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  • 11/24

    11/24/2015 8:55:05 AM, by DEA5011

    Good Morning! I've been sick since Sunday and haven't been eating enough. I've been focusing on getting lots of fluids in. Water, juice, and te... Read more

  • 11/20

    11/20/2015 10:31:56 AM, by DEA5011

    Good Morning! It's the start of the weekend, and I'm back to my target zero weight. Woohoo! Of course, now the hard part. Maintaining ... Read more

  • Bling a la Mode

    11/18/2015 3:25:29 PM, by PASTAFARIAN

    A friend of mine did two major races this year and got the same type of medal from both: bottle openers Read more

  • Grateful for...

    11/18/2015 12:38:06 PM, by CUTE_BANANA

    Sandwich delivery! A healthy lunch delivered right to my desk. ... Read more

  • 11/18

    11/18/2015 7:13:05 AM, by DEA5011

    Good morning! I'm down a pound from yesterday, which puts me at 140.6. That's .6 pounds above what I set as my holiday maintenance (target z... Read more

  • 11/17

    11/17/2015 7:17:07 AM, by DEA5011

    Good morning! Thanks for all the encouragement yesterday you guys, I really appreciate it. I'm down .6 pounds from yesterday, which puts me ... Read more

  • Grateful for...

    11/16/2015 2:49:14 PM, by CUTE_BANANA

    Friends. Had personal training Saturday afternoon and a great bike ride last Saturday night. Grateful for so many friends to stay active with! ... Read more

  • 11/16

    11/16/2015 7:40:25 AM, by DEA5011

    I wasn't going to check in today, because this weekend went... not well. But I need to be accountable, especially when things don't go right. ... Read more

  • Today I am grateful for...

    11/13/2015 3:23:09 PM, by CUTE_BANANA

    My baby niece who lives close by, and my mother, her granny, who is also close by. I got to see them this morning which was a joy. Still, I am f... Read more

  • 11/13

    11/13/2015 8:39:39 AM, by DEA5011

    Good morning! Feeling pretty good this morning, I weighed in at 139.4 this morning! Which is down almost 1.5 from Tuesday! And. It means tha... Read more

  • Today I am grateful for for...

    11/12/2015 9:38:53 AM, by CUTE_BANANA

    ***Update*** It went great!! Thank you all for the well wishes and support. *** OP*** The job interview I have today at 11:30. Very excited to... Read more

  • Today I am grateful for...

    11/11/2015 8:54:51 AM, by CUTE_BANANA

    The grocery shop I did last night! It's great to have... Read more

  • House matters

    11/10/2015 5:59:35 PM, by EMILYFLDC

    While I might live in Washington, DC, my husband and I still own our house in New Jersey. For the last five years we've rented it out, but we've... Read more

  • Today I'm grateful for...

    11/10/2015 9:54:59 AM, by CUTE_BANANA

    My car --I've never owned one before and after careful consideration took my brother's, used, when he got a more baby-friendly one. Trying not to... Read more

  • 11/10

    11/10/2015 7:36:05 AM, by DEA5011

    Whoa weekend bloating! I'm down 1.2 pounds from yesterday, thanks to a much less salty day and a lot of water. Which means I'm only .8 poun... Read more

  • Today I am grateful for...

    11/9/2015 11:18:57 AM, by CUTE_BANANA

    What are you all grateful for today? I am feeling good about the low-key Sunday I had yesterday that let me prepare for my week. I woke up today... Read more

  • 11/9

    11/9/2015 7:51:00 AM, by DEA5011

    Well. Another weekend where I'm up on Monday. I'm up a 1.5 pounds from before the weekend. Not cool. I'm struggling with how to do weekends. I li... Read more

  • The 5 Types of Bad Days

    11/9/2015 7:40:04 AM, by IRA-MARIA

    Bad days, let's face it; we all have to go through them. Read more

  • Today I am grateful for...

    11/7/2015 3:05:30 PM, by CUTE_BANANA

    My boyfriend who took care of me when I was sick last night. What a sweetie.... Read more

  • Today I'm grateful for...

    11/6/2015 4:40:41 PM, by CUTE_BANANA

    My writing buddy who hunkered down with me today at a coffee shop to get some serious work done. I have been writing since 10:30 am with only a s... Read more

  • 5 Quick Tips to Stay Motivated

    11/5/2015 4:09:16 AM, by IRA-MARIA

    Letís just get straight to the point! 1.That GOAL you can actually touch. A dress, those skinny jeans, bikini, whatever it is, hang it out... Read more

  • Today I'm grateful for...

    11/4/2015 9:54:58 AM, by CUTE_BANANA

    Had a beautiful bike ride in to campus and got free coffee and a bagel from a Bike Commuter Morning event! High in calories but I burned a lot ... Read more

  • My October

    11/4/2015 7:14:39 AM, by IRA-MARIA

    Hey all my lovely friends and readers here on Spark!... Read more

  • 11/3 no more candy!

    11/3/2015 7:59:26 AM, by DEA5011

    Well, that didn't go as planned. Our brilliant strategy of unloading all our leftover Halloween candy at work failed me. Sure, all of OUR Ha... Read more

  • Weigh-in!

    11/3/2015 7:42:53 AM, by CUTE_BANANA

    Weighed myself this morning and it was a number I haven't seen in a long time--I've been pretty stuck. I'm so happy that a week on Spark has help... Read more

  • Losing the Power of Food

    11/2/2015 1:53:15 PM, by MYSTERY4EVER

    Yesterday I wrote about the leftover Halloween candy and its siren song of "eat me". It was in league with the cake in "Alice in Wonderland". I... Read more

  • Today I'm grateful for...

    11/2/2015 11:40:26 AM, by CUTE_BANANA

    My advisor agreed to give me a little extension on the chapters of my thesis that are due this week. Now I have an extra day which means I will h... Read more

  • 11/2

    11/2/2015 7:20:31 AM, by DEA5011

    Good morning! Shock of all shocks, I didn't do great over the weekend. Sigh. Weekends are my struggle. I gained .8 pounds from Saturday morn... Read more

  • Just How Far Away Can I Smell Chocolate

    11/1/2015 3:36:12 PM, by MYSTERY4EVER

    I will be totally honest. I love chocolate - milk or dark. And I am not a purist. I love chocolate covered raisins or blueberries or things di... Read more

  • Today I'm grateful for...

    10/31/2015 1:19:39 PM, by CUTE_BANANA

    The great friends I have and the Halloween party I went to last night! I still smell like a bonfire :-) And: had the willpower to order salad i... Read more

  • Today I am grateful for...

    10/30/2015 8:53:33 AM, by CUTE_BANANA

    The time and funding to be in school working on projects that are important to me. I am so lucky to be able to do this, and I try to remember eve... Read more

  • Today I am grateful for...

    10/29/2015 10:31:09 AM, by CUTE_BANANA

    Trying to be consciously grateful every day! It feels silly but I have heard it helps people feel happier and healthier. This morning I am gratef... Read more

  • 10/28

    10/28/2015 7:23:24 AM, by DEA5011

    This week is so not going as planned. I'm snacking more than I should be, and I'm back up into the 140's. Not. Happy. I'm so used to being ... Read more

  • 10/26

    10/26/2015 7:31:53 AM, by DEA5011

    Happy Monday everyone! This weekend went ok. There were some bad bits and some good bits. Still fighting the weekends, though I'm definitely... Read more

  • It's been a long time

    10/24/2015 11:47:13 PM, by KATTYA1

    Haven't been blogging, but have been working out a lot. I'm gonna say the 10 pounds I gained back is muscle. Ahem. Well, at least part of it i... Read more

  • The struggle is real.

    10/22/2015 2:00:50 PM, by EMILYFLDC

    I've been stuck lately. I'm crabby, impatient, and basically generally feel unfulfilled. I know exactly where it stems from and I'm trying to s... Read more

  • 10/22 back under 140!!

    10/22/2015 10:18:21 AM, by DEA5011

    Woohoo! I weighed in at 139.6 this morning! I have been trying to get back to under 140 for months and months, and am so happy to finally see som... Read more

  • 10/19 last travel weekend for a while!

    10/19/2015 7:51:59 AM, by DEA5011

    Happy Monday everyone! I'm back from yet another weekend visiting family, luckily the last one until Thanksgiving. Phew! I'm ready to have a... Read more

  • Bad Day

    10/15/2015 8:48:09 PM, by CHERCAT55

    Not wanting a pity party here but I certainly wasn't having a good day today. Didn't get to the gym and didn't feel like doing anything outsid... Read more

  • How will you use the last 78 days of 2015?

    10/14/2015 3:00:25 PM, by FITNHEALTHYKAL

    Itís hard to believe the year is coming to a close. Autumn is in the air, Thanksgiving is around the corner, then the holiday season, and poof... Read more

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