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  • The first 24 hours

    12/29/2016 11:17:20 AM, by HEALTHIERSARAH

    I'm trying to do this one day at a time. It's hard to feed my family one thing and choose compliant options for myself. (I'm grain free but they ... Read more

  • Happy Mothers Day

    5/6/2016 2:11:05 PM, by CHAR8026

    I was thinking today of Mothers Day. I have only celebrated this day 4 times for myself, and it is still strange to think that I am a mom. I have... Read more

  • Success

    3/1/2016 11:15:10 AM, by CHAR8026

    This is one of my favorite pictures, because it seems I do this. The need for instant gratification and or it becoming too hard. Read more

  • Gratitude and Wins today....

    2/26/2016 11:13:27 AM, by CHAR8026

    Today is just a quick post, and I am just listing my gratitude and wins today. Today is Day 7 on the Whole 30 and I am doing pretty good other t... Read more

  • Nap Time

    2/25/2016 11:22:03 AM, by CHAR8026

    Day 6 of Whole 30 and true to the timeline, I am just wanting to take a nap. This is so what I feel like right now.... Read more

  • A dream....

    2/23/2016 3:45:58 PM, by CHAR8026

    Have any of you seen the movie Tangled by Disney? It is a great movie and how in the face of all obstacles Rapunzel overcomes and gets to her dr... Read more

  • And here it is almost 2 months into it....

    2/12/2016 11:56:07 AM, by CHAR8026

    And here it is almost 2 months into it, and I don't feel like I have accomplished anything. It has been one thing or another and they are starti... Read more


    1/18/2016 12:28:45 PM, by MRSAMBERLYNNE

    I BEAT GRAVE'S DISEASE, and so can you! (Almost any autoimmune disease, in my opinion.) In October 2014, I was very, very sick for weeks, an... Read more

  • The Western Diet, Sugars, Starches, and Carbs

    1/18/2016 11:36:15 AM, by MRSAMBERLYNNE

    Sugars, starches, and carbs: Why they are the enemy I'm going to start from square one, for those who really don't know much about what they... Read more

  • Yo-Yo dieting... why it's the devil.

    1/18/2016 11:09:18 AM, by MRSAMBERLYNNE

    At some point we have all seen, ran into, or even tried "MIRACLE" products or plans to lose weight. Let me explain to you why these are part of w... Read more

  • Another year older even faster, stronger and more flexible and still no thinner

    1/11/2016 9:27:19 AM, by CHEAPPSYCHOLOGY

    Haha, my last blog entry was a year ago. The story continues, I started Crossfit in July and stuck to it. I feel fabulous, am really much s... Read more

  • The search with in

    1/4/2016 3:05:15 AM, by IDNYCAGIRL

    Today I've realized I'm so far from being a good spark friend to myself. I always seem to put everyone's needs first in my life. I think that's... Read more

  • Chocolate!!!!

    12/31/2015 2:09:45 PM, by J_JAY_ROSE

    I am addicted. I'm doing the sugar challenge so I can be more aware of my sugar cravings and I realized it's mostly chocolate. So let's find a n... Read more

  • The Countdown 3, 2, 1

    12/31/2015 1:45:44 PM, by CHAR8026

    I am getting myself ready to countdown into the New Year. I am really looking forward to working on myself, my faith and trying some new things.... Read more

  • Resolutions for a new year

    12/30/2015 2:55:13 PM, by IDNYCAGIRL

    Reflecting on this year that has passsed, I have been thinking of the days of yesterday and what they had for me. They were actually really the ... Read more

  • The New Year - Welcoming 2016

    12/30/2015 2:54:45 PM, by CHAR8026

    So I have been thinking of my new years resolutions, (that never work) and how I always set the same goals... and never quite get there. This ye... Read more

  • Sugar Challenge & Body Issues

    12/30/2015 11:37:40 AM, by J_JAY_ROSE

    So I'm doing these blogs as part of the sugar challenge need to journal.... So let's start with the sugar check-up. I did get rid of most of the ... Read more

  • Sugar Challenge

    12/29/2015 12:54:50 PM, by J_JAY_ROSE

    I am taking the spark People Sugar challenge. I have a problem. I have a sugar addiction. I don't deny it... It's a problem I've struggled with s... Read more

  • Week Rewind

    12/15/2015 11:37:56 AM, by CHAR8026

    Last week was a crazy week with a visit from mom, s... Read more

  • Coming Out of The Fog

    12/7/2015 6:16:25 PM, by CHAR8026

    Little by little I am coming out of my fog, my depression, and getting back into a normal life. I have been under this fog that seems to suck al... Read more

  • Letting Go

    12/4/2015 11:12:13 AM, by CHAR8026

    I stumbled across a blog yesterday called orgjunkie.com. She had some great tips on getting organized. And I figured out that I could implement... Read more

  • Dreams, Hope, Faith

    12/2/2015 5:49:19 PM, by CHAR8026

    WOW, has it been a long time since I have written here. I think I am missing it. It used to be a daily adventure where I would let my thoughts ... Read more

  • I'm MSG intolerant! Also--

    10/5/2015 11:10:56 AM, by MRSAMBERLYNNE

    I appear to be monosodium glutamate intolerant as well--or have an allergy. If you look up the symptoms, they are "tingling skin, headache, and/o... Read more

  • My Power Song Today....

    10/1/2015 11:31:41 AM, by MRSAMBERLYNNE

    AVALON - "Alive" I don't want to be broken anymore Living life in a million pieces I can see my world is changing Waking me from my sl... Read more

  • Gluten Cross-Reactivity and Weight Gain

    9/30/2015 10:23:03 AM, by MRSAMBERLYNNE

    I was so doing well on my weight loss efforts since going gluten free. In doing so, I was eating as much as I wanted and losing weight. This week... Read more

  • Sugar Addictions

    8/8/2015 11:59:06 AM, by IDNYCAGIRL

    I have with in the past year decided to quit sugar to get on a healthier path with my nutrition. Things changed and ... Read more

  • Summer recap

    7/29/2015 1:15:10 AM, by IDNYCAGIRL

    As August begins I am wondering where did all my motiva... Read more

  • Sabotage

    5/4/2015 12:55:43 PM, by NEVERMIND2010

    I haven't interacted much here in the last couple of years. It's been a rough time. My mother died. My son had surgery. One cat had 2 surgeries. ... Read more

  • Getting things ready

    4/8/2015 12:30:31 PM, by ASONA77

    I am trying to get things together not only materials but emotionally. I need support. I need help holding my self responsible.... Read more

  • Random Thoughts

    3/26/2015 5:53:27 PM, by CHAR8026

    I swear the only reason I don't blog more is because of the title. Having to come up with a catchy title to what I am thinking every day can jus... Read more

  • Fun Weekend in Oregon

    3/24/2015 6:37:48 PM, by CHAR8026

    We had a great time at my mom's this last weekend. Blake got to play in the mud, see ALL of his grandparents on my side of the family and run wi... Read more

  • Have not been keeping up

    3/9/2015 7:03:50 PM, by CHAR8026

    Wow, I have not been keeping up with my blog. And I need to, because this keeps me accountable, and I can go back through and see where I hit tr... Read more

  • Stronger, faster but not thinner

    1/22/2015 9:03:06 AM, by CHEAPPSYCHOLOGY

    The past year has shown me again what I can achieve. My fitness goals were: Lift more weight. Tick - achieved Run further and faster. ... Read more

  • Ready, Set, Go!!

    1/5/2015 2:37:49 PM, by CHAR8026

    So today is technically the first day of the new and improved me. I didn't elaborate as much as I wanted to on my goals for this year in my last... Read more

  • Happy New Year - Today A Special Day

    1/2/2015 2:02:23 PM, by CHAR8026

    Today is Blake's 3rd birthday and once agan I found myself on New Years Day baking for his daycare class. This year he got cake pops in a mini i... Read more

  • Goal

    12/14/2014 9:23:38 AM, by KRSS60

    On Dec. 12,2014 I reached my goal of 140. Now I will be maintaining for life. Sure does feel good to reach this goal. Wish I had done it 40 y... Read more

  • Busy December

    12/5/2014 1:08:59 PM, by CHAR8026

    Wow, the month of November flew by and I am not even sure where it went. December is going by way to fast also. So much going on right now. ... Read more

  • Holiday Season is Here!!

    11/21/2014 12:59:11 PM, by CHAR8026

    The Holiday season is upon us, and I am excited for it this year. Blake is really starting to understand things this year and is having a great ... Read more

  • My Mind Goes in Circles

    11/6/2014 10:30:09 AM, by CHAR8026

    I will start the morning off with a funny Blake story. The other night we are talking, and I am trying to explain Thanksgiving, and what Thanksg... Read more

  • Halloween, Disappointments

    11/4/2014 6:57:57 PM, by CHAR8026

    I survived the Halloween festivities. Oh my what an interesting, but fun evening I had. My little guy WOULD NOT wear his costume at all. So as... Read more

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