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  • Sun 5/21

    5/21/2017 3:44:10 PM, by SHFEEDUR54

    In official flare-up now. Sticking to juices only today, but even that's not sitting too well.... Read more

  • Sat. 5/20

    5/20/2017 10:14:11 PM, by SHFEEDUR54

    Mix of bloated and hungry today. Felt a twinge and burn of upper torso pain off and on, but it really set in after dinner. Just standing or vague... Read more

  • Fri 5/19

    5/19/2017 10:26:54 PM, by SHFEEDUR54

    Grateful for a short work day. Had to lay down for a good portion of the afternoon. Still able to eat, but more pain and tenderness building. I d... Read more

  • Thurs 5/18

    5/18/2017 11:36:45 PM, by SHFEEDUR54

    Similar story today - able to eat, but off and on, feeling right on the edge of pain.... Read more

  • Diet drinks

    5/18/2017 7:42:36 PM, by RUTH4141

    Just finished the article on how contrary to what you may have read, diet drinks help people more than ain water. Had to laugh. It needed a dis... Read more

  • Wed 5/17

    5/17/2017 3:43:36 PM, by SHFEEDUR54

    Been mostly healthy these last few days, able to eat well and no pain. Until last night - started having the tell-tale symptoms that made me ease... Read more

  • Back on track

    5/17/2017 3:13:12 PM, by STICHER

    I hit a wall and pretty much gave up. I even gained a few pounds back. But then my friend Julie, was diagnosed as a diabetic. Talk about a wake... Read more

  • What you DON'T need to beat Lyme disease

    5/17/2017 9:41:37 AM, by DOTSLADY

    From bit.ly/2r8wCNS "Here... Read more

  • Meet Bb, Babs, aka Babesia

    5/14/2017 11:27:47 PM, by DOTSLADY

    From an article by Suzy Cohen, RPh bit.l... Read more

  • Still sick

    5/14/2017 9:18:27 PM, by BJUMPINGFORJOY

    I have done nothing but cough for the last 2 weeks feel bad go to work come home and rest hopefully I will be better this week and can go and wor... Read more

  • Hexagon Rebounders (mini trampoline)

    5/14/2017 12:06:44 AM, by PROVERBS31JULIA

    I just posted this in the Urban Reboinder team, but on the wild chance that there are other Sparkers who rebound, but are not in the Urban Reboun... Read more

  • Med Change

    5/11/2017 3:12:06 PM, by BIOLOGYJUNKIE85

    New med change as a 5/10/17 Minastrin evening Lipitor 20mg evening Latuda 20mg morning 80mg evening Clonazepam 0.5mg morning Lamictal 1... Read more

  • At This Moment...

    5/11/2017 4:02:46 AM, by PRECIOUSJULS

    This is a reminder to myself. With Mother's day comi... Read more

  • Mon. 5/8

    5/8/2017 10:37:12 PM, by SHFEEDUR54

    Feeling stronger today, can't squelch this appetite! I just want to eat everything. And I ate a lot - chicken, veggies, cottage cheese, crackers... Read more

  • General Info - Tick Season, Lyme Disease etc

    5/7/2017 2:59:01 PM, by PROVERBS31JULIA

    Saw an article in the Parade Magazine today on ticks and Lyme Disease, so I wanted to save the links in here (trying to reduce paper clutter!). ... Read more

  • Sick

    5/6/2017 11:09:38 PM, by BJUMPINGFORJOY

    I have been sick all week. Will post more tomorrow.... Read more

  • Sat. May 6

    5/6/2017 10:36:16 PM, by SHFEEDUR54

    Still improving, slowly. The intense and sporadic pain after breakfast persists, but the rest of the day is just tenderness and occasional sorene... Read more

  • Fri 5/5

    5/5/2017 11:15:10 PM, by SHFEEDUR54

    Recovering. Able to eat real food today, small portion of rice and chicken at dinner, some zucchini. It's a good to feel more human, though I ge... Read more

  • Today's Salad

    5/4/2017 11:05:31 PM, by DOTSLADY

    I've never been one to take photos of my meals, and you can tell. HAHA! I don't care. Look at my messy mushy salad. (gluten free, grain free, dai... Read more

  • Wed 5/3

    5/3/2017 10:47:34 PM, by SHFEEDUR54

    It's been a rough week. Got an eye infection Monday night, bad head cold and fever hit Tuesday morning, then the gut-wrenching pain of a pancreat... Read more

  • May Day! May Day!

    5/1/2017 3:57:31 PM, by DOTSLADY

    When I was a little girl, I used to danc... Read more

  • Drs Visits

    4/30/2017 9:03:57 PM, by BJUMPINGFORJOY

    No matter how much I try I can't seem to keep the one goal of getting on SP more. It seem like when I get home I am so tired that I lay down to r... Read more

  • Sat. 4/29

    4/29/2017 10:25:26 PM, by SHFEEDUR54

    Worked out for the first time since before my diagnosis this year. Only did 15 min on the elliptical and 5 min of free weights, and I felt spent,... Read more

  • Tuna Garden Salad

    4/28/2017 9:06:21 PM, by MEMORIES7

    Hello Sparkfamily, I am so sorry that I have not been here but I have been so, so busy! There just is not enough time in a day! But I am here now... Read more

  • Thurs. 4/27

    4/27/2017 7:19:14 PM, by SHFEEDUR54

    I seem to hurt more when I'm tired. Afternoon thru evening, had that familiar pinching pain under my ribcage and stomach. Still went ahead and t... Read more

  • Wed 4/26

    4/26/2017 9:51:51 PM, by SHFEEDUR54

    Not a bad day. Little pain through day, no major issues after dinner - had fish, finally! - and walked around for an hour after. Just an occasion... Read more

  • Stress NOT eating

    4/26/2017 8:15:57 PM, by RUTH4141

    Car broke down needs new motor. Bought new used Lincoln MKS still trying to get a salvage yard to pick up old car so I can check out of motel and... Read more

  • You don't fail until you give up!

    4/26/2017 5:46:24 PM, by DYNAMITEBJI

    You don't fail until you give up!... Read more

  • Mindfullness

    4/26/2017 8:22:22 AM, by PRECIOUSJULS

    This fits perfectly with what I was talking about yesterday. Being mindful of what you eat! Have a great day ya'll!! Read more

  • Tues 4/25

    4/25/2017 6:01:12 PM, by SHFEEDUR54

    Discomfort and pain got more real as the day progressed. Not sure I should eat dinner, probably just make of worse. Stupid pancreas.... Read more

  • Mindful Eating

    4/25/2017 6:25:31 AM, by PRECIOUSJULS

    I am a fast eater because of my current and past jobs. Now I'm programmed to eat fast. When eating with my family I am usually the first one done... Read more

  • Cat Scratch Fever / Bartonella symptoms

    4/24/2017 5:27:53 PM, by DOTSLADY

    Nymph tick ... Read more

  • Mon 4/24

    4/24/2017 5:26:34 PM, by SHFEEDUR54

    Why do I hurt when I'm doing everything right? This is the most illogical disease. I've eaten something at every meal, even if just a fruit and ... Read more

  • Sun. 4/23

    4/23/2017 11:59:16 PM, by SHFEEDUR54

    Mostly ok today. No real pain, just intermittent nausea, always worse at night. Not a super hungry day, only got in around 750 calories, but that... Read more

  • Exercise is U shaped?

    4/23/2017 10:54:14 PM, by PROVERBS31JULIA

    Read this article: http://www.mindbodygreen
    n-weight-loss.html Read more

  • Fri 4/21

    4/21/2017 10:16:39 AM, by SHFEEDUR54

    Yesterday was so good, I didn't even update. Had dinner at a restaurant, veggies and a small lean steak. Thought it would be a test, and I'm feel... Read more

  • Money changers in the Temple... Airport... Hotel... Museum etc

    4/19/2017 11:13:16 PM, by PROVERBS31JULIA

    Just so you know, I'm a year behind on learning about this new app for iOS and Android platforms... but, being as I am easily amused and I have t... Read more

  • Wed 4/19

    4/19/2017 10:56:16 PM, by SHFEEDUR54

    After verifying that pain returns without the mealtime enzymes, I'm back on them today and feeling all right. Had about 1300 calories today (doub... Read more

  • Tues 4/18

    4/18/2017 6:23:14 PM, by SHFEEDUR54

    Still taking a break from enzymes most of the day. Noticed some twinges after eating an egg this afternoon, but otherwise no pain or nausea. Unti... Read more

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