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  • 2/5

    2/5/2016 7:50:44 AM, by DEA5011

    Good Morning! Yesterday went... ok. I had a good breakfast, good snack, good dinner. Lunch though... not as good. I ended up cooking pasta f... Read more

  • Trying to work through the dark

    2/4/2016 1:36:15 PM, by JESS0000

    I think the evenings are the worst. I'm doing pretty well controlling what I eat at the office by bringing my lunch and snacks (and fortunately t... Read more

  • Pacing myself-Daily Journalism Day4

    2/4/2016 10:01:06 AM, by ROSIE3320

    I'm only on day 4, but I'm tracking everything, exercising has been rough. Started doing jumping jack and I could only do 55, I stared to feel d... Read more

  • 2/4

    2/4/2016 9:43:47 AM, by DEA5011

    Good Morning! Yesterday went pretty well up through dinner. I ate on plan, got in my exercise. It was great. But. I was still under my range... Read more

  • 2/3

    2/3/2016 7:18:11 AM, by DEA5011

    Good Morning! I was on track pretty much all of yesterday. I did end up having a few donut holes for breakfast, donuts was all there was at ... Read more

  • 2/2

    2/2/2016 7:22:49 AM, by DEA5011

    Good Morning! Yesterday went pretty well. I did really well during the workday. I got myself a salad for lunch from the cafeteria as well as... Read more

  • 2/1

    2/1/2016 7:31:42 AM, by DEA5011

    Good Morning! I am feeling awesome today. We had a very successful weekend wedding planning wise. We booked our ceremony and reception sites... Read more

  • 1/30

    1/30/2016 7:57:57 AM, by DEA5011

    Good morning! I'm away visiting family and looking at possible wedding sites (!!) so this is via the app. It'll have to be short and sweet. I d... Read more

  • Finally dug out!

    1/28/2016 11:40:04 AM, by EMILYFLDC

    This week has been a MESS. Really. There was no school for the kids on Friday, Monday, or Tuesday and when school started back up yesterday... Read more

  • 1/27

    1/27/2016 9:45:12 AM, by DEA5011

    Good Morning! I finally weighed myself after my terrible blizzard eating and exercising habits... not good. I'm up about a pound and a half ... Read more

  • 1/26

    1/26/2016 7:34:25 AM, by DEA5011

    Good morning! Another day stuck inside teleworking as things are still shut down out there. I love the snow, but am missing the outside worl... Read more

  • Snowshoeing, 2016, part 2: "Challenges" of an Active Lifestyle - House Keys, Anyone?

    1/25/2016 9:24:43 AM, by MSBOOTCAMP

    Just call them the "challenges" of an active lifestyle! Feeling much better than I thought I would after overdoing it - just a bit - yesterday. D... Read more

  • 1/25

    1/25/2016 7:24:40 AM, by DEA5011

    Good Morning! Yesterday went... not as planned. I slipped and fell into my snuggle in and eat storm tendencies for another day. It's harder ... Read more

  • Snowshoeing, January 2016! DC's Big Snowstorm

    1/25/2016 12:00:28 AM, by MSBOOTCAMP

    Greetings, everyone!! Haven't updated in months and months. Now it's January. We finally had a great snowfall on the U.S. East Coast, including W... Read more

  • snow!

    1/24/2016 11:07:54 AM, by DEA5011

    Good morning! Wow did we get a lot of snow this weekend, probably about 2 feet of snow out there. It was nice to snuggle in and sit and watc... Read more

  • Snow!!! Lots and lots

    1/22/2016 11:39:00 PM, by NICKYJIOFACK

    Did not go out today to exercise because of the snow ... Read more

  • 1/20

    1/20/2016 7:33:30 AM, by DEA5011

    Good morning! Yesterday went really well. I stuck to plan both eating and exercise wise. Well, for the most part. I did add a hot cocoa to m... Read more

  • 1/19

    1/19/2016 8:04:22 AM, by DEA5011

    Good morning! Yesterday did not go as well as planned. I snacked way too much on junk, chocolate mostly. Hot cocoa too, it's been so cold re... Read more

  • Stronger

    1/18/2016 7:17:00 PM, by NICKYJIOFACK

    I did not give in to my ice cream craving today. Instead I had some water and Greek yogurt. I never thought I would be saying this today. I Am S... Read more

  • 1/15

    1/18/2016 9:23:44 AM, by DEA5011

    Good morning! I never want to weigh myself Monday morning, weekends are often hard for me. But. I miraculously maintained over this past wee... Read more

  • 1/13

    1/13/2016 7:30:29 AM, by DEA5011

    Good morning! Weigh-in this morning: 142.8 This is maintaining from yesterday, which is good. Can I say I'm not disappointed that it's low... Read more

  • 1/12

    1/12/2016 7:27:55 AM, by DEA5011

    Good morning! I did... ok yesterday. I went off plan for a dessert at a work birthday celebration. I find it so difficult to say no. No I ca... Read more

  • 1/11

    1/11/2016 8:14:22 AM, by DEA5011

    Good morning! Boy, what a weekend. We spent pretty much the whole thing painting the first floor ceilings and the dining room walls. It was ... Read more

  • Baby steps

    1/9/2016 4:01:07 PM, by JESS0000

    So, instead of making a big New Year's resolution, I made a few small goals just for this week. I resolved to eat a healthy breakfast, pack my lu... Read more

  • Friday Night Takeout...revamped.

    1/8/2016 2:04:03 PM, by EMILYFLDC

    Tonight we're having takeout, because it's Friday, and because on Fridays I simply cannot be bothered to cook. That's how it goes in our house, ... Read more

  • Pre-Colonoscopy Run

    1/6/2016 9:47:41 PM, by PASTAFARIAN

    Don't complain about the subject of this post. The title should be warning enough. I'm over 50 which means a colonoscopy every 5 years. This... Read more

  • Lentils wellcome :D

    1/6/2016 3:04:14 PM, by IKRAMMOUMANE

    Tomato green pepper garlic...... Read more

  • 1/6

    1/6/2016 7:14:04 AM, by DEA5011

    Good morning! I'm up .2 pounds from yesterday. Not a big deal. I had a good strength workout yesterday so I'm betting that's just weigh rete... Read more

  • The Year of Me

    1/5/2016 1:53:33 PM, by EMILYFLDC

    Today is my second day after recommitting to SparkPeople for 2016. When I think back on 2015, honestly my first thought goes to how I *didn't* l... Read more

  • 1/5

    1/5/2016 7:27:44 AM, by DEA5011

    Good morning! Accountability time. Yesterday went pretty much to plan. I ate well and got my yoga in. I was feeling a little sick last night... Read more

  • 1/4

    1/4/2016 7:39:18 AM, by DEA5011

    Happy New Year! I didn't track or blog or weigh or anything over this long holiday weekend. Which is bad. I should have checked in, been acc... Read more

  • My lunch

    1/4/2016 6:34:35 AM, by IKRAMMOUMANE

    Chiken breast + olive + red pepper... Read more

  • Im startin it

    1/3/2016 3:50:05 AM, by IKRAMMOUMANE

    Some help... Read more

  • Day 1

    1/1/2016 8:19:43 PM, by NCARMICHAEL1

    Well, we are off trying again. I've been hitting the fitness center at work and now that 2016 is here I will hit it and keep track.Stay tuned....... Read more

  • 12/31

    12/31/2015 7:51:39 AM, by DEA5011

    Good morning! I didn't weigh in this morning. I should have. But I didn't. I had to get up with the puppy and my routine was thrown out of w... Read more

  • 12/30

    12/30/2015 7:07:50 AM, by DEA5011

    Good morning! Thanks for the comments and support on my blog yesterday, I really appreciate it :) Accountability check time... weighed ... Read more

  • 12/29

    12/29/2015 7:18:50 AM, by DEA5011

    I'm going to try and continue blogging daily, as a quick accountability check-in, while I recoup from the holidays. I weighed in today at 1... Read more

  • 12/28

    12/28/2015 7:34:32 AM, by DEA5011

    I'm back from my week of Christmas vacation. And. Well. It could have gone better nutrition wise. I really didn't want to weigh in this morning. ... Read more

  • 12/15

    12/15/2015 7:32:48 AM, by DEA5011

    Good morning! Well. I said I'd weigh myself this morning even though I didn't want to. Accountability and all that. So. I'm up 2 pounds to 1... Read more

  • 12/14

    12/14/2015 7:37:33 AM, by DEA5011

    Good morning! It was a huge celebration weekend with it being my SOs birthday. I did ok with the meal out on Friday. We went for Mexican foo... Read more

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