:13:07 PM, by MON_THURS

    Road trip. Lots of eating out. Could not count calories, but, were careful about what we ate. 2 things stand out: 1- We were visiting fam... Read more

  • Day 2

    7/29/2017 4:36:09 PM, by CHRYS00

    So last night went slow. My first time checking blood and taking insulin. I had to get help lancing my own finger and then again to inject my ins... Read more

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