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When tough tries to overtake.
7/24/2014 7:21:50 AM,  0 COMMENTS

There are some days when pain overcomes our efforts, draining one of energy and stamina. Attempting to remain on track and positive can become strenuo...  Read more


Soul Searcher Question
7/24/2014 5:44:00 AM,  3 COMMENTS

...  Read more


7/23/2014 10:17:03 AM,  23 COMMENTS

...  Read more


Tales of woe.
7/22/2014 6:32:14 AM,  11 COMMENTS

Why is it that when I go to blog it is not for good news! P'raps it just old age eh! 39 I started off my two week break, to sort stuff out, w...  Read more


Housewifely day
7/21/2014 10:16:47 PM,  4 COMMENTS

Really satisfied with my day so far, went to Zumba, bought some gloves (just developed Reynaud's and it's tough in winter) and some new pillows. Then...  Read more


Tea Sandwiches by TopsBear
7/21/2014 2:22:58 PM,  13 COMMENTS

190 4 190 4 190 4 190 4 190 4 Ideas/recipes too mouthwateringly delectable sounding not to share. Enjoy!  Read more


Reviewing My Plan
7/21/2014 12:42:00 PM,  20 COMMENTS

Today could be one of those days. It's Monday, the first day after vacation. 5AM rolled around much too early this morning. YAWN.... But i...  Read more


Soul Searcher Question
7/21/2014 5:44:44 AM,  9 COMMENTS

...  Read more


Saturday evening with my Daughter & her 2 daughters, 07/19/2014
7/20/2014 5:47:14 PM,  5 COMMENTS

My daughter and her two little girls at Krider Garden, Middlbury, Indiana. We met up near a halfway point to walk in the garden. ...  Read more


Steamed to sleep
7/20/2014 12:58:11 PM,  5 COMMENTS

This weekend I have been tidying the house since DH has been out of town. The kitchen and bedroom are a marvel, living room and lobby, not so much....  Read more


New beginning, AGAIN
7/20/2014 11:16:02 AM,  3 COMMENTS

Getting the weight off this time has been much barber then in the past! I'm sure age has something to do with it, motivation might been an issue as w...  Read more


Soul Searcher Question
7/20/2014 7:06:45 AM,  4 COMMENTS

...  Read more


Memory Lane
7/19/2014 9:15:23 PM,  5 COMMENTS

This blog has nothing to do with weight loss or nutrition. But, I wanted to share it with all of you because it is so adoring. Today at the mall I saw...  Read more


Soul Searcher Question
7/19/2014 8:39:27 AM,  6 COMMENTS

...  Read more


Beach Bound Vacation!!
7/19/2014 5:33:29 AM,  8 COMMENTS

Well, I am packed up & ready to go! EXCEPT, I have to work til 2 39. But, with a little luck, we'll be on the road by 4pm. I have a 10 d...  Read more


Really unhappy with the scale--and I guess with me, too.
7/18/2014 6:47:28 PM,  8 COMMENTS

The scale has been inching up--pretty much since February. I do not know why--I have been exercising and tracking and am usually under the calorie ran...  Read more


Biggest loser challenge
7/18/2014 4:36:14 PM,  10 COMMENTS

Yesterday was weigh in day for my new six week challenge. I've been weighing regularly again after neglecting the scales for a few months, and boy doe...  Read more


Diets, Diets, Diets... (faint scream in the background...)
7/18/2014 1:12:54 PM,  9 COMMENTS

That would be my scream in the background. I had to quit my vegetarian diet. I developed ulcer in my mouth (or canker sores). This is due to...  Read more


A Non-Scale Victory At The Grocery Store
7/18/2014 1:10:52 PM,  194 COMMENTS

I got up bright and early this morning to go grocery shopping with my youngest son. I had my list written out, and I was ready to only buy healt...  Read more


94 years young
7/18/2014 7:21:15 AM,  8 COMMENTS

I volunteer as a meal coordinator for a program where groups come in and prepare a meal for the community and last night I had the pleasure of working...  Read more


Soul Searcher Question
7/18/2014 6:02:16 AM,  12 COMMENTS

...  Read more


A High, A Low and Some Busy Work
7/18/2014 2:38:32 AM,  9 COMMENTS

I try to have an adventure a day. And it's my intention to do a blog post for each one. However, work obligations have inserted themselves and I have...  Read more


Lowering Cholesterol
7/17/2014 12:07:05 PM,  2 COMMENTS

I did not realize that gaining weight would have such a profound influence on my cholesterol. I haven't been as dedicated to losing as I should, i.e....  Read more


Resting on My Laurels
7/17/2014 11:03:18 AM,  14 COMMENTS

Brooklyn born just wrote an excellent blog in which she mentioned "resting on your laurels". This has been a problem for me lately - wake up, run 4...  Read more


continuing the walk
7/17/2014 10:20:32 AM,  0 COMMENTS

up bright and early - taking my walk and ending in art lessons. resulting in a very productive morning....  Read more


Soul Searcher Question (I'm going to stop numbering them!)
7/17/2014 7:42:46 AM,  7 COMMENTS

...  Read more


Filmmaker Michael Moore As Fitness Inspiration?
7/16/2014 1:15:52 PM,  3 COMMENTS

The answer is yes. At least he was *one* of my inspirations this week. He writes about it in the link below. After reading a few of his posts, it...  Read more


There's a Challenge Brewing!!
7/16/2014 6:49:23 AM,  5 COMMENTS

On the “Beauty Over 50” team I co-lead, I’m starting a Biggest Loser Challenge beginning on Friday, July 18th and ending (final weigh in) Friday, Augu...  Read more


So cold I really needed something to warm me up
7/16/2014 3:39:57 AM,  7 COMMENTS

The heating at work is broken and I have been freezing cold all day as the rain and sleet came down. Finally winter after the mildest of weather so fa...  Read more


It's a Beautiful Day in the Neighborhood....
7/15/2014 11:43:46 PM,  6 COMMENTS

Sometimes it's just about the calorie burn. I am on a time crunch this week. Next Monday I take off for our 2014 Summer Camp. We will be taking...  Read more


Trusting The Process
7/15/2014 1:11:09 PM,  264 COMMENTS

When I gave up the scale three weeks ago, I posted an index card on the refrigerator that says TRUST THE PROCESS in bold red letters. My hubby asked...  Read more


New Course
7/15/2014 8:47:18 AM,  0 COMMENTS

Am so excited as I have enrolled on a short course to extend on my creativety....  Read more


Soul Searcher Question #40
7/15/2014 7:45:49 AM,  8 COMMENTS

...  Read more


A Delightful Disaster
7/14/2014 10:05:22 PM,  4 COMMENTS

Today my husband, my best friend, Sally, and I headed back out to Plumley Maud Trail in Butte, Alaska to see if we could rescue the "Adventure Pod" fr...  Read more


Week 2 Challenge continues
7/14/2014 4:51:47 PM,  0 COMMENTS

Into the second week and determined to continue. The heat helps to drink up the water....  Read more


Giggle for the Day
7/14/2014 2:36:04 PM,  25 COMMENTS

If only it were that easy. Busy day around the property today . . . we're heading into town for some supplies for a project DH's in the mid...  Read more


Soul Searcher Questions #39
7/14/2014 6:58:16 AM,  9 COMMENTS

"What's one Event that has made you stronger?" I typed it out because I had a hard time reading it myself :-)...  Read more


Just when you thought you were done....
7/14/2014 12:33:39 AM,  6 COMMENTS

The plan for today was to park at a local bridge, take off on the paved bike trail (with my road bike) and bike about 12 miles to a popular hiking des...  Read more


Balancing Act III
7/13/2014 11:14:25 PM,  2 COMMENTS

Just thought I would update you an how things are progressing. FANTASTIC. I must say my cup is full. We are working together as a team. We are encou...  Read more


Super Moon
7/13/2014 6:00:28 PM,  6 COMMENTS

Did everyone see that moon last night > It was hot pink and huge and from where we were watching on the beach it was reflecting a beautiful pi...  Read more


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