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  • 12th September 2014

    9/11/2014 7:48:25 PM, by WENDYJM4

    I emailed Susie yesterday and she has started swimming again and handled it. She is still feeling tired. Also heard from Helen (Susie's dau... Read more

  • 8th Sept 2014

    9/8/2014 5:25:09 AM, by WENDYJM4

    I heard from Susie today (SUSIEPH1) and she is still having trouble with her breathing but she is hoping to start back at Sparks sometime if the ... Read more

  • 30th May 2014

    8/30/2014 8:29:03 AM, by WENDYJM4

    I sent a email to Susie (SUSIEPH1) this morning and this is part of the answer I received from her .. I have had a really bad time with bron... Read more

  • August - what a month

    8/27/2014 10:06:58 AM, by OPALMOON

    Dear Spark Friends, Just a quick note...I am running so far behind in catching up on blogs, so firstly I apologise for not getting to any bl... Read more

  • 14th August 2014

    8/14/2014 8:42:21 AM, by WENDYJM4

    I was so sad when I heard the news of Robin Williams. Like most of us I have seen most of his films. A very entertaining man. RIP. so much ... Read more

  • 7th August 2014

    8/7/2014 8:42:18 AM, by WENDYJM4

    wow, my Mum and Dad celebrated their 62nd wedding anniversary today. ... Read more

  • 4th August 2014

    8/4/2014 7:58:58 AM, by WENDYJM4

    I finally have my appointment to see the Thyroid Clinic in Adelaide. This is the 16th September. Hope they can help me.... Read more

  • 22/7/2014

    7/22/2014 6:24:51 AM, by WENDYJM4

    I read a article today on Sparks about hitting the brick wall, I realised that this is what I did both mentally and physically. It all made sense... Read more

  • Love your computer?????

    7/9/2014 12:54:51 AM, by OPALMOON

    Hello dear Spark friends, I saw this on another Spark friend's blog and just had to share it: Don't know if this ever really happ... Read more

  • 19th June 2014

    6/19/2014 7:25:04 AM, by WENDYJM4

    hi everyone, I heard from the Specialist today. I have a nodule on my thyroid which is over-active. He did refer me to the thyroid clinic last we... Read more

  • 14 Beautiful short stories worth reading,

    6/6/2014 5:56:31 AM, by WENDYJM4

    1. Fall and Rise Today, when I slipped on the wet tile floor a boy in a wheelchair caught me before I slammed my head on the ground. He said, ... Read more

  • 5th June 2014

    6/5/2014 8:07:45 AM, by WENDYJM4

    I heard from the Specialist today and the whole 4 parathyroid glands are enlarged but there are no nasties there. thank goodness. But it also loo... Read more

  • 30th May 2014

    5/30/2014 6:37:36 AM, by WENDYJM4

    thank you everyone for all your good wishes. I had my blood test yesterday and unfortunately my parathyroid levels have increased yet again. Not ... Read more

  • re doctor's appointment.

    5/22/2014 7:10:48 AM, by WENDYJM4

    I am now having a lot of trouble with my parathyroid and the Specialist is very concerned about this as it is the highest he has seen for a long ... Read more

  • my Adelaide trip to see 2 Specialists

    5/16/2014 6:43:13 AM, by WENDYJM4

    still very tired today but I will get over it. Now my Adelaide trip. My first appointment was with my Nephrologist., I have been a patient ... Read more

  • 28th April 2014

    4/28/2014 8:26:12 AM, by WENDYJM4

    Had this sent to me by a friend. Had to pass it along. OH YEAH....CHEMO KILLS. Nutritional truths not just for cancer:::: (follow the d... Read more

  • Frozen Crabs & the Blonde Flight Attendant

    3/7/2014 7:14:29 PM, by WENDYJM4

    I enjoyed this one A lawyer boarded an airplane in New Orleans with a box of frozen crabs and asked a blonde flight attendant to take ca... Read more

  • 4th March 2014

    3/3/2014 5:59:06 PM, by WENDYJM4

    I thought this is too good not to pass on What Love means to a 4-8 year old... Slow down for three minutes to read this. It is... Read more

  • 26th Feb 2014

    2/26/2014 6:27:43 AM, by WENDYJM4

    Been down to Adelaide for an appointment with the Nephrologist, I haven't seen him since before the operation. When he called my name, he t... Read more

  • 22nd Feb 2014

    2/21/2014 6:43:55 PM, by WENDYJM4

    just a wee blog today. I have lost 1.7 kgs in 2 weeks. This is since I started my exercising again. I am now 200 grams away from the weight I was... Read more

  • 18th feb 2014

    2/18/2014 7:01:55 AM, by WENDYJM4

    hi everyone, I am happy I am taking back my life. I wonder why I let my son take over my life again, probably because he had lots of problems whe... Read more

  • 13th Feb 2014

    2/13/2014 5:56:23 AM, by WENDYJM4

    I have been thinking in the last few days and have put some things in perspective. Now I will explain, I have been looking after Brennen a ... Read more

  • Pain Clinic and Update

    2/13/2014 12:33:46 AM, by OPALMOON

    Hello dear Spark Friends, Greetings from what has been an extremely hot Adelaide since the start of the year. There had been the odd short ... Read more

  • 10th Feb 2014

    2/10/2014 5:16:05 AM, by WENDYJM4

    I feel as though I took one step to take control of my life again. I went to my exercise class, which ended up taking about 1 1/2 hours. But I am... Read more

  • 8th Feb 2014

    2/8/2014 6:41:57 AM, by WENDYJM4

    I thank you so much for your support, encouragement and understanding my situation. I don't really know why us mothers do this to ourselves. I kn... Read more

  • 7th Feb 2014

    2/7/2014 7:24:37 AM, by WENDYJM4

    As some of you know I have had my son back living with me since early December. He got himself into trouble while I was in hospital. He really... Read more

  • Sad day.

    1/28/2014 9:46:52 PM, by HONEYBEAR1461

    Well the day started off fine. It is my son in laws birthday and I was looking forward to the family dinner tonight. Then I noticed I had... Read more

  • a blog from RPCLEM2000

    1/28/2014 6:33:42 AM, by WENDYJM4

    I was sent a link to view this blog which I found was really a fantastic blog. This lady has given permission to use it. It was voted featured bl... Read more

  • Busy Weekend.

    1/27/2014 4:29:24 AM, by HONEYBEAR1461

    For a long weekend there wasn't much rest for the wicked here. My youngest, Kristina, made the final part of her move to Port Pirie. For th... Read more

  • Perfection has thwarted my goals.

    1/24/2014 6:39:06 PM, by AUDREY-A*NEW*ME

    I've always been the type of person who does, 'all or nothing'. I research and have to do everything 'properly' and if I can't then I don't do it... Read more

  • 24th January 2014

    1/24/2014 6:37:42 AM, by WENDYJM4

    I had the pleasure of looking after my youngest grandson for 2 days which was lovely. Mother and bub was here seeing Dwayne. He now weighs 10kgs ... Read more

  • Bad start to the year.

    1/23/2014 10:51:10 PM, by HONEYBEAR1461

    I haven't had a bad start for me but more the worry and concern for family. First my brother was discharged about 18 months ago from the arm... Read more

  • 16th January 2014

    1/16/2014 6:15:50 AM, by WENDYJM4

    wow just realised that this is my first blog for this year, sad but true. Well I did it. Just completed 20 minutes of hard exercises, first... Read more

  • Breast Care Nurse fundraising - Jane McGrath Day at the Sydney Cricket Ground

    1/5/2014 12:32:56 AM, by OPALMOON

    Hello dear Spark Friends, Thanks so much for your lovely comments on yesterday's blog. Still feeling a bit 'under the weather', but while w... Read more

  • Laying Low / Some Good News

    1/4/2014 8:54:18 AM, by OPALMOON

    Hello dear Spark Friends, This is just a quick update... If I'm a bit slow catching up with you this week, it's because I have an upper... Read more

  • 31st December 2013

    12/31/2013 4:57:53 AM, by WENDYJM4

    Last day of the year, I had many ups and downs this year as most of you know but I am still here and still trying. I fractured my toe earli... Read more

  • New Year Blessings / Thank You / 2013 Review

    12/31/2013 3:34:17 AM, by OPALMOON

    Hello dear Spark Friends, Greetings to you all! Are you sitting comfortably? Do you have a cuppa at the ready? I am asking because this h... Read more

  • Christmas Day

    12/25/2013 5:38:27 AM, by WENDYJM4

    I am very happy with the amount I ate today, a little bit of everything but did not overindulge. Went over my parents for lunch and then dinner w... Read more

  • Christmas Wishes

    12/24/2013 6:20:32 AM, by OPALMOON

    Hello dear Spark Friends, It is 9:30 pm here in Adelaide, South Australia, and Mum and I have not long ago finished our traditional Christma... Read more

  • 24th December 2013

    12/24/2013 4:30:09 AM, by WENDYJM4

    Christmas Eve Merry Christmas everyone and hope we all achieve our dreams and goals in 2014 whatever they may be. love Wendy ... Read more

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