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Blogs by Members of SP Class of December 14-20, 2008

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  • April 2016

    4/22/2016 10:32:39 AM, by KRISTEN_SAYS

    Hello friends. Last update was about a year ago where my goal was to lose enough weight to fit into my bridesmaid dress for my friend's wedding i... Read more

  • lovin life

    9/17/2015 11:09:41 AM, by 1PUREHEART1

    7 yrs ago I started this page and here I sit almost 300 lbs and lovin life I know what I need and only I can do it. I would love to lose weight a... Read more

  • Beyond Day 21 on the Fix

    9/3/2015 11:12:39 AM, by AMYABLE97

    I finished up the 21 Day Fix. Or at least the 1st time through. Overall, I'm pleased with the program and its results. It was not too tough to ... Read more

  • Thoughts on the 21 day Fix

    8/24/2015 11:32:00 AM, by AMYABLE97

    I've been trying out the 21 Day Fix program the last few weeks. It's a clean eating type diet that teaches you portion control with color coordi... Read more

  • So far, so good!

    5/6/2015 10:03:24 AM, by KRISTEN_SAYS

    It has been about three weeks since my last blog post. I am still going strong. The junk food is still in my house and I have not touched any of ... Read more

  • Long time no see!

    4/16/2015 10:03:51 PM, by KRISTEN_SAYS

    Hello, SparkPeople! So, here's a rundown of what has happened in the last 34875938475 years since I've been active on SparkPeople. 201... Read more

  • Back Again

    3/2/2015 9:47:54 PM, by YELLOWROSE27

    Wow! It's been over 6 years since I first joined Sparkpeople. The last 6 years have been a rollercoaster. Almost 4 years ago I lost my mom to a h... Read more

  • I'm back

    2/15/2015 9:50:29 AM, by JUGE300000

    I haven't been regular or posted a blog for three years. In that time I've had some physical problems and gained a LOT of weight. I now weigh 240... Read more

  • Winter blahs

    2/11/2015 10:57:00 AM, by HPLANDER

    It is so hard staying on track with the weather being so cold and overcast. I am trying to truck through it. I really want to feel good in shorts... Read more

  • Hey There!!

    2/4/2015 5:55:58 PM, by NICKB1978

    Hi all!! Its been a long time since I have blogged. A lot of things have changed since my last blog. First off I finally got out of the H*** hole... Read more

  • Still trucking

    2/2/2015 11:27:51 AM, by HPLANDER

    I am still here but have had a super busy couple of weeks. I am proud that I didn't run back to all my bad habits when I got super stressed. ... Read more

  • Life is changing

    1/13/2015 8:53:45 AM, by HPLANDER

    This week I am feeling good about my weightloss journey, but I know I need to stay aware I am having a lot of change right now in my life. My boy... Read more

  • How I got here

    1/13/2015 12:42:24 AM, by HAIRGURL03

    I have made mistakes in life as most people have. I was the pretty girl in my family, the oldest of 4 girls. The one with perfect hair, teeth , ... Read more

  • Life is good

    1/8/2015 3:03:26 PM, by HPLANDER

    I am still doing well on my diet. It helps that my boyfriend is dieting with me and we have team incentives to lose the weight. I personally don'... Read more

  • Feeling good

    1/7/2015 6:14:13 PM, by HPLANDER

    I am feeling good about this diet so far. I am trying to cook more nutritious foods than I have in the past. I have been very active around the h... Read more

  • Getting into the groove

    1/6/2015 2:49:21 PM, by HPLANDER

    Today is day 2 of my weight loss journey. I have been hestitant to start before because I knew I needed to be truly ready for this challenge. I... Read more

  • Day 1

    1/5/2015 10:45:44 PM, by HPLANDER

    Day one of my diet has gone well. I find myself excited about the journey and ready to kick this extra weight to the curb. ... Read more

  • Wow pressing restart

    1/4/2015 10:30:22 PM, by HPLANDER

    It's been a while since I have been on sparkpeople and I didn't do well over the past two years weight wise. My husband died April 2013 and needl... Read more

  • Fresh Start

    12/10/2014 11:46:05 AM, by AMYWIER281

    It's day 1 (again) but things are different this time. After going through a year of constant stress and now in the clinical phase of physician a... Read more

  • Busting Through Those Plateaus.

    8/4/2014 10:30:43 PM, by NIKIZ628

    My weightloss progress was steady for the first weeks. And then I hit a plateau. It took over a week to bust through (not too bad).... and then I... Read more

  • my new swim suit!!

    5/30/2014 11:49:20 AM, by NICKB1978

    hey all!! i took sone pics in my new swim suit n all i can say is im happy!! it fits perfectly and i look tone!! any who here they are!! lets ke... Read more

  • vaca!!

    5/22/2014 1:37:36 PM, by NICKB1978

    hi all!! im back from vaca and man what a vaca it was!! We had visitors in for the week(my bf brother and gf) and we took them all over st. Louis... Read more

  • Who am I in this weight loss journey!

    5/19/2014 2:45:07 PM, by CELTICMIST1

    I have learned something about myself and how I react to losing weight. If I simply eat without implementing restrictions such as eating no star... Read more

  • Who am I in this weight loss journey!

    5/19/2014 2:45:04 PM, by CELTICMIST1

    I have learned something about myself and how I react to losing weight. If I simply eat without implementing restrictions such as eating no star... Read more

  • easter n other pics

    5/1/2014 11:23:56 AM, by NICKB1978

    ... Read more

  • the week of May 5th

    4/29/2014 4:31:01 PM, by NICKB1978

    Hey folks its been a while since i have checked in so here i go!! So i have been working out like a crazy woman becasue 1, i had gainded 15 pound... Read more

  • my second 1/2

    4/8/2014 3:37:47 PM, by NICKB1978

    Good afternoon all!! This past Sunday I ran my second 1/2 marathon and it was not as hard as the first one. I ran at a pretty slow pace because, ... Read more

  • most recent pic

    4/1/2014 3:41:19 PM, by NICKB1978

    Hey all so thank ufor the good feed back from my "haters blog" . I decided to post the most recent pic i have taken. so this past saturday my m... Read more

  • Stop being a hater!!

    3/31/2014 4:07:33 PM, by NICKB1978

    Hey all!! So im inches away from being back down to my summer size and Im super duper excited!! But of course some hater has to ruin my thunder w... Read more

  • The Spark Diet Information

    3/15/2014 3:56:29 PM, by CELTICMIST1

    I am relatively new to Spark but not to dieting and trying to deal with my own nutritional behaviors. I can honestly say that I have never found... Read more

  • checking in to say hi!!

    3/11/2014 3:26:41 PM, by NICKB1978

    Hi all of my fellow sparkers!! I have been busy, working and working out like a mad woman. I have continued my half marathon training, I have a h... Read more

  • Loving myself isn't easy but it can be done :-)

    3/9/2014 4:34:14 PM, by CELTICMIST1

    I am so grateful for this site and all of you wonderful people out there on the same journey as I am on. I have had times in my life where I hav... Read more

  • 6 years later

    3/3/2014 1:46:09 PM, by CINDYMULLINAX

    A lot has happened in the past 6 years, major back surgery in 2012, and again in Feb. 2013, then cancer surgery in July 2013. We started working... Read more

  • I see it but can I touch it?

    3/3/2014 10:45:18 AM, by CELTICMIST1

    I know what to do but I seem to forget how to get there. I begin each day with great intentions but when my 'life' gets in my way I lose my comm... Read more

  • update pics!

    2/20/2014 5:29:31 PM, by NICKB1978

    Hey all I just wanted to post some current pics of my progress!! im almost have my summer body back!!! Read more

  • YAY some one noticed!!

    2/3/2014 4:50:10 PM, by NICKB1978

    Hey all!! it been a min since i blogged. Any who all is well, just working and nailing my workouts!! Yesterday we had a superbowl party and one ... Read more

  • Oh boy!

    1/17/2014 6:37:30 PM, by KRISTEN_SAYS

    Hi, SP! Quick update. Unfortunately I managed to pack on some pounds over the holidays. I ended my 3+ year relationship right before Thanksgiving... Read more

  • The Ghost Of Janilou's Future

    1/17/2014 11:29:44 AM, by JANLUCY

    My last blog entry on August 15th talked about my new-found motivation to get back to the gym. I continued and was doing great until October 7th,... Read more

  • progress pics water cleanse

    1/6/2014 9:46:33 PM, by NICKB1978

    Hey all! HAPPY NEW YEAR! Here are my progress pics from my 24 day water cleanse,supposed to be 30 days, lol.. Read more

  • Picking Myself Up, and Brushing Off the Disappointment

    1/2/2014 5:19:46 PM, by NIKIZ628

    *exhales* I have fallen so hard off of the wagon, it's amazing I am still here. The last year has been such a hard and stressful one. And... Read more

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