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  • Frustrated

    3/16/2017 1:04:51 AM, by LVMS61516

    Well it's been almost two weeks now since I injured my back. Yesterday was the first day it didn't hurt all day long no matter what I did. Toda... Read more

  • 20 Pounds Gone Forever

    3/15/2017 9:08:06 PM, by LINDA!

    My youngest daughter turned 29 years old today. That really makes me feel old. March 15th was her due date. She came just when we expected her. S... Read more

  • 3/15/17

    3/15/2017 1:12:58 PM, by MACORMAN79

    Well today was one of them days where I said nope I'm not gonna exercise cause I hurt myself yesterday. I was in the kitchen and did a slip and ... Read more

  • new plan

    3/15/2017 8:06:29 AM, by GLENDAK72

    ok so I went to the store yesterday I actually did pretty good, I even bought 2 heads of lettuce..don't fall out but yes I did lol & yall know ho... Read more

  • Motivational Saying

    3/15/2017 7:35:07 AM, by JULMATT

    ANYTHING IS POSSIBLE This is my motto each day. It tells me that no matter how much of a horrible day I am having there is a brighter tun... Read more

  • One - Minute Devotions - AS CLOSE AS A PRAYER

    3/15/2017 4:31:23 AM, by PURPLE0906

    One - Minute Devotions - AS CLOSE AS A PRAYER The love of God surrounds us like the air we breath around us - as near as a heartbeat, as clo... Read more

  • 3/14/17

    3/14/2017 1:56:41 PM, by MACORMAN79

    We are snowed in. Over 2 feet of snow already. Good thing today. I did my weekly weigh in and I was 312.3. I started at 322. I did a variety... Read more

  • Today's Plan!

    3/14/2017 7:32:23 AM, by TVAUGHN57

    Yesterday was not a good day for me. I had a headache and was sleepy. I slept a total of 11 hrs. I did eat healthy though. Today... Read more

  • One - Minute Devotions - NEW FRIENDS

    3/14/2017 4:22:31 AM, by PURPLE0906

    One - Minute Devotions - NEW FRIENDS May we try in our small way to make new friends from day to day. A trustworthy envoy brings healin... Read more

  • Spring is being elusive!!!

    3/13/2017 6:42:03 PM, by MISSLORI5

    Spring is having a hard time rolling in this year here in Western Washington! As I walk, I see signs that so many plants are trying to come up, b... Read more

  • Ugh!!!

    3/13/2017 2:27:55 PM, by TVAUGHN57

    What a day! March 13th and it's nasty out. Not as bad... Read more

  • 3/13/17

    3/13/2017 12:53:01 PM, by MACORMAN79

    Well it sees all the working out 6 days in a row and the time change and my infusion caught up with me last night and today. I went to bed at 10... Read more

  • Reset Day

    3/13/2017 9:58:18 AM, by JULMATT

    Today is reset day. Starting with resetting my Sparkspeople Page and restating my list of goals. Ultimate Goal: Well-Rounded, Happy, and... Read more

  • Concern and Hope

    3/13/2017 8:04:18 AM, by RNFROMNY

    So, today I reached my highest weight ever -- I have now surpassed the 300 lb mark at a total of 301.4 lbs. Inside I was crying when I saw that ... Read more

  • One - Minute Devotions - LOOK TO THE SUN

    3/13/2017 6:27:24 AM, by PURPLE0906

    One - Minute Devotions - LOOK TO THE SUN Most of the battles of life are won by looking beyond the clouds to the sun. When I called, yo... Read more

  • doing a new thing....

    3/12/2017 7:34:17 PM, by GLENDAK72

    so today is sunday 3/12/17, tomorrow starts a new day and a new week for me. I will be doing 30 minutes everyday on my bike and rotating day with... Read more

  • One - Minute Devotions - GOD KNOWS BEST

    3/12/2017 8:36:48 AM, by PURPLE0906

    One - Minute Devotions - GOD KNOWS BEST Never complain about your cross, for your cross has been blest. God made it just for you to wear and... Read more

  • 3/11/17

    3/11/2017 12:39:23 PM, by MACORMAN79

    Instead of doing a 10 min cardio and the bike today I decided to do a 20 min cardio. I think I died! LOL. Hubby tried doing it and I was laughi... Read more

  • At Biolife Currentlyl

    3/11/2017 12:13:17 PM, by TVAUGHN57

    Every Thursday and Saturday, I drive to Biolife because my brother donates plasma which takes an estimate of one hour! The workers ... Read more

  • One - Minute Devotions - FAITH IN THE LORD

    3/11/2017 6:53:05 AM, by PURPLE0906

    One - Minute Devotions - FAITH IN THE LORD No hill is too high, no mountain too tall, for with faith in the Lord you can conquer them all. ... Read more

  • Doctor's Visit on Thursday 3-9-2017

    3/10/2017 9:57:41 PM, by PURPLE0906

    Well I was at the Doctor's for 2 1/2 hrs. My blood pressure was 100/70, pulse 95. I have never seen it that low. I also weigh 123 lbs. He checked... Read more

  • 208 lbs lost

    3/10/2017 6:18:26 PM, by SIDSMOM1

    I didn't realize that its been such a long time since I last posted. So currently I have lost 208lbs and almost done. I'm 154 lbs. I'm going f... Read more

  • 3/10/17

    3/10/2017 5:32:27 PM, by MACORMAN79

    I did my exercise of 30 mins on the stationary bike today. The weather is mad crazy. School was canceled today. And so my kiddo was home. The... Read more

  • Why

    3/10/2017 10:42:19 AM, by POSEY440

    Anyone know why they have two Explore Content on spark points list just put total together seems best confusing changes. Hate it right now.... Read more

  • How did I do it?

    3/10/2017 9:33:03 AM, by TVAUGHN57

    one of you wanted to know more about what I have been doing that I lost 4 lbs. As you know, the first loss is usually water weight. ... Read more

  • One - Minute Devotions - GOD MADE ALL THINGS

    3/10/2017 4:01:00 AM, by PURPLE0906

    One - Minute Devotions - GOD MADE ALL THINGS Our Father made the heavens, the mountains and the hills, the rivers and the oceans, and the si... Read more

  • Upset

    3/9/2017 12:04:40 PM, by POSEY440

    I do not like these new changes ca't find anything and it is not giving me points I know I posted to. Looks like my point count will go way down ... Read more

  • Happy Dance!

    3/9/2017 11:33:58 AM, by TVAUGHN57

    I am so glad to be back on the wagon again! A 4 lb loss this week! I'm sure it won't always be that way but I am feeling really good a... Read more

  • photos

    3/9/2017 11:05:15 AM, by KERRY4614

    Anybody help me? I am trying to upload photos from my phone? Cannot figure out!! ... Read more

  • 3/9/2017

    3/9/2017 9:26:21 AM, by MACORMAN79

    This weather is nuts. We been in the 50's and now we are under a weather advisory for snow coming tonight into tomorrow. My body feels like a m... Read more

  • 2017 so far

    3/9/2017 8:22:29 AM, by OHHHCHELLE

    There’s been many valleys and peaks. I started this year by doing very little more than torso twists every morning when I first got up to ease th... Read more

  • One - Minute Devotions - THE GREATEST RICHES

    3/9/2017 3:55:27 AM, by PURPLE0906

    One - Minute Devotions - THE GREATEST RICHES Seek first His kingdom, and you will possess the world's greatest riches which is true happines... Read more

  • 3/8/17 Follow up Blog from Doc appt.

    3/8/2017 12:23:07 PM, by MACORMAN79

    Doc was happy with the weight loss. She is ok with me wanting me to do this on my own. In 4 weeks I see a dietitian to figure out my metabolism.... Read more

  • 3/8/17

    3/8/2017 10:05:59 AM, by MACORMAN79

    I see the doc in about an hour. I'm nervous as hell now that the time is near. I weighed in at 312.8 today with nothing on. When I started thi... Read more

  • Six days Progress!

    3/8/2017 9:08:03 AM, by TVAUGHN57

    Yesterday was a great day in spite of feeling a bit cr... Read more

  • One - Minute Devotions - SEASONS OF THE SOUL

    3/8/2017 5:18:33 AM, by PURPLE0906

    One - Minute Devotions - SEASONS OF THE SOUL Spring always comes with new life and birth followed by summer to warm the soft earth - and wha... Read more

  • Listen To What Others Say

    3/7/2017 10:52:19 PM, by LINDA!

    Today was an interesting day. Hubby and I are buying a new house. We needed to drop off a few papers at the banker's office. I was sure that this... Read more

  • Spark coach

    3/7/2017 3:10:58 PM, by MISSA526

    The best part of my day will be after Shawn and I cleaning up the house that we're house/pet sitting at and I can go home and wash all my furry c... Read more

  • Feelin' Kind of Weak Today.

    3/7/2017 2:43:51 PM, by TVAUGHN57

    Good afternoon everybody! Today has been good as far as meeting my goals. I have set my daily step goal at 2500 steps because sometim... Read more

  • 3-6-2017 pics - List of supplements

    3/7/2017 12:31:33 PM, by PURPLE0906

    My brother (Donnie) came for a visit with his wife (Sheila), his oldest daughter (Jillian) and her two children (Sawyer and Atticus) from CA for ... Read more

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