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  • 100 day challenge

    10/1/2015 8:12:11 PM, by LANEE723

    Today I started my 100 day challenge and I intend to do some form of exercising for 100 days. One hour of walking.... Read more

  • :)

    10/1/2015 5:38:41 PM, by RECOVERYMAMA

    some days you just gotta grab life with both hands... Read more

  • it's thursday

    10/1/2015 12:45:21 PM, by MOMMY445

    a beautiful sunny day here today. my daughter and i will be out enjoying the weather once she is done school for the day. the birds say hi. have ... Read more

  • Making A Difference

    10/1/2015 11:22:43 AM, by MOMTOMONKEYS2

    Its amazing what small changes can make a big difference. The past month or so I've been stuck at 167. something each weigh in with an occasiona... Read more

  • Diabetes breakthrough

    10/1/2015 9:12:26 AM, by DANA7304

    I am starting October off with a determination to beat my Type 2 Diabetes. I'm 42 and a mother of 4 boys. I have lost myself taking care of them ... Read more

  • Fell off the wagon

    10/1/2015 8:43:55 AM, by KPLESS-E

    I am so sorry to say I stopped logging into Sparkpeople for about 3 yrs. I did lose weight about 60 lbs. but my life has been so busy these 3 yrs... Read more

  • Smart Strategies to Deal with Stress

    10/1/2015 6:44:06 AM, by ZOLIMAMA

    Chronic Stress: Something to Worry About! Smart Strategies to Deal with Stress Here are a dozen tips that will help reduce the frequency and in... Read more

  • Is this within your circle of influence?

    10/1/2015 6:40:22 AM, by ZOLIMAMA

    I really liked this spark.article. right on. Need to remember this. " Lying awake worrying at night will not change anything. But knowing you ... Read more

  • 1,380 calories today

    9/30/2015 9:13:03 PM, by ZOLIMAMA

    Finishing the day with tea,,sign I cannot eat anything else anymore. However I ate with the kids telling me about their day..I didn't eat mindful... Read more

  • Well then.

    9/30/2015 2:19:01 PM, by RECOVERYMAMA

    Some days I feel like this orange... like I just gott... Read more

  • Being Specific

    9/30/2015 12:31:39 PM, by MOMTOMONKEYS2

    Today on Spark was a feature article about goal setting. One of the "Do's" is to be specific. So far this week my water goal is going really we... Read more

  • Progress!

    9/30/2015 10:18:16 AM, by AMANDAJCD

    The scale was most cooperative today and said I weigh either 159.8 or 159.2. I can't remember which but since it's on the right side of 160, I'l... Read more

  • a beautiful fall day

    9/30/2015 9:36:11 AM, by MOMMY445

    a nice cool fall day here today. my doctor's appointment went very well yesterday. i ended up having to have two blood tests before i left the bu... Read more

  • Day 2 of the balanced life

    9/30/2015 6:26:17 AM, by ZOLIMAMA

    When was the last time you ate a meal without multitasking? Today's challenge is to practice mindful eating during every single meal and snack. F... Read more

  • 1150 calories today

    9/29/2015 9:42:42 PM, by ZOLIMAMA

    No emotional eating. Got up every hour for a break from my desk and drank a glass of water. I'm hungry but I need to lose those freaking 160 lbs.... Read more

  • Back to eating healthy

    9/29/2015 5:33:05 PM, by TASHA_LEE19

    I want to make myself accountable. I have put on weight over winter and have let my emotions get the better of me. I have been binge eating and k... Read more

  • Slip?

    9/29/2015 2:26:33 PM, by RECOVERYMAMA

    Sometimes, you just gotta do it. I ate a cheeseburger. I will adapt the rest of my calories for the day, but sometimes, you just need a burger. S... Read more

  • Awareness

    9/29/2015 12:47:03 PM, by MOMTOMONKEYS2

    Yesterday was all about awareness. When I established my new plan I really wanted to make it different than the other times I've set goals in th... Read more

  • a cloudy mild day

    9/29/2015 8:45:22 AM, by MOMMY445

    there is a chance of rain and perhaps a thunderstorm here this afternoon. i have a doctor's appointment this morning. just a follow up. it has be... Read more

  • Here We Go Again

    9/29/2015 1:35:17 AM, by SYEEDAH39

    Well am at it again! I'm trying this weight loss/change of life journey again. I am praying I can stick with this time. I return 32lbs heavier,... Read more

  • So discouraged

    9/28/2015 8:06:13 PM, by ZOLIMAMA

    I can't remember being so discouraged, so depressed. I'm at my highest weight. Hubby pulling away from me because I'm too big.finally told me las... Read more

  • The Plan

    9/28/2015 1:38:27 PM, by MOMTOMONKEYS2

    9/28 -10/28 Plan 1) Drink 10 cups of water/day = 80 ozs *Drink 20 oz on the way to work *Drink 40 oz by Noon *Drink 60 oz by 3:00 *... Read more

  • Attitude Adjustment!

    9/28/2015 9:19:11 AM, by RECOVERYMAMA

    So sometimes life has pain. Big deal. I refuse to let... Read more

  • Day 1 Terrafit challenge

    9/28/2015 8:46:25 AM, by RAYODER

    Today is the first day of my Terrafit challenge. I'm very excited, but woke up with a headache. I need to get measurements and pictures done. He... Read more

  • A healthier me

    9/27/2015 11:42:06 PM, by BKAYS3

    Today is day 10 of The South Beach Diet. I started phase 2 today. I felt I was ready.My bloodsugar was in normal range today. I feel good. My dau... Read more

  • Day 0 Part 2: Starting Over, Stats, and Working Out

    9/27/2015 5:27:29 PM, by ALYSSAR2012

    I made the decision to start over. Clean slate. No worrying about catching up or doing extra. I'm just starting over with a better mindset and ou... Read more

  • Disneyworld HERE I COME!!

    9/27/2015 4:30:53 PM, by KMDB6312

    So, Disneyworld is finally a reality in my future. A friend is holding the money necessary, so that when it comes time to plan it, I have the mon... Read more

  • A night not planned

    9/27/2015 3:06:59 PM, by MEGAN6277

    Last night was my husbands second night off. We usually try to spend at least one night together a week. I know that doesnt seem like much for ma... Read more

  • Weight Loss After 40 Requires a Different Approach

    9/27/2015 2:26:05 PM, by FABTEMP

    The equation used to be so simple. Weight Loss = Exercise + Dedication - Calories. I've been doing that for years now. It no longer works.... Read more

  • Feeling Great

    9/27/2015 11:58:56 AM, by BELLATALULA

    I had an excellent week. Since starting to weeks ago I am now down 7 lbs. I went to the mall and picked up some new clothes (post baby I have a... Read more

  • Day 0 - Stats Day

    9/27/2015 1:28:04 AM, by ALYSSAR2012

    It is currently 1:15 am making it officially Sunday. Due to it being Sunday, I feel it is the perfect day to start over. Why? Because it is the l... Read more

  • Woohoo! 5k completed!

    9/26/2015 9:56:00 PM, by MICHELE826

    Today was the day. Beautiful Midwest autumn day! Husband decided to join me walk. Daughter completed her walk/run journey as well. Very proud of... Read more

  • Just so you know...

    9/25/2015 5:51:01 PM, by RECOVERYMAMA

    We all are. We just forget to see it sometimes. Have... Read more


    9/25/2015 3:25:06 PM, by MELANIEA3

    Small steps and homework is what the dr said. I am officially scheduled to start in the morning, i also need to sign up to Over eaters annonomou... Read more

  • Weekend

    9/25/2015 1:00:18 PM, by CAPTAINMOMMIE

    Anyone doing anything exciting this weekend? I'm working out and Fall cleaning... Read more

  • it's friday

    9/25/2015 12:38:27 PM, by MOMMY445

    the weekend is here! hurray! it has been a mostly busy week for me this week. my daughter is taking it easy this weekend. i do not have much plan... Read more

  • Why Old Habits Die Hard

    9/25/2015 11:54:33 AM, by MOMTOMONKEYS2

    I often wonder why its so hard to get myself out of "bad" habits. What you know and do is comfortable and food and exercise is no exception. Th... Read more

  • New Goals

    9/25/2015 8:15:30 AM, by LINROSE662

    Getting back on track after a long absence. You'd think with all the years and dieting experience under my belt, I'd have this all figured out a... Read more

  • A very long week

    9/25/2015 5:55:52 AM, by MEGAN6277

    All I can say is thank goodness its friday! This week has tried my patience with miss haps and two out of three boys down with ear infections, a ... Read more

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