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  • Trusting God- Prayers Needed!

    8/22/2017 12:59:20 AM, by YISKAMIRYAM

    Tonight I got some news that I was kind of suspecting- news that was the thing that had been worrying me financially. I've had things budgeted ou... Read more

  • Breakthrough

    8/21/2017 12:44:10 PM, by YISKAMIRYAM

    I am all ready for tracking my food. Excited about it... Read more

  • Breakthrough

    8/21/2017 12:40:40 PM, by YISKAMIRYAM

    I am all ready for tracking my food. Excited about it... Read more

  • Weighed In

    8/20/2017 10:28:29 AM, by YISKAMIRYAM

    Well, day 1 of tracking didn't go very far. It should have, I know it. I may have done a few little things good here and there, but not much. As ... Read more

  • Day 1 of Tracking

    8/14/2017 12:03:25 PM, by YISKAMIRYAM

    Well, where do I start? Isn't that always the hardest part? Maybe it's breaking through the barriers that are always a part of life that is the h... Read more

  • Activity Tracking is CRUCIAL!

    8/11/2017 10:57:33 PM, by YISKAMIRYAM

    Activity- it is such an encouragement. It makes you realize how good you feel when you do it. One thing that has stood the test if time with my f... Read more

  • Getting Back On Track

    7/8/2017 7:22:52 PM, by TAMMYD45

    Okay, it is time I start to take my health seriously. Yes I may need a powerchair, but there is still things I can do. And who knows, I may be ab... Read more

  • Holiday and Party

    7/5/2017 10:37:50 AM, by YISKAMIRYAM

    So I fell off track a bit. On Saturday I had a huge bday party for one of my best friends who turned 30. Drinks, pasta, and potato salad in exces... Read more

  • On track!

    6/22/2017 7:59:45 AM, by YISKAMIRYAM

    I am hovering around 2000 calories most days and with not bingeing in the middle of the night anymore, that is really good. It's also crucial tha... Read more

  • Beating a Monster.

    6/19/2017 2:58:57 PM, by YISKAMIRYAM

    I've steadily been working on eating my veggies and fruit. This has been in the form of smoothies and salads. I've been getting on track with som... Read more

  • Summer Plans

    6/14/2017 10:41:53 AM, by YISKAMIRYAM

    This summer I am working in the home of a lady who had a stroke a few years back. It's a little more physically demanding than I am used to, so I... Read more

  • Summer

    5/21/2017 7:33:51 PM, by YISKAMIRYAM

    I have had a wonderful couple of weeks off of college and now I start back for my summer classes. I am taking 4 classes but am thinking of droppi... Read more

  • Raiders of the Lost Ponytail Band

    5/4/2017 11:57:51 AM, by PANDORAN

    My kid would be the first to tell you that I'm always losing stuff. I go through sporadic periods during which I attempt to get more organized, b... Read more

  • When Did I Stop Being a Teenager?

    5/3/2017 11:42:33 AM, by PANDORAN

    Lesson learned. I made a mistake, it would appear. For years, I'd been a night owl, able to breeze through life while staying up until an ab... Read more

  • A Dip in the Pensieve...

    5/2/2017 11:26:47 AM, by PANDORAN

    I haven't even been sure of what to write today. I'm trying to keep the blogging as a daily activity, however, for a couple of reasons. One... Read more

  • *Insert Headdesk Here*

    5/1/2017 12:56:10 PM, by PANDORAN

    I refuse to give up. That's it. I just refuse. Though days like today, I kind of feel like if I had a pair, life would have kicked me in the... Read more

  • Forget the Cullens- I am soooo not vampire material.

    4/30/2017 7:50:16 AM, by PANDORAN

    Today's adventure in healthy cooking: seasoning my breakfast with Rh negative. On the plus side, my kitchen knives are blankety blank blank ... Read more

  • Daring the Inconceivable.

    4/29/2017 7:50:34 AM, by PANDORAN

    Hey, guys, I'm afraid I've been thinking. A dangerous pastime, I know. Anyway, I started thinking about dreams and aspirations. Mine, specif... Read more

  • The Triumphant Two!

    4/28/2017 9:25:50 AM, by PANDORAN

    Behold the Incredibles! Sorry Pixar, I just couldn't resist. My daughter and I just had our first weigh-in after starting our weight-loss... Read more

  • It's A Bird, It's a Plane, It's... SuperVeggies?

    4/27/2017 8:40:12 AM, by PANDORAN

    Well, whaddaya know. I mean, every kid knows by now that eating their vegetables is good for them. They frequently hate vegetables at som... Read more

  • Not From This Planet.

    4/26/2017 5:38:03 AM, by PANDORAN

    This morning, I find myself faced with something that a normal person would not find tempting. I sure as heck do, though. That oddball temptation... Read more

  • Spicy Salvation

    4/25/2017 7:33:28 AM, by PANDORAN

    Day four of my weight loss efforts. It's been interesting, to say the least. I love to cook, which is funny for me of all people to say since I h... Read more

  • What is this Sleep of Which You Speak?

    4/24/2017 2:59:25 AM, by PANDORAN

    Good grief. I know my babysitting shift starts early, but not this early. I've got to get a grip on my sleep cycle. Is it even possible that... Read more

  • Its time

    4/22/2017 11:06:18 PM, by YISKAMIRYAM

    Well, here I am almost to the end of my first semester of college as a grown adult. i went to college when I was in my late teens/early twenties ... Read more

  • Maybe this will encourage you like it did me!

    4/22/2017 2:29:03 PM, by MRSGIXXER

    Life is hard! I don't say that as a complaint but more of an observation and really a realization. This is, to a degree, encouraging. I don't k... Read more

  • Recipes

    4/16/2017 7:42:21 PM, by ELYSIAN_DREAMS

    Flaming Amy’s Pineapple Jalapeno Salsa Prep time 5 mins Total time 5 mins Serves: 5 What You Need: 1 large can pineapple chunks,... Read more

  • Keeping Tabs

    3/20/2017 4:03:31 AM, by ELYSIAN_DREAMS

    (8/13 -- 231.2 lbs I manually did my pulse this morning, and I got 78.) At Krogers in Lex: 8/12/17 230.4 BP: 136/89 (At Risk) ... Read more

  • Unwell

    3/13/2017 10:29:51 PM, by YISKAMIRYAM

    Today was a rough day with sickness (stomach bug or maybe eating something that didn't agree with me) but I managed to pull myself together. I go... Read more

  • Getting it together

    3/12/2017 5:04:51 PM, by YISKAMIRYAM

    Well, I have had an entire week off from college. I h... Read more

  • Need to vent

    3/2/2017 10:18:10 PM, by YISKAMIRYAM

    Well, after my last blog I got slammed with some major deadlines for college. Suddenly losing weight seemed like a pipe dream. I even took 2 days... Read more

  • Progress

    2/19/2017 7:12:30 PM, by YISKAMIRYAM

    It may not be much, but for me, the progression I've made is great. So far I am logging my calories and being mindful of what goes into my mouth.... Read more

  • The Busy Life of a College Student/Working Mom

    2/18/2017 3:25:12 PM, by YISKAMIRYAM

    So its been awhile since I've been on SP. I've gained about 2 lbs since the last time I weighed in (about 12-13 lbs up from my lowest adult weigh... Read more

  • Starting Over 2017

    1/29/2017 11:09:40 PM, by ELYSIAN_DREAMS

    New Highest Weight: 247.0 Depending on which source I use: BF: 44.4/ 44.5 BMI: 40.4/ 40.5 Either way, that's bad. (Officially m... Read more

  • Round... I lost count.

    1/24/2017 2:27:19 AM, by MMARTIAN

    Not a bummed out post, just a reality. One of these times, I know it'll stick. I entered a challenge with a local nutrition store for 8 weeks... Read more

  • Commitment & Determination pay off!

    1/21/2017 8:37:34 PM, by MRSGIXXER

    The last 8 weeks of working out consistently have been great! I am done letting life's challenges interfere with how we want our life to look. I... Read more

  • Don't forget to stretch!

    1/15/2017 1:33:25 PM, by MRSGIXXER

    Not too long ago I wrote about how important I have found that eating right is. When my husband and I skip dinner or don't eat a well balanced h... Read more

  • Survive, Thrive, Grow

    1/5/2017 8:38:53 PM, by MRSGIXXER

    I've been looking at my old blogs from when I first started using SparkPeople. I'm happy about how far I have come. Since 2007 I have become mo... Read more

  • Goal #1

    1/5/2017 8:03:46 PM, by YISKAMIRYAM

    So, I have been thinking about goals and had come up with four general areas to work on. However, I do not want to have typical run of the mill g... Read more

  • Steps

    1/3/2017 12:44:21 PM, by YISKAMIRYAM

    I didn't create any goals this year. I still could... I definitely envision myself fit by the end of 2017. There are some steps that I need to t... Read more

  • End of the year perspective

    12/30/2016 10:51:12 AM, by YISKAMIRYAM

    Well, it's been a rough year. I won't go into it on here, but I think that it's something I will sit down and journal about once I have a free mo... Read more

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