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Rudeness is the weak person's... (quote)
4/22/2014 12:00:53 AM,  4 COMMENTS

"Rudeness is the weak person's imitation of strength." ~ Unknown...  Read more


4/21/2014 3:49:43 PM,  7 COMMENTS

In my quest to grow as a person, I am always amazed at how quick and easy it is to fall into old comfortable ways yet fool myself into thinking that I...  Read more


4/20/2014 5:15:17 PM,  28 COMMENTS

Okay, so I skipped a couple of steps in the British succession. I forgot George bumps Uncle Harry, and for some reason I never remember Charles. But t...  Read more


Random stuff
4/19/2014 9:52:57 PM,  17 COMMENTS

I've just seen an ad for a new "reality" show. It's a bachelor knockoff in which the twelve women competing all believe the winner will marry Pr...  Read more


Up to No Good
4/19/2014 3:22:36 PM,  5 COMMENTS

So my kids are at MILs house. We dropped them off last night and we aren't picking them up until Sunday afternoon. It didn't really hit me that my kid...  Read more


I replied to a post about... Do you tell other people?(because of the reaction from some who have...
4/19/2014 2:22:44 PM,  5 COMMENTS

I replied to a post about... Do you tell other people?(because of the reaction from some who have more to lose than 30-10 pounds.) My reply...  Read more


Carb Crazy!
4/18/2014 4:36:04 PM,  14 COMMENTS

I guess I overdid it a little yesterday with the carbs... Over the course of the day, I ate 3 Raisin Bran muffins (homemade by me), a slice of whole...  Read more


4/17/2014 10:08:22 PM,  12 COMMENTS

My cable and Internet were both dead last night (so long, Spark streak). I am SO relieved to be back online!...  Read more


Back and Ready to Keep Moving Forward
4/16/2014 2:41:16 PM,  6 COMMENTS

Although I had to leave my Biggest Loser Challenge team early due to financial and personal difficulties, I have returned to Sparkpeople and am ready...  Read more


Call the firing squad!
4/15/2014 10:49:34 PM,  20 COMMENTS

Back to work today after being off sick yesterday. I come in to an irate email from my boss. Out front of the building are a couple of rock planter bo...  Read more


So aggitating!
4/15/2014 7:48:32 PM,  4 COMMENTS

I've been kind of trolling around the site lately. Haven't been feeling my best with everything I've been going through medically. This week has been...  Read more


Just found this - it is called 'life changing tips' - loved it - wanted to share -
4/14/2014 8:27:47 PM,  16 COMMENTS

Here are ten life changing tips inspired by quotes from the great Sufi poet, Rumi: 1. Challenge Fear "Run from what’s comfortable. Forget sa...  Read more


Monday misery
4/14/2014 11:52:02 AM,  26 COMMENTS

Home sick today. Given my left leg (which has a tendency to ache when I'm trying to sleep) and my jaw (which felt fine when I sat upright but throbbed...  Read more


Drowsy Saturday
4/12/2014 2:40:36 PM,  12 COMMENTS

I keep kind of dozing off. I didn't sleep badly last night, but perhaps not as well as I needed to. I'm still working on my co-worker's birthday afgha...  Read more


Life's challenges are not supposed to...
4/12/2014 2:06:08 PM,  5 COMMENTS

"Life's challenges are not supposed to paralyze you, they're supposed to help you discover who you are." ~ Bernice Johnson Reagon...  Read more


4/12/2014 1:30:59 PM,  8 COMMENTS

ACCEPTANCE QUOTES "Accept what is, let go of what was, and have faith in what will be." ~ Sonia Ricotti "I follow four dictat...  Read more


4/12/2014 11:38:39 AM,  18 COMMENTS

so happy we have this page,as some of you know me n the mr had lots of problems last year and i had a order for him to stay away,he broke it and now i...  Read more


4/12/2014 9:30:09 AM,  11 COMMENTS

I'm so excited! I think I've finally learned to juggle! Despite my Birthday week that included carrot cake, ice cream, coconut shrimp, fries, etc. , I...  Read more


Four down, one to go
4/10/2014 9:16:22 PM,  16 COMMENTS

I hope you're sitting down for this -- management FINALLY fixed my living room wall today. The deskmate who spilled wine all over my cubicle rec...  Read more


Wednesday stuff
4/9/2014 9:26:23 PM,  17 COMMENTS

Today I had to call a payer's office to verify a patient's eligibility. The woman I talked to told me she didn't have any record of the patient. I sai...  Read more


Another fun-filled day in Paradise
4/8/2014 8:52:59 PM,  20 COMMENTS

Just when I think work can't possibly get any weirder -- it gets weirder. This morning my deskmate brought several bottles of wine to work to sel...  Read more


Yoga for Arthritis...
4/8/2014 5:33:15 PM,  6 COMMENTS

Does anyone have advice on what kind of Yoga exercises are best for Arthritis? Is there a good Dvd for home use? Thanks for any help! ...  Read more


4/8/2014 1:10:46 PM,  15 COMMENTS

I know it isn't about weight. This is embarrassing but also an accomplishment. I wasn't going to share, but I thought I should. In 2007, I stopped ove...  Read more


4/7/2014 10:31:19 AM,  12 COMMENTS

OA works as these pictures of my physical recovery illustrate. However, the true gift of recovery is not losing over 150 plus lbs, but silencing that...  Read more


4/7/2014 6:29:57 AM,  15 COMMENTS

I'm slowly killing myself... avoiding everything. Especially Me... I've managed to set some goals to take care of me. Yous know the basic everyday liv...  Read more


The Sunday freeze
4/6/2014 11:14:39 PM,  20 COMMENTS

I've always said that Saturday morning is my favorite time of the week. Sunday evening is the least. I go into kind of a tailspin every Sunday....  Read more


Easter Treats Battle
4/6/2014 12:02:03 PM,  18 COMMENTS

Easter woud'nt be so bad for your diet if kids were'nt around. Dont get me wrong,my kids are my life,but part of my life is SUCKING because o...  Read more


Big Rocks and Pledge Thread
4/5/2014 6:38:40 PM,  5 COMMENTS

Back in August 2011 I wrote a blog "Big Rocks":
individual.asp?blog_id=4402160 In it, I recount the...  Read more


The great Saturday flake-out
4/5/2014 1:08:45 PM,  15 COMMENTS

Two and a half weeks ago I called my rental office to report a large crack in my living room wall. A guy came out, photographed it, and told me someon...  Read more


4/4/2014 2:10:50 PM,  12 COMMENTS

mac and cheese donut bagel chess square granola bar(with sugars) omg im doomed 198...  Read more


I will!
4/4/2014 9:43:40 AM,  9 COMMENTS

I will take babysteps today--I will, I will, I will! Goddess, I want to make changes, make progress, move forward toward my goals! I want to fee...  Read more


A bird doesn't sing because it has an answer, it sings because it has a song. ~Maya Angelou
4/4/2014 9:20:03 AM,  19 COMMENTS

A bird doesn't sing because it has an answer, it sings because it has a song. ~Maya Angelou ...  Read more


Snack Bin Experiment
4/2/2014 1:30:00 PM,  11 COMMENTS

The Spring 5% Challenge starts this Saturday. I'm trying to figure out how to deal with my inevitable cravings and need to graze. I've decided to crea...  Read more


Once you control your mind...
4/2/2014 12:50:25 AM,  11 COMMENTS

...  Read more


FEAR says...
4/2/2014 12:30:25 AM,  8 COMMENTS

FEAR says... No you can't. DETERMINATION says... Yes you can. Results say... I told you so. (Found on the internet)...  Read more


4/1/2014 4:38:44 AM,  17 COMMENTS

Feel so so like I can't get anything accomplished . I know that with the overeaters anonymous program that they say you first have to admit your power...  Read more


Another one bites the dust
3/31/2014 8:54:52 PM,  19 COMMENTS

I have officially survived another month-end at work. It actually went rather well, and I was out on time. The Big Boss in our office doesn't want to...  Read more


MINI MOVING ITS SparkTeam Created Today
3/31/2014 5:06:40 PM,  2 COMMENTS

I decided others might like to join me in exploring what works to get us moving without the ho-hum-drum of we did this and that exercise. So today I s...  Read more


3/31/2014 2:09:07 PM,  13 COMMENTS

Still in major mouth pain n infection,must go back and go thru bones ground down and or removed and I have been trying to put it off but my blood suga...  Read more


Contentment is not the fulfillment of what you want, but the realization of how much you already hav
3/31/2014 12:04:48 PM,  11 COMMENTS

Contentment is not the fulfillment of what you want, but the realization of how much you already have. ~ unknown ...  Read more


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