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  • Veggie update!

    7/24/2015 9:07:39 AM, by SPARTANJAI

    Picked eggplant, broccoli, cucumbers, jalapeno peppers, sugar snap peas, onions and tomatoes. At that point I ran out of room in my picking bask... Read more

  • whoopsie!

    7/20/2015 1:06:45 PM, by SPARTANJAI

    It serves me right for going down the steps at full tilt this morning- or what I thought was full tilt- until I slipped and went down the flight ... Read more

  • So much more....

    7/18/2015 1:13:13 PM, by SPARTANJAI

    There is a lot going on in my garden. Broccoli, kohlrabi, green beans, cucumbers, jalapeƱo peppers, sugar snap peas, kale and Brussel sprouts. T... Read more

  • ~rubs belly~ THAT was a good tomato

    7/17/2015 7:53:02 AM, by SPARTANJAI

    Last night I picked my now-famous tomato from my "Tomato is turning" blog and boy was it delicious. I also was able to pick some broccoli, cucum... Read more

  • A tomato is turning!!!!

    7/16/2015 7:48:03 AM, by SPARTANJAI

    I feel like Paul Revere- I am in the garden and go running into the house, yelling "A TOMATO IS TURNING, A TOMATO IS TURNING". Somehow, I'm thin... Read more

  • Finding the time...

    7/13/2015 7:03:21 AM, by SPARTANJAI

    Today and tomorrow will be tough for me to find time to get moving. Today I'm tied up in a lot of "sitting" duties and potentially the same tomo... Read more

  • Is there anything better?

    7/11/2015 3:19:22 PM, by SPARTANJAI

    Just wondering if there is anything better than sharing fresh veggies from the garden and good conversation with family..... I don't think so!... Read more

  • Garden goodies

    7/7/2015 7:59:43 AM, by SPARTANJAI

    I forgot to water my lettuce this morning- but we're supposed to get some rain, so I hope it will hang on through the day. I can water it when I... Read more

  • All's quiet !!!

    7/6/2015 8:06:55 AM, by SPARTANJAI

    Hooray! Last night was peaceful! Headed to bed with the expectation that the booms would continue for hours yet. To my surprise, everyone stop... Read more

  • ugh!

    7/4/2015 8:32:12 AM, by SPARTANJAI

    I get that folks enjoy the 4th but when you get up at 4 am you want to be sleeping at 1030 pm, not listening to explosions! I know it will l at u... Read more

  • Happy 4th!

    7/2/2015 6:36:59 AM, by SPARTANJAI

    Hoping everyone has a great holiday weekend! Please remember those safety tips when enjoying it as well. I'm hoping to spend a nice weekend rel... Read more

  • The cake

    6/22/2015 8:39:57 AM, by SPARTANJAI

    Didn't do the sparkler candles after I looked at the reviews online- they didn't get very good reviews about the actual sparks. But, here's the ... Read more

  • Caking!

    6/17/2015 5:57:56 AM, by SPARTANJAI

    Birthday cake to bake this week... I've got it all planned... down to the sparkler candles. I hope we don't set anything on fire! I mean wh... Read more

  • The lettuce is going crazy!

    6/15/2015 6:15:56 AM, by SPARTANJAI

    With all the rain I haven't been able to get in the garden and weed- however, the lettuce is loving the cooler temperatures and the moisture. No... Read more

  • Rain, rain and more rain

    6/13/2015 9:51:13 AM, by SPARTANJAI

    I won't tell the rain to go away because it's Spring, but I would like to get outside without a raincoat and boots on. Someone remind me of the ... Read more

  • Better late than never!

    6/12/2015 7:23:20 AM, by SPARTANJAI

    A little whooo hoooo for hitting 50 days of 10,000 steps. I know I won't be able to keep this up forever, but I'll keep it up as long as I can!... Read more

  • Fireworks- ugh

    6/9/2015 5:59:01 AM, by SPARTANJAI

    I get people like fireworks and want to celebrate- but who's celebrating on a Monday- and what the heck are they celebrating? Come on- please th... Read more

  • long day!

    6/6/2015 8:12:24 PM, by SPARTANJAI

    It has been a long day for me. Laundry, cleaning windows, mopping floors and getting rid of some shoes. ~gasp~ I know...... shoes! lol... Read more

  • Eating better!

    6/3/2015 6:09:15 AM, by SPARTANJAI

    Day one of not only tracking what I eat, but mindfully eating better. Starting off on the right foot today for sure. I don't mind eating someth... Read more

  • Still going!

    6/1/2015 6:23:00 AM, by SPARTANJAI

    The 10,000 steps per day streak is still going strong. Next challenge for myself is to give up pop- again!... Read more

  • Loving my lettuce

    5/29/2015 8:09:59 AM, by SPARTANJAI

    Finally have enough lettuce coming on to pick- soooooooo yummy !!!! I love my veggies straight out of the garden!... Read more

  • Sleep? Who has time?

    5/28/2015 8:48:08 AM, by SPARTANJAI

    So I'm loaded with things to do. The yard, the garden, the house, the laundry, teaching and oh yeah- work. I'm getting by on less sleep- but I ... Read more

  • 35 days!

    5/26/2015 8:55:24 AM, by SPARTANJAI

    Some days I'm still just creeping over 10000 steps but those days are getting further and further apart. Hit 10004 one day last week after I for... Read more

  • rainy weekend....

    5/16/2015 8:48:16 AM, by SPARTANJAI

    But I am still staying active! Have a great weekend everyone!... Read more

  • 21 days!

    5/12/2015 12:43:44 PM, by SPARTANJAI

    21 days of 10000 steps... some days hardly over, some days, quite a bit over. Now I'm going for 30 days!!!! ... Read more

  • happy Mother's day

    5/10/2015 3:30:47 PM, by SPARTANJAI

    To all the Mom's of any sort out there... enjoy your day.... Read more

  • It's a mobile blog! twice

    5/9/2015 7:17:56 AM, by SPARTANJAI

    It really is not easy to Spark via cell.... there is so much that I can't do... but I am going to focus on what I can do! Posted twice so adding ... Read more

  • It's a mobile blog!

    5/9/2015 7:17:39 AM, by SPARTANJAI

    It really is not easy to Spark via cell.... there is so much that I can't do... but I am going to focus on what I can do!... Read more

  • New challenges

    5/8/2015 10:18:16 AM, by SPARTANJAI

    We've added new challenges to the Tigers and Lions teams. This should get me a little more motivated and make the month more interesting! ... Read more

  • 15 days

    5/7/2015 8:07:21 AM, by SPARTANJAI

    I'm now over two weeks of 10000 steps per day. Some days it is easier than others. Next Friday will be tough as I'm in a day long meeting- but ... Read more

  • Ten days down!

    5/1/2015 6:30:47 AM, by SPARTANJAI

    It's now been ten days since I've been under 10000 steps. It hasn't been easy some days- those days that I've been just over- but it's nice to s... Read more

  • Getting focused

    4/23/2015 6:21:51 AM, by SPARTANJAI

    2 days of over 10000 steps. There would be a third day on there, but I had to have my FitBit off for a few hours while it charged so I was 1500 ... Read more

  • It's 2 days of blogging in a row!

    3/12/2015 7:29:31 AM, by SPARTANJAI

    Looking for ideas for a Spring Bake Sale Fundraiser. Anyone have any super cute but not time consuming ideas for me? I appreciate them!... Read more

  • Ack it's Spring!

    3/11/2015 8:27:19 AM, by SPARTANJAI

    How do I know? Skunk smell everywhere! Bright side? I'll burn extra calories on the walks outside, because I will be doing what I can to get ... Read more

  • Week Three

    12/4/2014 8:28:18 PM, by COOLGRANDMA03

    Doing well. Not enough pounds down but feel so much better.... Read more

  • what will it take this time?

    11/11/2014 4:27:02 PM, by PUNKYPOWER21

    Here I am again...groundhogs day. I'm writing this entry as I wait for my oncology follow up appointment. I hit a new high with my weight. I'v... Read more

  • Beans, beans and more beans!

    8/20/2014 6:24:10 AM, by SPARTANJAI

    So I've been busy canning beans the past few weeks and something happened last night- my bean shelf is FULL! While I'm not complaining at all- I... Read more

  • cake pic

    8/14/2014 12:37:41 PM, by SPARTANJAI

    Here it is- sorry the pic isn't great, it was just a quick one on my phone and... Read more

  • Garden salads.... mmmmmmmmm

    6/26/2014 8:39:55 AM, by SPARTANJAI

    Love this time of year. Hit the garden last night and picked chard, spinach, red leaf lettuce and green leaf lettuce and onion. Couldn't bring ... Read more

  • paying attention

    4/9/2014 7:43:50 AM, by SPARTANJAI

    Ok, I've tracked food for the past 6 days... that may be a record for me. I'm going to try and continue to track and see what happens. I feel i... Read more

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