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  • Update!

    9/21/2014 11:54:19 AM, by BLACK-PRINCESS

    new job going great. I was contacted 2 work @ another job over the wkend. I'm not sure I'm going 2 do it .... Read more

  • Update!

    9/18/2014 7:10:37 AM, by BLACK-PRINCESS

    I finally got a job & I started this past Monday. I'm still getting use 2 it because I'm gone all day & then have 2 rush home 2 qu... Read more

  • Thyroid

    9/15/2014 11:42:27 AM, by JENNIFER2578

    Had blood work done and come to find out my thyroid is wayyyy off. I knew something was wrong. So they increased my dosage. I really hope this he... Read more

  • Crazy Times!

    9/10/2014 12:47:42 AM, by BRENNA84

    I was going to get surgery for my knee, with cameras to see all the damage in my knees. But I went to a dance workshop, and my so-called cystic a... Read more

  • new goals, new plan, keep pushing!

    9/8/2014 10:37:07 AM, by JENNIFER2578

    Did not get much sleep last night. My 3 year old daughter was up having nightmares about swarming bees. Poor kid. So I was so tired I missed my w... Read more

  • Benchmark 59:30 5k - Aloha

    9/7/2014 11:17:09 PM, by WOLFKITTY

    Me (... Read more

  • August 7th - September 7th

    9/5/2014 9:36:57 AM, by JENNIFER2578

    This month has not been good for weight loss. Though I have lost I am not going to meet my goal of 10 pounds for the month. I have been working o... Read more

  • Update!

    9/4/2014 8:07:25 AM, by BLACK-PRINCESS

    I've been having problems w/my internet since Monday. I was told that my browser was high jacked & I wasn't the 1st 1 2 call about this. \I ... Read more

  • Vulnerability

    8/31/2014 3:58:34 PM, by WOLFKITTY

    lity A common theme with people is to like things that reinforces... Read more

  • keep it together girl

    8/29/2014 12:23:24 PM, by JENNIFER2578

    I am having family in from out of town this weekend. They do not normally get to be here for our "Sunday Dinner" So Saturday we are having one. P... Read more

  • Kili Training Plan

    8/28/2014 12:59:03 PM, by ERNOINACTION

    Mt. Kilimanjaro is referred to as Kili on many of the sites I've been seeing and for obvious reasons. Read more

  • Update!

    8/27/2014 11:41:13 AM, by BLACK-PRINCESS

    2 day is going pretty good, just really . I'm not so stressed & down like I was. I still haven't exercised in a long x, which is ... Read more

  • Developing Consistency

    8/26/2014 1:21:16 PM, by ERNOINACTION

    If you've read any of my recent blogs, you'll know that I've been strugglin... Read more

  • I am so annoyed!

    8/26/2014 7:12:14 AM, by JENNIFER2578

    Saturday I was down to 298 and so excited. Then Sunday 300, Monday 302 and now today 304! Ugh It has to be the alcohol I drank Saturday night and... Read more

  • 300

    8/23/2014 10:18:50 AM, by JENNIFER2578

    I don't normally weigh myself on the weekends but I did today and I lost a few more pounds! Down to 300 now. I cant wait to be in the 200's. As I... Read more

  • What? 2008!

    8/20/2014 3:36:39 PM, by JENNIFER2578

    I was just looking at my profile and realized I started working with Spark in 2008, when I was 30. I cant believe it. It is a little depressing t... Read more

  • Goal Setting

    8/19/2014 12:45:04 PM, by ERNOINACTION

    I would like to start working on my goal setting. I've been struggling with my fitness for a while now (ok, forever) and I'm hoping that by sett... Read more

  • Keep trying...just keep trying

    8/19/2014 9:47:00 AM, by JENNIFER2578

    So I screwed up last night. Mondays suck and I was really ready to just go home have dinner and veg out with the kids. Then my husband suggest ha... Read more

  • Who doesn't like weekends???

    8/18/2014 7:41:57 AM, by JENNIFER2578

    My diet doesn't like weekends that's who! Ugh It is so hard to maintain my goals on the weekend. The fast food the lounging around the alcohol. E... Read more

  • Someone Was Worried About My Heart

    8/17/2014 4:22:51 PM, by WOLFKITTY

    Since I started working at this company. ... Read more

  • weight loss wager

    8/13/2014 1:35:42 AM, by RRLAMAS

    Thinking of doing a weight loss wager with family friends or coworkers to see if it gets me back on track . This back and forth is really frustra... Read more

  • Progress and Produce

    8/11/2014 2:39:20 PM, by ERNOINACTION

    Well, I had my first good doctor visit in a while last week. I lost 8 lbs over the past month however I was up from the last month. Either way,... Read more

  • Superhero stuff

    8/8/2014 12:59:21 AM, by WOLFKITTY

    I feel stronger walking up the stairs at work finally. It took 2 months! Most days I go up and down the 18 steps only a few times- average 100 st... Read more

  • Six Weeks till my wedding. AAAHHH!!!!!

    8/6/2014 9:29:45 AM, by PANDASUE2

    I can't believe the big day, that I've been planning for for two years now is almost here! The final touches are being added, the favors and cere... Read more

  • goals

    8/5/2014 7:30:30 AM, by JENNIFER2578

    My 1st months goal was to lose ten pounds from 7/7/2014 to 8/7/2014. I have 2 days left and 4 more pounds to lose. I am a little disappointed at ... Read more

  • Mind Body Connection

    8/4/2014 12:54:41 PM, by ERNOINACTION

    A lot has happened in the past week or so. I went to DC for work which as good, but is really a whole other blog. In general, I've been in this... Read more

  • ready for the weekend

    8/1/2014 10:47:24 AM, by JENNIFER2578

    I have to mentally prepare myself for the weekend. I eat good during the week but the weekends I eat without thinking. Our normal weekend is usua... Read more

  • got to get motivated

    7/30/2014 7:39:53 AM, by JENNIFER2578

    Monday worked out + stressed out = drinking my calories Tuesday no workout + stressed out = over eating Wednesday- worked out + not giving ... Read more

  • 2 addictions

    7/29/2014 7:38:02 AM, by JENNIFER2578

    Not only am I addicted to food but I think I may have a slight alcohol problem. Yesterday was a very stressful day at work. I worked out in the m... Read more

  • Giving Rewards

    7/28/2014 2:26:10 AM, by WOLFKITTY

    Partially to tuck away that last blog, I'm posting another right away that is a little more positive. What does a reward minus a few gifts ... Read more

  • Gaining 2014

    7/28/2014 2:06:35 AM, by WOLFKITTY

    The end of the year is gaining on us.... But I've been gaining weight and losing fitness in 2014. I'm between 290-293, up from my lowest i... Read more

  • An Updated List

    7/24/2014 5:18:07 PM, by ERNOINACTION

    Just some random goings on: 1. I met with the exercise physiologist yesterday. It was a good meeting. We talked about the fact that right... Read more

  • The Scale

    7/23/2014 9:34:16 AM, by JENNIFER2578

    I know they say you should not weigh in everyday but I just cant help it! I a... Read more

  • Have to do this

    7/22/2014 12:27:27 AM, by RRLAMAS

    It seems like a constant rewind button that I continue pushing in my own life. The scene where I continue to say I will lose weight and start off... Read more

  • Props

    7/21/2014 12:28:41 PM, by ERNOINACTION

    My three day weekend went by pretty quickly but it was nice to have an extra day. I did the usual and can't wait for another one. Last week... Read more

  • Weigh in #4 and Weekend Food Blog

    7/21/2014 11:41:16 AM, by MARYONAMISSION

    So Iím so happy I posted the stumbling blog at the end of last week. I really needed to vent and getting it all out helped me realize that the wo... Read more

  • Update

    7/18/2014 4:35:19 PM, by BLACK-PRINCESS

    Well! Anniversary was ok. I made a 5 course meal as well as 2 deserts. Then yesterday morning as I was walking down the basement stairs ... Read more

  • What I learned from stumbling - Weigh in #3

    7/18/2014 2:40:05 AM, by MARYONAMISSION

    I'm writing this post at 1 AM because I can't sleep. After a day filled wit... Read more

  • Perfect 10 Gymnast

    7/17/2014 11:55:27 PM, by WOLFKITTY

    youtu.be/GsrJ1jJuhjI This LSU gymnast scores perfect 10s, not just this once, repeatedly. Do you know how much coordi... Read more

  • Update:

    7/15/2014 5:44:48 PM, by BLACK-PRINCESS

    2morrow is my anniversary & I'm really . My husband & I use 2 celebrate our anniversary w/our best friend cause it's the same day. ... Read more

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