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  • 10/9 ugh

    10/9/2015 7:44:27 AM, by DEA5011

    I have a cold and I've been eating like crap and I feel ugh. I need to get back on track. Starting today. A cold is NOT an excuse. Fruits. Veggi... Read more

  • 10/7

    10/7/2015 7:40:14 AM, by DEA5011

    About halfway through the week already. Feeling pretty good, getting in my exercise. I'm working through some PMS/that time of the month snacky-n... Read more

  • Starting Lifelong habits...

    10/6/2015 12:01:06 AM, by RUNNINGOLLIE

    It's been awhile and while my weight has been moving in the wrong direction- I have made some great changes in the last 8 months that I will talk... Read more

  • 10/5 October?!

    10/5/2015 9:14:44 AM, by DEA5011

    I can't believe it's already October! This year is going by so fast. I'm feeling much better this Monday than I did last Monday, thanks to ... Read more

  • Back home

    10/4/2015 6:08:47 PM, by CHERCAT55

    I spent the last week Illinois, doing work on my house there. So happy even though I didn't get to workout in the gym or track my food. I lost a ... Read more

  • Bar Life

    9/30/2015 11:36:43 AM, by RISINGSCORPIO

    So I'm back on SparkPeople, and hopefully this will help me focus to turn things around. Started working at a bar and had a couple weeks with no... Read more

  • 9/29 importance of measuring

    9/29/2015 7:39:49 AM, by DEA5011

    I measured much more at the beginning. I slowly started getting an eye for how much this was and how much that was. And to be honest, I was never... Read more

  • 9/28 crazy weekend

    9/28/2015 10:12:40 AM, by DEA5011

    I'm back! This weekend was super hectic. I was in the car A LOT this weekend. Driving up and back and forth and down all over. Which really cut i... Read more

  • $22.50 Half Marathon: BVHM

    9/24/2015 11:24:17 PM, by PASTAFARIAN

    This Sunday, I'm doing the BVHM. (full name: D. Herlocker Memorial Bachman Valley HM) Admittedly, the name doesn't have much pizzaz but it's... Read more

  • 9/23

    9/23/2015 7:45:52 AM, by DEA5011

    Ok, yesterday went pretty well. I did deviate from my plan after dinner. Ugh. Had a few oreos, but I tracked and was still under the high end of ... Read more

  • 9/22

    9/22/2015 7:34:04 AM, by DEA5011

    I did pretty well yesterday, about as expected. Though it rained all afternoon and evening, so my evening walk with the pup got cut short. ... Read more

  • Need help !

    9/21/2015 7:52:54 PM, by CHERCAT55

    OK so I don't think I'm doing that good, I seem to get discouraged over all these little things. I remember just last year I lost 20 pounds in le... Read more

  • 9/21 i'll take it

    9/21/2015 7:52:59 AM, by DEA5011

    This weekend went by so fast. We had company in town, which always involves bigger meals or going out to eat. I did very well on Friday, luckily ... Read more

  • Avoiding the Scale May Not Be Good for Mental Health

    9/19/2015 1:06:55 PM, by MYSTERY4EVER

    This year has not been a good year health-wise. As part of it, I started taking a new medicine in early June which has a common, unfortunate sid... Read more

  • Outing

    9/18/2015 6:55:24 PM, by CHERCAT55

    I can't say this was my best day, didn't stay within my food intake, and didn't get to the gym today, BBQ tomorrow I hope I can stay within my ... Read more

  • I say Run, YOU RUN!!!

    9/17/2015 4:08:06 PM, by CHR15RAS

    I juts completed week five day two of the Couch to 5K. Oh my goodness, I wish I could bottle how I feel right now and sell it. I would make mil... Read more

  • 9/16

    9/16/2015 8:06:43 AM, by DEA5011

    Thanks for all of the encouragement yesterday you guys, I really appreciate it! I did so much better last night, and I really think you all root... Read more

  • Winter is around the corner

    9/16/2015 7:09:51 AM, by CHICAMIA12

    I had a great summer 2015, and looking forward to cooler temperatures and beautiful colors. Hope the wind and snow stay to a minimum. Will get ... Read more

  • rough day

    9/15/2015 8:52:08 PM, by CHERCAT55

    They dug the holes today for the post and hit the sewer line. So spent the next five hours fixing that. Not something I would want to happen ag... Read more

  • Tuesday

    9/15/2015 12:43:20 PM, by EMILYFLDC

    Yesterday I woke up early and went for a run / walk. I did more running than walking, but I did it and it felt great. This morning I intended o... Read more

  • 9/15 too. much. snacking.

    9/15/2015 7:26:33 AM, by DEA5011

    Yesterday went so well... up until the late evening. I stuck to plan, I got my workouts in. It was great. Then I sat down to unwind a bit before ... Read more

  • 9/14 so-so weekend

    9/14/2015 7:43:17 AM, by DEA5011

    Another weekend gone. There were a lot of bright spots this weekend, for the most part I ate pretty well. I got 1.5 hours of yoga in on Saturday,... Read more

  • Busy day

    9/12/2015 8:58:25 PM, by CHERCAT55

    Had a busy day, worked out this morning came home had breakfast . Then off to run all over Virginia today looking for different shops and stoppi... Read more

  • I think I can I think I can

    9/11/2015 7:09:51 PM, by CHERCAT55

    Yeah I'm trapperwv1's partner and we are taking the journey together , lots to work on and lots of baby steps to get there. I'm lucky I have hi... Read more

  • 9/11 tackling the weekend

    9/11/2015 9:02:39 AM, by DEA5011

    Good morning sparkworld! It's a beautiful morning here, we've finally seemed to break out of the heat and humidity. At least for now :P I wa... Read more

  • 9/11 tackling the weekend

    9/11/2015 9:02:37 AM, by DEA5011

    Good morning sparkworld! It's a beautiful morning here, we've finally seemed to break out of the heat and humidity. At least for now :P I wa... Read more

  • Full of Feelings After My Workout

    9/10/2015 6:58:39 PM, by TRAINERGF

    Here's one I bet you have heard a thousand times. Even if you don't want to workout, after you finish, you'll be so happy you did. Or, better sor... Read more

  • Running up that hill ...

    9/10/2015 3:12:54 PM, by CHR15RAS

    It's actually pretty flat on the treadmill, I don't have the guts to add an incline yet. But I am running, and I have been since I started the C... Read more

  • 9/10

    9/10/2015 8:28:13 AM, by DEA5011

    It's another new day! I'm trying not to dwell on past days and start each day fresh and new. Another chance to do well. Another chance to decline... Read more

  • 9/9 that wonderful sore feeling

    9/9/2015 7:43:31 AM, by DEA5011

    Wow, must have been a good strength class yesterday because I am feeling it today! I love that feeling, where you know you did good :) Today... Read more

  • Not sure how I got to this point

    9/8/2015 2:07:42 PM, by TRAINERGF

    So, I thought I beat the odds. I lost 40-45 pounds and kept it off for more than 5 years, almost 6 actually. I was comfortable. Of course, every ... Read more

  • 9/8 already tuesday

    9/8/2015 7:36:26 AM, by DEA5011

    I can't believe it's already Tuesday, the holiday weekend really threw me off! Starting things off well and getting back to a normal schedule tod... Read more

  • 9/6 get back

    9/6/2015 9:15:21 AM, by DEA5011

    quick post from the app before I'm off to church. Yesterday went... Not ideally. It started off really well but by the evening I had indulged a ... Read more

  • Lifes ups and downs

    9/5/2015 6:47:28 PM, by CHERCAT55

    Things I can control and things I can't . Something I need to work on, not to sweat the small stuff and not stress over what I cant control . <... Read more

  • 9/4 weekend!

    9/4/2015 9:02:23 AM, by DEA5011

    Good morning! Thanks to all those who commented yesterday, I appreciate the tips. Just a note though, i wasn't 'using the holiday weekend as an... Read more

  • 9/3 gearing up for the weekend

    9/3/2015 8:38:53 AM, by DEA5011

    I did well again yesterday, and have done pretty well all week so far. I wish I'd see more of a drop from the weekend weight I gained last weeken... Read more

  • 9/2

    9/2/2015 7:32:03 AM, by DEA5011

    I did well yesterday! I ate to plan, I got all my exercise in. It was great. I do need to work on drinking more water than usual after a heavy sw... Read more

  • 9/1 weighing less often?

    9/1/2015 7:30:13 AM, by DEA5011

    I can't believe it's already September! Hopefully September will bring cooler temps and less humidity. I weighed in at 139.8 this morning, ... Read more

  • 8/31 ok, not great

    8/31/2015 7:45:21 AM, by DEA5011

    This weekend was... ok. It was at least better than the weekend before. I feel better this morning than I did last Monday morning. So that's some... Read more

  • 8/29 bad eating evening

    8/29/2015 9:12:56 AM, by DEA5011

    I was doing so well. So. Well. And then last night happened. I did well with dinner, italian sausage and veggies. But then. Sigh. I had the brigh... Read more

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