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  • Gardening....

    7/23/2017 2:28:17 PM, by SPARTANJAI

    Another day of gardening, canning, and getting things like laundry done. So much done and so much to do..... ah well, there are a few hours left... Read more

  • Time to can!

    7/22/2017 4:23:06 PM, by SPARTANJAI

    Mmmmmmmm!... Read more

  • Whew

    7/21/2017 7:26:17 AM, by SPARTANJAI

    It is the weekend! Time to get some grocery shopping done. Time to get laundry done and time to get in the garden! Have a great day!... Read more

  • Weather

    7/20/2017 9:45:39 AM, by SPARTANJAI

    Well they say we are due for rain.... so I won't water.... yet... Read more

  • Ahhh

    7/19/2017 11:51:24 AM, by SPARTANJAI

    The garden continues. Green beans are coming on like crazy. Love this time of year! Supposed to have rain the next few days so picking what need... Read more

  • Ahhhh

    7/18/2017 7:13:26 PM, by SPARTANJAI

    Work week is a busy one..... time to pick veggies and recharge!... Read more

  • Great day

    7/17/2017 9:33:43 PM, by SPARTANJAI

    Spent this evening with my Dad...... what a great day!... Read more

  • Whew

    7/16/2017 6:46:00 AM, by SPARTANJAI

    Gotta love the garden eating, sooooooooo good! I hope everyone is having a good weekend!... Read more

  • The garden

    7/15/2017 10:48:09 AM, by SPARTANJAI

    Is growing well and I am getting kale, cucumbers, gre... Read more

  • Busy day, but a good one

    7/14/2017 4:41:09 PM, by SPARTANJAI

    Went to the grocery store, the bank, got a hair cut, went to the farmers market, weeded the garden, watered the garden and the lettuce, picked l... Read more

  • Whooooo hooooo

    7/13/2017 6:45:31 PM, by SPARTANJAI

    It is my weekend and I am so ready for it. Big plans ahead and gonna be a great weekend!... Read more

  • There are those people

    7/12/2017 4:58:18 PM, by SPARTANJAI

    I am sure everyone has the in their life.... I just hope you get through the struggles better than I am!... Read more

  • Whew

    7/11/2017 9:11:35 PM, by SPARTANJAI

    Long day, time to recharge!... Read more

  • In need of a nap

    7/10/2017 5:37:34 PM, by SPARTANJAI

    Weather came through and woke me out of a deep sleep..... ugh I need a nap! Lol... Read more

  • Whew

    7/9/2017 5:17:19 PM, by SPARTANJAI

    Long weekend but I am getting it all done!... Read more

  • Storms

    7/8/2017 7:37:52 AM, by SPARTANJAI

    Garden and house made it through the storms last night. Today is a beautiful morning. I am making peach jam today.... can't wait! Have a great ... Read more

  • It's Friday!

    7/7/2017 7:23:43 AM, by SPARTANJAI

    A lot I want to accomplish today..... starting now! Good luck everyone and have a great day!... Read more

  • Long day

    7/6/2017 7:31:42 PM, by SPARTANJAI

    Not much time today as I am busy getting stuff done. Have a great day all!... Read more

  • So pretty

    7/5/2017 1:01:32 PM, by SPARTANJAI

    Fireworks .... so pretty! Garden is doing well, spent 3 hours trying to get a baby rabbit out of it yesterday. Saw it playing with a sibling and... Read more

  • Happy 4th

    7/4/2017 8:16:42 AM, by SPARTANJAI

    I hope everyone has a safe and happy 4th!... Read more

  • Whew

    7/3/2017 7:13:47 PM, by SPARTANJAI

    Long day..... but a good one!... Read more

  • Whew

    7/2/2017 4:38:10 PM, by SPARTANJAI

    Long day..... but a good one! Hope you have a good day too!... Read more

  • Whew

    7/1/2017 6:35:54 AM, by SPARTANJAI

    Shopping, weeding, picking veggies. Yesterday was a productive day! Love getting those fresh veggies, kale, green beans, kohlrabi... sooooooooo ... Read more

  • Ahhhhh

    6/30/2017 3:01:47 PM, by SPARTANJAI

    Gotta love a garden that is freshly weeded! Especially when I pick a cucumber and some green beans too! Hooray for garden season!... Read more

  • Whew

    6/29/2017 6:50:08 PM, by SPARTANJAI

    Long week.... thank heavens it is finished! Have a good weekend all and have a safe & happy 4th!... Read more

  • Trudging along

    6/28/2017 1:48:36 PM, by SPARTANJAI

    I really am antsy for my garden, I am not sure why, because when the garden goes crazy, the season is almost over. So, I have decided to be pat... Read more

  • Oooohhhhhhhh so exciting!

    6/27/2017 9:52:18 AM, by SPARTANJAI

    It is that exciting time in the garden! Picked some things already.... pea pods, kohlrabi ..... but ohhhhhh excitement... there are little baby c... Read more

  • Walk

    6/26/2017 5:27:57 PM, by SPARTANJAI

    Off for a walk.... nice weather for it! I hope everyone has a great evening! Hi to those that I haven't connected with in a while.... Read more

  • Today

    6/25/2017 7:44:15 AM, by SPARTANJAI

    Laundry, cleaning the kitchen up, gardening, it will be a busy day. Enjoy the day all!... Read more

  • Have a great day!

    6/24/2017 6:57:31 AM, by SPARTANJAI

    Enjoy the day all!... Read more

  • Whew

    6/23/2017 8:38:32 PM, by SPARTANJAI

    Long day. Finishing the cake for my nephew. Good news? It is complete. Rest day for me tomorrow to enjoy his birthday! Have a great day all!... Read more

  • Whew

    6/21/2017 5:59:07 PM, by SPARTANJAI

    Busy day and I am ready to relax and make jam this evening!... Read more

  • Whew

    6/19/2017 7:41:11 PM, by SPARTANJAI

    Tired today. Getting stuff ready to go for the cake I have to bake for Saturday. Spent a great day with my Dad yesterday! Now, off to bed early... Read more

  • Strawberries

    6/17/2017 9:49:25 PM, by SPARTANJAI

    Picked and cleaned strawberries today. Tomorrow I will make jam, do laundry and go get my Dad and spend the day with him. Crazy rain came through... Read more

  • Hot one today

    6/16/2017 6:32:49 PM, by SPARTANJAI

    Warm out there, stay hydrated all. Whooooo hoooooo it's the weekend!... Read more

  • Whew

    6/15/2017 4:09:58 PM, by SPARTANJAI

    Hot again today. Busy day today. This evening I am pulling weeds in the garden... that will be a project! Yeah! It is the weekend! Enjoy it all... Read more

  • Whew

    6/14/2017 5:34:38 PM, by SPARTANJAI

    Been busy. Grand Rapids wins the cup for minor league hockey. People injured in shootings. Fish fresh from Canada coming to me today - yum! Garde... Read more

  • Whew

    6/13/2017 1:45:06 PM, by SPARTANJAI

    Another warm day! My poor lettuce plants are desperate for water. I get them watered about twice a day but they sure don't like the heat! Stay co... Read more

  • Warm one

    6/12/2017 5:24:23 PM, by SPARTANJAI

    Stay safe out there. Going to get my main work out on inside today..... maybe tomorrow will be a little cooler!... Read more

  • Enjoy the day!

    6/11/2017 7:56:43 AM, by SPARTANJAI

    What a great day! Take time to enjoy it!... Read more

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