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    6/29/2016 10:57:49 AM, by CAKEMAKERMOM

    Despite not really being active yesterday (which is one of my issues currently) I found that I was HUNGRY for much of the day. Fortunately, ... Read more

  • I could do one of two things.

    6/28/2016 11:49:46 AM, by CAKEMAKERMOM

    I've been weighing myself daily since I started. I knew yesterday that having dinner leftovers for lunch was not the best strategy for my day, bu... Read more

  • Why?

    6/27/2016 10:43:24 AM, by CAKEMAKERMOM

    There are often times you'll ask yourself why. Why did I gain this weight? Why should I lose it? Why am I so hungry? Why should I keep on go... Read more

  • Some last statuses

    6/25/2016 10:50:50 AM, by CAKEMAKERMOM

    I find there is a commonality in the last status that pops up when you hover over your friends. Most of the ones I haven't seen for months ... Read more

  • Yawns and writes today's blog

    6/24/2016 11:29:23 AM, by CAKEMAKERMOM

    There's not much to eat in the house at the moment, and the trip to the food shelf last night didn't help much. Those shelves were bare! I only w... Read more

  • Changes

    6/23/2016 11:31:51 AM, by CAKEMAKERMOM

    When I logged back on yesterday, it was a shock to see all the changes to my page. It's hard to deal with visual changes like that, especially wh... Read more

  • New Reset after a hard fall

    6/22/2016 11:46:59 AM, by CAKEMAKERMOM

    It all starts in the mind. We can decide to keep on eating the whole bag of [insert your downfall item here] at one sitting or decide we want to ... Read more

  • Change is Good

    6/20/2016 3:27:13 PM, by MAMAB3AR79

    So, I have so many changes happening right now that my... Read more

  • Settling In Our New Surroundings And Place

    5/21/2016 12:40:50 AM, by FRAN0426

    We have been back now in Texas for about three weeks. Finally fell like the unpacking and arranging and re arranging has come to an end. What I... Read more

  • Wow

    4/25/2016 4:40:56 AM, by MAMAB3AR79

    So, I'm ready for a new me... But first I need to shar... Read more

  • Back Home

    4/15/2016 9:54:09 PM, by FRAN0426

    We spent a good share of Monday afternoon and evening either flying or waiting for the next flight to get back in Mn. Finally after landing in M... Read more

  • catch up and new goals!

    4/11/2016 9:50:20 AM, by SEMERY35

    Wow has it been a long time since I've used the SP blog. Was reading through all my entries over the years. It sure has been an up hill battle... Read more

  • Getting back on track...

    4/5/2016 2:39:38 PM, by BERINABOB

    Is the term "falling off the wagon" appropriate for this daily struggle? I tend to think so. I gave up for a period of time, gaining about half... Read more

  • Blues are Fading

    3/31/2016 6:03:36 PM, by FLYPIGGIEFLY

    With warmer weather approaching and the disappearance of the snow my depression seems to be lessening. I feel more motivated to get dressed up a ... Read more

  • Back On The Bike

    3/23/2016 3:53:11 PM, by FLYPIGGIEFLY

    For the first time in two weeks I'm back in the bike. Sitting here watching 1st season of Home Improvement. And 7 minutes in the master bathroom ... Read more

  • The Depression Won This Week

    3/14/2016 4:53:33 PM, by FLYPIGGIEFLY

    This has been a pretty awful week. What is scary, I know there are bigger battles on their way as well. Needless to say I could not be motivated ... Read more

  • Who wants in?

    3/9/2016 10:05:35 PM, by NERAUS

    It is time ladies to deal with the issue that many of us face- incontinence. Yup it is time. If you are sitting on your couch in slightly damp ... Read more

  • New Beginnings

    3/7/2016 3:49:12 PM, by FRAN0426

    Time to get a blog done now that it is March already. Time has really gone fast since stating our winter adventure. Jim and I fell i love with ... Read more

  • Day 21 Biking

    3/4/2016 1:40:34 PM, by FLYPIGGIEFLY

    I have managed to get on the stationary bike every da... Read more

  • First Weigh In

    2/26/2016 4:02:12 PM, by FLYPIGGIEFLY

    Apparently I haven't weighed myself on Spark since last October. And I know I've gained considerably since then. Depression, winter confinements,... Read more

  • You Have The Time

    2/26/2016 2:57:26 AM, by FLYPIGGIEFLY

    Its amazing how we put it off. The truth is I've had the time all along. I was just being lazy. The last 14 days I have sat my butt down on this ... Read more

  • Day 12 Biking

    2/24/2016 6:14:53 PM, by FLYPIGGIEFLY

    I have hit day 12 of consequentially putting in miles on our new recumbent bike. I have thus far put in 161 miles thus far. I am only about half... Read more

  • Day One on Oshud

    2/22/2016 4:40:53 PM, by FLYPIGGIEFLY

    I have been struggling with the winter blues. I have started pushing myself to get on my stationary bike every day because I know this is one thi... Read more

  • My Face Hates Me

    2/21/2016 4:27:32 PM, by FLYPIGGIEFLY

    About a year ago I dabbled with a DIY face scrub. I had a salt scrub I bought at a street fair that made my face just awesome. Well after using m... Read more

  • Not So Much Today

    2/20/2016 1:03:21 AM, by FLYPIGGIEFLY

    My body is tired and I am not highly motivated. I still managed to get on my bike and pedal away 7 miles. To stay on my target I need 14 miles a ... Read more

  • My Revelation

    2/19/2016 5:25:00 PM, by BOVEY63

    Upon my return to Spark, I reached out to many friends and came to a revelation. Spark is such a big part of the happiness I have found, and yet ... Read more

  • Does Biking Really Burn That Much??

    2/19/2016 1:49:41 PM, by FLYPIGGIEFLY

    I often get burned out when I try to make goals in re... Read more

  • Ghosts and Miles

    2/18/2016 5:37:57 PM, by FLYPIGGIEFLY

    I'm pedaling away ever day. Sitting here moving me legs around and around making the miles add up. Watching Season 1 of Ghost Whisperer to make t... Read more

  • Night Owl

    2/17/2016 8:49:49 PM, by FLYPIGGIEFLY

    I am up to 74 miles now since I got my new bike. Granted I dont actually GO anywhere I feel pretty accomplished. Sadly I keep weird hours. I do ... Read more

  • Sore Tushy

    2/17/2016 12:00:20 AM, by FLYPIGGIEFLY

    I am up to 57 miles since I got my recumbent bike. My butt hurts. Sadly it is not from the exercize, but the seat itself. Too bad I can't crush t... Read more

  • Biking Off the Bulge and Blues

    2/15/2016 8:09:50 PM, by FLYPIGGIEFLY

    I am awful at Spark. I used to be so dedicated. Years ago. I tracked everything. I was kicking ass. Not really losing the weight. Even the doctor... Read more

  • Back to where I started..and rambling.

    2/12/2016 10:10:19 AM, by JOJOLALA88

    So back in 2011 when I decided I needed to do something about my weight I weighed 296 pounds. It is 2016 and after getting down to 239, I am back... Read more

  • I have been away too long

    2/10/2016 4:35:07 PM, by BOVEY63

    Good Afternoon Spark Friends, It has been a long time since I have posted a blog, or really done any activity on Spark. After a few friends ... Read more

  • How to reboot

    2/6/2016 9:49:42 AM, by NERAUS

    I posted last week that I needed to reboot my life. I have spent a week thinking about it and I am stumped. How!!!!! I don't even know what my... Read more

  • One Month Done

    2/3/2016 11:04:13 PM, by FRAN0426

    We have now been in the south Texas Rio Grand Valley for just over a month. We are liking it here, lots to see since we have never been to this ... Read more

  • Time for a reboot

    1/29/2016 10:46:34 AM, by NERAUS

    As usual I have I postponed doing something important until I don't really have the time to do it well. I procrastinate. A lot, all the time, ... Read more

  • I'm not sure

    1/28/2016 9:55:42 PM, by CAKEMAKERMOM

    I have had no desire to do anything lately. I'm wondering if my vitamin D is that low again this year. I haven't been able to get back on t... Read more

  • To make proper decisions

    1/12/2016 11:14:36 AM, by CAKEMAKERMOM

    I have been stepping on the scale, and since I started last week I lost 2 pounds (more or less). This morning I stepped back on and gained back u... Read more

  • My Food Pusher

    1/7/2016 9:32:50 AM, by CAKEMAKERMOM

    I went out to eat like I said yesterday. Mom decided to change restaurants at the last minute, but I still managed to have the correct meal to no... Read more

  • Deciding to track for the first week

    1/6/2016 9:34:45 AM, by CAKEMAKERMOM

    To reset my body, I need to reset my mindset also. I had gotten into the "Go ahead, have another cookie" "The French fries won't kill you" "... Read more

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