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    4/27/2017 11:49:40 AM, by MSANN59

    hey sparkers my mom app for today not approved by insurance will let us know for today so she go to neurologist may 8 but she still on cane not h... Read more

  • Yesterday was good after all.

    4/27/2017 7:51:32 AM, by SANDY1969

    Yesterday didn't defeat me. I made smoothies for supper. I had half a sub from subway for lunch (unsweet tea and 2 cookies...I know but I can't... Read more

  • 4/26/17

    4/26/2017 11:01:52 PM, by RHOOK20047

    The last two days have been chaotic. Had my first work from home day, and thankful since it was a stormy day and I would have been caught in rai... Read more

  • starving

    4/26/2017 7:02:27 PM, by SANDY1969

    I am trying to decide what to have for supper. I thought on my way home I'd make a smoothie out of a protein drink, ice and frozen fruit, sit on... Read more

  • 2017 MAY 4 MY BIRTHDAY

    4/26/2017 11:45:06 AM, by MSANN59

    hey sparkers life not going the way we want it to but my birthday may 4 i will be 67 so the LORD still letting me be here so my plan is to keep s... Read more

  • 4/24/17

    4/24/2017 10:19:53 PM, by RHOOK20047

    Monday, monday....had a hectic day at work. Nothing was going right, and I didn't have a break even to run to the bathroom until almost 11:00. ... Read more


    4/24/2017 11:41:19 AM, by MSANN59

    hey sparkers i know all can agree LIFE is hard sometimes just the simple things but we have to reach back and get some more faith strength courag... Read more

  • Beautiful Day

    4/23/2017 11:13:44 PM, by MJKSINGS

    The weather was beautiful here in Iowa. After church, I went out to the Aronia field to dig out dandelions. My husband came later and spread out... Read more

  • 04/23/17

    4/23/2017 10:36:13 PM, by RHOOK20047

    Oh there's no place like home. Got home this evening and got massacre'd by Mikey. I don't think he likes me to go away. He was happy for me t... Read more

  • Lost sight of what I want most, for what I wanted right now.

    4/23/2017 7:45:57 AM, by SANDY1969

    So yesterday was not the greatest. Was not speaking to hubby for the past few days and finally just broke down and said what the heck. ... Read more

  • 4/22/17

    4/23/2017 12:01:47 AM, by RHOOK20047

    I know that I have said this before, but I am so proud to be a Missouri Knight of Columbus! At our convention the annual donations were made an... Read more

  • Facebook

    4/22/2017 7:47:51 PM, by MJKSINGS

    I forgot that I had something posted on a Buy Sell Trade site. I had to get on to answer the messages. I didn't scroll, though. I'm so sore. ... Read more


    4/22/2017 10:27:03 AM, by MSANN59

    hey sparkers hope all having great day i woke up thanking the lord for this day so today is JUST BECAUSE DAY we are still here can do most all th... Read more

  • 4/21/17

    4/21/2017 11:56:43 PM, by RHOOK20047

    Been a long day. Rough work day, rained the whole trip to the convention, but dinner with old friend from when I worked at IBM was really nice. ... Read more


    4/21/2017 11:33:19 AM, by MSANN59

    hey sparkers hope all are doing well no dr app today so glad got in great workout cardio abs 120 crunches donkey kicks wall push ups 50 situps 11... Read more

  • No more Facebook

    4/21/2017 7:41:33 AM, by MJKSINGS

    I've managed to go 3 days without it and I really don't miss it.... Read more

  • 4/20/17

    4/20/2017 9:49:14 PM, by RHOOK20047

    This might be my last blog for a few days. I am working a 1/2 day tomorrow, and then driving to Jefferson City for the KofC State Convention. I... Read more

  • 4/19/17

    4/19/2017 9:08:11 PM, by RHOOK20047

    This has been a busy week. While working longer hours to get off early on Friday, we have been busier as half of the staff is away at training. ... Read more


    4/19/2017 11:31:07 AM, by MSANN59

    hey sparkers had great workout cardio abs squats arms wall push donkey kicks tell me what you all doing today back to app tomorrow for my mom all... Read more

  • 2017 KEEP GOING

    4/18/2017 12:53:43 PM, by MSANN59

    hey sparkers hope all are doing well life is rough we just have to keep going and going hard in marriage relationship kids work whatever just hav... Read more

  • 31 days in.

    4/18/2017 7:12:32 AM, by SANDY1969

    Weigh in today after exercise of 339, so thats a little up (after Easter) but a 10 pound loss for the month (past 31 days). Also noticing (NSV?)... Read more

  • 4/17/17

    4/17/2017 9:56:53 PM, by RHOOK20047

    Some days I just feel like an old man. Today was one of those days. My right knees is bothering me so bad. But today was a nice cool sunny day... Read more


    4/17/2017 11:27:27 AM, by MSANN59

    hey sparkers had great workout this morning me and rowing machine plus squats donkey kicks abs crunches ball crunches but i did do 20 minutes tha... Read more

  • No more Facebook

    4/17/2017 7:42:10 AM, by MJKSINGS

    I've decided it would be better for me to be on this website instead of facebook. I'm giving it up today!... Read more

  • 4/16/17

    4/16/2017 8:42:45 PM, by RHOOK20047

    Happy Easter. I made it though the Easter Vigil last night. I received a lot of complements for my chanting the Exodus reading. Our Deacon to... Read more


    4/16/2017 10:22:16 AM, by MSANN59

    hey sparkers worked my butt off this week getting stronger tummy going away inches leaving going to somebody else house lol really feeling soooo ... Read more

  • 4/15/17

    4/15/2017 5:08:23 PM, by RHOOK20047

    Got up early and tilled the area I want to put a garden in. Ordered above ground garden beds to make this a little easier for me. After that I ... Read more


    4/15/2017 10:41:34 AM, by MSANN59

    hey sparkers i had great workout this morning was at gym at 6:30 cardio crazy squats abs 200 crunches leg raises 200 donkey kicks 100 worked wais... Read more

  • 4/14/17

    4/15/2017 12:16:11 AM, by RHOOK20047

    What a day! Yesterday ended on a very sad note. Another old friend that I worked with 40 years ago at the library passed away. I was just thin... Read more

  • Ive changed, for the most part.

    4/14/2017 7:09:19 PM, by SANDY1969

    Now if I can just stay this way. It's been weeks since Ive had pop (soda). I don't turn to a high carb snack when I am hungry. Upping my prote... Read more


    4/14/2017 11:41:47 AM, by MSANN59

    hey sparkers i really worked abs today i was beast bicycles crunches,sit-ups leg raises did some cobras they hard and planks ball curnches ab mac... Read more

  • 4/13/17

    4/13/2017 9:58:00 PM, by RHOOK20047

    Boy am I tired. Sleep has been elusive this week, but off for three glorious days. My plan was to cut the grass tomorrow, however Mother Nature... Read more

  • weight loss surgery reject

    4/13/2017 6:08:39 PM, by SANDY1969

    So, I've been at this for like 7 years. On spark and trying to lose weight. Back in 2010 I finally came out of my stupor and looked at myself a... Read more


    4/13/2017 1:22:45 PM, by MSANN59

    hey sparkers hope you all doing ok last app for mom for the week dont have to go back until Tuesday and Thursday but i excercised for one hour th... Read more

  • 4/12/17

    4/12/2017 10:39:08 PM, by RHOOK20047

    I am so glad to be off Friday. Last night we had a three and a half hour choir session last night for Holy Saturday and Easter Sunday, and I did... Read more


    4/12/2017 12:03:36 PM, by MSANN59

    thanks all for praying for me bsl better had great workout this morning so i can go in the morning before my mom app at 10 just keep sparking and... Read more

  • 1 year follow-up

    4/11/2017 12:09:01 PM, by THEETSYBAY

    OK so I have my 1-year post gastric sleeve follow-up appointment today. I'll be wearing the same outfit I did for my initial appointment. I'... Read more


    4/11/2017 12:08:09 PM, by MSANN59

    hey sparkers life going hard had to take mom to physical theraphy this morning no gym man i miss my time at the gym trying my best to deal with t... Read more

  • 4/10/2017

    4/10/2017 9:42:04 PM, by RHOOK20047

    Just realized that I named last night blog with the wrong date. More rain and thunderstorms today. Another on our team at work is leaving. Als... Read more


    4/10/2017 11:39:10 AM, by MSANN59

    hey sparkers still working on bsl called my diabetic educator this morning to try to get back on track i will feel better hopefully with having ... Read more

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