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  • 5/28

    5/28/2017 10:26:30 AM, by 2TIRED2BTIRED

    another day. My motivation is shrinking. I just don't really see progress. I guess there is some progress in some hidden way, But it is so sma... Read more

  • Hike Metolious RIver, and Organized House

    5/27/2017 7:19:46 PM, by ALIHIKES

    Today I led a group of 12 hikers along the Metolious River trail. This is a beautiful trail along a wild and scenic river. The weather was clear ... Read more

  • 5/27

    5/27/2017 4:01:36 PM, by 2TIRED2BTIRED

    went on a walk today down by the river with my husband. It was slow... non-walk... more like a waddle. But I huffed and puffed my way along. F... Read more

  • Hydration challenge at work

    5/27/2017 12:08:20 AM, by RJFERRARO315

    One of my co-workers started a hydration challenge in mid-May that will go through the end of the month. I know I haven't been drinking enough w... Read more

  • New cell phone.

    5/26/2017 10:45:47 PM, by BECKY672

    Whoo hoo.. new cell phone ...which I am able to get cell service at home now...so now with s.p.app can keep. Track better... 😁... Read more

  • 5/26

    5/26/2017 9:44:50 PM, by 2TIRED2BTIRED

    I had acupuncture today. It is sure relaxing. I don't think it is helping me lose weight, but it does relieve stress... so that's something. I... Read more

  • Still waiting

    5/26/2017 3:49:31 AM, by BECKY672

    Weight =169 Cokes =8 I am still waiting for the surg... Read more

  • This is the day the Lord has made!

    5/25/2017 2:50:47 PM, by CATHYMARIE2014

    Today I am resting in the love and grace of our Heavenly Father, when things get to hard I sit back and breathe and focus on the awesome things ... Read more

  • 30 day challenge

    5/25/2017 10:11:11 AM, by REBBUL67

    I am challenging myself to do something (ANYTHING) to be active for the next 30 days. We can do anything for 30 days, right? After 30 days, it s... Read more

  • Happy wednesday

    5/25/2017 2:11:48 AM, by LINDAM32

    Missed farmers market. walking until my knee will let me run.... Read more

  • A Bump in the Road

    5/24/2017 12:38:53 AM, by AEONWARRIOR

    I've hit a major bump in the road and have been smacked in the face with a reality check. Two months ago I moved into my first RENTED apartment. ... Read more

  • 40 days in

    5/24/2017 12:15:33 AM, by SARAH_ARAUJO

    It has been a rough 40days, not in the ways that one might think. I decided to take control....again on April 14th 2017 of my habits and nutriti... Read more

  • Tuesday's funny .... a nun walks into a bar......

    5/23/2017 11:58:29 PM, by CAT-IN-CJ

    A nun, badly needing to use the restroom, walked into a local Hooters. . The place was hopping with music and loud conversation and every once... Read more

  • 5/23

    5/23/2017 11:33:35 PM, by 2TIRED2BTIRED

    oh... still waiting. Husband worked from home today. I hate when he works from home becaue he gets so crabby!!! Everything makes him mad... th... Read more

  • OOT Tomorrow

    5/23/2017 8:58:28 PM, by SPICY23

    I am OOT (Out of Town) tomorrow. This means Plan B for my (morning) cardio, Plan C (Careful now) for meals, Plan D (distraction) for any temptati... Read more

  • Suttle Lake Hike

    5/23/2017 7:19:15 PM, by ALIHIKES

    I'll be honest -- I almost didn't do this hike. Both of my usual hiking friends canceled at the last minute, so I was on my own. I drove to the o... Read more

  • The key is still working

    5/22/2017 10:37:07 PM, by AMARANTH13

    I used to seriously binge daily, thousands of calories. Slowly but surely, with a lot of therapy and learning how to look at my feelings it becam... Read more

  • Phase 2 of Atkins

    5/22/2017 2:35:45 PM, by CATHYMARIE2014

    Today is Monday its beautiful and sunny. I am down 5.2 lbs now , I am starting phase 2 of Atkins, I am going to 25 grams of carbs a day . ... Read more

  • 5/21

    5/21/2017 7:12:48 PM, by 2TIRED2BTIRED

    still here. feel yucky today. stayed home from church. weird lump in my throat and achy. still feel like I am making no progress. still don't ... Read more

  • Time for some rest

    5/21/2017 6:13:40 PM, by HALLOWEENLOV1

    My muscles are screaming at me to REST!!! ... Read more

  • Archaeology Trip to Paisley Caves

    5/20/2017 11:51:38 PM, by ALIHIKES

    Today I went with friends on a trip sponsored by ASCO (Archaeological Society of Central Oregon) to Paisley Caves. Paisley Caves are above Summer... Read more

  • Joined a Gym

    5/19/2017 8:27:13 PM, by HALLOWEENLOV1

    ... Read more

  • Paulina Creek Trail, and Accomplishments

    5/19/2017 8:17:07 PM, by ALIHIKES

    H, Barbara and I hiked the Paulina Creek trail in Newberry National Monument. The weather was perfect -- it is such a blessing to have sunshine a... Read more

  • 5/19

    5/19/2017 1:04:33 PM, by 2TIRED2BTIRED

    Today I see the doctor. I am so disappointed the loss is so small. Becoming a near vegan has been hard and I was hoping for more of a result. 200... Read more

  • 5/19

    5/19/2017 1:04:26 PM, by 2TIRED2BTIRED

    Today I see the doctor. I am so disappointed the loss is so small. Becoming a near vegan has been hard and I was hoping for more of a result. 200... Read more

  • Buster Browns first burr season

    5/19/2017 11:14:04 AM, by CAT-IN-CJ

    Seems that it is one burr season or another..... rather than the brrrrrrr from the cold it's now burrs from weeds. So it's time to have Buster... Read more

  • Uuui

    5/18/2017 8:58:34 PM, by PAULKOVACH

    8... Read more

  • Happy w/pcp

    5/18/2017 3:23:24 PM, by TBRYAN-LU

    On Tuesday was my 6mo check-up! Now I no this is the one thing I hate to go to! The first thing I know she will ask is "are you staying with yo... Read more

  • 5/17

    5/18/2017 10:41:21 AM, by 2TIRED2BTIRED

    So discouraged with weight loss. I mainly eat salad. On a rare occasion I eat meat and very little of it. I am down to a small amount of feta ... Read more

  • Can I control this?

    5/18/2017 9:43:11 AM, by CATHYMARIE2014

    Todays lesson is Emotional eating. I have found my downfall and that is yes i am an emotional eater. This week has been full of anxiety and... Read more

  • Positivity

    5/17/2017 5:10:07 PM, by CATHYMARIE2014

    With stress and negative things going on in my life I choose to dwell on the positive. I have a good job, and I pay the bills, and my mortga... Read more

  • 5/16

    5/17/2017 4:32:14 PM, by 2TIRED2BTIRED

    I am feeling sad and annoyed today. Last night for our family prayer #4 prayed for and expressed thanks for every member of the family but me. Sh... Read more

  • Things I cannot control

    5/16/2017 2:41:51 PM, by CATHYMARIE2014

    My health is my focus, things are going on in my life, that I cannot control. My husband losing his job I cannot control that, the fact he may n... Read more

  • 5/16

    5/16/2017 10:25:17 AM, by 2TIRED2BTIRED

    no progresss. no real weight loss... still feel crappy... still emotionally unstable... still cry nearly everyday... still feel no hope in gaini... Read more

  • 5/15

    5/15/2017 6:26:49 PM, by 2TIRED2BTIRED

    my mood is not improving. I have cried or been on the verge of tears all day. Tons of veggies today. I ate the last of the provolone cheese. ... Read more

  • 5/14

    5/14/2017 11:11:07 AM, by 2TIRED2BTIRED

    Yesterday was a long day with shows. I didn't get to eat a full breakfast and only had fruit available to me for lunch... the pizza the kids ate... Read more

  • Desert Blooms

    5/13/2017 2:45:55 PM, by ALIHIKES

    After my visit to lush green Western Oregon, I am back to my home in the high desert of Central Oregon. H and I hiked yesterday to Alder Springs.... Read more

  • End of first week of Atkins Phase 1

    5/13/2017 1:30:51 PM, by CATHYMARIE2014

    I am down 4.5 pounds this week. It was not a perfect week but every day I learned something about myself. De stressing myself is a goal I made... Read more

  • 5/12

    5/12/2017 10:31:15 AM, by 2TIRED2BTIRED

    It is a real frustrating thing to see me hang on so despritely to that which is killing me. Whether it is fat or a toxic relationship I don't le... Read more

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