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  • Patience

    4/19/2015 1:50:04 AM, by TRUEBLUE4ME

    ... Read more

  • Another goal met

    4/19/2015 12:47:46 AM, by TRUEBLUE4ME

    Don't judge please. I've been a lil' heavy growing up. I was never skinny till after I had my first child, gained it back and lost it again. So t... Read more

  • Productive Day Planned

    4/16/2015 9:06:45 AM, by MAMISHELI53

    I've been reading in 1 Samuel in the mornings. Then when I went downstairs, I had two of my DD's super-healthy muffins made from home-ground s... Read more

  • A Little Trip to the Park

    4/15/2015 3:28:12 PM, by MAMISHELI53

    Today I had to take DD to an appointment for my grandson. My granddaughter came along because she's home schooled. We didn't know how long it wou... Read more

  • Better Sore Than Sorry

    4/14/2015 1:08:39 PM, by MAMISHELI53

    And really I WAS sore after my successful workout on Saturday. I took Sund... Read more

  • Half Is Better Than None At All

    4/11/2015 2:45:20 PM, by MAMISHELI53

    I just finished my second set of 15 minutes of Sweat and Shout http... Read more

  • Picking Myself Up

    4/10/2015 12:36:32 PM, by MAMISHELI53

    Actually, no, I didn't literally FALL. I've just fallen off the routine of... Read more

  • What Did YOU Have for Breakfast?

    4/4/2015 10:58:04 AM, by MAMISHELI53

    I love Spark's resources. I don't always take advantage of them, getting lazy from time to time. But today I went to enter my breakfast. I can... Read more

  • Big God

    4/3/2015 8:52:44 PM, by MAMISHELI53

    received from GCFL.net One day on the way home from church a little girl turned to her mother and said, "Mommy, the preacher's sermon t... Read more

  • Consider It All Joy

    4/2/2015 1:22:31 PM, by MAMISHELI53

    The other day I was praying that the Lord would draw me closer to Himself. Well, there's nothing like a good tribulation to make one cling to Him... Read more

  • Finally the scale is moving!

    4/2/2015 10:04:00 AM, by GAL7288

    I have been noticing the weight loss or at least inches lost in that my clothes fits again, which gets me really motivated to continue. I hoped ... Read more

  • A new best buddy

    3/31/2015 10:37:49 AM, by GAL7288

    No it's not a real new best buddy but it's actually her workout videos. I am obsessed with Laura London's workout videos which I found on youtube... Read more

  • ayayay!

    3/30/2015 12:30:33 PM, by VENEZOLANITA84

    Good morning everyone! OMG I just cannot believe its been so long since I last blogged on here! So I am back! I have sooooo soooo much to catch y... Read more

  • Zumba and my anxiety about being judged

    3/29/2015 4:12:48 PM, by SAMZA83

    Hello Everyone, Last week I asked readers of my blog to select a topic that is of relevance to my experience but also interesting to them. W... Read more

  • Greenware

    3/25/2015 2:12:58 PM, by MAMISHELI53

    Last week I took a drive out to the boonies to pick up some free ceramics from a friend of mine who was closing her business. I got a few pieces ... Read more

  • Robin Watch, PT, and PD

    3/24/2015 3:42:08 PM, by MAMISHELI53

    While it is also gratifying to see the starlings' bills turn yellow, there... Read more

  • Focusing on the positive

    3/24/2015 11:02:00 AM, by GAL7288

    I came to the realization that there will always be problems no matter what, and some things are so out of my control, out of my hands, some I do... Read more

  • Weekend Working Out

    3/22/2015 8:07:05 PM, by MAMISHELI53

    I had my PT on Tues and Thurs, and I'm telling you, the day after, I feel like this little French Bulldog... Read more

  • What blog topic (written by me) would you like to read about?

    3/22/2015 2:23:08 PM, by SAMZA83

    Hello everyone, As most of you know I work for a very progressive bilingual, Kindergarten that also serves children/families with special ne... Read more

  • Saturday... (wish I could come up with better titles)

    3/21/2015 4:19:16 PM, by GAL7288

    I am dealing with a horrible anxiety attack. Trying to stay calmed and just breath, fortunately I have hit two birds with one stone. I went to ea... Read more

  • Vent session

    3/20/2015 1:17:34 PM, by GAL7288

    Usually weekends make me happy and cheerful but I've had a tough week. Thankfully I haven't derailed my eating and workout plan, at least that is... Read more

  • A Good Report

    3/18/2015 2:57:14 PM, by MAMISHELI53

    I went for my 6-week follow-up at the surgeon, and he was very impressed that I was walking without cane or walker (and actually I've been doing ... Read more

  • Today's Randomness

    3/17/2015 10:12:53 AM, by GAL7288

    I know it's been only a few days in, but a streak is a streak even if it's only been 4-5 days, so I am happy with that and hopefully I find the s... Read more


    3/14/2015 6:11:31 PM, by MAMISHELI53

    Today I spent several hours, taking each grandchild in turn into my room to paint their projects which they made during February recess. And when... Read more

  • More Working Out

    3/13/2015 7:03:27 PM, by MAMISHELI53

    Yesterday I had another PT session. A little longer - My therapist (Adam) assigned me to do 8 minutes on the treadmill. Well, he was elsewhere in... Read more

  • Weekend is here!

    3/13/2015 12:16:25 PM, by GAL7288

    The weekend already! Yaay and it's scary at the same time Yaay, cause hey, it's the weekend, who doesn't love the weekend?! But scar... Read more

  • 3-12-15

    3/12/2015 10:40:13 AM, by GAL7288

    I am so happy winter is almost over, and spring is just around the corner. With daylight savings it so hard to get back in schedule and I have dr... Read more

  • A Young Woman's Coming-of-Age -- La Quinceanera!!!

    3/10/2015 9:26:52 PM, by VALERIEMAHA

    Preface: AAAARRRRGH! I rotated ALL the photos, but they didn't come through correctly...and NOW my computer won't read the dis... Read more


    3/10/2015 6:02:01 PM, by MAMISHELI53

    So, this morning I was out chopping the ice around my van's tires, and was ready to cancel my PT appointment again because I couldn't budge it an... Read more

  • I am back, after a very, very long break.

    3/9/2015 8:22:12 AM, by GREASE31

    I am back, after a very, very long break, which seeems to, have lasted forever, & @ times, has felt like, it!!!! !!!! !!!!. Recently i have... Read more


    3/7/2015 3:47:50 PM, by MAMISHELI53

    I am so thankful that I have a good job with a good union with good medical benefits, that paid for my hospital expenses, and also pays me half-p... Read more

  • Changing It Up

    3/6/2015 11:55:46 AM, by MAMISHELI53

    I am SO-O-O grateful for the resources available via internet! While still working at my previous school, during breaks I would get to a roo... Read more

  • Frustrated

    3/5/2015 11:00:53 AM, by MAMISHELI53

    I was all set. I'd showered, washing my hair. I'd called Supercuts. My DSIL pulled the Impala out of the driveway and I got into the van and star... Read more

  • Out Patient Physical Therapy

    3/3/2015 2:51:36 PM, by MAMISHELI53

    I DROVE today - first time in a month! It is exactly 4 weeks since my surgery. Well, I packed my walker just in case - but the parking lot was cl... Read more

  • Bonus Son

    3/2/2015 10:32:36 AM, by MAMISHELI53

    I have three kids of my own, the "fruit of my womb." My Honey Levi also has three, and today is the birthday of his eldest, Josue. When I first... Read more

  • Going Down!

    2/28/2015 10:47:20 AM, by MAMISHELI53

    Because it's still a little difficult getting into the shower, and because it's winter and I don't sweat that much anyway, I don't shower as ofte... Read more

  • Nothing Like Home Made, Hand Made

    2/27/2015 8:54:37 AM, by MAMISHELI53

    One of my means of avoiding boredom is crocheting. I have a favorite pattern for afghans, from a beginner book - it's a circular, zig-zag patter... Read more

  • And NOW...

    2/25/2015 12:31:56 PM, by MAMISHELI53

    So I went today for my 3 week post-op visit (DSIL drove me). I was told, as long as I could LIFT my leg to move my foot on to accelerator and bra... Read more

  • To a new path!

    2/24/2015 10:56:15 AM, by GAL7288

    When I started sparkpeople a few years ago, I was so ecstatic, so motivated, what happened along the way, well lots of things, but the point is t... Read more

  • Stair Accomplishment

    2/24/2015 8:43:24 AM, by MAMISHELI53

    With a little trepidation and a cane, I took the stairs up, slowly, each foot ascending the next step in succession - thus going "up with the BAD... Read more

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