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News and catch up
4/23/2014 11:10:59 AM,  6 COMMENTS

I have been really busy trying to meet deadlines and of course you know when you have a deadline, LIFE HAPPENS, between kids being sick and spring cle...  Read more


working on getting back on the wagon
4/18/2014 10:27:37 PM,  5 COMMENTS

I see it's been over a year since my last blog entry. And it's been many months since I've visited Sparks or thought a whole lot about exercise or eat...  Read more


Way too busy! End is in sight!
4/15/2014 9:40:01 PM,  7 COMMENTS

CRUNCH TIME!! I have 4 bio's to finish, 3 interviews are done and one to go! All by end of April! Well, actually before the end of April because...  Read more


Festivities are over!
4/9/2014 8:48:11 AM,  8 COMMENTS

Yesterday was DD's birthday! Her cousins all came around for cake! I cleaned the house and had it in top shape! I was about to mop the kitche...  Read more


Bad day, good decisions (food wise)
4/7/2014 7:58:23 PM,  3 COMMENTS

Let's face it. The last 5 months of my life have been pretty sucktastic and stressful. October: Had to move dad into an assisted living facility...  Read more


And so another week begins
4/7/2014 5:03:24 PM,  7 COMMENTS

This weekend was crazy busy starting with my girls night out. Turns out DD and DS just finished their movie and the power went out! DD was at a...  Read more


Maki Sushi rolls!
4/4/2014 10:37:26 AM,  6 COMMENTS

Yesterday went well, I had a ginger cookie for breakfast ( it has molasses in it which is high in iron! I told myself! LOL) Then for lunch...  Read more


Bad Training Run
4/2/2014 11:36:44 AM,  0 COMMENTS

So I'm training for the Sweetwater 420 5K again. I think this year it is Easter weekend. Anyway, I have been doing good so far. I am in the final week...  Read more


After one day back on THE PLAN
4/2/2014 10:39:50 AM,  8 COMMENTS

After being back on "The Plan" this morning the scale reported a 1 pound loss! This was yesterday's lunch: Snack was low sodium potat...  Read more


Catching up!
4/1/2014 9:38:45 AM,  6 COMMENTS

As you may have gathered from my last blog I have been sick! I am still not 100 % but I think I am almost there, yesterday my appetite finally came ba...  Read more


Strength and Power!
3/27/2014 9:06:27 PM,  19 COMMENTS

Honestly, I have to admit, there have been times in my life when I felt like I knew it all. This became extremely difficult when raising teenager...  Read more


An eulogy of sorts for my parents Bob and Pat Grooms
3/23/2014 7:25:29 PM,  10 COMMENTS

Last week my mother died. My father had died several years ago. My parents and I had been estranged for almost twenty five years and had many a diffic...  Read more


Under the Weather
3/21/2014 6:32:51 PM,  7 COMMENTS

The last few days have been difficult for me! I have been sick and everything tastes weird. I have some sort of sinus/cold thing going on! At fi...  Read more


Another passing
3/20/2014 7:06:40 PM,  10 COMMENTS

On Monday I learned that my mother had died. A sad event made sadder that in the end, her actions left her estranged from her children. I believe she...  Read more


First day of Spring? Really?
3/18/2014 7:56:31 AM,  9 COMMENTS

Tomorrow is supposed to be the first day of spring! There is snow all over my back and front grass in sight! And they are predicting...  Read more


Doh! Guilty, Guilty, Guilty!
3/16/2014 10:35:31 PM,  3 COMMENTS

As I mentioned in my last blog, I'm trying to incorporate exercise into my life as simply a healthy habit and not just a means to lose weight (though...  Read more


2 Weeks of R&R (Rest & Recovery), followed by...Turkish Get-Ups!!
3/16/2014 3:59:11 PM,  11 COMMENTS

Well Spark friends I am proud to say that for 2 weeks, from 27 Feb to 13 Mar, I did....nothing....absolutely nothing....Nada....Zip....Zero. Work...  Read more


Back on Track and feeling better for it!
3/14/2014 4:20:04 PM,  7 COMMENTS

Wednesday I got back on track! ( okay except for breakfast) After weighing in I was up 3 pounds from the weekend, that because of the birthday festi...  Read more


Starting Over...Again
3/14/2014 12:53:08 AM,  6 COMMENTS

Despite my warning on my home page…I blinked. Complacency got me, then life piled on some major stress…and I gained 30 of the 20 I lost. LOL Yep, I...  Read more


Forgotten Anniversary
3/12/2014 5:18:51 PM,  8 COMMENTS

I have been so busy and the weather is finally getting nice that I haven't been on the computer much except to work in the evenings. That said I fina...  Read more


Spa day with the girls and catch up with a BFF
3/12/2014 4:54:22 PM,  8 COMMENTS

Yesterday turned out to be quite the day! First My SIL fetched us and let me drop off a birthday gift for a BFF on the way up to drop the boys o...  Read more


Birthday celebrations!
3/11/2014 9:28:43 AM,  8 COMMENTS

Yesterday was my son's birthday and we were out all day, at the cinema, having dinner....and I had a piece of birthday cake. My daughter made th...  Read more


Opps! I lost ONE pound not ELEVEN!
3/9/2014 2:31:06 PM,  7 COMMENTS

I apologize for the scare, No I did not lose 11 pounds in one day, I lost it in38 days! Sorry, I entered in the wrong numbers and instead of it dec...  Read more


A big smile on my face today! PROGRESS REPORT!
3/7/2014 1:45:10 PM,  9 COMMENTS

Today the kids are home, it is March break and they will be home until March 18th. It is a nice change in routine since this winter has been so bru...  Read more


The reset button has been activated!
3/5/2014 4:05:09 PM,  9 COMMENTS

Yesterday I went back to day 1 of "The Plan" and this was breakfast: Then lunch was carrot soup and a salad on the side. Dinner was veggi...  Read more


My weekend away and hitting the "reset" button
3/4/2014 9:31:32 AM,  6 COMMENTS

This weekend I went away on a writer's retreat with my writer's group. They are a lovely group of ladies and we went with the intention to set aside t...  Read more


made level 20 in Sparkpeople!
3/3/2014 1:27:27 PM,  9 COMMENTS

How did I do it despite, depression, frustration, distractions, by keeping moving, no matter how little, asking for help and encouragement ( which I g...  Read more


955 lbs of VICTORY!!
3/1/2014 10:08:57 PM,  16 COMMENTS

Well this has been a hell of a week.....and man am I glad it's over! I competed in my 2nd Powerlifting meet this past Wednesday. In October, I d...  Read more


Challenge - Day 1
2/27/2014 11:04:13 AM,  0 COMMENTS

When I fall off of my running schedule, the best way for me to get back on track is to sign up for a really challenging race, like a half marathon. I...  Read more


Surprises and Then Plan
2/26/2014 2:43:16 PM,  8 COMMENTS

Last time I blogged you saw photos of my breakfast hemp pudding, well it turns out after testing it on it's own, I have a mild reaction to it! I...  Read more


Day 21, 22 and 23 of The Plan Reboot!
2/23/2014 9:33:09 PM,  10 COMMENTS

Friday started off with me trying out my own recipe of Blueberry Chia pudding for breakfast. ( see previous blog on how to make it) Well it m...  Read more


I stuck with it for 21 days! WOW!
2/21/2014 11:41:19 AM,  11 COMMENTS

Last time I went on "The Plan by Lyn- Genet" I struggled. I was reactive to a lot of things and as a result got bored with what I could have. T...  Read more


Back on Track - Day 20 of The Plan
2/20/2014 2:22:16 PM,  9 COMMENTS

Good afternoon! What a lovely surprise to be down a whole pound this morning! And I feel so much better for it! I don't know why....but I do...n...  Read more


Failure - Live to Fight Another Day!
2/19/2014 9:55:09 PM,  13 COMMENTS

So I've come to realize that blogging on SP is cathartic and is best done whether I'm feeling up or down, whether I have good news or bad news, yadda-...  Read more


Opportunity Knocked....
2/19/2014 9:39:45 PM,  10 COMMENTS

and I answered. After my long rant a few days ago, I got a phone call from my soon to be former manager telling me about a position he had been told...  Read more


Day 18 and 19 - The Plan
2/19/2014 3:16:32 PM,  8 COMMENTS

Yesterday started off with the Hemp Protein Pudding and since I had run out of other fruit I added a banana to it: So in a way my test ingredi...  Read more


The Tuesday that feels like a Monday - Day 18 of
2/18/2014 10:51:20 AM,  10 COMMENTS

Here we are, day 18 of the Plan. Let me recap from the last time I blogged. So as you know from the last blog our Valentine’s dinner was c...  Read more


Day 14 and 15 - The plan and a change of plan
2/16/2014 1:52:45 PM,  11 COMMENTS

AS you may have seen in the last blog the plan was to go out for dinner with the kids ( date night) on Valentine's day. My test was supposed to b...  Read more


Feeling Burned Out
2/15/2014 9:05:51 PM,  6 COMMENTS

This is a fairly long vent, so if you don't get through it I understand. I hate my job. I have an action plan to leave, but I am just not sure I...  Read more


Happy Valentines day - day 14 of The Plan
2/14/2014 9:20:24 AM,  11 COMMENTS

Good morning! Lots of excitement in our family! WE are going out on Date night! - with a difference. We want to teach our kids EARLY o...  Read more


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