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  • It's been a while (TW: Self Harm, EDs) [Also posted in spark people cafe]

    7/13/2013 7:18:21 AM, by OWNEDBYFERRETS

    It's been almost a year and a half since I was properly active on SP. I can't say that I've been doing a lot since, but I've been reflecting abou... Read more

  • Happy Monday

    2/25/2013 2:01:09 PM, by MISSBEARYLOVES

    Well the weekend was pretty good. Friday night I went a little over board with the wine! LOL. It was a Mary Kay girls night. I had fun! But the n... Read more

  • Crazy Month

    2/22/2013 2:14:59 PM, by MISSBEARYLOVES

    This has been a very crazy month. Early this month my family and I lost my Uncle who had been battling lung cancer for about 6 months. We didn't ... Read more

  • Great Week!!!

    2/1/2013 11:20:54 AM, by MISSBEARYLOVES

    I am very happy with the hard work I have put in this week. It really shows on the scale! Down 4 pounds!!!! WOOHOO!!!! That's what I call hard wo... Read more

  • Positive energy!!!

    1/19/2013 11:50:12 AM, by MISSBEARYLOVES

    I feel 100% today! I feel so much better than I did! On some meds but very poductive today! Got a great workout in while my little ones is nappin... Read more

  • Set backs.....

    1/17/2013 4:40:01 PM, by MISSBEARYLOVES

    Ugh...... Really? I'm sick for the 2nd time this year!!!! it's getting out of hand! As much as I try to keep myself healthy, this happens! I thin... Read more

  • First New Year Blog

    1/3/2013 10:33:20 PM, by MISSBEARYLOVES

    Well Happy New Year everyone! I am ready to make this a great year. I have learned over the last couple of months that everything happens for a r... Read more

  • Thank you

    12/14/2012 10:42:07 PM, by PLEASEMASTER

    I want to give a sincere thanks to all of you who have reached out to me in my absence. I will be a more regular presence--truth is I'm using "li... Read more

  • very bad day

    12/5/2012 12:26:03 PM, by B2LAWLESS

    this has been one of the hardest days i have had since i quit smoking. no nicotine and no stop smoking drugs for a few days. i don't think it c... Read more

  • Perfect planning backfired

    11/26/2012 9:43:22 PM, by PLEASEMASTER

    Wow, so an entire week got away from me! I haven't forgotten, just honestly postponed logging on day after day after day because I was so ti... Read more

  • nonsmoker

    11/20/2012 8:15:16 PM, by B2LAWLESS

    thats what i want my name to be. at this moment i am smoke free but i want this to last forever or the rest of my life whichever comes last. i ... Read more

  • Christmas: Is it just me or....

    11/19/2012 12:41:00 AM, by PLEASEMASTER

    I dropped my kids off at school on Friday morning. As usual, once the mini... Read more

  • miss workout miss energy

    10/29/2012 4:45:28 PM, by B2LAWLESS

    no fitness minutes yesterday and really feeling the pain today.it will be a long time before i miss a workout again. too hard to recoup... Read more

  • 2 Weeks today!

    8/31/2012 8:41:11 PM, by LIZW1982

    Hooray 2 weeks smoke free!! Yaaay for me!! I haven't ate the best but I have exercised a lot and tried to keep myself centered and a positive att... Read more

  • Over eating Sundays

    8/19/2012 6:21:36 PM, by LIZW1982

    For some reason I always seem to over eat on Sundays. Its like my snacky day of the week which could be good or bad. I'm really really sore from ... Read more

  • I did it!

    8/18/2012 2:05:22 PM, by LIZW1982

    I got motivated today and went for a half an hour walk/jog! It felst so good I should do that more often yet I always fight myself when it comes ... Read more

  • Someday!

    8/17/2012 7:38:39 PM, by LIZW1982

    I still have no motivation. I failed at my first attempt at quitting smoking but I'm getting back on the horse right away and am going to try aga... Read more

  • I am needing motivation!

    8/11/2012 1:26:08 PM, by LIZW1982

    Everyday I tell myself today I'm gonna make it to the gym and maybe 2 out of 6 days a week I will. I'm always good once I get there its just gett... Read more

  • It's been a minute

    5/29/2012 11:20:41 AM, by SPIDERMONKEY29

    I haven't been here for a long while. As a matter of fact, I hit a plateau in my weight loss, got discouraged and quite. Shame on me! but Whoot! ... Read more

  • Ride of Silence 2012

    5/17/2012 3:48:33 PM, by KASPARFAN

    Last night, hubby and I participated in the Ride of Silence (our first time) in Summerville, SC. It was pretty awesome! For those not familiar ... Read more

  • My 1st bike CRASH! I'm okay....

    4/21/2012 5:43:15 PM, by KASPARFAN

    For those familiar with this area, we were on the Sawmill Branch Trail. At mile 13 of a 16 mile ride, under the Trolley Road bridge part of the ... Read more

  • For my fellow c25k'ers...

    4/17/2012 8:57:31 PM, by KASPARFAN

    Just sayin'! :)... Read more

  • I rode my bike UP the Cooper River Bridge!!!!!!

    4/15/2012 2:57:41 PM, by KASPARFAN

    I should start by saying that this was not a goal of mine! I just always assumed that I wouldn't be one of the people that rode, ran, or walked ... Read more

  • I need some motivation

    4/3/2012 8:38:00 PM, by MISSBEARYLOVES

    I am having a hard time dealing with my poat pregnancy body. I went from 262 to 145 5 years ago and now I am having a hard time even getting clos... Read more

  • One Belt Loop DOWN!

    4/1/2012 12:47:46 PM, by KASPARFAN

    I haven't worn a belt all week until today...one loop down!!! Woo hoo! Man! I never realized what 5-7 lbs (up OR down) would do to your tummy/... Read more

  • My breakfast routine.

    3/31/2012 8:01:43 PM, by KASPARFAN

    Even when not trying to eat healthy, I always set up my food, seasonings, etc. the night before...at least on weeknights. It makes my mornings r... Read more

  • Exercise like a child...

    3/30/2012 2:40:04 PM, by KASPARFAN

    Well, after only being back on the "healthy" wagon for a little less than two weeks, I've already reached a point where LIFE has gotten in the wa... Read more

  • Cigarettes NOT smoked: 37,187!!!

    3/29/2012 11:37:07 AM, by KASPARFAN

    Below are my stats from QuitNet.com. Keep in mind, these are the stats taken from the numbers that I input in 2008. I'm SURE that the amount of... Read more

  • Eating Clean When Eating Out!

    3/28/2012 4:34:30 PM, by KASPARFAN

    My husband and I have been eating clean for about a week and a half now. Though tonight is the 2nd time I've eaten out since embarking on my new... Read more

  • My motivation for a healthy life

    3/27/2012 3:42:20 AM, by TOTALGRUBBERY

    Lately I have felt my life slipping away from me piece by piece until all I have been left with are pieces of other people’s lives that don’t res... Read more

  • weighting game

    3/23/2012 8:02:07 PM, by SOPKAMANJU

    Welll today was a good day I weighed myself and I had a 4 lbs. weight loss so I have returned to being a happy camper. It is stange how such smal... Read more

  • Much Ado about Nothing

    3/20/2012 10:11:14 PM, by SOPKAMANJU

    NOTHING MUCH TO WRITE ABOUT: just checking in the cat is still walking around like a princess because she lost 3 pounds. I know because after sh... Read more

  • my BFF

    3/7/2012 3:48:50 PM, by SOPKAMANJU

    Well my glucose meter just needed a new battery, so my husband fixed it. He is so nice to have around....He is real handy with hands and can fix... Read more

  • Hi weekend

    3/3/2012 4:15:00 PM, by SOPKAMANJU

    Hi feeling good this weekend. Monday I have to go to the VA Hospital and get a new blood glucose meter mine stopped working and I am using my ... Read more

  • kitty follies

    2/22/2012 4:33:26 PM, by SOPKAMANJU

    my husband just told me the funniest thing. sumo our cat just ate and after she finished eating she hopped on the scale and weighed herself....I... Read more

  • good news

    2/6/2012 6:25:13 PM, by SOPKAMANJU

    well all my careful eating is showing results acquaintances are seeing a difference in my weight...Now may I get busy and clean up as much of my ... Read more

  • Time Flies...

    2/1/2012 11:08:51 PM, by RAYVENBANE

    When you throw your alarm clock out the window! I got the app for my phone to keep track of my nutrition daily and it works wonders. But ... Read more

  • good night

    1/24/2012 11:36:03 PM, by SOPKAMANJU

    102 102 102 ... Read more

  • Starting out!

    1/21/2012 12:09:37 AM, by RAYVENBANE

    So far pretty good! I jumped a little in the deep end by taking on too much at once. I quit smoking on December 15th of 2011 (just 36 days ago),... Read more

  • Make up follies

    1/15/2012 7:44:39 PM, by SOPKAMANJU

    Well last night I was all gung ho about getting rid of my make up....Not much got thrown away...The lipstick mostly all remains, same with eyelin... Read more

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