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can we do this everyday?!
4/22/2014 7:21:22 AM,  10 COMMENTS

...  Read more


Week 5 exercise log...
4/22/2014 7:05:33 AM,  0 COMMENTS

Wk4 completed today. Wk 5 goals same as wk 4....  Read more


4/22/2014 2:32:32 AM,  5 COMMENTS

People of accomplishment rarely sat back & let things happen to them . They went out & happened to things . ~ Leonardo Da Vinci ...  Read more


Not as I expected Monday
4/21/2014 7:00:38 PM,  10 COMMENTS

198 I am sick again--or maybe still--with sinus infection, the same upper respiratory stuff I had last month. I left work early after doing essential...  Read more


"Never be ashamed of a scar -
4/21/2014 6:40:54 PM,  2 COMMENTS

Because it means that you are Stronger than what ever tried to hurt you". - statement from a Boston marathoner who was quoting some other wonderful...  Read more


Defeating my foe
4/21/2014 5:47:45 PM,  1 COMMENTS

Finally I am learning from my mistakes and standing up right after a big fall. I am conscious and focused, so I feel I am on the right track...  Read more


Confused and A Little Frustrated?
4/21/2014 3:57:00 PM,  25 COMMENTS

Over the Weekend I planned a healthy holiday meal very cautious of calories even though it was a family meal and the participants were used to high ca...  Read more


4/21/2014 3:10:59 PM,  3 COMMENTS

Came home from church as usually every Sunday except Sunday I started the BarBQ while waiting for the charcoal to get grey I started the scallop potat...  Read more


Body Fat% Calculated Two Ways
4/21/2014 12:58:31 PM,  2 COMMENTS

So my scale, which only measures body fat using electrodes at my feet, swings wildly. The lowest I've seen on there is 32.5%, but when measured again...  Read more


Start the Week Off Right!
4/21/2014 11:41:39 AM,  0 COMMENTS

Good Morning, My lovely readers!! How was your Resurrection Sunday?? This was my first Easter Sunday from the perspective of a pastor's family an...  Read more


A tour of the GARDEN.
4/21/2014 10:54:15 AM,  128 COMMENTS

378 I am enjoying the wonders of the path that eating a healthier lifestyle has lead me on. Never before have I opened the door to gro...  Read more


Boston Strong……..
4/21/2014 9:57:32 AM,  7 COMMENTS

I am listening to the morning news today as the runners are getting ready to run this years Boston Marathon, and I can't help but remember last year's...  Read more


Monday, Monday, Monday...
4/21/2014 9:14:08 AM,  2 COMMENTS

A little tired from the busy weekend but feeling well rested last night. I had a funky reaction in the afternoon after my nap. I went out and spraye...  Read more


Day 8 and Feeling Grreat!
4/21/2014 8:15:24 AM,  2 COMMENTS

Thank you SparkGuy and everyone that has encouraged and inspired me this past week. I know 7 days sounds so small and probably silly to some; but it h...  Read more


Plans for My Future Big Clothes
4/21/2014 8:07:13 AM,  2 COMMENTS

This is actually fun to think about. My daughter is a fashion designer and photographer and she wants to make new, fun clothes out if my old clothes!...  Read more


A success for Easter Dinner
4/21/2014 7:23:29 AM,  0 COMMENTS

Had my Mom over for dinner, and she brought a scrumptious ham, and I provided all the yummy side dishes. My Mom has never filled herself to the point...  Read more


Trying to get back on track ...
4/21/2014 6:26:08 AM,  4 COMMENTS

I was delighted when I lost 34 pounds in 2011, thanks to During these past three years, I have slipped and struggled with my weight...  Read more


4/21/2014 1:56:39 AM,  7 COMMENTS

Miracles rarely happen overnight , they take time , & if you are patient , the pain that surrounds will one day disperse . ~ Anonymous ...  Read more


4/20/2014 11:07:30 PM,  0 COMMENTS

Right now, I'm working through a fat-bombing variation of a cyclical ketogenic diet, due to a need to lose significant weight quickly for medical reas...  Read more


HAPPY EASTER - Resurrection day !!!!
4/20/2014 10:13:11 PM,  0 COMMENTS

449 452 448 453 450 451 172 145...  Read more


love, happy/sad, rebirth... butterflies
4/20/2014 9:50:32 PM,  3 COMMENTS

In August my grandfather passed. My grandmother passed last night. They started their lives together over seventy years ago. Now they will be together...  Read more


Khi Bae Kickboxing...Hiyah!!
4/20/2014 5:43:36 PM,  2 COMMENTS

Who knew I'd be a hiyah queen?? (Maybe it brought out that inner firey red-head!)...  Read more


Easter Sunday 2014 free pancake breakfast!
4/20/2014 4:51:17 PM,  7 COMMENTS

It was great! We had a nice crowd. We did this on Easter Sunday at the local park during church time to attract the un churched in our community. B...  Read more


Forty Years is a LONG time to do anything!
4/20/2014 12:18:54 PM,  12 COMMENTS

Today is Easter Sunday. Today is also our 40th Wedding Anniversary. The sheer length of forty years is mind boggling to me. Not really sure how...  Read more


4/20/2014 11:25:44 AM,  29 COMMENTS

As I watch the morning sun rise, I am grateful for another day. Another chance to celebrate this wonderful life. ...  Read more


Health Means Energy
4/20/2014 9:28:42 AM,  2 COMMENTS

When what I call feels healthy, I feel like I can do anything. This extra weight is work to carry around and I need to put that work and energy into a...  Read more


Started last night
4/20/2014 8:33:02 AM,  5 COMMENTS

Husband and I started Easter early with a beautiful Easter vigil service last night at the church I used to sing at. The Great Vigil of Easter is tru...  Read more


4/20/2014 5:24:52 AM,  3 COMMENTS

Happy Easter as we walk the path together...... 247449...  Read more


4/20/2014 1:27:02 AM,  5 COMMENTS

The man who removes a mountain begins by carrying away small stones . ~ Chinese Proverb ...  Read more


4/20/2014 12:42:49 AM,  12 COMMENTS

Just wanted to wish all my wonderful Spark friends a Very Happy Easter. He is risen!! He is risen indeed!! 449 126 448 450 453 452 451...  Read more


Dangers of Winging It-UPDATE
4/19/2014 11:21:42 PM,  4 COMMENTS

I was NOT perfect, but instead of all the snacks & treats loaded with fats & sugars I had an apple, two Brazil nuts & a 1" square of the tiramisu I'd...  Read more


Beautiful Day
4/19/2014 10:24:31 PM,  3 COMMENTS

Spent the morning doing some shopping that I needed to get done. Even before I walked into the first store and my purse strap broke. You should have s...  Read more


4/19/2014 10:07:23 PM,  4 COMMENTS

HAPPY PASSOVER 181 44 88 88 77 279...  Read more


Just another day in paradise.
4/19/2014 9:38:10 PM,  8 COMMENTS

Nice weather today. Had a good walk, feel pretty good. Have a funeral/viewing service to attend on Monday evening . Will attend this rather than the c...  Read more


Getting back to exercise feels good
4/19/2014 8:41:53 PM,  4 COMMENTS

After a year with someone so insecure that I couldn't even go for walks without arguments, it feels good to be single AND exercising again. 4.5 m...  Read more


Belly Bloat
4/19/2014 3:28:03 PM,  0 COMMENTS

My weight loss experience has been amazing! I have more energy; my legs and arms and face are slimmer and more toned. For the first time in years, I c...  Read more


"What is Holy Saturday?"
4/19/2014 2:58:46 PM,  19 COMMENTS

184 184 184 184 184 184 184 184 184 184 As always 229 and 304 for your show of interest in this blog. The following comes from...  Read more


Scale and Non-Scale Victories!
4/19/2014 2:52:32 PM,  7 COMMENTS

Well, 104 days of Sparking and I'm feeling better than ever! This morning I was down a total of 28 lbs! (YAY!!) and am so close to being in ONEde...  Read more


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