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  • Gratitude July 28 2015

    7/29/2015 1:16:42 AM, by JENNEINAZ

    Number 1: Older son and the Spanish tutor can work together. Older son likes her dog and likes her style of teaching. WOOHOO! Number 2: Af... Read more

  • Well, Its all out there...

    7/29/2015 1:09:09 AM, by WAXXIEKAXXIE

    Initially, I did not want to add pictures to my profile because for the first time in my life, I shouted my current weight to the world. I just d... Read more

  • Tuesday

    7/29/2015 12:20:00 AM, by WONDERGALE

    Walked 3.8 miles at lunch time. Walked .5 miles to the bus stop. Walked .7 miles to the store. Fitbit - 6.58 miles 14,361 steps Weight:... Read more

  • Whole30 Day 2

    7/28/2015 11:12:35 PM, by CARRILU

    Oh.Sweet. Molly, today was another full-blown , although deferred, caffeine withdrawal complete with body and head pain beyond my tolerance and v... Read more

  • This is not the life I want.

    7/28/2015 9:10:50 PM, by FEARTOLOVE77

    I am tired. I am stressed. I have barely enough energy to get by. I have tunnel vision of getting work done, but it is just emptying me out. ... Read more

  • Broke Through Weight Loss Plateau, And Hungry!

    7/28/2015 8:45:04 PM, by ONEVOICE128

    I weighed in at 162 pounds even today, so I finally got under 163.1 pounds! I think it could have been because I ate so little yesterday (not by... Read more

  • Where Oh Where Can I Find...

    7/28/2015 7:19:50 PM, by MARINGAL

    So many times I read in blogs people asking where they can find "motivation." Actually I believe you can sometimes find it on the internet…Blog... Read more

  • Day 48 on optifast (end of week 7)

    7/28/2015 3:59:02 PM, by GINARAE2289

    I can't believe that it has been 48 days! For whatever reason putting it into weeks sounds somehow shorter. So that means as of tomorrow I will b... Read more

  • A new beginning

    7/28/2015 2:12:54 PM, by PLEASEANDTHANKS

    I've been so busy thinking I was too busy to get fit. I was fooling myself. I have had kids at home for 24 years, and now that my youngest is sta... Read more

  • Day 241 - Cardio Day

    7/28/2015 12:25:21 PM, by SRWYLIE

    This morning, I had a couple people ask me what kind of cardio I do. So I decided to write about it. I've talked about the Focus T25 routines bef... Read more

  • Crossroads...

    7/28/2015 11:29:01 AM, by 4EVERADONEGIRL

    at-the-crossroa... Read more

  • Inspirational Quote - 7/28/15

    7/28/2015 11:05:59 AM, by ICE9CA

    Life is either a daring adventure of nothing. - Helen Keller Read more

  • domestic viloence

    7/28/2015 5:30:35 AM, by WILDXANGELS

    domestic violence After I left DV I was so relieved and so happy I wasn't killed. Now I almost wish he did kill me because the agony keeps gett... Read more

  • Tuesday

    7/28/2015 3:12:18 AM, by JTREMBATH

    Had a very upsetting day today I had a run in with my Acting Manager Charge Nurse I have worked in the hospital system for 30 years next month ha... Read more

  • Drinking Water Is The Easy Part

    7/28/2015 2:50:36 AM, by WAXXIEKAXXIE

    Wow, I didn't realize that drinking water would be so easy. I have not had cravings for soda, however, I do have a sugar free juice every other d... Read more

  • Gratitude July 27 2015

    7/28/2015 12:45:00 AM, by JENNEINAZ

    Number 1: My parents are safely on their way. They left this morning with lots of smiles and happy thoughts. Number 2: We made it to park... Read more

  • Monday

    7/28/2015 12:19:26 AM, by WONDERGALE

    Walked 3.8 miles at lunch time. Walked .5 miles to the bus stop. Walked 2 miles with my husband. Did some strength exercises, legs and arms... Read more

  • Whole30 Day 1

    7/27/2015 11:48:21 PM, by CARRILU

    I was so excited about starting I woke a few times through the night in anticipation of getting on with it or was that the coffee binge I went on... Read more

  • Floating

    7/27/2015 7:49:34 PM, by LADYIRISH317

    Still floating, waiting for things to develop. Dealing with government offices takes a LOT of patience. Of the first two batches of bread I ... Read more

  • Oh The Past...

    7/27/2015 7:33:10 PM, by MARINGAL

    Good walk today with Sundae, he is doing well on his meds. I haven't even attempted him to climb in the car….I think I will pass on that for no... Read more

  • Day 240 - Round 2

    7/27/2015 7:33:01 PM, by SRWYLIE

    The second interview for the community college position went very well today. This morning at 8:30 I met with the President and Vice President of... Read more

  • Research

    7/27/2015 5:51:07 PM, by LUCKYCHARM209

    I seem to be at another plateau. Stuck at 187. 5 pounds down since I started, however, still not where I wanted to be. I'm thinking about increas... Read more

  • Weight Loss Plateau And Broken Electric Toothbrush

    7/27/2015 5:26:44 PM, by ONEVOICE128

    I weighed in today at 164.2 pounds. It is just so frustrating, because I haven't gotten below 163.1 for about a week now. I'm doing everything ... Read more

  • Inspirational Quote - 7/27/15

    7/27/2015 11:33:58 AM, by ICE9CA

    Every artist was first an amateur. - Ralph Waldo Emerson Read more

  • Inspirational Quote - 7/25/15

    7/27/2015 11:29:15 AM, by ICE9CA

    It's kind of fun to do the impossible. - Walt Disney Read more

  • it is time to face sugar...

    7/27/2015 10:22:48 AM, by MJMONE

    just joined or should I say decided to participate in the 'conquer your sugar addiction' team. Here is my intro post. Hi! my name is Karen.... Read more

  • Seeing Myself

    7/27/2015 4:46:42 AM, by WHOVIAN140

    The other day I took my kids to a park near the bay. My youngest daughter has the ability to find kids she doesn't know and make friends with the... Read more

  • Monday

    7/27/2015 2:39:03 AM, by JTREMBATH

    Didn't get much done this morning had to catch the shuttle to go over to the other hospital.... Read more

  • Gratitude July 26 2015

    7/27/2015 1:22:18 AM, by JENNEINAZ

    Number 1: Panera still sells bagels. Today was the third day in a row that I bought bagels. My parents are leaving tomorrow so I think the bag... Read more

  • DASH Diet - Day 8

    7/26/2015 11:02:57 PM, by SNICKERSINCALI

    First week is in the books...I weighed in yesterday, and I'd lost three pounds. Not bad for someone of my age and no exercise! My knee surgery wa... Read more

  • Days 238 and 239 - Blessings and Gratitude

    7/26/2015 9:29:59 PM, by SRWYLIE

    The celebration of life service for my Uncle Don was beautiful and moving. His best friend Don Bates (since they were 10 or 11 - a friendship tha... Read more

  • I Got Married!

    7/26/2015 8:24:31 PM, by LUCKYLISA12002

    May 31st 2015 was my big day! I married my best friend and I felt amazing. I've come a long way from 350 pounds at a size 26. Read more

  • week 4 of PT

    7/26/2015 8:22:14 PM, by LINTPICKER

    I am entering my 4th week of PT and then I return to work next week. I am so tired of trying to get more flexibility and movement in my leg. It ... Read more

  • Believe Or Not To Believe...

    7/26/2015 7:06:40 PM, by MARINGAL

    I decided to blog a little earlier than I am use to, I have time on my hands. Last blog I mentioned that I received a "back-handed' nsv about my ... Read more

  • It's my turn now!!!

    7/26/2015 6:26:46 PM, by SIMPLYTERI

    I enjoyed being a mom and raising my 2 kids. Looking back any sacrifices I made for them never seemed like a burden. They were welcome choices I ... Read more

  • I think I am bigger than I am !!

    7/26/2015 6:22:20 PM, by CLASSYLADYMAY

    Here I went to the thrift and got a blouse I loved and I didn't try it on. It was a size I used to wear a awhile ago and I thought it was my size... Read more

  • Revelations...

    7/26/2015 4:26:32 PM, by FREE2LOSE

    I've been running now for over three years, but I always knew that running was not enough by itself. I knew I needed to add strength training, b... Read more

  • Non Scale Victory

    7/26/2015 2:00:55 PM, by WONDERGALE

    This morning I was feeling down about my weight on the scale. I'm back up to 241.2. But my clothes are fitting very nice. So I decided to go i... Read more

  • SP Daily Community Task...

    7/26/2015 11:58:40 AM, by MYTIME75

    is to write one thing I'd like to accomplish this week. I'd really like to get my sleep habits back to regular mode. During the school year,... Read more

  • Gratitude July 25 2015

    7/26/2015 1:38:01 AM, by JENNEINAZ

    Number 1: All the bagels are gone. Again. I think my kids like them. I will go back to the store and get another dozen in the morning. N... Read more

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