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  • No snakes today

    8/18/2016 10:15:43 PM, by SCHATZISMOM

    I feel like I'm back on track. I walked again today for the second day in a row. I have been wobbling for the last several weeks but I refused ... Read more

  • "healthy" foods

    8/18/2016 7:18:22 PM, by COACHSANDRALEE

    Is There an Official Definition for “Healthy” Food? Yes. According to the Food and Drug Administration (FDA), a food can only be marketed as... Read more

  • Fight with food

    8/18/2016 6:35:11 PM, by 40NOW2007

    Lately I have been struggling with staying within my calorie limits. I just get hungry. But today I think I won the fight. What I ate seemed nutr... Read more


    8/18/2016 5:35:48 PM, by CHERYLE51

    OK. Thursday will be my official weigh in day. I lost a pound, Doesn't seem like very much considering how much physical therapy I have been doi... Read more

  • Blatant reward seaker

    8/18/2016 4:32:53 PM, by L15773

    I am that person who gives herself a part on the shoulder because she needs it... if only the scale - better yet my body - would continuously giv... Read more

  • Need to loose 100lbs

    8/18/2016 10:32:15 AM, by LMESEROLL7182

    I have never been this heavy without having a child in my belly. Its so hard to lose but so easy to gain. I am going to start eating more healthy... Read more

  • Smaller clothes!

    8/18/2016 10:31:21 AM, by SNAPPYSHEARS

    Today I am going shopping with my mom, I need to find a smaller belt and some smaller sized shorts! Yea!... Read more

  • Mixed Message Monday/Trees Down Tuesday/Woozy Wednesday

    8/18/2016 8:02:57 AM, by BARB4HEALTH

    While looking through a woman's magazine I found mixed messages just a few pages apart. One said, "You can get really hungry if you skip your m... Read more

  • Results not excuses

    8/18/2016 5:47:10 AM, by GOMYMICHELLE

    You can have results or you can have excuses. Not both. But do give yourself a break once in a while. We aim for progress not perfection and slow... Read more

  • Been a long time between blogs

    8/17/2016 11:40:41 PM, by SCHATZISMOM

    I had no idea it had been that long since I blogged. I really fell off the wagon this time, so to speak. Fortunately, this evening, I had a re... Read more

  • Good day

    8/17/2016 11:01:30 PM, by KRAE68

    It was finally cooler today and I was able to get some outside stuff done. Getting my oldest ready to go back to college on Sunday 🙁 . Back t... Read more

  • Healthy foods

    8/17/2016 10:49:12 PM, by COACHSANDRALEE

    Is There an Official Definition for “Healthy” Food? Yes. According to the Food and Drug Administration (FDA), a food can only be marketed as... Read more

  • Be yourself

    8/17/2016 7:32:23 PM, by GOMYMICHELLE

    Not everyone is a perfect size 4. Or has a 30" waistline. The best part about eating healthy is that you get healthy by doing so. So just keep yo... Read more

  • Improved endurance

    8/17/2016 6:16:03 PM, by 40NOW2007

    Had a really active day, including some harvesting and housecleaning for my parents. I made it thru without my heart pounding and pulse too high.... Read more

  • Almost to goal... 7.4 to go!

    8/17/2016 1:42:16 PM, by LBIDDLE-S

    Surrendered on Feb 8, 2016...Weight log August 18, 2016.... Started tracking my intake day one...still going strong even though no longer count... Read more

  • Weigh in day

    8/17/2016 10:14:21 AM, by SNAPPYSHEARS

    Today was another dreaded weigh in day...to my surprise I am down 2 lbs...163 now, yea!!!... Read more

  • Oh, Happy Day

    8/17/2016 8:12:50 AM, by MAMACHM

    When I started this weight loss journey, I didn't think I'd really see this day. I weighed in this morning at 199.4. I'm under 200 lbs! I haven't... Read more

  • Healthy foods

    8/17/2016 12:25:59 AM, by COACHSANDRALEE

    How We’re Taught Which Foods Are Healthy Most of us learn to judge a food’s healthiness from the people around us. Mom, a teacher, a fit fri... Read more

  • Uphill Battle

    8/16/2016 8:08:46 PM, by KLMEIRING

    I had the pleasure of attending a leadership conference last week. One of the speakers presented an idea that has been ruminating in my mind. T... Read more

  • Stormy night

    8/16/2016 8:08:06 PM, by KRAE68

    It has been so hot and humid here in PA. It has been storming off and on all week. Some days it cools off, but most days it doesn't. Makes it har... Read more

  • Next goal 235 by 8/30

    8/16/2016 7:45:03 PM, by L15773

    Can I keep the streak and beat this goal? I'm going for 5 pound icriments instead of 10 because they are more attainable than 102 pounds! Mini go... Read more

  • Back in the groove

    8/16/2016 3:31:54 PM, by SNAPPYSHEARS

    Today I got back into my normal routine, I've been quite lacks because of the bad humidity the past week! I know it shouldn't have been an excuse... Read more

  • Hello Sparkfriends

    8/16/2016 9:06:21 AM, by MKAROL209

    Hello Sparkfriends. Have a great day. I'm still trying... Read more

  • what is healthy

    8/16/2016 8:35:27 AM, by COACHSANDRALEE

    Picture healthy food; what comes to mind? A farmer’s market stand brimming with organic fruits and vegetables? Maybe the “health food” section of... Read more

  • Flooding Continued

    8/16/2016 6:55:21 AM, by DEEKELLYE

    Read more

  • Less is less.

    8/16/2016 6:48:46 AM, by PEACAN

    I haven't had my laptop for a few weeks, while it was in for repairs. I am back now, though! I am now down to 275lbs, which means I have no... Read more


    8/15/2016 7:55:09 PM, by COACHSANDRALEE

    So… What Exactly Is Clean Eating? With all the buzzwords out there, Faye’s desire for more education could certainly come in handy. A 2014 s... Read more

  • Spark People Premium

    8/15/2016 5:13:53 PM, by DOG_MOM

    Thoughts on Spark People Premium so far: Pluses- - No Ads Woo Hoo! - I like the Spark Coach morning visualization exercise - I als... Read more

  • Back at it

    8/15/2016 2:35:07 PM, by IXFALLX2XPIECES

    I sort of gave up mid week last week. Stopped exercis... Read more

  • Ice cream

    8/15/2016 2:11:06 PM, by ALMOMMA

    Decided I wanted real ice cream today. So, I'm going to work it into my calorie range and enjoy it. Not going to feel guilty about it! I like ... Read more

  • Getting back on track

    8/15/2016 2:05:57 PM, by SNAPPYSHEARS

    Yesterday was a bad day, I ate a lot of ice cream leather ate in the evening and found myself mindlessly munching right along with my husband, bu... Read more

  • Vacation

    8/15/2016 7:03:20 AM, by GMBOMG

    We're heading to D.C. for a family vacation. Looking forward to Mount Vernon, Smithsonian, hop on hop off bus tours, and the zoo. We have a 1 ... Read more

  • Out of town tomorrow

    8/14/2016 10:39:04 PM, by KRAE68

    Headed out of town tomorrow with my parents. My dad has an endoscopy in the morning. He was diagnosed with lung cancer and waldenstrom lymphoma l... Read more

  • Caught up on sleep

    8/14/2016 10:12:38 PM, by SCHATZISMOM

    Yesterday was a pretty good birthday. I went to my favorite Chinese restaurant with my daughter and DH. He was a good sport because the place i... Read more

  • Hope for the Season

    8/14/2016 9:47:24 PM, by BARB4HEALTH

    Please be gentle with yourself and others. We are all children of the Creator, and none can say why some fields blossom while others lay brown b... Read more

  • Little frustrated

    8/14/2016 4:28:42 PM, by ALMOMMA

    I'm a little frustrated. My hubby keeps getting upset because he doesn't want me working out in the living room. He says it will ruin our carpet... Read more

  • I'm still questioning my success AND fearing failure

    8/14/2016 3:58:28 PM, by CGPS1795

    Why is it that I/we keep hedging our bets so to speak? OK, so I'm down 210-211 pounds 24-25 pounds from my interim goal weight. Yet I'm still a... Read more

  • New Start

    8/14/2016 1:54:19 PM, by A53226

    I am feeling pretty defeated right now and decided this is the change that has to be made. 3 years ago I lost 120 pounds and kept it off until la... Read more

  • Starting over at 59 is Frightening

    8/14/2016 12:53:05 PM, by SGLOVER28

    I've made the decision to get back into shape. "Back into" is a pretty big leap, since I've been out of shape for a good 10 years. I have a lot t... Read more

  • Technical difficulties!

    8/14/2016 12:27:42 PM, by PLAINJANEDOE

    During my run this morning - about 45 min in I believe - my phone started doing this thing where Siri starts talking even though I'm just running... Read more

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