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  • The realization that made the difference:

    7/31/2015 9:46:34 AM, by BACCAGIRL

    About a week and a half ago when I realized that my head wasn't "in the game" anymore I made some changes: started drinking more clean water: not... Read more

  • That walk brought...

    7/27/2015 9:28:54 AM, by BACCAGIRL

    Yesterday I visited Tanglewood in Lenox, Ma for a concert by the Boston Symphony Orchestra. Tanglewood is an outdoor venue which is the most go... Read more

  • Today has brought. ..

    7/25/2015 8:52:28 PM, by BACCAGIRL

    Today has brought: a day of rest. I have some major tail bone pain which has caused great issue with walking, sitting, even standing! So today h... Read more

  • In review

    7/22/2015 10:23:48 AM, by BACCAGIRL

    wanted to get it in and got it done! I was kicking myself that I just hadn't got my walk in...hadn't done that chair exercise...didn't talk mysel... Read more

  • Active Couch Potato

    7/21/2015 7:03:25 PM, by SUSANNA37

    I just read this Spark blog,
    eople&utm_medium=ema... Read more

  • Just a quandry undone.....

    7/19/2015 4:08:35 PM, by BACCAGIRL

    Deciding whether to stick with one plan or the other just gets old. So what works? What seems to do the trick? The plan that leads to the weight ... Read more

  • July 19th

    7/19/2015 11:11:21 AM, by SUSANNA37

    I'm doing Jessica Smith's Summer of Strength, which is 28 workouts to do in 28 days. I'm already one day behind, since in the intro for one vide... Read more

  • Nice start. ..

    7/12/2015 2:53:01 PM, by BACCAGIRL

    Woke this morning to sunshine out my window, no headache and the breath God gave me: a nice::No! A great start to my day! Phoned my neighbor to ... Read more

  • PP Update Week 1

    7/12/2015 7:17:08 AM, by PATSYB7

    The hardest part of Project Patsy so far is overcoming my perfectionism. In the past if my food logs weren't perfect, I gave up. If I didn't do... Read more

  • Today?

    7/11/2015 4:39:55 PM, by BACCAGIRL

    This morning brought the decision to take the day to just be a slow and steady, enjoyable one. I've watched t.v, visited with mom instead of just... Read more

  • Blogged about getting off track

    7/10/2015 7:08:42 PM, by BACCAGIRL

    I did blog today about how I had stumbled off track and am relieved, after a very healthy dinner, to be back on my way! A couple of walks this m... Read more

  • Got in some smartness!!

    7/10/2015 2:49:47 PM, by BACCAGIRL

    After a full week, plus of dealing with migraine and NO exercise, I am overly excited to share that this morning I walked to my Therapy appointme... Read more

  • Letting the days go by

    7/7/2015 6:58:30 PM, by BACCAGIRL

    I've noticed that as I've let the days pass without blogging. ..or logging my foods. exercise ...oh I suppose I've just about not cared! I'v... Read more

  • Project Patsy

    7/7/2015 7:44:57 AM, by PATSYB7

    Now that I'm done with my second master's degree, it's time to work on my health/fitness. It's been two years since I tore/detached my retina an... Read more

  • Time to make the second verse the same as the first...

    7/1/2015 9:52:19 AM, by BACCAGIRL

    It is high time to re-write the second verse: in other words, my life has been allowed to fall away from caring. I have allowed myself to wander ... Read more

  • Worked out today!

    6/30/2015 8:14:07 AM, by SUSANNA37

    I think I need to get back to the numbers. It was motivating to see that I was on Day X, shooting for Day 100. Maybe I need to start the count ... Read more

  • Taking Care

    6/29/2015 5:41:56 PM, by BACCAGIRL

    Today I have done something to take care of me: I followed thru on my decision to no longer attend a Day Health Ctr which was causing me more unr... Read more

  • Highest weight on the darn scale!

    6/29/2015 7:35:09 AM, by EJGASTON

    I weighed in this morning at 201.35 :( BUT - I won't get down over it. I've made some healthy lifestyle choices and I know I've been getting a ... Read more

  • No Sugar in Coffee - Done

    6/29/2015 7:29:46 AM, by EJGASTON

    After a few weeks, I have gotten used to only adding cream to coffee - no added sugar :) I also cut back to only one cup per day - and some ... Read more

  • One little thing. ....

    6/26/2015 12:54:44 PM, by BACCAGIRL

    If I could change just one thing today, in order to better my life, what might that be? Wow...there could be so many things that I would like...b... Read more

  • The day just kept getting...

    6/25/2015 6:07:18 PM, by BACCAGIRL

    Not going to sugar coat it, not going to just complain or not complain: I'm just going to say that I can only do one single thing at this point. ... Read more

  • Today's schedule might just do me in

    6/24/2015 9:12:34 AM, by BACCAGIRL

    Woke after sleeping in just a bit Which did feel good and was needed. Later today my voice lesson, at 2:30 followed immediately by my photo sitti... Read more

  • Time to fight again

    6/24/2015 8:07:18 AM, by SUSANNA37

    I really got derailed during/after my trip a week and a half ago. I expected to eat and drink any- and everything. I was still active. But sin... Read more

  • Father's Eyes

    6/20/2015 5:32:20 PM, by BACCAGIRL

    Because I may not be every mothers dream for her little girl. ..and my face may not grace the mind of every one in the world..but that's alright ... Read more

  • &a.m? No! 7:15!

    6/19/2015 8:05:59 AM, by BACCAGIRL

    So I might just get up at 7:00 when the alarm goes off...nah...let's wait it out, til quarter past today! I will put off my workout just a few mi... Read more

  • working out..

    6/18/2015 9:52:04 PM, by BACCAGIRL

    To be honest my workout regime has become my lack of working out regime. I was discharged from PT, so that hours workout is not done, my daily w... Read more

  • Day 111, maybe?

    6/18/2015 8:00:14 AM, by SUSANNA37

    I've lost count of the days and I don't have a calendar in front of me. Haha. Yesterday and today have not been great, really. The trip I ... Read more

  • Days 105 and 106

    6/12/2015 8:23:02 AM, by SUSANNA37

    Hi y'all, I'm traveling now so I'm still getting workouts in but not doing great at blogging! We're attending a wedding tomorrow and I'm a... Read more

  • Day 2187

    6/11/2015 10:06:09 AM, by FANCYSIMAGES

    Sorry for the lack of blogs, things have been busy. Our CSA starts up for the summer, so we're going to have loads and loads of veggies goin... Read more

  • Days 103 and 104

    6/10/2015 8:15:19 AM, by SUSANNA37

    I did a JS cardio video yesterday and thought I had moved around plenty, but my tracker showed that I didn't do as much as I thought. Oh well. ... Read more

  • The morning brought...

    6/9/2015 4:34:04 PM, by BACCAGIRL

    It brought my alarm going of at 6:10. So I turned it off, rolled over and went back to sleep! After all. it is Wednesday, my day off! In my wonde... Read more

  • The Blogging of today

    6/8/2015 12:06:49 PM, by BACCAGIRL

    Looking at today, and the fact that I have not blogged in far to long, I realize that my unofficial verdict is far from nonsense. I definitely d... Read more

  • Days 101 and 102

    6/8/2015 8:11:01 AM, by SUSANNA37

    Yesterday I did a short cardio video and didn't get nearly as many steps in as other days. I'm shooting for the mid-range goal in the 5 Mile Cha... Read more

  • Want a Good Laugh?

    6/7/2015 6:30:43 AM, by PATSYB7

    My DH and I have been married 35 years (and counting). I feel very blessed to have found such a fun guy to spend my life with. We play this gam... Read more

  • DAY 100!

    6/6/2015 8:59:09 PM, by SUSANNA37

    I made it! I have worked out for at least ten minutes for the last 100 days, with only three days off due to illness. I'm really happy to h... Read more

  • Day 99

    6/5/2015 7:29:38 PM, by SUSANNA37

    Today our internet was down, which feels so weird, doesn't it? After dropping Jane off at daycare, I took the dog for a walk then did a few shor... Read more

  • Just an update...

    6/4/2015 4:41:42 PM, by BACCAGIRL

    Yesterday's blog, Slowly the pounds go.... mentioned that I had feared a gain: just needed to mention that I did not see that gain! Through hard ... Read more

  • The REAL day 98

    6/4/2015 10:12:36 AM, by SUSANNA37

    Oops, I blogged twice yesterday and tried to count it as two days! Today (so far) I've run around outside with Jane, walked dow... Read more

  • Day 98

    6/3/2015 7:50:11 PM, by SUSANNA37

    Today I walked the dog to start the day, then did a JS strength video. I cleaned the house and vacuumed, which definitely got more steps in, and... Read more

  • Days 96 and 97, and what's coming

    6/3/2015 8:47:32 AM, by SUSANNA37

    I started this 100-day idea thinking, "I'm going to work out at least 10 minutes a day, for the next 100 days." It's been really successful. I ... Read more

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