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  • Weigh-In #2

    10/29/2015 11:46:42 PM, by DSTDIVA9

    A little down but I thinks it's water retention. I weighed in this morning at 209.8. So I gained 1.2 pounds. But I will get back on track this we... Read more

  • Weigh-In #1

    10/22/2015 9:25:18 PM, by DSTDIVA9

    Initial weigh-in Thursday, October 15, 2015 was 211. Today I had my first weigh-in at 208.6 pounds. Progress is all I'm looking for. I battled wi... Read more

  • New Attitude

    8/20/2015 11:37:45 AM, by DSTDIVA9

    I woke up this morning with a new attitude. A can do attitude. I am counting my calories and portions making certain that I stay within my daily ... Read more

  • Help Me!

    8/19/2015 8:31:24 PM, by DSTDIVA9

    Between 2009-2012 I lost 60 pounds! Between 2012-2015 I gained 30 pounds I need help and support! I am losing it because I can't get motiv... Read more

  • Weigh-In #1 (2015)

    4/17/2015 9:29:52 AM, by DSTDIVA9

    This lifelong journey has been a struggle but I can't do it alone. Today I weighed in at 210 pounds. Which is very alarming. I haven't weighed th... Read more

  • Starting now. For my family.

    11/30/2014 2:20:14 AM, by THEMOSTHAPPY

    All of my life I dreamed of being a mother. I always wanted a family and dream... Read more

  • Weigh-In #4

    10/24/2014 9:11:44 PM, by DSTDIVA9

    I lost 1 lb. I need to try harder :-)... Read more

  • Weigh-In #3

    10/17/2014 10:18:38 PM, by DSTDIVA9

    I weighed in at home this morning and I lost -.6 ounces. I had a lot of issues this week so I will work harder this week but at least I didn't ga... Read more

  • Weigh-In #2

    10/10/2014 12:22:46 PM, by DSTDIVA9

    Week #2 and I lost 1.8 lbs! Which makes it 199.6! I working on getting down to 170. That's my goal! I know this week i... Read more

  • Weigh-In #1

    10/3/2014 12:14:45 PM, by DSTDIVA9

    Today, I weighed in at 201.4 (WOW) I havene't been this big in two years! But, it's reality and I am facing it. So, in total since 2012 I have ga... Read more

  • Get Back Up!

    10/2/2014 9:01:28 PM, by DSTDIVA9

    In my T.I. voice "Get Back Up" tomorrow I will start my third journey on the weight watchers program. My goal is to lose a 40 pounds. I did 60 be... Read more

  • Pray for me!

    9/26/2014 1:44:47 AM, by DSTDIVA9

    I have gained 20 lbs since 2012 and I can't get motivated again. I guess I have to start back from square 1 and start weighing again to lose the ... Read more

  • 11 lbs down

    3/10/2014 4:33:28 PM, by KINSEY26

    Well, as of last Friday I was 11 lbs down. However, that was followed by a birthday weekend of poor eating choices. The scale read 2 lbs heavier ... Read more

  • Feeling like I'm Failing

    3/3/2014 10:11:53 PM, by KINSEY26

    We were suppose to workout today but I wasn't feeling well and the hubby was tired. Hopefully tomorrow will be a more productive day! ... Read more

  • February, 2014 Goals

    2/7/2014 12:22:59 AM, by DSTDIVA9

    Lose 4 lbs Eat healthier Workout 3x a week Stay positive... Read more

  • God Bless My Husband!

    12/17/2013 9:12:12 PM, by DSTDIVA9

    I have been stressed due to a lot of traveling with my job. my husband surprised me last night and spent the evening with me. He is such a blessi... Read more

  • Feeling Defeated and Depressed!

    11/15/2013 7:39:52 AM, by DSTDIVA9

    Please keep me lifted in prayer. I am feeling like such a failure. My weight is out of control. Since last year I have gained over 20 pounds I we... Read more

  • 10/17/2013

    10/17/2013 8:35:23 AM, by DSTDIVA9

    Completed a 22-minute workout this morning. Something I have not done in months. I plan on making this a consistent thing for now on. I am trying... Read more

  • Boundaries

    9/15/2013 2:46:36 AM, by NATUROMEL

    So, I haven't visited here in a long time although I have continued to work on losing weight. This year it's met with a small amount of success (... Read more

  • My Husband's Birthday!

    8/22/2013 7:52:05 AM, by DSTDIVA9

    I am so excited today is my husbands birthday and I have a huge surprise for him. I love him so much.... Read more

  • 5:00 AM Spinning Class So Fly!

    8/21/2013 6:51:41 AM, by DSTDIVA9

    This morning I woke up at 3:30 AM and decided to hit the gym for the 5 AM spinning class. I was nervous because it has been a year since I last d... Read more

  • Great Morning!

    8/19/2013 10:02:52 AM, by DSTDIVA9

    Woke up this morning did 100 Squats and Hip Hop Abs Fat Burning Cardio! I feel great!... Read more

  • Facing Facts!

    8/18/2013 4:28:42 PM, by DSTDIVA9

    I am starting over and weighed in at 195 this morning. I am working hard to accomplish my goal. I may have gained 19 pounds in one year but that'... Read more

  • My Motivation! 2009-2012 I did it and I can do it again!

    8/18/2013 4:20:55 PM, by DSTDIVA9

    10/5/2009: 239 (Starting Weight) 10/13/2009: 236 10/19/2009: 233 10/26/2009: 231 11/02/2009:230.6 (My Weigh-In At Home) 11/09/2009... Read more

  • Had Anyone purchased the spinningtv program?

    8/18/2013 4:19:11 PM, by DSTDIVA9

    My gym membership will expire in two months and I would like to purchase the spinning program on spinningtv.com any reviews or recommendations? T... Read more

  • Got My Swag Back!

    8/15/2013 6:29:46 PM, by DSTDIVA9

    This week I have been working hard to get my swag back! I starting over and you know what it feels so damn good. Taking control of my life feels ... Read more

  • Getting Back On Track

    8/9/2013 11:09:59 PM, by DSTDIVA9

    Good Evening Friends! I am getting back on track tomorrow I am starting back my morning workout regimen at the gym and my cycling classes. I... Read more

  • I Need Help....What Has Happened To Me?

    8/7/2013 5:23:47 AM, by DSTDIVA9

    I need help and control. I am not sure what has happened to me. I have gained 22 pounds in a year. I am so stressed what has happened to me? I am... Read more

  • Happy Easter

    3/31/2013 11:36:52 AM, by DSTDIVA9

    I am blessed this Easter to have my husband, family and of course my Spark Friends!... Read more

  • Get Back Up

    3/29/2013 10:51:53 PM, by DSTDIVA9

    Life has been a roller coaster. I am happy and blessed to have my husband however, I have a demanding job that I love however, it is a 1 hour and... Read more

  • Needing to change things up

    2/16/2013 10:13:10 AM, by TORRIEHOSKINS

    MY scale is screwy, as I mentined before in a post, and we just purchased it, so I plan to not use the scale as i was doing, I want to NOT step o... Read more

  • Starting week 7 tomorrow

    2/11/2013 10:45:52 AM, by TORRIEHOSKINS

    TOok my measurements today...I have lost 1 inch in my abdomen, half an inch from my arms and an inch off of my hips Funny part is, the scale ha... Read more

  • What a great way to End week 5

    2/4/2013 11:31:41 AM, by TORRIEHOSKINS

    I am super happy :) I stepped on the scale this morning since week 6 starts tomorrow and I am down a total of 5 pounds for five weeks :) It may n... Read more

  • Happy with the scale

    2/1/2013 5:14:36 PM, by TORRIEHOSKINS

    I stepped on the scale this morning, just for the heck of it, and am down a total of 3 pounds in five weeks...not much to be excited about, but I... Read more

  • My History of my Weight over the years

    1/26/2013 1:32:14 AM, by TORRIEHOSKINS

    Hi everyone, I have decided to post my weight from the past several years, just random dates nothing special. My spark people weight chart is l... Read more

  • ugh!

    1/26/2013 1:26:51 AM, by TORRIEHOSKINS

    Here I am rounding out week four of spark people and BAM!!!!!! still weigh what I did when I started :( I have decided that I am going to limit t... Read more

  • How do u calculate your weeks on a weightloss program?

    1/21/2013 11:10:54 AM, by TORRIEHOSKINS

    I started spark people on January 1st 2013 Today is January 21st 2013. Do I say I am on day 21 or starting week 4? I started week one on a tues... Read more

  • Feeling super down

    1/15/2013 9:23:01 PM, by TORRIEHOSKINS

    I know that getting started is the hardest part of any weight loss plan. Getting in to the habit of exercising, eating healthy and drinking tons ... Read more

  • Rounding out week 2

    1/13/2013 11:34:15 AM, by TORRIEHOSKINS

    I will be starting on week 3 of my spark people weight loss journey Tuesday January 15th 2013....I am going to buckle down and eat as healthy as ... Read more

  • Ending week one

    1/6/2013 11:46:40 AM, by TORRIEHOSKINS

    Greetings fellow Spark friends : I am ending week one of my weight loss regimen. Tuesday will start week two for me. I have been discouraged l... Read more

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