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  • Thoughts....

    5/21/2015 8:02:24 PM, by MELTEAGUE

    Thank you for popping by my blog.... I realized a few weeks ago how much things have changed since I started my journey on Sparkpeople. I use... Read more

  • Look what I did this weekend

    5/19/2015 3:50:11 PM, by MELTEAGUE

    Here in Canada we just had a long weekend, so I keep thinking that today is Monday, but it is not! The kids and DH went camping and I got t... Read more

  • Just a quick hello

    5/8/2015 2:48:09 PM, by MELTEAGUE

    Hello my sparkies! Sorry I have been AWOL! I have been busy with my writing projects! I had my website can check ... Read more

  • Where Does My Time Go?

    4/21/2015 2:14:12 AM, by HANNAH_CALM

    Some of you might want to know what I do all day, because I don't really ha... Read more

  • Am I Real?

    4/14/2015 4:34:26 PM, by HANNAH_CALM

    On television shows and in books, when a character doubts whether they are awake or not, they have this foolproof method of checking- by pinching... Read more

  • I Wake In Pain

    4/11/2015 8:03:38 AM, by HANNAH_CALM

    When I wake up, I am in a lot of pain. And I am always really disappointed. I go, "Oh, no!" I wish I wasn't waking up. Because I start to feel my... Read more

  • The Longest Sad Quote

    4/9/2015 1:57:06 PM, by HANNAH_CALM

    "People in difficulty and distress, or in any manner at odds with the world, can endure a vast amount of harsh treatment, and perhaps be only the... Read more

  • Reading A Lot

    4/7/2015 9:17:28 AM, by HANNAH_CALM

    I'm on a reading tangent lately. I read two books by Mary Higgins Clark, who is a very popular American mystery writer. I read two books by Lois ... Read more

  • I'm Back, well for a quick visit anyway

    3/12/2015 3:36:05 PM, by MELTEAGUE

    Hi Everyone, Wow, it has been a while! Finally we are above freezing here during the day, so that means all the mountains of snow are melti... Read more

  • Invasion of the gym douches!

    2/19/2015 10:01:06 PM, by GETSTRONGRRR

    So today was a great day in the gym....I crushed my workout..... But it was also one of my most frustrating days in the gym in a long time..... Read more

  • Staying the course

    2/5/2015 9:36:15 PM, by 2DREAM4

    2/5/2015 I am working a lot of overtime this week and have not made time for exercise. I like my exercise, it makes me feel good. So today, I... Read more

  • Selfish can be a good thing!

    2/4/2015 11:19:17 PM, by 2DREAM4

    1/14/2015 - I have had some major setbacks but now I am going full force. I will be 62 in June and I am so very tired of not taking care of mysel... Read more

  • Familiar Phrase: I have not forgotten SP

    1/26/2015 12:12:42 AM, by DAWNFIRE72

    Wow life has been extremely busy and I did not realize just how long it has been since I have checked in here. The holidays were great and I... Read more

  • First blog post in about 2 years!

    1/22/2015 11:03:48 AM, by JESSIEHESSIE

    A healthy lifestyle journey is about so much more than losing weight. I am finding out that there is an invisible lost and found bin when it come... Read more

  • Mastery and Practice Part 2....lift calmly

    12/11/2014 4:33:08 PM, by GETSTRONGRRR

    WOW! It's been 3 months since my last blog!! Who am I?!?! Well, I am many things, but right now, I am a man fascinated by what our minds and... Read more

  • UPDATE: I Have NOT Forgotten SP

    12/7/2014 12:04:15 AM, by DAWNFIRE72

    Sorry to my groups that I have been away for so long. Things turned a little sideways here and I took a break from my computer for a bit outside... Read more

  • 2014 Progress Report

    11/9/2014 1:09:13 PM, by JEN_BACK2BASICS

    Hi Spark Fam! I have been missing in action since the end of January. I have good and bad reasons, but the important thing is I am back at i... Read more

  • Thanks for support - 2 pounds gone

    10/27/2014 6:51:59 AM, by AROCHFORD

    Hey guys thank you so much for the support. I lost two pounds this week. Mainly eating in moderation and lots of veggies! Exercise not consiste... Read more

  • Wake up call

    10/19/2014 8:06:44 AM, by AROCHFORD

    I wish I could say I don't know how it happened but I do 266 pounds. Yep 266. It took a chest infection and a bout with dengue back to back to w... Read more

  • p90x week 2

    9/23/2014 2:11:26 PM, by DZZLGRL

    Ok. So here we are week 2. I did not do the stretching on Sunday despite wanting too. the time just wasn't there. I did finish yesterdays wor... Read more

  • p90x day 3 and 4 week 1

    9/19/2014 11:33:40 PM, by DZZLGRL

    I was a little bummed about yesterday because I was really looking forward to the yoga and only got 30 out of 90 minutes done. I woke up late an... Read more

  • p90x day 3

    9/18/2014 12:27:51 AM, by DZZLGRL

    Time is always such a struggle for me. There is always so much to do. I chose sleep this morning over workout, but I did complete the work out.... Read more

  • Well what do you know!

    9/9/2014 9:08:40 AM, by MELTEAGUE

    After a long while of avoiding the scale and intentionally NOT obsessing about it....I braved a peek a few days ago. I have been intentionally ea... Read more

  • P90X journey

    9/7/2014 10:29:12 PM, by DZZLGRL

    So I took my p90x test today. It is amazing to me that instead of people being encouraging about this journey seemed to believe that it was too ... Read more

  • I'm back!

    9/7/2014 7:23:09 AM, by MARI2006

    Wow.. it's been over a year is I've blogged. How is everyone? Did anyone reach their goals? Still struggling? I just updated my intro here at... Read more

  • Mastery and Practice

    9/3/2014 9:18:04 PM, by GETSTRONGRRR

    Malcom Gladwell, in his book Outliers, believes that it takes roughly 10,000 hours of practice to achieve Mastery in any field. That's about... Read more

  • Much too Young to Feel this Darned Old

    9/1/2014 12:45:46 PM, by DAWNFIRE72

    I seem to be disappearing on here a lot. It seems I am only around on long weekends or when I get unexpected time off from work. I am hop... Read more

  • Feeling Frustrated

    8/8/2014 11:42:44 PM, by DAWNFIRE72

    Yesterday was a bad day to be me. I went to go get fuel in one of our courtesy vehicles and rearended another vehicle (this will cost the shop I... Read more

  •'s not you, it's me!

    8/3/2014 5:16:23 PM, by GETSTRONGRRR

    So, when we lived in Florida, I worked out with a trainer for over 3 years straight. Many of you remember I affectionately referred to him as "St... Read more

  • Could Less Be Better Than More?

    7/23/2014 7:42:34 PM, by GETSTRONGRRR

    Admit it Spark friends, when we were kids, more always meant better.....hell even today how many of us secretly believe that more is better than ... Read more

  • Thanks

    7/22/2014 8:24:13 PM, by MELTEAGUE

    Hi Just a quickie... The kids are swimming and I am waiting for them to finish. Now that they are older, I do not have to swim with them!... Read more


    7/8/2014 11:08:39 AM, by MELTEAGUE

    I have not written a blog in a while and thought I probably should. So much has happened since Mother `s day. ( That was the last blog!) ... Read more

  • A Little "Racing Tomato" (Let's Play Ketchup)

    7/5/2014 12:33:09 AM, by DAWNFIRE72

    As you can see I have made a few changes to my page. I have made it visible to those on my SP Friends list only and I have changed my background... Read more

  • video blog Video Blog
    395 lb Deadlift!

    6/26/2014 11:24:04 AM, by GETSTRONGRRR

    Here's my 395 lb last lift of the day at the 25 Jun Powerlifting Competition where I totalled 1005 lbs. Not bad for a 54 year o... Read more

  • 1005 lbs of VICTORY!!

    6/25/2014 7:30:26 PM, by GETSTRONGRRR

    How do you communicate the sweet taste of victory in a blog? Well, there's always a good meme out there; Read more

  • Egg Muffins! (pics) Another Slam Dunk!

    6/9/2014 2:27:39 PM, by CHEEKYGEEK

    This is the first time I made something that my results actually looked as good as or better than the pic on the original recipe. Read more

  • Spaghetti Squash Pancakes

    6/8/2014 11:47:19 PM, by CHEEKYGEEK

    Not long ago, I started a quest to find additional uses for spaghetti squash leftovers. I stumbled on a recipe here on SP recipes.... Read more

  • New Trainer, New Mission!

    6/8/2014 3:21:42 PM, by GETSTRONGRRR

    Many of my long-time Spark buds will know about my love-hate relationship with Stasi Guy, the sadistic trainer I worked out with for over 3 years... Read more

  • Feeling Like a Slacker

    6/6/2014 10:40:45 PM, by DAWNFIRE72

    Right now I have not checked my weight, tracked my food or tracked my exercise. My clothes aren't tight yet but then again most of my clothes we... Read more

  • Jumpstart Week 1óDone!

    6/2/2014 2:15:30 PM, by CHEEKYGEEK

    I lost 6 pounds and perhaps more importantlyómy bra isnít rolling up and digging in. It was really hard to go from about 2500-3000 calories/day t... Read more

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