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My cousin is driving me crazy!!!
4/16/2014 10:30:03 PM,  3 COMMENTS

Driving home from a nice visit to Corpus Christi, TX, we stopped in Dallas to get some pictures from a cousin. She messes with my head and I had a har...  Read more


Woes and woohoos
4/16/2014 9:05:20 PM,  10 COMMENTS

Woes: I have been unable to get to Curves for too long for too many really good reasons. So I'm extra grateful for the Spring Challenge which is mot...  Read more


Today I Hit a Milestone - 130 Pounds Lost - Now the Fun Begins:)
4/16/2014 8:07:22 PM,  39 COMMENTS

Today I hit a new Milestone I finally broke my plateau and lost 2.4 pounds and made it over the 130 pounds lost mark. I am now sitting at 131.6 pound...  Read more


On the Modified Optifast
4/16/2014 3:35:38 PM,  1 COMMENTS

Well I reported that I was still feeling a little fatigued. All my blood work turned out fine. So its not anemia or thyroid. The Nurse said I could...  Read more


Do you run in wind?
4/16/2014 3:16:59 PM,  13 COMMENTS

Looking out the window, it looks terrible, the trees are bent under the heavy wind, people wearing coats and hats. However, I know from my previo...  Read more


Strawberry Creme Truffles. Streak Day 41.
4/16/2014 2:34:54 PM,  34 COMMENTS

26 Treats are allowed in my home. Having healthy treats are oh, so wonderful. Making HEALTHY TREATS for Dear Hubby helps to keep junk...  Read more


Daily Plan - 4.15.14 - Day 44 of 70....Whaaaat ?!?
4/16/2014 2:32:42 PM,  5 COMMENTS

Hmmpf, I didn't get very far with this, now did I? Two days to be exact. Oh well, let's start again...with yesterday's results. Because, I did...  Read more


my "get it all out to stay motivated" journal entries 4/15/14
4/16/2014 12:04:50 PM,  1 COMMENTS

4-15: I am feeling a little down today. Mario has a co-worker who found out a few months ago his wife had leukemia. Last week she passed away and the...  Read more


my "get it all out to stay motivated" journal entries 4/14/14
4/16/2014 11:57:16 AM,  0 COMMENTS

4-14: Well this could have been a crappy day but I didn't sweat the small things. I got my boyfriend's shady ex trying to start problems, but I stayed...  Read more


my "get it all out to stay motivated" journal entries 4/13/14
4/16/2014 11:53:53 AM,  0 COMMENTS

4-13: (morning) Cold, rainy and crappy day today. I definitely won't be going outside. The weather though, no matter how dreary, is not going to slow...  Read more


my "get it all out to stay motivated' journal entries 4/12/14
4/16/2014 11:37:21 AM,  0 COMMENTS

4-12: I don't know if it's my new outlook or mind set, but I once again am feeling fantastic. There was a post on Facebook that really stick in my hea...  Read more


no more PAIN! :)
4/16/2014 10:29:42 AM,  0 COMMENTS

Im 2 weeks into my 6 week recovery period after having a total hysterectomy and starting to feel like a human being, yay me! this has been so incredi...  Read more


my "get it all out to stay motivated" journal entries 4/11/14
4/16/2014 10:20:50 AM,  0 COMMENTS

4-11: Well another day down and one more that went well. I tried a new recipe from Spark recipes and both Mario and I loved it! There are still frustr...  Read more


Busy month
4/16/2014 10:19:24 AM,  6 COMMENTS

I have pretty busy this month. I am Secretary- Treasurer for our local VFW Auxiliary. So far this month we have volunteered at local nursing home. Had...  Read more


my "get it all out to stay motivated" journal entries 4/10/14
4/16/2014 9:45:39 AM,  1 COMMENTS

4-10: another day down and a slight discouragement but nothing will get me down. After all it is what I am working towards. Although Mario is su...  Read more


my "get it all out to stay motivated" journal entries 4/9/14
4/16/2014 8:46:02 AM,  0 COMMENTS

4-9: Well yesterday was a good day. I go a workout in, stayed with my food tracking ranges, and stayed in a good mood, which at work can be hard to do...  Read more


Holy Week
4/16/2014 8:34:28 AM,  5 COMMENTS

While I am not Jewish and don't celebrate Passover as they do, we too prepare for Easter each year between Palm Sunday and Easter day. We will have a...  Read more


my "get it all out to stay motivated" journal entries 4/8/14
4/16/2014 8:15:42 AM,  1 COMMENTS

4-8: ell this last week I have restarted my"better me"days. I am hoping to not only better my body, but also better my self-esteem, body image, relati...  Read more


First Body Pump Class
4/16/2014 4:09:10 AM,  2 COMMENTS

I am now 3 weeks into my weight-loss journey. I have worked out all but 3 days since I started, and still going strong. Yesterday I went to the...  Read more


4/16/2014 1:30:20 AM,  6 COMMENTS

No amount of guilt can change the past and no amount of worrying can change the future . ~ Anonymous ...  Read more


Thank you Jackie Robinson
4/15/2014 11:40:27 PM,  3 COMMENTS

For your extraordinary Courage. You were an example of a Real Man. Thank you for changing the tide of racism in America. You will always be a role mod...  Read more


4/15/2014 10:00:46 PM,  2 COMMENTS

MY SP FRIENDS ARE THE BEST! How do you thank someone for all they do for you when you really don't know them at all. You are always there, and I say...  Read more


I ate a new exotic superfood today. Streak Day 40.
4/15/2014 8:46:19 PM,  35 COMMENTS

Lately I have been on a kick trying out new foods. Today we went to Safeway. Hubby picked out a meat sandwich and I picked up a box of P...  Read more


McDonald's YOU Lost today~
4/15/2014 6:44:32 PM,  0 COMMENTS

AND I WON! I think it's a stress thing....stress eating...and yes, a cheeseburger and small fries from McDonalds...SOUNDED so good. Then I sat at th...  Read more


You can if you want
4/15/2014 5:19:05 PM,  2 COMMENTS

First thing that came up to my mind once I woke up this moning was "day off from gym as I feel exhausted". So, when hb asked me after work "are you go...  Read more


Patty's Tatted Pansy Pattern.
4/15/2014 4:19:40 PM,  1 COMMENTS

I hope you enjoy this Springtime Pattern. Patty's Pansy Materials: Yellow or orange tatting thread size 10 Purple thread size 20 2 shuttl...  Read more


Tired And Hungry, What's More Important Here?
4/15/2014 1:37:02 PM,  4 COMMENTS

Yesterday and today, I woke up with terrible pains all over my body, I can't figure out what part of the body hurt's the most. The past two day's I ha...  Read more


In a rut..
4/15/2014 11:51:34 AM,  4 COMMENTS

For the past two weeks I seem to be in a rut. I've been doing well- losing 1- 1 1/2 lbs a week. I feel good and am working out. I know that my body is...  Read more


Blood Moon Blues
4/15/2014 11:48:43 AM,  9 COMMENTS

YAWN YAWN. I was NOT planning to get up last night, but husband was. For some reason, we were both awake around 2:30. Knowing I'd be a good hour ge...  Read more


Weekly workouts sorted!
4/15/2014 11:36:51 AM,  0 COMMENTS

x3 Walk workouts Ball & Band Step 10min solution's SPCardio Mashup Got this lot to work with...may have to keep one sesh free to try new...  Read more


Day 127 - Water
4/15/2014 11:15:29 AM,  4 COMMENTS

Besides my ability to guesstimate the amount of calories in a single item, drinking water was something I managed to hold onto during this process I c...  Read more


Busy Days
4/15/2014 10:48:34 AM,  0 COMMENTS

New system at work. More work. Longer hours. And the day I decided to walk at lunch...its rainy and cold. Go figure! Nevertheless - today is your...  Read more


4/15/2014 9:39:37 AM,  0 COMMENTS

I'm hoping/assuming it's a combination of PMS and the full moon (why do we have to be on the same cycle?) but I am clinging to the edge. Astronomical...  Read more


Quote for the Day
4/15/2014 9:12:58 AM,  12 COMMENTS

Have a great day everyone!! Be Blessed!!...  Read more


I know it's not just me...
4/15/2014 8:17:15 AM,  4 COMMENTS

...  Read more


Happy dance we mailed the check Saturday!
4/15/2014 8:13:24 AM,  6 COMMENTS

This April 15th we beat the deadline primarily due to the fact we had to pay and had to get it done. We got it done on time for the first time in in...  Read more


Can I get a WooHoo!!
4/15/2014 2:39:56 AM,  0 COMMENTS

I love SparkPeople! WooHoo!! There are two campaigns that I would like to recommend to enhance this already excellent grassroots movement: 1) En...  Read more


Week 4 Log
4/15/2014 1:36:15 AM,  0 COMMENTS

Same goals as wk3. Increase cardio....  Read more


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