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  • Super Sunday

    8/21/2016 12:27:04 PM, by VHALKYRIE

    Last week went very well. I had to take a break from my routines due to feeling fatigue, but this was exactly the right thing I needed. My body... Read more

  • The Early Years

    8/20/2016 1:01:30 PM, by FMIAYLA

    SET UP I plan on blogging about an experiment I am doing on myself with the type of food I eat and the time frames I am choosing to eat ii i... Read more

  • 35 & Counting!

    8/20/2016 6:52:43 AM, by SILVERTHYME

    Slow and steady - how trite - yet true! I do wish I could eat only real foods but my Atkins candy & Elightened ice cream pops keep me going and i... Read more

  • Just Right Diet and Exercise

    8/19/2016 10:23:49 AM, by VHALKYRIE

    Things are going great this morning. I got an excellent night's sleep, my numbers are moving down this morning, and I am full of energy. I took... Read more

  • Carb Creep and Self Sabotage

    8/19/2016 8:36:30 AM, by MOMTOMONKEYS2

    Today is weigh in day. The last 2 days I've eaten sugar in the form of chocolate. I'm certain I'm suffering some self sabotage as I teeter on t... Read more

  • Life in recovery, it's 5 AM.

    8/19/2016 8:13:21 AM, by MRSKATEDUVALL

    8/19/2016. So today is Big Jake’s last day, tomorrow we take him to college, 7 hours away. I am up way to early, buzzing with things to do. ... Read more

  • Day 4

    8/18/2016 5:58:36 PM, by TSHEP83

    Today was orientation for my son who is starting kindergarten. I had to laugh when all the mom's ran to the window to watch them get on the bus,... Read more

  • Starting Again - August 2016

    8/18/2016 12:39:01 PM, by JUDIES

    I need to start over. I had surgery on my ankle end of June - this week I can start putting partial weight back on the ankle. Originally I plan... Read more

  • Good Food and Rest Were the Answer

    8/18/2016 9:23:25 AM, by VHALKYRIE

    Taking a couple of rest days and eating more calories worked great. My weight and bodyfat are falling, and my lean mass is staying within the ra... Read more

  • A girl and her dog

    8/18/2016 6:39:25 AM, by SATURNPOET

    This is Anubis, my hound/dane. He's 10.5, and is anno... Read more

  • Goals for August (well, what's left of it!)

    8/17/2016 1:29:19 PM, by ISABELLE84

    Hello there again! I've been pretty good in avoiding sugar though I didn't entirely but I feel a lot better. Last time I had a chocolate ice... Read more

  • Mid Week Status - Taking it Easy

    8/17/2016 12:29:15 PM, by VHALKYRIE

    It's hard to say how things are going this week. I'm still experiencing backlash from last week's stress, so I'm not seeing a lot of movement in... Read more

  • PCOS

    8/17/2016 9:32:27 AM, by TSHEP83

    With my pcos symptoms out of control it's time for me to take control! I can't take more cycles like this one with acne worse than I had in high ... Read more

  • PCOS

    8/17/2016 9:32:27 AM, by TSHEP83

    With my pcos symptoms out of control it's time for me to take control! I can't take more cycles like this one with acne worse than I had in high ... Read more

  • A Little Help

    8/16/2016 11:31:30 AM, by COOLAUNT1961

    As anyone who is a member of SparkPeople knows, losing weight is one of the toughest challenges we face on a daily basis. I know it is for me. An... Read more

  • My son just left for school again

    8/15/2016 4:16:53 PM, by STARTINGINLIMBO

    It was such a blessing to have him here for five months or so. An unexpected treat. I just said good bye to him, after a nice long hike with him,... Read more

  • Despite the scale, if i can

    8/15/2016 2:41:39 PM, by SATURNPOET

    An inanimate object could really ruin a whole day, if i let it! Long story: weighed in at the doctor's office Thursday after avoiding the scale... Read more

  • Something to think about

    8/14/2016 9:43:53 PM, by SASSISPRING

    Stella Young I Am Not Your Inspiration http://www.ted.com/talks
    y_m... Read more

  • The Week Ahead

    8/14/2016 10:49:58 AM, by VHALKYRIE

    This morning my husband and I took a 10 mile bike ride around the neighborhood. Leisurely, nothing too strenuous. We made notes of plants and l... Read more

  • GOALS: Week of August 14, 2016

    8/14/2016 7:41:20 AM, by DCFELLA

    Goal(s): 1) Do some light jogging (3:1) at least once this week. 2) Take at least one high intensity yoga classes. Try a a session from Down ... Read more

  • THANK YOU for visiting my page today...

    8/14/2016 4:10:23 AM, by _RAMONA

    Being SparkPeople Motivator of the Day is a doubl... Read more

  • Visualize 6 months from now

    8/13/2016 10:34:28 PM, by SATURNPOET

    My SparkCoach exercise for today: A. "visualize how you want to look & feel 6 months from now." 1. Look: Slimmer. more toned. A comfortable... Read more

  • Motivation, Food and Bike Rides

    8/13/2016 5:53:47 PM, by MOMSFIVE1028

    ess.com Let's see if this will work this time...lol Life is a roller coaster, it has it's ... Read more

  • Body Fat Measurements #2: Trends

    8/13/2016 11:41:03 AM, by VHALKYRIE

    This is a continuation of my post on Body Fat measurements. Assuming you have at least a week's worth of bodyweight, body fat and lean mass meas... Read more

  • Humidity with a touch of sarcasm

    8/12/2016 12:47:32 PM, by FMIAYLA

    When I stepped outside at 7AM this morning the air was already saturated with moisture. I checked the weather app on my phone and it shows we ar... Read more

  • Hello, Weekend!

    8/12/2016 9:23:17 AM, by VHALKYRIE

    I've had a rough week for a number of reasons. A couple of well-loved and essential team members are leaving us right before a major product rel... Read more

  • Back

    8/11/2016 8:19:30 PM, by FMIAYLA

    It's been a while since I've been on Spark people. A lot has happened in the last couple of years. My dear beautiful dog died of cancer on July... Read more

  • Movies and Weight

    8/11/2016 5:17:05 PM, by SASSISPRING

    Last night my niece experienced her first outdoor movie. Our community started "Movie in the Park" and it is quite successful. There were a cou... Read more

  • Shoes can stop dropping any time now

    8/11/2016 4:54:03 PM, by SATURNPOET

    Seriously! the month i decide to get 'back on track' (you know how that goes!), bad things happened. Good things too. Lots of running-aroun... Read more

  • Mid Week Stress, But Still On Track

    8/11/2016 9:56:01 AM, by VHALKYRIE

    Almost end of the week, and things are going well. Food and exercise are on track. I am officially able to retire a pair of shorts that are too... Read more

  • Randomness

    8/10/2016 4:39:05 PM, by SASSISPRING

    On Monday, August 8th, my 54th year of being on this earth occurred. I spent it being perfectly lazy. My mother loves to tell the story of my bi... Read more

  • Pilgrimage to Rivendell

    8/10/2016 10:00:34 AM, by VHALKYRIE

    I'm almost at the halfway point on my "Walk/Cycle to Rivendell" challenge. Using information from Nerd Fitness, I made a spreadsheet where I tra... Read more

  • Life in recovery; therapy and step 3.

    8/9/2016 9:48:29 AM, by MRSKATEDUVALL

    8/8/2016. Life in recovery; therapy and step 3. I had therapy yesterday. We talked about balance, and step work and I tried to bull my way t... Read more

  • August Goals

    8/9/2016 9:30:19 AM, by VHALKYRIE

    August is my do-or-die month. In September I have a work trip, then my husband and I are are taking a short vacation to Canada. This is the la... Read more

  • Body Fat Measurements

    8/8/2016 3:16:58 PM, by VHALKYRIE

    I got asked a question on how I calculate my body fat percentage on one of my blogs. I will explain my methodology. This will require some ... Read more

  • Break up long overdue

    8/8/2016 12:45:01 PM, by DACADOOO

    Dear Wine, This has been coming for awhile and it is now time to break up! I am kicking my big girl juice boxes to the curb and starting fr... Read more

  • Sprint Once in a While

    8/8/2016 9:22:20 AM, by VHALKYRIE

    This morning I got up and completed a 30 minute HIIT workout on the elliptical. I have had good success using the Beatburns Elliptical Trainer a... Read more

  • One week in

    8/8/2016 5:35:32 AM, by ODDLASS

    10st 1lb 141lb Well, at least have made a start! I was not totally amazed at losing 4lb, i have been overdoing it for a while and not eve... Read more

  • Whole 30 Style

    8/7/2016 7:54:19 PM, by VHALKYRIE

    My clean eating style is closest to Whole 30: meats, veggies and fruits as close to their natural form as possible. The main deviation I take fr... Read more

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