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  • blogstreak day 26

    6/27/2016 1:43:00 AM, by SWEDE_SU

    several lovely walks today added up to 18,000 or so steps. seattle is such a beautiful place to go walking - the gardens are amazing. we came acr... Read more

  • blogstreak day 25 - seattle

    6/26/2016 1:43:59 AM, by SWEDE_SU

    not your typical day in seattle; we recently discovered that our car did not have a spare tire. it had a pump and a repair kit. which might be fi... Read more

  • blogstreak day 24 - the journey begins

    6/25/2016 1:36:31 AM, by SWEDE_SU

    made it to seattle after a long, hectic, and somewhat stressful day. my dad (almost 101 years old) is in the hospital getting a "tune-up". i gues... Read more

  • blogstreak day 23

    6/23/2016 11:07:49 PM, by SWEDE_SU

    and that is it. tomorrow we head for seattle, first stop on our journey to sweden for the summer. last night was the last time that i will need t... Read more

  • blogstreak day 22 - the end is in sight...

    6/22/2016 11:45:14 PM, by SWEDE_SU

    finally. tonight is the last night i have to get up at midnight until september. summer (more or less) officially starts in sweden with the midsu... Read more

  • blogstreak day 21 - happy summer!

    6/21/2016 11:15:58 PM, by SWEDE_SU

    today was both better and worse. worse because i had to get up to work without enough sleep; better because i finished the work i had to do for t... Read more

  • blogstreak day 20

    6/20/2016 11:31:14 PM, by SWEDE_SU

    as my status said, i'm burning candles at every end possible. i never slept before starting work last night, but got a few hours in the wee hours... Read more

  • blogstreak day 19 - 200 weeks of maintenance...

    6/19/2016 10:41:05 PM, by SWEDE_SU

    and i am NOT going to blow it now. i am absolutely at the upper end, scream weight is here. this morning when i woke up, i decided it was time to... Read more

  • blogstreak day 18

    6/19/2016 12:02:49 AM, by SWEDE_SU

    strange day - the weather report said there would be about one hour without rain. and it was right. we went out on our morning adventure just tha... Read more

  • blogstreak day 17 - blink, it's friday!

    6/17/2016 11:33:38 PM, by SWEDE_SU

    goodness. company is here, and i can't hide in my office. but i didn't want to break the streak. soooooo..... more tomorrow. but for today:... Read more

  • blogstreak day 16

    6/16/2016 11:34:37 PM, by SWEDE_SU

    another day, another hike... we've lived here over ten years, and are still finding wonderful walks just a few miles from home, as the crow flies... Read more

  • blogstreak day 15

    6/15/2016 11:31:40 PM, by SWEDE_SU

    phew! i really did plan to write a blog earlier today... went for what i planned to be a shorter, easier run this morning - well, it was shorter.... Read more

  • blogstreak day 14

    6/15/2016 12:32:29 AM, by SWEDE_SU

    uh boy. it's even later than it was yesterday. we drove over the mountains and back again. some snow flurries at the pass. pouring rain on the we... Read more

  • blogstreak day 13

    6/13/2016 11:32:42 PM, by SWEDE_SU

    quickie before bed. was busy living life today - had planned to work, but... oh well... we returned to the beautiful flower hike we had taken a ... Read more

  • blogstreak day 12

    6/12/2016 7:17:27 PM, by SWEDE_SU

    taking it easy day. a little work. a little walking. a little rest. preplanned meals (AKA leftovers). tracked. maintaining... Read more

  • blogstreak day 11

    6/11/2016 6:46:32 PM, by SWEDE_SU

    sleep sure makes a difference. this is the first weekend i do not have to work (or travel) since about january. slept with no alarm last night, a... Read more

  • blogstreak day 10 - better.

    6/10/2016 6:17:37 PM, by SWEDE_SU

    definite improvement today; water weight dropping off, and the wine holiday continues. beautiful walk this morning, though not sure if we got (wi... Read more

  • blogstreak day 9 - scream weight

    6/9/2016 5:04:51 PM, by SWEDE_SU

    it's official. this morning i weighed in at scream weight. my highest weight now is 10 lbs more than my lowest was in january. salt may be respon... Read more

  • blogstreak day 8

    6/8/2016 6:32:04 PM, by SWEDE_SU

    it's raining! it's cooler! phew! after several days of temps in the 90s, the clouds were welcome today. we still got in a lovely 5 mile walk this... Read more

  • blogstreak day 7 - 400 days spinning the wheel...

    6/7/2016 12:23:57 PM, by SWEDE_SU

    another day, another streak - 400 days worth. another reminder how important it is to keep on trying to refocus. because i am *not* getting back ... Read more

  • blogstreak day 6

    6/6/2016 5:19:52 AM, by SWEDE_SU

    yesterday didn't quite turn out as planned - we were supposed to hike with friends, but they begged off, so we decided to take a flower walk - wh... Read more

  • blogstreak day 5

    6/5/2016 6:20:22 AM, by SWEDE_SU

    it was a hot one yesterday! we took it fairly easy on the morning walk, and pelle did not mind the swim in the river at all. a few shorter walks ... Read more

  • blogstreak day 4

    6/4/2016 6:24:13 AM, by SWEDE_SU

    yesterday had its good side and bad side. the good side - we took a 5 mile hike, 1.5 miles up a mountain and in the forest past waterfalls, 2.5 m... Read more

  • blogstreak day 3 - first run

    6/3/2016 4:14:38 AM, by SWEDE_SU

    yesterday we finally went running. the plans for the day transformed when i managed to postpone a deadline until after the weekend, so instead of... Read more

  • blogstreak day 2

    6/2/2016 4:02:53 AM, by SWEDE_SU

    so that was may - a crazy month for me, recovering from the trip home from molokai, preparing for the trip out to sweden - and back again. it see... Read more

  • june. or... so long, may...

    6/1/2016 10:25:31 PM, by SWEDE_SU

    just wanted to write *something*. because i am afraid if i let the busy times, the outdoor times, take over, i will forget the things that make m... Read more

  • Fanning Springs to Old Town

    5/31/2016 12:15:47 PM, by INGMARIE

    about 14 miles walked total, we started going to Chiefland, but it was a boring and dusty trail(next to a dirt road) turned around and walked to... Read more

  • it's your path. make it a beautiful walk...

    5/31/2016 4:23:55 AM, by SWEDE_SU

    i found this on a spark friend's page this morning; it was attributed to "unknown" - but i can't imagine a better approach to life, literally and... Read more

  • First Post

    5/31/2016 3:29:24 AM, by VALSTABO

    I'll take the time to write a new blog post today.. well i signed up yesterday, for the full package. now i guess i have to do something about i... Read more

  • monday

    5/30/2016 10:31:47 AM, by SWEDE_SU

    making progress on the jet lag front, getting more sleep. and now it is monday, and back to work - since my clients are in sweden, it is not a ho... Read more

  • 90 weeks...

    5/28/2016 8:33:57 AM, by SWEDE_SU

    i love the milestones that spark marks - the motivation really helps. today i hit 90 weeks of 30 miles per week, running or walking. most of it h... Read more

  • finally home...

    5/27/2016 6:10:35 AM, by SWEDE_SU

    yep. i've used that title before. but every single time we step out of the car after that long long journey over the mountains, and breathe that ... Read more

  • jet lagging in transit...

    5/26/2016 3:58:52 AM, by SWEDE_SU

    jet lag is one of those things you have to put up with, the price you have to pay, for traveling over time zones. and experience says it takes 7 ... Read more

  • Exercise is fine but...

    5/25/2016 2:14:27 AM, by MEDDYPEDDY

    Biking has been really good, very much due to that "classic"-challenge. I have biked at least five kilometers all days but two since the 11th of ... Read more

  • homeward bound

    5/24/2016 11:01:42 PM, by SWEDE_SU

    whenever we are in stockholm, we walk. and walk. and... well, you get the picture. our hosts provide us with bus/train passes, which we dutifully... Read more

  • traveling

    5/24/2016 1:04:04 AM, by SWEDE_SU

    sipping coffee on a stockholm morning, last day before the journey home. found a scale today - not the best news, but not the worst. the past few... Read more

  • Relapse and resisting

    5/24/2016 12:52:55 AM, by MEDDYPEDDY

    A friend called and wante my company to a "summer opening night" at a restaurant in the harbour, she had gotten VIP-tickets and since I have not ... Read more

  • So easy side-tracked...

    5/20/2016 4:04:12 AM, by MEDDYPEDDY

    Reading Spark Friends blogs and immedeately start questioning my plan. Part of my disease is not trusting my own judgement which means that I am ... Read more

  • ICA-classics...

    5/19/2016 1:00:46 AM, by MEDDYPEDDY

    Once again I will try to get more active on Spark, this because I am planning to be more passive on the swedish site that has been taking the ene... Read more

  • first cool weather run

    5/3/2016 4:49:59 AM, by SWEDE_SU

    that is, if you can call 65 degrees cool - but it sure is compared to 75... four miles, mostly running with a few walk breaks, mainly on the hill... Read more

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