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  • And this is the GOOD part...

    11/10/2016 8:07:30 AM, by DDHEART

    The good thing about posting some blog entries is that it gets us talking. After the last two posts, I've had comments and suggestions along wit... Read more

  • It Doesn't Have To Be Complicated....

    11/8/2016 10:00:37 AM, by DDHEART

    For some reason life gets in the way sometimes and that does complicate some things. For instance, my intention to post blogs on a regular basis... Read more

  • Bitterness, Inflammation and Necessary Changes

    11/2/2016 8:43:34 PM, by KSDMCF06

    If anyone has been dealing with the effects of inflammation on the body, there is hope. What many may not know or understand is what causes infla... Read more

  • Making the Commitment

    11/1/2016 9:16:48 AM, by DDHEART

    November first. It's been 5 months since I posted a blog entry. That's rather sad really since I KNOW that doing so helps to keep me focused on... Read more


    9/24/2016 9:45:13 AM, by TECAVINESS

    I have finally made it back to Spark.I have had a long hard journey since we last blogged. I was diagnosed with Stage 4 Lymphocytic Leukemia. I ... Read more

  • Unemployed

    7/5/2016 2:26:54 PM, by ANDILEIGH421

    For the first time since I was 15 years old, I don't have a job. I moved to Western MA last summer and took a new job, which took me away from th... Read more

  • OK...learn the lesson...yet again!

    6/12/2016 10:18:18 AM, by DDHEART

    My friends and I have all invested a lot of time expecting results while following the path of least resistance. By that I mean, as much as poss... Read more

  • You've Got To Want It!

    6/9/2016 10:20:09 AM, by DDHEART

    Success.....no matter what kind of success, is not magical. Success is not automatic. In order to succeed, we need to want it. Is th... Read more

  • Weigh In

    6/1/2016 10:31:25 AM, by PILLOWFOOL

    So, I weighed in this morning for my 30 day detox and it was NOT pretty. Of the 27lbs last year I appear to have gained 19 of them back since Fe... Read more

  • 30 Days to Healthy Living

    5/31/2016 5:38:13 PM, by PILLOWFOOL

    I seem to have slipped back into some bad habits lately that have made my weight spike up about 10lbs. No good. So, tomorrow I'm going to do a 3... Read more

  • 5 reasons to exercise

    4/9/2016 8:24:13 PM, by CANDOTAMMY

    To be able to 1 get up off couch 2 climb stairs without huffing 3 willing to do things 4 carry Hunter 5 fit clothes... Read more

  • Tell me something I don't already know!

    4/6/2016 5:11:40 PM, by DDHEART

    Yesterday I got a notification e-mail from Fitbit about a new feature. A dashboard tile to help remind me to move at least 250 steps an hour dur... Read more

  • Health

    4/4/2016 2:52:01 PM, by CANDOTAMMY

    to me health and energy go hand in hand. If you are in good health you will have energy. By putting healthy things in your body and by moving you... Read more

  • 5 reasons to exercise

    4/1/2016 8:50:18 AM, by CANDOTAMMY

    1) the more you move the more you want to move 2) not to be afraid of getting tired out 3) fitting into kayaks, swings, chairs 4) climbing... Read more

  • Strap on the Kangaroo shoes!

    3/20/2016 4:34:51 PM, by DDHEART

    I don't always have the ability to follow the strange pathways of my mind but today when the odd memory of kangaroo shoes popped into my mind, I ... Read more

  • Happy Hump day!

    3/16/2016 6:23:46 PM, by PILLOWFOOL

    Wilson came down with a wicked cold yesterday which m... Read more

  • Spring has Sprung!

    3/14/2016 9:25:06 PM, by MBECKER1975

    It's finally feeling a bit like spring here! Spring . . . the season of rebirth and growth. I'm using the changing of the seasons as a metaphor... Read more

  • Hi, there

    3/14/2016 3:18:33 PM, by PILLOWFOOL

    I haven't been posting or even checking in to Spark but that doesn't mean that I haven't been working! In January I participated in my 2nd ... Read more

  • Perspective

    3/1/2016 1:38:27 PM, by DDHEART

    When you're lost in the woods & feeling helpless, it can seem as though you will never find your way. But if you could see your position as the ... Read more


    2/16/2016 11:01:12 AM, by DDHEART

    At the start of this year, I had determined to streak two fitness goals. The first was to run a mile a day every day. The second was to do plan... Read more

  • February Fools!

    2/2/2016 2:32:38 PM, by DDHEART

    February 2nd in Northern Wisconsin is more like April 1st. When I first logged on to the computer this morning I saw a headline touting that... Read more

  • We're all different.....but.....

    2/1/2016 1:06:51 PM, by DDHEART

    .........I hope we're all still learning! I've learned a lot in the years I've been a Spark member. The most important thing I've lea... Read more

  • Here's a great goal!

    1/30/2016 10:26:07 AM, by DDHEART

    Last night Fitbit sent me a notification of my stats for the year 2015. They told me I had logged 3,910,078 steps. Who knew? I shared ... Read more

  • Wow! 7 years...Really?

    1/29/2016 12:07:36 PM, by DDHEART

    I don't post blogs nearly as often now as I did when I first joined Sparkpeople. Back then, I used my blog posts as a way to work through some o... Read more

  • Merry Christmas to me!

    12/7/2015 3:05:14 PM, by DDHEART

    One thing about being my age and having no children, is that Christmas tends to be very low key. That's ok with me since I was never all that in... Read more

  • Cheering

    11/23/2015 6:27:49 AM, by AUGUSTAGLOOP

    I just wanted to let everyone know that things are going really well for me right now. I think this new job is going to be great (though I'm only... Read more

  • Wondering

    11/10/2015 1:27:42 PM, by AUGUSTAGLOOP

    This is an extra short blog entry because I'm at work. I have done really well with eating only when I'm hungry, etc. over the last few weeks. I ... Read more

  • The Positive side of My Husband's Cold

    11/9/2015 5:52:45 PM, by DDHEART

    My husband finally admitted the other day that the allergies he was complaining about might be a cold I had suggested this possibility days ago ... Read more

  • Reflecting

    11/7/2015 7:02:47 AM, by AUGUSTAGLOOP

    Well, the first week of my new job is under my belt and they haven't fired me yet! It's been a gorgeous week. The town I in which I now work is h... Read more

  • Preparing

    11/1/2015 7:35:46 PM, by AUGUSTAGLOOP

    I probably won't be blogging as much as I have these last two weeks now - my 'unemployment' is over. I start my new job tomorrow. The commute is ... Read more

  • Aching

    10/31/2015 8:06:25 AM, by AUGUSTAGLOOP

    I woke up yesterday with a ton of pain in my lower back - as in, can barely bend over or sit down. This is not a usual occurrence for me, and I t... Read more

  • Laughing

    10/29/2015 7:42:23 PM, by AUGUSTAGLOOP

    Today I went out with my BFF after she was done with school (she's a 5th grade teacher). It was great to see her (it's been 4 whole days lol). Sh... Read more

  • Sorry I've been MIA

    10/28/2015 11:10:39 PM, by LASHARINK

    So sorry that my last post was on September 10th... Read more

  • Stretching

    10/28/2015 6:03:23 PM, by AUGUSTAGLOOP

    I started the day with some yoga - the first time in a loooong time. I did Beyond Basic Yoga for Dummies with Sarah Ivanhoe - a very good DVD. My... Read more

  • Sleeping

    10/27/2015 10:48:00 AM, by AUGUSTAGLOOP

    . . . so much for boundless energy - I just snoozed on the couch all morning. It was lovely! I don't get to do that very often. I'm usually up by... Read more

  • Jogging

    10/26/2015 6:40:48 AM, by AUGUSTAGLOOP

    Last night I actually felt restless with energy. This is not something that I ever, EVER feel. I am perfectly happy snuggling on the couch with m... Read more

  • Losing

    10/25/2015 6:25:07 AM, by AUGUSTAGLOOP

    After 9 days of meticulous tracking, the scale finally budged. .8 lb, but still. I was starting to think that the scale was broken and was not ab... Read more

  • Shopping

    10/24/2015 7:45:38 AM, by AUGUSTAGLOOP

    Yesterday I had a bad day. I'm not sure why. It was an absolutely stunning, calendar-worthy day in SE Ohio. My husband was in a good mood. Eating... Read more

  • Trying

    10/23/2015 7:44:41 AM, by AUGUSTAGLOOP

    The first day of refined sugar/flour free eating is under my belt with no problems, though I was STARVING after dinner, and that's unusual for me... Read more

  • Abstaining... with Purpose

    10/22/2015 8:43:03 AM, by AUGUSTAGLOOP

    So I'm not a person that agrees with eliminating foods from your diet, unless they are absolutely evil for your individual body. On January ... Read more

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