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  • Hamilton

    2/22/2017 10:33:58 AM, by RAPUNZEL53

    Tonight my daughter is taking me to see Hamilton. Very excited about that.... Read more

  • Weight

    2/11/2017 8:24:22 AM, by RAPUNZEL53

    In spite of exercising every single day sincerely from January first, back at exact same weight where I started. I am planning on continuing even... Read more

  • Snow

    2/9/2017 4:23:31 PM, by RAPUNZEL53

    Today we had a lot of snow. It is very windy and blowing all over. It was very hard driving to work and hard getting home also. I am glad to be h... Read more

  • Day 39

    2/8/2017 6:14:07 AM, by RAPUNZEL53

    Just finished the exercise for the day. So far have exercised over an hour everyday of the year. I am going to continue even if results are disap... Read more

  • Week 3 results

    2/4/2017 7:13:01 AM, by RAPUNZEL53

    Worked hard but gained weight this week. Not going to be discouraged. With full time job, cannot workout any more but things have to change at so... Read more

  • January

    1/31/2017 4:45:58 PM, by RAPUNZEL53

    Today is the last day of the month. This month I exercised every day for over an hour. Lost hardly any weight even if I ate healthy and worked ou... Read more

  • Week 3

    1/28/2017 6:59:34 AM, by RAPUNZEL53

    Lost 0.6lbs. in week two. I know it sounds very little but for me it is a lot. I have worked hard to achieve this so am very happy. I hope everyo... Read more

  • Week 2

    1/27/2017 6:02:10 AM, by RAPUNZEL53

    Last day of week 2 is here! Finished my workout for the day and breakfast. Now off to work. Over all week went well. Looking forward to week 3. G... Read more

  • Week 2

    1/24/2017 12:09:57 PM, by RAPUNZEL53

    Week 2 going well. Decided to stay home today, so exercised for 60 minutes twice, plus of course did my wall push ups. Roads were very icy this m... Read more

  • Moving ahead

    1/21/2017 7:08:40 AM, by RAPUNZEL53

    Took 21 days but finally weigh a minuscule amount less than on January 1st. All I can say that my enthusiasm has not waned. Good Luck my friends ... Read more

  • Last Day of first week

    1/20/2017 5:29:49 PM, by RAPUNZEL53

    The first week is over. I have done my best, what ever the scale says tomorrow,I know have worked hard.Good luck friends for coming week. ... Read more

  • Streak

    1/17/2017 5:17:47 PM, by RAPUNZEL53

    My exercising over an hour every day is going on for 17 days. I hope it continues.... Read more

  • Day 1

    1/14/2017 7:17:16 AM, by RAPUNZEL53

    I am starting Day 1 of 5% challenge weighing 0.6 lbs. more than I did on January 1st. I have exercised every single day and ate healthy. So all I... Read more

  • Day 1

    1/14/2017 7:17:13 AM, by RAPUNZEL53

    I am starting Day 1 of 5% challenge weighing 0.6 lbs. more than I did on January 1st. I have exercised every single day and ate healthy. So all I... Read more

  • Day 10

    1/10/2017 6:10:10 AM, by RAPUNZEL53

    Finished exercise and leaving for work soon! Hope all of us have a Great day today!... Read more

  • Week 1

    1/7/2017 6:29:58 PM, by RAPUNZEL53

    Exercised over and hour every day and was good with food choices. Still gained 0.6 lbs. That bothers me but I am trying not to be bothered too mu... Read more

  • Day 4

    1/4/2017 5:03:00 PM, by RAPUNZEL53

    Exercised everyday this year for over an hour. I know the year is young but I hope I can keep this going.... Read more

  • New Year

    1/2/2017 1:38:27 PM, by RAPUNZEL53

    Finally started exercising in full force. I am ready.... Read more

  • Inching toward maintenance

    12/11/2016 5:27:43 AM, by FROGGGY13

    I have been here twice before: at the cusp of maintenance. It is scary. It seems I am quite good at either losing or gaining, but maintaining is ... Read more

  • TaiChiDancer checks in

    11/28/2016 11:43:55 AM, by TAICHIDANCER

    Dear SparkFriends, I know I have not been a presence on SparkPeople for a little over two months now. Life has been very busy. But I'm sti... Read more

  • Vote!

    11/8/2016 4:56:56 AM, by RAPUNZEL53

    Get out and vote!... Read more

  • Daylight :(

    11/7/2016 4:55:41 PM, by BREAKTHEHABIT01

    So there is a really nice paved trail close to my apartment...I'd thought that was the perfect location to get some exercise. There is a lot of ... Read more

  • I handled a trigger moment well

    11/3/2016 6:09:32 AM, by FROGGGY13

    My very sporty 8 year old daughter was hopping around and turning cartwheels after dinner last night, as she often does (we remind her that cartw... Read more

  • Lucky?

    11/2/2016 10:58:17 AM, by BREAKTHEHABIT01

    So a little while back I told my husband that I had lost almost 10 pounds. His response? "Lucky You." What? What does luck have to do with it... Read more

  • How I lost 30 Lbs in 90 Days and Found Boundless (almost) Energy

    10/29/2016 9:29:18 AM, by MOJOSOUND

    That title is pretty catchy. The best part is that it is true. I have lost the weight and my energy levels feel unreal. I can barely sit still... Read more

  • Feeling Guilty

    10/18/2016 11:04:34 AM, by BREAKTHEHABIT01

    So I woke up today feeling fine...but something stupid put me in a really bad mood. I've been trying to break my bad mountain dew addiction...I ... Read more

  • Guess who's off insulin???

    8/22/2016 11:42:14 AM, by TAICHIDANCER

    Hi fellow Sparkers, I've been away; did you miss me? Spent three weeks in Russia introducing little Sasha to that side of the family. Then... Read more

  • Trying Something New

    8/8/2016 9:03:46 AM, by MOJOSOUND

    About 5 weeks ago I started on a journey with a friend of mine in Florida. We both had had limited successes with dieting. My own personal stru... Read more

  • New Goal

    7/30/2016 10:49:51 AM, by RAPUNZEL53

    By my next birthday my goal is to lose 20lbs. I will work hard and accept the results. I have a whole year to get there but I need to work at it ... Read more

  • Part 2: Since you asked: The secrets of my success

    7/1/2016 1:58:59 PM, by TAICHIDANCER

    My disclaimer: I've been asked about the secrets of my success, so in this series of blogs, I'm telling you what I am doing and why. I am not tel... Read more

  • Since you asked: The secrets of my success, part 1

    6/22/2016 10:14:24 PM, by TAICHIDANCER

    A while ago, I posted this picture. I expected t... Read more

  • Listen up, I have something important to say.

    5/29/2016 9:45:05 AM, by TAICHIDANCER

    I would like to tell you about the reasons behind May Mania. It began with grief, frustration and anger. But you need some backgrou... Read more

  • May Mania Day 29

    5/29/2016 5:59:53 AM, by TAICHIDANCER

    Only three days left in May Mania. Here's what happened on Day 28: Steps: 11,482 Flights of stairs climbed: 18 Strength training: Upper... Read more

  • May Mania Day 28

    5/28/2016 6:30:12 AM, by TAICHIDANCER

    Day 27: In the hospital! Earlier in May I wrote about going to the hospital to climb stairs on a rainy day. Yesterday I was not so lucky. ... Read more

  • May Mania Day 27

    5/27/2016 6:11:44 AM, by TAICHIDANCER

    Day 26 totals: Steps: 12,928 Flights of stairs climbed: 16 Yesterday was the 100th day in a row of 10,000 or more steps a day, and si... Read more

  • May Mania Day 26

    5/26/2016 12:12:45 PM, by TAICHIDANCER

    Last night I was laying in bed and suddenly got up and went into the kitchen. I went to the freezer where there was a gallon of chocolate ice cr... Read more

  • May Mania Day 25

    5/25/2016 12:57:26 AM, by TAICHIDANCER

    Day 24: Well it rained in the SW corner of NH on Tuesday so it was sorta quiet on the mania front. Steps: 11,134 Flights of stairs climbed... Read more

  • May Mania Day 24

    5/24/2016 6:37:45 AM, by TAICHIDANCER

    Day 23 recap: Sasha and I went for a long walk. Read more

  • May Mania Day 23

    5/23/2016 9:35:13 AM, by TAICHIDANCER

    First, the totals from Day 22: Steps: 16,103 Flights of stairs: 33 Strength Training (upper body) Today: Who knows what lies ahead?... Read more

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