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  • 6th Dec 2016

    12/6/2016 4:17:40 AM, by WENDYJM4

    I forgot one thing when I posted my first blog for a long time LOL. I have had a birthday and I turned 60, unbelievable where did all the time go... Read more

  • 3rd Dec 2016

    12/2/2016 4:41:22 PM, by WENDYJM4

    hi everyone, It has been so long that I have been on here. sorry. I have been so busy. I have now been doing home dialysis for 15 months, f... Read more

  • Easter Blessings

    3/27/2016 9:52:48 AM, by OPALMOON

    Hello dear Spark friends, I'm not sure if anyone is still subscribed to my blogs, but to anyone who happens to read this, I wish you all and... Read more

  • Disappointed

    11/2/2015 2:34:09 AM, by HONEYBEAR1461

    I am beyond disappointed in myself. I had done well a few years ago losing 15 kilograms (33 pounds) and felt good but then over this past year I... Read more

  • Here I am yet again.

    8/3/2015 1:13:20 AM, by HONEYBEAR1461

    I had been doing so well. I had lost weight, then got my knee replacements, all was good. I was walking, because I could now, then my ankles st... Read more

  • dialysis. 2nd July 2015

    7/2/2015 6:26:43 AM, by WENDYJM4

    hi everyone, been extremely busy but I have some disappointing news. Now for my news, I had a blood test last Friday and got the results on... Read more

  • my story

    4/9/2015 10:09:13 PM, by WENDYJM4

    My story. What has made me what I am now. A long story but I have been asked how I have lost my weight so far, so I have decided to put it in a b... Read more

  • 26th October 2014

    10/26/2014 8:13:53 AM, by WENDYJM4

    I have just had a comment on my photo on sparks from a JESSICA4LOVE. Be careful as I think is a scam. I deleted this message. But she said someth... Read more

  • August - what a month

    8/27/2014 10:06:58 AM, by OPALMOON

    Dear Spark Friends, Just a quick note...I am running so far behind in catching up on blogs, so firstly I apologise for not getting to any bl... Read more

  • Love your computer?????

    7/9/2014 12:54:51 AM, by OPALMOON

    Hello dear Spark friends, I saw this on another Spark friend's blog and just had to share it: Don't know if this ever really happ... Read more

  • Pain Clinic and Update

    2/13/2014 12:33:46 AM, by OPALMOON

    Hello dear Spark Friends, Greetings from what has been an extremely hot Adelaide since the start of the year. There had been the odd short ... Read more

  • Sad day.

    1/28/2014 9:46:52 PM, by HONEYBEAR1461

    Well the day started off fine. It is my son in laws birthday and I was looking forward to the family dinner tonight. Then I noticed I had... Read more

  • Busy Weekend.

    1/27/2014 4:29:24 AM, by HONEYBEAR1461

    For a long weekend there wasn't much rest for the wicked here. My youngest, Kristina, made the final part of her move to Port Pirie. For th... Read more

  • Perfection has thwarted my goals.

    1/24/2014 6:39:06 PM, by AUDREY-A*NEW*ME

    I've always been the type of person who does, 'all or nothing'. I research and have to do everything 'properly' and if I can't then I don't do it... Read more

  • Bad start to the year.

    1/23/2014 10:51:10 PM, by HONEYBEAR1461

    I haven't had a bad start for me but more the worry and concern for family. First my brother was discharged about 18 months ago from the arm... Read more

  • Breast Care Nurse fundraising - Jane McGrath Day at the Sydney Cricket Ground

    1/5/2014 12:32:56 AM, by OPALMOON

    Hello dear Spark Friends, Thanks so much for your lovely comments on yesterday's blog. Still feeling a bit 'under the weather', but while w... Read more

  • Laying Low / Some Good News

    1/4/2014 8:54:18 AM, by OPALMOON

    Hello dear Spark Friends, This is just a quick update... If I'm a bit slow catching up with you this week, it's because I have an upper... Read more

  • New Year Blessings / Thank You / 2013 Review

    12/31/2013 3:34:17 AM, by OPALMOON

    Hello dear Spark Friends, Greetings to you all! Are you sitting comfortably? Do you have a cuppa at the ready? I am asking because this h... Read more

  • Christmas Wishes

    12/24/2013 6:20:32 AM, by OPALMOON

    Hello dear Spark Friends, It is 9:30 pm here in Adelaide, South Australia, and Mum and I have not long ago finished our traditional Christma... Read more

  • Great first week back.

    12/7/2013 3:58:51 AM, by HONEYBEAR1461

    I am pleased to report I have a really good week this week. I have managed to lose 1.5 kgs (3.3 lbs) which is almost unheard of for me. I ... Read more

  • More news about Wendy

    11/30/2013 9:56:23 AM, by OPALMOON

    Hello everyone, As promised, I am finally writing another update regarding Wendy. I went to visit her on Wednesday (27 Nov) and though ... Read more

  • I am back....finally.

    11/30/2013 4:20:25 AM, by HONEYBEAR1461

    Well I am finally back. I need so much to be here as when I am not on the site listing my daily food intake etc I tend to lapse...in a BIG, BIG ... Read more

  • More news about Wendy (Mel has already posted 2 blogs)

    11/26/2013 2:03:03 AM, by OPALMOON

    Hello everyone, Mel has posted some blogs about Wendy. The 3 of us met last year and keep in touch, and since I have some more news, I want... Read more

  • 12wbt and other things

    11/20/2013 4:11:32 PM, by SOULSEARCHTYME

    I had to give up on the running for now - it was devastating but I decided better to stop now before I do a permanent injury. I am seeing my doct... Read more

  • Summer's round the corner

    11/17/2013 6:05:36 AM, by ANDEMAIAR

    Hi there strangers, Or I guess I'm the stranger, really. I'm going to try and get back on this bike. I'm in the worse shape I've ever ... Read more

  • 24 October 2013

    10/23/2013 7:29:24 PM, by WILSLM70

    This weeks weigh in..... Since Saturday 12th of October I have lost 2.3 kilos.... imagine what I could do with more effort in the exercise ... Read more

  • back .... again

    10/15/2013 6:43:45 PM, by WILSLM70

    So I havent been overly committed of late (again!!!) but i have recommitted to becoming a healthier me. I weighed myself on Saturday 12th Octobe... Read more

  • "We could all use a little support every now and then"

    10/15/2013 8:52:00 AM, by OPALMOON

    You may already have seen this, as it has been posted by a few Sparkers already... ...We could all use these words of encouragement now a... Read more

  • C25K W2D2

    8/5/2013 8:17:34 PM, by SOULSEARCHTYME

    I bought a treadmill a couple of weeks ago. I decided I would finally start the C25k again and this time finish it. This time I was going to... Read more

  • Oh that's not on

    7/29/2013 4:18:55 AM, by SOULSEARCHTYME

    I hate windows 8. I forgot to copy what I'd written just in case... it's gone forever. Long story short: Started C25k will be in... Read more

  • Bokwa

    7/26/2013 2:27:17 AM, by MSCHUTZ1975

    On the weekend, i did my level 2 Bokwa training, i am still buzzing from this amazing weekend with a Masterclass and then my level 2 training on ... Read more

  • im back

    6/17/2013 11:25:34 PM, by WILSLM70

    Okay, so I have been missing at spark for a while but I am back now and that is the first step. I need to get my self back on track now that I h... Read more

  • Weighing Myself

    6/2/2013 12:37:20 AM, by CHUCKLETUSH

    I have a problem well more a fixation, I have to weigh myself each morning, so I have made a decision that I will only weigh in at least once a w... Read more

  • Great Workout

    5/25/2013 3:05:05 AM, by CHUCKLETUSH

    I had a great Circuit workout yesterday morning @ my gym.. I am feeling the benefits of it today..I can hardly move lmy legs. I winge about feel... Read more

  • First Weigh In

    5/24/2013 4:30:07 AM, by CHUCKLETUSH

    I did my first weight in this morning and I have lost 1.2kg. I am very happy with this and my goal was to lose at least 1kg a week. ... Read more

  • Back @ the Gym

    5/19/2013 11:26:17 PM, by CHUCKLETUSH

    I have had a cold for the last couple of weeks, finally I got to do my Jog/Walk on Saturday morning and today is my first day back at the Gym for... Read more

  • Day three

    5/18/2013 6:30:24 AM, by CHUCKLETUSH

    I have had a cold for just over a week and couldn't exercise, so today finally got back into it, I did my 4km Jog/Walk this morning and it felt g... Read more

  • Day Two

    5/17/2013 3:56:49 AM, by CHUCKLETUSH

    I had trouble getting on here to log my food. I have done it now and am keeping within my range. I forgot how nice everyone is on Sparkpeop... Read more

  • Day One and getting back on Track

    5/15/2013 10:48:37 PM, by CHUCKLETUSH

    Well yesterday was Day 1 of me going back to tracking my food. I forgot that it really is important to actually keep track of what you eat and a... Read more

  • I'm back......

    5/15/2013 6:20:45 AM, by ANGELCHILDE

    I have slipped back into my old ways and have regained (almost) all that I lost so I am starting again. I did not realise how badly I had sl... Read more

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