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  • I can do this!

    2/9/2016 8:58:38 AM, by GVLAKERGIRL

    Yesterday was a good day. I hit my 10,000 steps and ate well. In order to break through this plateau, I can't just have one good day. I must make... Read more

  • So most of the time I won't blog here

    2/8/2016 6:20:05 PM, by DIAPHONI

    They'll be posted from my personal blog, Snarky Succubus snarkysuccubus.com I'm way back on the east coast and sick as hell. I... Read more

  • Super Bowl Sunday

    2/8/2016 4:01:41 PM, by PIPSANDMSMAMA79

    This weekend I was out of town for our monthly travel to my dad's house which is 2.5 hours away. We visit every first weekend of the month. I lov... Read more

  • Decisions Decisions

    2/8/2016 1:36:11 PM, by IAM_SISTASARA

    I am undecided on whether or not to hit the gym today. Its not my regular day but I kinda wanna go. It could be the fact that I've made progress... Read more

  • Ok, time to bust the plateau

    2/7/2016 2:36:43 PM, by GVLAKERGIRL

    I was excited about my first 4.5 pound loss last month. I was moving in the right direction and at a good speed. I was making healthy choices and... Read more

  • Another busy day

    2/4/2016 10:54:01 PM, by ACRAIG921

    I'm finally getting a chance to relax today. I've been running errands and have been super busy around here. I got my grocery shopping done, I ... Read more

  • Cokes

    2/4/2016 4:23:44 PM, by PIPSANDMSMAMA79

    This week has had it's ups and downs. I've held on strong and I've done my best. I even ate salad and drank V8 Greens, but the hardest thing I've... Read more

  • Oatmeal Raisin Cookies

    2/3/2016 1:34:09 PM, by IAM_SISTASARA

    What can I say? I love oatmeal raisin cookies. GingerSnaps are a close second. Here is the issue. I can usually avoid eating these cookies, but... Read more

  • LOL

    2/2/2016 1:44:02 PM, by IAM_SISTASARA

    Sometimes you just have to LOL. I'm talking eyes squinting, stomach holding, shedding tears LOL. Try it. I bet you feel better. I did.... Read more

  • Saying "I love you"

    2/1/2016 10:27:26 AM, by GVLAKERGIRL

    Do you tell your spouse how much you love him/her? Do you say "I love you" every morning to him/her when you leave the house? And again before yo... Read more

  • It's time to do this!!

    2/1/2016 9:10:37 AM, by ACRAIG921

    Well here we are, it's February 1. January didn't go so well for me, but I woke up this morning knowing it was time to get to it. Normall... Read more

  • Challenge Accepted!

    1/31/2016 9:12:49 PM, by SKODAGAL

    Tonia Bateman-Jahshan, the founder of Steeped Tea has just challenged her consultants (like me) to exercise every day with her in February. I thi... Read more

  • Sara and the Terrible, Horrible, No Good, Very Bad week

    1/31/2016 7:06:08 AM, by IAM_SISTASARA

    I ate what I wanted. I didn't exercise. I didn't track. I did absolutely bad and I didn't care. I hit a rough patch. Depression set in and ... Read more

  • Weighed in Two Days In a Row

    1/30/2016 7:59:51 PM, by SKODAGAL

    I weighed myself yesterday morning, and then again this morning. I've been able to keep from weighing myself daily, and only doing it on a week... Read more

  • Day 3

    1/29/2016 8:14:42 PM, by PIPSANDMSMAMA79

    Day 3 and I'm doing better and better with my diet. I really do need to get some excersize done though. Today my kids were out of school, so I ju... Read more

  • And it Continues

    1/28/2016 9:56:07 PM, by SKODAGAL

    I believe I am making progress. I have lost a quarter inch on almost all of my measurements (my hips are stuck), and I'm finding it easier to be ... Read more

  • I'm not sure

    1/28/2016 9:55:42 PM, by CAKEMAKERMOM

    I have had no desire to do anything lately. I'm wondering if my vitamin D is that low again this year. I haven't been able to get back on t... Read more

  • Here We Go Again

    1/28/2016 6:01:07 PM, by PIPSANDMSMAMA79

    I could sit here and feel sorry for myself. I could be mad at myself. I could wallow in my own self pity. I could feel negatively for my lack of ... Read more

  • Super yummy healthy soup recipe!

    1/25/2016 4:23:38 PM, by GVLAKERGIRL

    I just made this soup and love it! It's Roasted Carrot and Cauliflower Curried Soup on Allrecipes' website. Here's the link! http://allrecip... Read more

  • I'm changing

    1/23/2016 6:17:28 PM, by IAM_SISTASARA

    Who knew? I have been going strong for a week now. I can't really see a difference but I can feel the difference. They say it takes 30 days to fo... Read more

  • Snow Storm or Life Storm

    1/21/2016 4:23:40 AM, by IAM_SISTASARA

    Its supposed to snow yesterday, this coming Friday and Saturday. I didn't yesterday, but I had a major storm in my life. Like any storm this too ... Read more

  • Food

    1/20/2016 4:02:24 PM, by JENNY10179

    I've been eating fairly decent since January 1st. Gave up alcohol which is HUGE for me. I was a big wine drinker. It's how I like to relax at the... Read more

  • Gym

    1/20/2016 3:56:12 PM, by JENNY10179

    Today was my second time back at the gym. I had my fitness assesment and quick personal training session. I love love love this gym! It's so n... Read more

  • video blog Video Blog
    The Struggle of their fore-mothers'

    1/19/2016 2:50:30 PM, by UASK4ITDAVE

    I know the struggle is real for all of us on here. I know the pain so many of us feel when we keep sabotaging ourselves, or we just cannot get ou... Read more

  • Weekly Weigh Ins

    1/16/2016 8:45:59 AM, by GVLAKERGIRL

    I was a scale addict. Every morning. I know that the average person's weight fluctuates daily by up to 5 pounds just due to water weight. That di... Read more

  • Take it slow.

    1/16/2016 12:49:00 AM, by UASK4ITDAVE

    Everyday new people register. Everyday people log into Spark hoping that it will make that difference in their goals. So many people say, "where ... Read more

  • video blog Video Blog
    Get them goals done girl, and stop whining.

    1/13/2016 7:03:06 PM, by UASK4ITDAVE

    I gain so much insperation at the gym. But I also face some hard facts when I'm there. I see people who have made such great progress...while I a... Read more

  • Feeling wonderful again!

    1/13/2016 9:29:56 AM, by GODDESSNIKKI1

    So when I started getting back into exercise I was at 160 lbs...I've been walk/running for almost a complete 4 weeks now and I finally weighed my... Read more

  • To make proper decisions

    1/12/2016 11:14:36 AM, by CAKEMAKERMOM

    I have been stepping on the scale, and since I started last week I lost 2 pounds (more or less). This morning I stepped back on and gained back u... Read more

  • Day 2 on sp

    1/12/2016 8:47:02 AM, by GODDESSNIKKI1

    Well gets I am on day number 2...stepping my workout up a notch already, feeling really good and no longer feeling sluggish! AWESOME!! I really t... Read more

  • Minimum of 15 minutes of Activity per Day

    1/11/2016 9:33:45 PM, by SKODAGAL

    Well last week and going into this week has definitely been better for being aware of what I'm eating. I manage to have one of the recommended me... Read more

  • video blog Video Blog
    My Tummy Hurts & My Knee is Broken

    1/11/2016 4:27:48 PM, by UASK4ITDAVE

    My year has started off rough. My right knee has been giving me problems, and my stomach has been causing me A LOT of pain. Some times it feels l... Read more

  • New "Before" Pictures...ugh

    1/8/2016 9:00:53 AM, by GVLAKERGIRL

    I've been on SP since 2008, hit or miss. On my page and in my gallery I have many pictures of when I got (back) in shape. These, although great t... Read more

  • Fighting the Sweet Tooth

    1/7/2016 10:39:41 AM, by GVLAKERGIRL

    I'm an emotional eater. Have been for years. Fortunately, I recognize it and know it's not ok. When the stress hits, all I want is to hit the dri... Read more

  • My Food Pusher

    1/7/2016 9:32:50 AM, by CAKEMAKERMOM

    I went out to eat like I said yesterday. Mom decided to change restaurants at the last minute, but I still managed to have the correct meal to no... Read more

  • Deciding to track for the first week

    1/6/2016 9:34:45 AM, by CAKEMAKERMOM

    To reset my body, I need to reset my mindset also. I had gotten into the "Go ahead, have another cookie" "The French fries won't kill you" "... Read more

  • video blog Video Blog
    NO New Year, New Me CRAP!

    1/5/2016 3:07:47 PM, by UASK4ITDAVE

    I am back to vlogging. I took some time off because I was back to being discouraged by my reflection. But, I know better then anyone that hiding ... Read more

  • So I fell. Hard and far.

    1/5/2016 10:39:24 AM, by CAKEMAKERMOM

    There have been highs and lows this last year. I discovered a different social network called Second Life, where you can be anything or any... Read more

  • Active Day

    1/4/2016 11:43:26 PM, by SKODAGAL

    Today was one of my more active days even though it was also a work day. It helps when I have afternoon shifts so I can fit my work outs in dur... Read more

  • My bad habit

    1/3/2016 6:24:06 PM, by SKODAGAL

    My current bad habit that I need to get over is snacking at night while I'm relaxing before bed, whether or not I'm actually hungry. My usual nig... Read more

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