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    8/23/2016 10:27:19 AM, by WHITEANGEL4

    Well I am off to shop for the furniture we need for our great room. I thought I had found it, but it will not work for the room. We both loved ... Read more

  • Thor's cave, goblins and ghosts

    8/23/2016 9:56:02 AM, by MINNIEUK

    Last weekend my parents asked to have both kids to stay for the weekend. Hubby and I gratefully accepted and decided to take the rare opportunity... Read more

  • Caprese Salad

    8/23/2016 9:03:30 AM, by MEMORIES7

    Hello Sparkfamily, On the menu for lunch...Take a peek!... Read more

  • Dark poem

    8/23/2016 4:13:28 AM, by BLONDIEANNE

    Late nights spent with you Hours thrown away Promises made Dreams dreamed For what When does reality begin Where does fantasy end Aching heart l... Read more

  • Still No Benny...

    8/23/2016 1:20:40 AM, by SUNSHINE192DAY

    Hi everyone! Just wanted to drop a quick note to say this is finals week for me, so for the next couple days I might be missing in action. But th... Read more

  • 8/22/16

    8/23/2016 12:48:57 AM, by RHOOK20047

    It is 11:45 and I am beat, but had a good report from the doctor (pulminologist) my CPAP is working and my sleep apnea is under control. The ret... Read more

  • Moved Out of the House & in a Hotel Now

    8/22/2016 11:03:35 PM, by BMCC488

    The past week has been really crazy. The auctioneer guys coming last Monday to take our big furniture that was worth selling, working on my grand... Read more


    8/22/2016 10:11:05 PM, by WHITEANGEL4

    Got up early, checked out my email and headed out with my car loaded with merchandise. I worked on my area and still need to do a lot more, but ... Read more

  • Banishing Bad Body Thoughts

    8/22/2016 8:21:04 PM, by JEB1981

    Bad body thoughts are never about your body. At least, thatís what Jane Hirschmann and Carol Munter assert in their book, Overcoming Overeatin... Read more

  • The Wave

    8/22/2016 8:20:22 PM, by PUZZLEPOPPLES

    Started The Wave by The Firm today. Today was Speed Slimming Sculpt and my arms are shaking so bad it's hard to type lol In a good way. The wave ... Read more

  • LDH's (long distance hugs)

    8/22/2016 6:01:56 PM, by IOLITE7

    Just had contact with a childhood friend after not hearing from eachother for long time. Sadly, we have lost a number of very close friends at fa... Read more

  • a new day

    8/22/2016 12:58:32 PM, by MOMMY445

    my daughter and i are keeping cool today. it is the first day in a really long time that it has not been extra hot and humid here. earlier this m... Read more

  • Peanut Butter Muffins

    8/22/2016 12:02:35 PM, by MEMORIES7

    Hello Sparkfamily, A great way to get your protein besides being yummy! Take a peek! Read more

  • Dogs ;-) 8/22/16

    8/22/2016 11:23:29 AM, by PDSLIM

    The Babysitters www.youtube.com/watch?v=
    zZnO5CYqP5A Read more

  • National Tooth Fairy Day

    8/22/2016 10:28:15 AM, by DESERTDREAMERS

    August 22, 2016 NATIONAL TOOTH FAIRY DAY - all I got was a quarter per tooth - but it was a long, long time ago - and I remember the door slam... Read more

  • 8/21/16

    8/21/2016 9:59:05 PM, by RHOOK20047

    Had a great day today. Started a church. We have an African missionary for the next 4 weeks while our pastor is on vacation. He was quite fasc... Read more


    8/21/2016 9:12:30 PM, by WHITEANGEL4

    We arrived early this morning, opened up and then we waited on customers. Not many today and they had no money. School started this last week a... Read more

  • Getting Back On the Bike; New Photo Project; Shingles Shot

    8/21/2016 5:23:04 PM, by PKBOO3

    1-21 Aug 16 Since July, we've only ridden bikes 2 or 3 times. It's been so hot and between the 3 of us riders, it's been hard to get us all... Read more

  • Bad Things Happen, But Feeling Better Now - Being Artistic

    8/21/2016 4:07:32 PM, by PKBOO3

    16-31 Jul 16 As I stated in my previous blog, it took us a few days to recuperate from our vacation. I'm good now, but there for a while, t... Read more

  • I've gained weight

    8/21/2016 3:52:35 PM, by AUNTRENEE

    Well, I was at 183 pounds at the end of this past week and now I am at 193 pounds now. Not much exercising and the greatest choices in food. I am... Read more

  • Maple Apple Chicken

    8/21/2016 11:03:33 AM, by MEMORIES7

    Hello Sparkfamily, As you may have guessed, I have been without internet again and you are correct! Now I have a new internet provider and we are... Read more

  • Cats ;-) 8/21/16

    8/21/2016 9:05:58 AM, by PDSLIM

    Making friends www.youtube.com/watch?v=
    mtjp3eqnWtw Read more

  • Cats and Dogs...

    8/21/2016 8:19:56 AM, by TERRACOTTAGE

    ... Read more

  • National Senior Citizens Day

    8/21/2016 5:25:12 AM, by DESERTDREAMERS

    August 21, 2016 NATIONAL BRAZILIAN BLOWOUT DAY - at least it's not celebrating a Brazilian wax (ouchies) Read more

  • Sunday

    8/21/2016 1:10:45 AM, by SHNERPLES

    Last week was tough. Meetings at work. Not a lot of sleep at home. Must make for better sleep habits, and remember to pick up a few things for ne... Read more

  • 8/20/16

    8/20/2016 11:44:23 PM, by RHOOK20047

    Had a low key day. Caught up with sleep, and got up late. Did some shopping and some yard work. Keeping Mike calm has proven to be a tough job... Read more


    8/20/2016 10:20:08 PM, by WHITEANGEL4

    We opened the Market this morning . The heat was horrible and I became really I'll and Hubby decided it was that I had not eaten today. We went... Read more

  • Animals ;-) 8/20/16

    8/20/2016 2:34:42 PM, by PDSLIM

    Elephant Babies Got Separated www.viralnova.com/lost-b
    m=email&utm_term=... Read more

  • Just thinking out loud

    8/20/2016 12:54:33 PM, by AWILLIAMS468

    I'm about to just complain. So need to read...I just need to get it out. I'm exhausted. I'm beyond stressed. I just want to scream sometimes. I... Read more

  • Vacay day 13~ West End Architectural visit & DH's 50th High School reunion night

    8/20/2016 10:15:32 AM, by FLORIDASUN

    Hello dear sparky friends! Thanks ever so much for sticking by me during this crazy escapade of a vacation. I know I have ... Read more

  • what a warm day

    8/20/2016 9:55:43 AM, by MOMMY445

    it is going to be another warm and humid day here today. my daughter and i are keeping cool and well hydrated. the birds are okay and are in a co... Read more

  • Almost there!!

    8/20/2016 9:37:08 AM, by MJLUVSANIMALS

    I don't know how to put it into words. But in my entire life, all the yo yo dieting and falling off the wagon 100's of times, I am finally racin... Read more

  • National Radio Day

    8/20/2016 2:20:44 AM, by DESERTDREAMERS

    August 20, 2016 NATIONAL RADIO DAY NATIONAL CHOCO... Read more

  • 8/19/16

    8/20/2016 12:37:28 AM, by RHOOK20047

    This has been a super long day. I woke up at 3:30 after going to bed at 1:30. I couldn't get back to sleep until about 4:45. Margaret got up a... Read more

  • Dogs ;-) 8/19/16

    8/19/2016 11:52:26 PM, by PDSLIM

    Happy Greetings = our furkids fill homecoming with so much love www.viralnova.com/so-muc
    source=Sailth... Read more


    8/19/2016 10:42:41 PM, by WHITEANGEL4

    Hubby went to work and I loaded up my car with clothes, personal items, etc. I had an appointment regarding the security system so I decided I w... Read more

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