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  • Today

    4/12/2016 6:19:16 AM, by PASTORVIC

    Today will be a tiring day. I have to drive two hours to see my ophthalmologist and then four more hours to my hometown to prepare for my sister'... Read more

  • No longer obese!

    4/11/2016 10:09:49 PM, by SILVERTHYME

    I just checked my BMI and I am simply overweight, not obese any longer - maybe not a big goal but I'll take any step forward I can get.... Read more

  • Day 11- April thingy

    4/11/2016 1:43:47 PM, by ODDLASS

    138lb 9st 12lb BMI 29.06 I was not very good as far as healthy stuff goes this weekend ..... sort of a pattern emerging here! LOL! Weeke... Read more

  • Not So Winning After All

    4/11/2016 1:00:34 PM, by WANDERINGCUPPA

    So 4 days ago I wrote "winning the day" as my status...then proceeded to totally bomb out on everything I am supposed to be doing!! Yeah, now I ... Read more

  • Monday Blues.

    4/11/2016 11:47:39 AM, by BETSYPASS

    I've got a case of the Monday Blues. Boo! I think it's a combination of my job issues and some personal issues. Your problems just love to sucker... Read more

  • Paleo

    4/11/2016 11:32:43 AM, by PNWLINDA

    Paleo has worked the best for my diabetes and I've gotten away from it a bit. Tried to add more carbs which was a bad idea. I ended up craving th... Read more

  • My Sister

    4/11/2016 5:25:58 AM, by PASTORVIC

    I'm sad to post that my sister died yesterday morning. I have her funeral service Wednesday afternoon.... Read more

  • 600 Oysters, To Go Please

    4/10/2016 9:25:15 PM, by SKATER787

    By my calculation, I need another 600 oysters to last until next January. This is in addition to the 1,000 oysters I picked up in February. This ... Read more

  • Today

    4/10/2016 4:56:17 AM, by PASTORVIC

    Today is a new day. Yesterday was tough, but it's gone. Today I will concentrate on my two services and try to find time for rest and relaxation ... Read more

  • Day 10 of the April thingy

    4/10/2016 3:20:14 AM, by ODDLASS

    138lb 10st 12lb BMI 28.88 Oh heck! I missed a day's bloggin!! I'd have gotten away with it if it hadn't have been for that pesky kid! ... Read more

  • I Lost My Mojo

    4/9/2016 1:46:37 PM, by BLUJADED

    I've been away for a long while - not just from here, but from pretty much all social media and social life in general. Hermit-ing, I guess... No... Read more

  • Your Body Loves you

    4/9/2016 12:04:00 PM, by 35ANGELS

    Do you ever realize how much your body loves you? I mean it's always trying to keep you alive. That's all your body has to live for. Your body is... Read more

  • Been a while

    4/9/2016 10:23:27 AM, by JACOLMOM

    I haven't blogged for a while. Sick dog, work and life all converged intoa month of Mondays. But I haven't stopped my quest for a healthy life. H... Read more

  • New Diet - Weight Gain

    4/9/2016 9:34:59 AM, by RI-SUNSHINE

    From previous blogs my Dr last week has put me on a new diet which is very restrictive compared to my old diet. In theory I should be dropping w... Read more

  • 15 pounds gone

    4/9/2016 7:49:01 AM, by SILVERTHYME

    what else can I say - still on target... Read more

  • A Hard Day

    4/9/2016 7:31:33 AM, by PASTORVIC

    Yesterday was a hard day. My younger sister is dying. She has been unresponsive since Thursday evening. I spent several hours at the hospital yes... Read more

  • Day 8 of the April thingy.

    4/8/2016 6:45:10 PM, by ODDLASS

    138lb 9st 12lb BMI 28.97 Just quick, late blog here! BMI was UNDER 29 this morning, and my steps for today are at over 19,000 ... Read more

  • Frustrations and successes

    4/8/2016 1:01:16 PM, by JORDANA1976

    It's hard to not be overwhelmed by frustrations and to focus on the positive. Sometimes I feel the need to vent and right now is one of those tim... Read more

  • Exercise

    4/8/2016 7:03:56 AM, by PASTORVIC

    I have a goal of exercising three days a week with a long term goal of increasing this to six times a week. I think this is a realistic goal for ... Read more

  • Leftovers!

    4/7/2016 6:26:58 PM, by SATURNPOET

    Thinking hard about what to order for lunch knowing i'd have leftovers, and will have to finish them for dinner at the airport later. So I got c... Read more

  • Progress... and encouragement

    4/7/2016 6:19:43 PM, by JORDANA1976

    I haven't lost any weight yet. It's definitely getting to me; after three weeks it seems like I should have some progress on the scale in terms o... Read more

  • A week of the thingy.

    4/7/2016 5:25:57 PM, by ODDLASS

    138lb 9st 12lb BMI 29.02 Tonight sees the end of the first week of the April thingy, 2lb down, so not bad. Next week will be a copy of ... Read more

  • Kidney Cancer?

    4/7/2016 3:08:54 PM, by LIVE_AMAZINGLY

    For the past 3 years I have been in CKD. Recent tests showed significant worsening, so was sent for an ultrasound, which shows a mass on my left ... Read more

  • Sickness

    4/7/2016 6:10:57 AM, by PASTORVIC

    It seems like everyone I know is either sick or has been lately. It gets a bit depressing. Then I realize how selfish my petty whining is and how... Read more

  • is this me?

    4/6/2016 9:45:51 PM, by SATURNPOET

    I was at a banquet tonight, for my professional organization. Salad, dinner, dessert... you know "those people" who just couldn't possibly eat al... Read more

  • Day 6- April thingy

    4/6/2016 3:51:05 PM, by ODDLASS

    138lb 9st 12lb BMI 29.02 Not actually a pound loss, I can see from the BMI reading that is was only about 0.0005 lb, but was enough to... Read more

  • Tuesday

    4/6/2016 6:01:44 AM, by PASTORVIC

    Yesterday I was alone most of the day. That's often not good for me because I tend to not eat well when I am alone. Yesterday was different. I ha... Read more


    4/5/2016 11:33:34 PM, by JORDANA1976

    I'm tired today. My SO worked an overnight shift last night, and I never sleep well when he has to do that. Thankfully it isn't as often lately a... Read more

  • Reaching a goal

    4/5/2016 10:37:04 PM, by BFRANZ0219

    Did you ever have a goal that was kind of hidden from you? You didn't acknowledge it. There were glimpses, but you were amazed when you realize... Read more

  • Day 5 - April thingy.

    4/5/2016 6:02:40 PM, by ODDLASS

    139lb 9st 13lb BMI 29.15 Just a quick one today ...... 'Hurrah' you all say Weight stayed same, I stayed with plan well, apart from... Read more

  • Yesterday

    4/5/2016 5:43:06 AM, by PASTORVIC

    I had a pleasant day off yesterday. I relaxed, read, and had a great walk with my wife. I plan on making walking a habit.... Read more

  • Revised challenge: stay off the couch

    4/4/2016 7:03:03 PM, by JORDANA1976

    Shins are still bothering me, so I don't think I'll be keeping up with my walking goals. I'm okay with this, though. The 28 day workout at home c... Read more

  • Weight goal

    4/4/2016 2:25:19 PM, by LIGHTKEEPER77

    I have been overweight my whole life, so it is difficult to know what my weight should be. I changed my weight goal so that it would fall in the ... Read more

  • Food Addiction - small freak out

    4/4/2016 2:09:44 PM, by RI-SUNSHINE

    I just got back from the Cardiologist. Overall it was a good message. Long term I should be okay but he had to add more medicine to what the ot... Read more

  • Day 4- April thingy ,Monday.

    4/4/2016 2:06:34 PM, by ODDLASS

    139lb 9st 13lb BMI 29.15 The past week or so have been just one stress and problem after another! I am hoping it will soon change b... Read more

  • Hanging on

    4/4/2016 12:41:24 PM, by LIGHTKEEPER77

    Last night I talked to a friend on the phone and updated her on the crazy last 2 months I've had: getting the rental house finished, my Grandfath... Read more

  • Sunday

    4/4/2016 7:21:58 AM, by PASTORVIC

    I had a very busy Sunday. I preached twice, had a nursing home service and a graveside service in miserable weather. Today is a day off. I'm hopi... Read more

  • Downward spiral

    4/3/2016 8:18:58 PM, by LIGHTKEEPER77

    I'm physically and emotionally exhausted. Super stressed. Just had another binge. I can't seem to get back on the right track. I don't want to k... Read more

  • April...

    4/3/2016 7:23:40 PM, by MASYACAT1

    April is here.. April had always been a very special month for me. Since my childhood spent in lots of cold weather and snow, April was a symbol... Read more

  • Medical Hiccup

    4/3/2016 7:22:02 PM, by RI-SUNSHINE

    No path ever runs smooth - at least not for me. About a month ago my rock solid lowish blood pressure 110/70 decided to go haywire about to 176/... Read more

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