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  • I'm back!

    11/29/2016 10:31:38 AM, by CECEINOHIO1276

    So I kinda fell off the face of the map lately and I n... Read more

  • Live out loud!

    11/5/2016 11:03:07 AM, by CECEINOHIO1276

    Live out loud! ... Read more

  • Too long

    1/22/2016 10:28:49 AM, by CECENJEFF

    It's been too long since I took some time to post. I a... Read more

  • Day 15: Forgiveness

    1/5/2016 10:00:09 PM, by CECENJEFF

    I've watched The Biggest Lose ever season since it started and never have I felt so motivated by an episode as I did last night's. The root of my... Read more

  • Dec 29: 8 days Post-Op

    12/29/2015 6:19:46 PM, by CECENJEFF

    Happy Tuesday! I am still in awe of myself that I chose to do this surgery. My sleeve appears to be healing well and faster than I imagined. Had ... Read more

  • Dec 27: Day 5 post surgery

    12/27/2015 1:01:47 AM, by CECENJEFF

    Today was officially day 5 since I had my weight loss surgery and I feel now that I'm getting better each day. The one problem with having a lot ... Read more

  • Another week down

    7/10/2015 12:54:15 PM, by GEOCARYN

    Well, Monday was a slightly disappointing weigh-in, as I was up 0.5 pounds from last week. My husband was down 0.5 pounds, so that was a positive... Read more

  • July 5th, 2015

    7/5/2015 7:56:33 PM, by GEOCARYN

    The fireworks display Friday night was wonderful, and we had dinner with my dad, aunt and uncle, and some friends. It was a wonderful evening. Sa... Read more

  • Friday 7/3/15

    7/3/2015 3:35:24 PM, by GEOCARYN

    So far it's been a great day off work. I've gotten my husband's cake made for his party tomorrow, a grape salad made, the kitchen cleaned up, and... Read more

  • Three-day Weekend Coming Up!

    7/2/2015 12:02:14 PM, by GEOCARYN

    Tonight I will need to go to the grocery store to pick up food for the coming week, and also to pick up a few things for my husband's early birth... Read more

  • Wednesday Walking

    7/1/2015 8:36:47 PM, by GEOCARYN

    We went for another walk tonight, and picked up our pace to do 1.25 miles in 20 minutes. The weather has been beautiful in the evenings, not too ... Read more

  • Tuesday 6/30/15

    6/30/2015 8:01:03 PM, by GEOCARYN

    We got in a mile last night, in 17 minutes, and 1.25 miles tonight in 21 minutes. Now that our exercise is in for the night, I have time to hopef... Read more

  • Monday Weigh-In

    6/29/2015 11:13:54 AM, by GEOCARYN

    Woohoo! The hubby and I both weighed in this morning, and he is down 4 pounds while I am down 3 pounds. The walking every night last week paid ... Read more

  • Sunday Relaxation

    6/28/2015 9:30:25 PM, by GEOCARYN

    What a busy, but great day today. I got my freezer jam made this morning, a baby quilt trimmed and ready for binding, and another baby top dow... Read more

  • Rainy Day Ahead

    6/27/2015 7:21:53 AM, by GEOCARYN

    Saturday is here. I'm currently laying in bed, listening to the sound of rain hitting the roof. Very relaxing. I'll get to spend the day sewin... Read more

  • TGIF

    6/26/2015 11:05:15 AM, by GEOCARYN

    Friday is finally here again! I will be hitting the store tonight to stock up on groceries again, and then we'll be able to relax and maybe get... Read more

  • Thursday

    6/25/2015 11:19:59 AM, by GEOCARYN

    Last night after dinner, my husband and I went for a walk down our street, then back up for a total of 0.56 mile in 10 minutes. It's not much, b... Read more

  • 3 days in and having a few struggles

    6/24/2015 11:42:49 AM, by GEOCARYN

    Well, I'm on day 3 of my lifestyle change and I'm definitely struggling on my eating habits. I have managed to have a few wins in the process, th... Read more

  • It's Been a Rough Road

    6/23/2015 11:10:04 AM, by GEOCARYN

    After several years of doing well with weight maintenance and exercise, I pretty much spun out of control at the beginning of 2014, after a sligh... Read more

  • this summer

    8/13/2014 8:11:33 AM, by TROPICALSTARS

    Im blogging on my tablet so forgive me for misspellings and it quite possibly being a short recap. Every time I come back on to sp, I feel I've ... Read more

  • The Best Feeling in the World!

    5/4/2014 3:42:02 PM, by DAVE3977

    Over the past 17 months I've noticed lots of things on me that feel better. As I went through the journey, my knees felt better with less pressu... Read more

  • 33% down

    1/7/2014 10:59:23 PM, by JUJUMILLER

    I am sitting here watching The Biggest Loser weigh-in, and I've had a realization. It has occurred to me that I have lost 33% of my body weigh... Read more

  • What a Year it's been!

    1/1/2014 8:52:45 PM, by DAVE3977

    A year ago, was sitting on the same couch I'm sitting on right now, but I was putting a little more stress on the springs. I started the year at... Read more

  • Thank You 2013, and Here's to 2014!

    1/1/2014 12:08:53 PM, by JUJUMILLER

    Here it is 2014. Where does the time go? It's time for me to sit down and reflect on time that has past. I feel that 2013 was very successfu... Read more

  • TV Appearance!

    12/18/2013 12:47:06 PM, by DAVE3977

    Last week, a TV Station in Cleveland (about an hour away from us) contacted my wife and I about telling our weight loss story on the air. We agr... Read more

  • The Best Things in Life are Free

    9/19/2013 9:56:06 PM, by DAVE3977

    I have officially lost 1/3 of my body weight. That’s 125 pound in a little over 9 months. And as I look back on that time, I see there are a fe... Read more

  • Almost There!

    7/9/2013 10:42:19 PM, by DAVE3977

    So, I'm only about 5 pounds from my first goal (100 pounds down), and it's only taken 7 months. But last week something interesting happened. I... Read more

  • Back on the grind

    6/27/2013 11:34:00 PM, by MMCGEE11

    Hey spark people. I'm back and ready to finish what I started. I'be been slowly losing weight but I need to jump start my weight loss. Need more ... Read more

  • Booby Traps

    6/3/2013 10:12:37 PM, by DAVE3977

    Things have been going well for me, up until a few weeks ago. I'm still losing weight, but i find myself fighting each week to get there. The r... Read more

  • Family Time, YAY MEMORIES!

    5/19/2013 9:15:04 PM, by JUJUMILLER

    Just got home from a wonderful weekend with the family at an out-of-town wedding celebration for a favorite cousin and a birthday party for my mo... Read more

  • Thanks, guys!

    5/12/2013 2:14:13 PM, by JUJUMILLER

    I found out last Thursday that I have a stress fracture in my foot. Now, THAT explains all the pain I've been experiencing! Just when I was get... Read more

  • Injury=Boo

    5/7/2013 11:08:08 PM, by JUJUMILLER

    I'm a little upset this week. I've injured my foot and am unable resume my normal workout schedule. I have an appointment on Thursday to see ... Read more

  • I Give Up!

    4/26/2013 11:51:46 PM, by DAVE3977

    I've always hated clothes shopping. HATE IT! The problem is, after losing 60 pounds, none of my pants fit me anymore. I put a pair of jeans on... Read more

  • Ok, I See It Now

    4/20/2013 4:06:01 PM, by DAVE3977

    I had to work this morning. Part of the process is taking a few pictures at an area business. I wore the same outfit that I wore at a similar e... Read more

  • Everyone wins!

    4/7/2013 8:35:51 PM, by JUJUMILLER

    Victory! I finally got my mother to take a short walk with me. I have been bugging her for months now to start to move. Her memory is starti... Read more

  • Might As Well Face It...I'm Addicted to...

    3/27/2013 8:53:21 PM, by DAVE3977

    THE SCALE! When I started this process, I told myself that weigh ins happen every Thursday Morning. However, as my wife and I moved forward, I ... Read more

  • 10%

    3/16/2013 2:48:50 PM, by JUJUMILLER

    My annual checkup happened in December 0f 2012. The doctor had not-so-good news. I was teetering on prediabetes and my future most certainly co... Read more

  • March 16, 2013

    3/16/2013 2:32:31 PM, by DAVE3977

    This is My First blog. Let me start with the past. I've always been a bigger guy. But I was always fairly active. Until I left college 8 year... Read more

  • Yogurt 101

    3/8/2013 9:40:13 PM, by JUJUMILLER

    Wow do I feel like like a dork. I have never cared for yogurt. But, everyone is jumping on the Greek yogurt kick and with all the benefits ... Read more

  • The little things

    3/3/2013 11:02:34 PM, by JUJUMILLER

    I haven't been in shape in a long, long time. Since I've been starting to take my health seriously, I've noticed that I haven't had a headache s... Read more

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