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  • Tattoo - Yay or nay??

    11/26/2014 10:49:32 AM, by PARKSCANADA

    Full day planned tomorrow. I am picking up my oldest daughter and a friend to head off to the annual Festival of Crafts. My daughter and I have... Read more

  • Not Feeling So Hot

    11/24/2014 12:27:05 PM, by CHANGING4ME49

    Second day of not feeling so good. It began yesterday and today I am so physically tired. it's pathetic! Sleep is fine so I'm not sure what the d... Read more

  • 3 Days In

    11/23/2014 4:02:37 PM, by CHANGING4ME49

    I'm halfway through my third day on this new program and well, I'm tired. Physically, emotionally and mentally tired. Feel like I have run a full... Read more

  • A Fresh Approach

    11/21/2014 7:00:02 AM, by CHANGING4ME49

    with a brand new program and outlook. Today marks the start of another new beginning! I am feeling confident with my new team of doctors and diet... Read more

  • Flashdance

    11/20/2014 2:53:36 PM, by PARKSCANADA

    Broadway Across Canada Calgary - Flashdance tonight with my husband and a couple of very good friends! Can't wait! Great music, amazing dancing... Read more

  • First Christmas party of the season

    11/16/2014 11:46:28 AM, by PARKSCANADA

    Made a plan .......and for the most part followed it. - eat a healthy breakfast and lunch - - grab veggies before leaving for th... Read more

  • Christmas Party

    11/14/2014 5:14:48 PM, by PARKSCANADA

    Tomorrow is the first Christmas party of the season. A library fundraiser in a 1920's theme. The key to this whole season is to plan - plan act... Read more

  • T-minus 7 days

    11/14/2014 1:29:47 PM, by CHANGING4ME49

    Well I spoke with the patient navigator for the Missions Weight Loss Management Program and had my first appointment with her this morning. I sig... Read more

  • Thursday's Tidbits

    11/13/2014 8:35:35 AM, by CHANGING4ME49

    Thanks so much to all those who responded to my blog concerning my daughter. I am pleased to report things are better on that front. In fact she ... Read more

  • Wednesday's Musings

    11/12/2014 9:07:27 AM, by PARKSCANADA

    Wintery Wednesday Morning. Roads are slippery, it's dark and cold outside today, a perfect day to stay at home and cocoon. My diet sabotage - t... Read more

  • Lest We Forget

    11/11/2014 10:36:40 AM, by PARKSCANADA

    In Flanders Fields John McCrae In Flanders fields the poppies blow Between the crosses, row on row, That mark our place; and in the... Read more

  • Restless Heart

    11/11/2014 6:06:23 AM, by CHANGING4ME49

    I had a disagreement with my daughter last night. I called her because I was missing hearing her voice and wanted to know how her week had went. ... Read more

  • Week 10 success

    11/10/2014 9:20:08 PM, by 4LABLADY

    68 days 27 pounds lost After some troubles in Week 9-- with carb calorie days, I am back on track. 1. Reset for blood sugar by cleari... Read more

  • 2014 NYC Kidney Walk

    11/10/2014 3:37:42 AM, by CHANGING4ME49

    My niece an Goddaughter Melissa walked the NYC Kidney Walk on my behalf yesterday. She had a great time and raised more than $200 to fight Kidney... Read more

  • It's beginning to look a lot like Christmas.....

    11/9/2014 3:22:23 PM, by PARKSCANADA

    The snow is coming down, the Christmas tunes are on, and I am putting up the Christmas decorations. It's a beautiful way to spend a quiet winter... Read more

  • November 9, 2014

    11/9/2014 1:41:50 PM, by DELTAGAL65

    This weekend I feel like a slug. I have to ... HAVE to stay off my ankle and rest it or it will never heal. So far - down 60 pounds. Yeah!... Read more

  • Food - It's Everywhere!

    11/5/2014 9:30:14 AM, by PARKSCANADA

    It's usually sometime after the dogs are fed and the dinner dishes cleaned up that I can sit down and watch a little TV. The kids have had open ... Read more

  • Inspiration

    11/3/2014 7:44:25 AM, by CHANGING4ME49

    Just a few of my favorite quotes. Enjoy! ... Read more

  • Christmas is coming and the geese are getting fat.....

    11/2/2014 12:30:23 PM, by PARKSCANADA

    Yesterday was really our first taste of winter - cold, dreary and gloomy, snow, ice. I cocooned and ate. Promised myself it will only be one da... Read more

  • November 1st

    11/1/2014 10:02:00 AM, by CHANGING4ME49

    Woke up this 1st day of November to 26 degrees and with our first SNOW of the season. Just 2 inches for us but other areas of Western NC saw up t... Read more

  • Wishing Everyone A

    10/31/2014 8:25:25 AM, by CHANGING4ME49

    Happy Halloween!! ... Read more

  • Great workout

    10/29/2014 8:42:02 AM, by OPTIGIRL44

    Forgot to add that I'm working out as well. I've been going to yoga, swimming and doing cardio for 2 weeks now - starting to feel good and I'm do... Read more

  • Scarefest In Honor of Halloween

    10/28/2014 6:14:54 PM, by CHANGING4ME49

    Continuing my Scare fest tonight in honor of one of my favorite holidays, Halloween. Tonight's line up includes The Strangers, and Aliens. Last ... Read more

  • One More Run

    10/25/2014 3:07:03 PM, by PARKSCANADA

    Start time 6:15PM. Halloween Howl 5k. I haven't been able to train much this month, but still going to get out and do this. I've been really s... Read more

  • Week In Review

    10/24/2014 10:17:51 AM, by CHANGING4ME49

    Wednesday Dh and I wen o he Farmer's Markey with our grandson, his mommy and Dan to pick pumpkins out for Halloween. Read more

  • It's Monday...and it's time to do this!!

    10/20/2014 2:57:57 PM, by OPTIGIRL44

    6 weeks to go until I go to phase two of my program. So far so good today. Ever reach a point where you get fed up with yourself and your... Read more

  • Monday Update

    10/20/2014 1:25:29 PM, by CHANGING4ME49

    I am fully recovered form this weekend. Caught a 48 hour stomach bug and was miserable all weekend. I hate being sick but from what the docs tell... Read more

  • Optifast and more

    10/17/2014 1:22:28 PM, by CHANGING4ME49

    So I attended the Mission Weight Loss Management/ Optifast Program Information Session last night. It had a very good turnout and I do feel it is... Read more

  • No Sleep for the Weary

    10/15/2014 1:41:53 PM, by CHANGING4ME49

    Well I tried Melatonin Last night for my sleep issue. After doing a bit of research I decided to half a 3 mg pill last night but it didn't help a... Read more

  • Moving forward

    10/14/2014 4:52:11 PM, by CHANGING4ME49

    So UNC's Transplant Team called me to schedule their first look see at me for December 5th. I will take a class on transplants than meet with one... Read more

  • Sleep Relief?

    10/14/2014 9:57:08 AM, by CHANGING4ME49

    Finally my doctor has okayed me to use Melatonin for my sleep issue. After years of suffering I may actually get some much need SLEEP. I am prayi... Read more

  • Enough is Enough

    10/14/2014 2:16:45 AM, by CHANGING4ME49

    I am so tired of not sleeping. I have finally made up my mind to call the doctor lter this am and see what I can take for it. There has got to b... Read more

  • Thank God for Small Steps

    10/12/2014 10:59:26 AM, by CHANGING4ME49

    Well out of all my goals for the week I only managed to do one. Transfer my files to the NEW desk. WOW GO ME! Oh well, it's a smal... Read more

  • Obamacare - Why not?

    10/10/2014 8:37:31 AM, by AURORADAWN5

    This is a debate I've stayed out of because, being a Canadian, frankly it's not my fight. We've had "universal" health care in Canada since I wa... Read more

  • Starting again

    10/7/2014 9:28:17 PM, by ANNSCOTT58

    The last time I added to this blog was 2008. What does that tell you about my dedication to this goal of mine? In the recent past I spent several... Read more

  • Struggle

    10/1/2014 4:24:25 PM, by PARKSCANADA

    Plans in place for the Zombie race on Sat Oct 4th. Registered for an 8K on Oct 26th - Halloween Howl. Looking at a couple of runs in Nov. Pret... Read more

  • One Foot in Front of the Other

    9/29/2014 5:27:02 PM, by PARKSCANADA

    I decided I needed to set myself a fitness goal for 2015. My daughter and I decided that we would like to run the Disney half marathon next Nove... Read more

  • Butterfly Garden

    9/19/2014 11:26:17 PM, by FITSUNE

    I've decided to make a section of my garden dedicated to attracting butterflies. First I tried to plant dill seeds for the Tiger Swallow Tails ... Read more

  • Simple September Tatting Pattern

    9/13/2014 2:57:47 PM, by FITSUNE

    Pocket Accent This medallion matches the edging of the previous patter... Read more

  • TGIF

    9/12/2014 3:31:32 PM, by PARKSCANADA

    Back in the day it was a fast food, do nothing, go out for drinks, munchies kinda day. Now...... exercised, cleaned house, planned a healthy m... Read more

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