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it's friday
8/22/2014 1:34:52 PM,  5 COMMENTS

i am having a good day so far! woo hoo! my daughter says hi. all of the birds say cheep,cheep! it's friday! the weekend is here! yay! i am looking for...  Read more


8/22/2014 12:21:00 PM,  4 COMMENTS

My niece drowned my poor phone with a bottle of water so I'm not even able to go out today (I refuse to go out without a way to make an emergency call...  Read more


8/22/2014 12:08:05 PM,  0 COMMENTS

"It is only with the companionship of the Holy Ghost that we can hope to be equally yoked in a marriage free from discord. I have seen how that compan...  Read more


What a day...
8/21/2014 11:42:16 PM,  12 COMMENTS

I am totally exhausted. Today has been BRUTAL. They finally told me I could go ahead and post the state Medicaid. That's about $200,000 posting f...  Read more


Crossfit Fundamentals Day 3
8/21/2014 10:37:26 PM,  0 COMMENTS

Being at the gym/box, whatever you want to call it, isn't the hard part. The hard part is not being there. I don't have anyone else who has this int...  Read more


200g until that 100kg mark
8/21/2014 7:19:49 PM,  5 COMMENTS

My son's wedding is coming up fast and furious, but I finally have decided on a dress it is the one above. I have reduced my size going from a...  Read more


woo hoo!
8/21/2014 3:24:03 PM,  12 COMMENTS

i just found out a while ago that i got into the online upgrading course i wanted! yes! i will have to take math separately, at a different place. the...  Read more


8/21/2014 2:59:17 PM,  0 COMMENTS

"As we strive to understand, internalize, and live correct gospel principles, we will become more spiritually self-reliant. The principle of spiritual...  Read more


Video Workout Day
8/21/2014 12:32:01 PM,  3 COMMENTS

524 Spark Friends! I have doing pretty good with working out regularly, and am happy about that. I try to mix it up a bit so some days it is lo...  Read more


Fatigue is lifting....hooray!
8/21/2014 12:27:19 PM,  48 COMMENTS

Last week, I wrote that I had been having very severe fatigue for about a month and a half. I haven't been able to determine the cause of it, but it...  Read more


Hoping for Calm Today
8/21/2014 8:11:55 AM,  6 COMMENTS

This week has been very stressful at work. Long story short - I have to redo a coworker's work because the version of software my company is implement...  Read more


Love it...Hate it...Crossfit Fundamentals Day 2
8/20/2014 9:34:31 PM,  1 COMMENTS

Today we were all there except for one person. We also added another person to the class. We reviewed the following: Rowing Back squat Press ...  Read more


it's wednesday
8/20/2014 3:18:58 PM,  11 COMMENTS

another nice summer day. my daughter's last day at day camp is tomorrow, it is a full day at the camp for her. she gets to see the movie frozen.all of...  Read more


8/20/2014 10:48:24 AM,  1 COMMENTS

"Jesus Christ gave His life as a vicarious atonement. He resolved the ultimate question raised by Job. He overcame death for all mankind, which we cou...  Read more


8/20/2014 8:35:10 AM,  4 COMMENTS

stag·nant [stag-nuhnt] ADJECTIVE 1. not flowing or running, as water, air, etc. 2. stale or foul from standing, as a pool of water. 3. chara...  Read more


The object lesson and other stories
8/19/2014 10:09:55 PM,  11 COMMENTS

Further to my recent blog about my cookbooks: I recently got the Culinary Institute of America's home baking book. There was a recipe for rye rolls w...  Read more


OFFICIAL Exercise Challenge OFFICIALLY Completed... now LIFESTYLE Continues!
8/19/2014 6:26:11 PM,  21 COMMENTS

As she indicated, my Divine Miss O started her streak PROMPTLY on Monday! Today instead of using my rebounder, I tried...  Read more


You say COLOR...I say FUN!!
8/19/2014 4:31:57 PM,  8 COMMENTS

I FINALLY got to experience what the COLOR RUN is all about! With only having eye laser surgery 4 days before I was instructed that IF I was g...  Read more


a beautiful day
8/19/2014 1:02:17 PM,  3 COMMENTS

i do have some errands to run today. it is a really nice,sunny day here. my daughter and i will be doing some back to school shopping tomorrow. i pic...  Read more


8/19/2014 12:56:39 PM,  4 COMMENTS

Did not feeling like working out today. Did it anyway. That is all. 521...  Read more


8/19/2014 11:17:02 AM,  1 COMMENTS

"While many governments and well-meaning individuals have redefined marriage, the Lord has not. In the very beginning, God initiated marriage between...  Read more


WL Vlog #3 weigh in
8/18/2014 11:27:48 PM,  2 COMMENTS

It's weigh in day...and good news!...  Read more


Definitely the BIG Girl tonight!!! Crossfit Fundaments Day 1
8/18/2014 10:00:30 PM,  2 COMMENTS

So today I had my first fundamental lesson for crossfit. I have to attend six classes and then I can do regular WODs. There were seven of us in the...  Read more


No white knuckling it here.
8/18/2014 9:18:13 PM,  11 COMMENTS

I wrote the following January 27, 2010, You can read the rest here:
l_individu...  Read more


Oh HOW I wish I lived in Missouri!!!
8/18/2014 6:33:44 PM,  10 COMMENTS

I would register in a heartbeat! Friday, September 26 – Sunday, September, 28 • Friday Night Social...  Read more


Some relief and maybe finally getting off this plateau...
8/18/2014 2:15:25 PM,  3 COMMENTS

So we aren't going to get to go to SC because we desperately need a new car before winter. I'm relieved...we were going there mostly to see my mom an...  Read more


8/18/2014 12:26:17 PM,  5 COMMENTS

"Parenthood is a sacred privilege, and depending upon faithfulness, it can be an eternal blessing. The ultimate end of all activity in the Church is t...  Read more


it's monday
8/18/2014 11:46:42 AM,  5 COMMENTS

i have made some inquiries on help i need to complete one section of an application package i need to finish filling out to be accepted into a women's...  Read more


Up early, full of energy, manic monday?
8/18/2014 8:24:17 AM,  2 COMMENTS

Instead of laying awake in bed for two hours, I thought I would get up and blog my thoughts. I might suffer later in the day, but my Monday schedule...  Read more


Reducing to concerntrate....what should I be doing?
8/17/2014 11:18:18 PM,  3 COMMENTS

Reductions always bother me, I hate stirring and waiting for the liquid to concentrate. Mine enviable turn out to water because I didn't wait properl...  Read more


Something New!
8/17/2014 10:30:47 PM,  1 COMMENTS

It's time to start something new. I have set my goals and have a plan. I start Crossfit tomorrow and look forward to learning the ropes. I really...  Read more


Sunday slump
8/17/2014 10:29:46 PM,  18 COMMENTS

It's Sunday evening, and it's HOT here. Dreading tomorrow morning. The boss is back from vacation, and she'll find something to be ticked off at me fo...  Read more


Giving Birth...
8/17/2014 8:00:48 PM,  16 COMMENTS

... to the rest of my life! Right now I feel a lot like I did those last couple of weeks before the Divine Miss O was born. I just wanted her to...  Read more


begining of the week, and I am still tired from the last one...sigh
8/17/2014 2:50:50 PM,  4 COMMENTS

I am still very tired, and in slight fibro pain. It's from inactivity. While my soul needs me to sit in the chair with the cat and the dog, the body...  Read more


WL Vlog #2 Support
8/17/2014 1:21:19 PM,  0 COMMENTS

The difference bwtween success and failure - a support network...  Read more


8/17/2014 1:08:14 PM,  2 COMMENTS

"I must testify of the blessings of daily scripture study and prayer and weekly family home evening. These are the very practices that help take away...  Read more


8/16/2014 5:22:34 PM,  1 COMMENTS

I am pretty sure a lot of my shin pain has to do with my worn out shoes...ok so shoe replacement is a must. I'm not entirely sure what I'm looking for...  Read more


what a rainy day
8/16/2014 2:56:23 PM,  10 COMMENTS

it is really raining here. my daughter's soccer tournament went really well. now we are at the library relaxing. it was so worth it to get up extra ea...  Read more


WL vlog #1
8/16/2014 2:29:53 PM,  3 COMMENTS

Lets try something new...ramblely introduction vlog. Good job if you get to the end,...  Read more


Interim Goal Reached
8/16/2014 12:22:08 PM,  7 COMMENTS

Today, I am overjoyed!!! I lost 4 pounds in my weekly weigh in. That is down 50 pounds since February this year and since I really started trying th...  Read more


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