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  • Back with a purpose

    5/10/2017 11:47:31 AM, by BACKTOBASICSTR

    I've been gone for quite a while....things just got to be to much to handle....walls were closing in and I just couldn't breath anymore! I'm... Read more

  • Success in Trying One More Time - Edison

    5/10/2017 10:36:10 AM, by JOYFULPAMELA

    88 88 88 Read more

  • Monday and Tuesday

    5/9/2017 10:22:29 PM, by BARB4HEALTH

    Monday was another therapy session for DH. His injury is no better. Today he had another session. He will have one more before he probably wil... Read more

  • Simple fix?

    5/9/2017 6:40:10 PM, by 40NOW2007

    So I have to start testing my blood sugar. Just once a week for now. Also, I will get a diagnostic mammogram in June. Cost me $70 in copays and ... Read more

  • Simple fix?

    5/9/2017 6:39:50 PM, by 40NOW2007

    So I have to start testing my blood sugar. Just once a week for now. Also, I will get a diagnostic mammogram in June. Cost me $70 in copays and ... Read more

  • New Chapter

    5/9/2017 10:32:19 AM, by KLMEIRING

    A new chapter has begun. I graduated from college with my Master's degree this past weekend and I have a few days in between the completion of m... Read more

  • Health scare

    5/8/2017 9:57:43 PM, by 40NOW2007

    Tomorrow I visit my gynecologist and primary doctor. Hopefully I will get some good news. I was light headed while walking to my counseling appoi... Read more

  • 5/8/2017

    5/8/2017 9:33:54 PM, by MSCARRIE46

    so today I was super busy at work and didnt have much time to go looking for a snack. Came in under the calorie count. This is why I need to meal... Read more

  • Weight Going Down Again

    5/8/2017 7:55:44 PM, by CHERYLE51

    Trying again. After going up again, going down again. I have to get this weight off because we are going to Florida beach. That means bathing su... Read more

  • Weekend, Fab Finds & Monday

    5/8/2017 4:20:32 PM, by BLISSFULMOMENTS

    Monday begins with healthy breakfast... ... Read more

  • going strong!!

    5/8/2017 7:43:59 AM, by ASPERORDER

    so proud to say still sticking with it. This week I will up the intensity... Read more

  • Let do this

    5/7/2017 10:11:32 PM, by SPARKBORICUA

    This will be my new exercise challenge...What about y... Read more

  • Sunday

    5/7/2017 10:37:57 AM, by DHAMILTON15634

    It is cold today, but the rain is gone. It is finally nice and I can go for my walk. I will do my exersize a little later. I woke up late today. ... Read more

  • I did it!

    5/6/2017 11:45:21 PM, by KLMEIRING

    Here is a picture of me with my youngest niece, my ... Read more

  • Rain again

    5/6/2017 7:12:20 PM, by DHAMILTON15634

    So it rained all day again. I guess I'm going to need to invest in some rain gear. I want to go out and walk, but I don't like to be wet. Neither... Read more

  • 05/06/2017

    5/6/2017 6:51:43 PM, by MSCARRIE46

    Today I am hoping to do some meal prep and get my clothes ready for the week ahead. Sometimes a little prep makes all the difference in the world... Read more

  • I love the smell of suntan lotion

    5/6/2017 4:08:25 PM, by PLAINJANEDOE

    Ladies (and gentlemen if you have an informed opinion) - can tanning oil be used as a moisturizer? I am not trying to tan. I am just wondering if... Read more

  • I'm back!

    5/6/2017 3:09:14 PM, by CSINGER_69

    My daughter came up from Florida to visit the last week in April so needless to say logging was just not in the to do list. I am happy to say tha... Read more

  • Heyyyy I'm back!

    5/6/2017 7:00:58 AM, by FITNESSVIXENN

    Hey Spark Friends! I'm back. Sparks people gave me the Big start. I ve been with Sparkpeople going on 7 years. They've been wonderful to me. Noth... Read more

  • Happy update today

    5/5/2017 4:40:51 PM, by DHAMILTON15634

    When I was 18 I had given up my 2nd child. Well I found out today he wanted to talk. He found his cousin. I've been talking all day. Asking quest... Read more

  • Apple Harvest Salad

    5/5/2017 4:14:47 PM, by MYTURN19

    Sounds yummy right.Met friend for late lunch, last minute choice of Max and Erma's.They have the best Sangria and appetizers.I said no thank you ... Read more

  • 30lbs a year

    5/5/2017 4:00:35 PM, by OFFONPLUTO

    So, about 2 years ago I noticed a pattern of always gaining 30lbs a year since I started seeing the rheumatologist. It happened again. Last year ... Read more

  • Emotional

    5/4/2017 10:18:11 PM, by 40NOW2007

    So I lost some weight. Good. Now I am dealing with some depression. Could be PMS related or even menopause related. I feel stressed. I am using... Read more

  • Cranky day

    5/4/2017 3:16:19 PM, by DHAMILTON15634

    Not sure why but I'm very cranky today. Physically I feel fine. But every thing and everyone is pissing me off. I've complained about everything ... Read more

  • C210K Week 9 day 2

    5/4/2017 12:44:11 PM, by LISA27LMG

    So I finished C25K a few weeks ago. My plan was to keep running the 5K distance until I could run it under 30 minutes. I still can't but that g... Read more

  • My Furry Workout Partner

    5/4/2017 10:08:46 AM, by JOYFULPAMELA

    I wanted to share a pic of my workout partner ... ... Read more

  • 05/04/2017

    5/4/2017 8:10:00 AM, by MSCARRIE46

    I need a boost. Today my husband is blah blah blah about my efforts. He is going shopping and is nagging about all the "diet foods" I have on the... Read more

  • Almost There

    5/4/2017 3:21:25 AM, by KLMEIRING

    Well, I am almost there. I turned in my last assignments to my professor last night and now I have one more class tonight. On Friday Mom is com... Read more

  • Feeling better

    5/3/2017 7:39:06 PM, by DHAMILTON15634

    I am able to do much more exercising now that I had my epidural. I've been moving a lot more. I got more done in my bathroom. Put in the new lig... Read more

  • Power Outage -- Monday 9 PM until Tuesday about 4 PM.

    5/2/2017 9:42:59 PM, by BARB4HEALTH

    Oh, my, how we rely on our modern tech thing-a-ma-bobs. What I really missed, though, was water and heat. we had our gas stove so I could cook.... Read more

  • May 2, 2017

    5/2/2017 7:52:35 PM, by BCWEEBER98

    walked 3.0 miles with boys, ran a little. over 10,000 steps and done by 8:00PM! get to cozy up with a book and cup of herbal tea before turning i... Read more

  • Ok day

    5/2/2017 4:21:47 PM, by DHAMILTON15634

    Went to dr. Had the epidural. Then made the mistake of going to walmart. Turned wrong and felt like a rubber band snap. That was it. Nothing but... Read more

  • What in the world???

    5/2/2017 2:17:49 PM, by MAMIEKINS484

    Today is going to be the death of me. First the dogs got off my deck this morning. One was over terrorizing the neighbor but came back when I cal... Read more

  • We met the new grandson

    5/2/2017 11:54:18 AM, by MEXGAL1

    So we finally got to meet Alexander James Watson. He ... Read more

  • I Canned It

    5/2/2017 6:28:18 AM, by CERIUSLY

    It's May Day and I still haven't started the January Cure. I hope I can get my "Spring Cleaning In 20 Minutes A Day" accomplished b... Read more

  • Weight loss

    5/1/2017 8:40:46 PM, by 40NOW2007

    I am officially in the 160's. I think my metabolism has kicked in.... Read more

  • Blahday

    5/1/2017 7:52:20 PM, by DHAMILTON15634

    Today it started out nice. My son dug yet another gar... Read more

  • restart #55

    5/1/2017 7:12:53 PM, by CLARASLIKER

    lol I let my depression grab hold and had to ride out the storm. I'm back again though. I need more support from people, I feel I have to do t... Read more

  • 5/1/17

    5/1/2017 5:00:19 PM, by DANCINGOTTER89

    so been a long rough few weeks, between work and life. I went to the doctor and she said I need to keep up the good work on the exercise and diet... Read more

  • 5/1/2017

    5/1/2017 8:17:48 AM, by MSCARRIE46

    Well last night I decided to start fresh. I am leaving for Vegas on 10/4/2017. Today until 10/1/17, there are approximately 150 days and I would ... Read more

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