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  • Giving up meat?

    3/23/2015 4:46:59 PM, by SLIM4LIFE09

    When I was 16, I became a vegetarian. I just kind of went cold-turkey (no pun intended). Back then, access to faux meat products were slim (er, d... Read more

  • Goal setting

    3/23/2015 3:14:07 PM, by CRESIDA

    I'm not quite sure how to start this, and I don't have a before picture to put up today. But I need to take the time to really get this down. ... Read more

  • Staying off the scale for a week!

    3/23/2015 2:57:07 PM, by MEGZ7295

    This is what my "Model Me" looks like right now. This is NOT how I feel right now! Read more

  • Weekend Update and Monday

    3/23/2015 12:49:11 PM, by MOMTOMONKEYS2

    Well another fast weekend behind me. Survived the (SW) State Wrestling Tournament and B took 2nd place in his weight class. I am proud of him ... Read more

  • No more excuses

    3/23/2015 12:15:22 AM, by ASH_CLEMENT

    I had gone totally underground. No exercise for a month or is it more - I am not sure. I know I should not stay away from exercise for more than ... Read more

  • Making a come back!

    3/23/2015 12:12:06 AM, by TUESDAY0728

    I downloaded this app today because maybe 6 years ago I belonged to the website. I honestly don't even remember if I lost weight that time but li... Read more

  • Baby Matthew was born Tuesday!

    3/22/2015 6:44:28 PM, by F70176555

    Pictures pending =) 10 pounds nine ounces healthy boy. Mommy is working on recovering. Just thought I,d post.... Read more

  • Getting back on track

    3/22/2015 5:19:20 PM, by KLWALDON

    I am prepared for this to be a challenge and to be difficult. Getting back on track doesn't sound like a big deal or hard thing to do, but for m... Read more

  • Gearing up for the Spring 5% Challenge

    3/22/2015 4:46:45 PM, by URBANAUDREYE

    The 2015 Spring 5% Challenge is the first 5% Challenge that I am participating in. I'll be honest, I feel a little lost... and nervous. I feel li... Read more

  • Healthy habits

    3/22/2015 2:08:17 PM, by LAVENDERFAIRY01

    For me the me the most difficult habits to change are the ones I have been accustomed to for years like dessert after dinner every night or a caf... Read more

  • day 1.......again

    3/22/2015 11:45:43 AM, by RACHCOX

    I wish I was full of joy and motivation today.....sadly i am typing this with tears of shame and remorse in my eyes. I have managed to gain abou... Read more

  • Scheduling

    3/22/2015 9:58:46 AM, by MUGGIN15

    I've found that something always throws me off my game a few weeks into starting a new workout program. It's usually my schooling (I'm in nursing... Read more

  • shopping for clothes makes me feel happy and/or depressed

    3/22/2015 12:33:25 AM, by VDAYBABY14

    I love shopping for clothes. I love finding a good deal and when a piece of clothing fits just right. Like most people, I hate how many things do... Read more

  • A good day today!

    3/21/2015 8:08:26 PM, by MRSGROUCHO

    Today was a great day. My little boy is feeling so much better. We got in some pool time at the Y. The sun was shining and the kids played outsid... Read more

  • new stats

    3/21/2015 6:28:56 PM, by SCHINES13

    my bmi is 34.2 bmr is 1635.55 times 1.2 harris benadict 1962.66 is how many caalories i need to maintain my weight. I want to lose 1963-12... Read more

  • Life....

    3/21/2015 8:33:45 AM, by MEGAN6277

    I thought this picture was cute! Lifes been "on the rocks" again. Littlest ha... Read more

  • I did it! I did it! Oh my gosh I'm so glad I finally went!!!!

    3/20/2015 10:23:37 PM, by MRSGROUCHO

    Tonight I finally mustered up the courage to go to the YMCA. My family joined 3 weeks ago and I've been TERRIFIED to go! Today I told my daughter... Read more

  • Having a really hard time.

    3/20/2015 4:11:02 PM, by MEGZ7295

    Happy First Day of Spring. I'm not sure what happened! I didn't make the BEST choices during spring break but it wasn't HORRIBL... Read more

  • Feeling a little frustrated

    3/20/2015 3:23:30 PM, by LAVENDERFAIRY01

    The start of this journey so far has been difficult. Not getting enough rest and its taking its toll. Trying not to eat away my emotions but its ... Read more

  • Whew

    3/19/2015 7:40:41 PM, by MSTGERMA1

    My weight is back down to my initial starting point for weight loss after my last baby was born :/ I am happy that things are finally moving in t... Read more

  • thoughts...

    3/19/2015 12:14:29 PM, by MRSGROUCHO

    So yesterday wasn't the best day but today is a new day again. Yesterday morning I went to the cemetery and I think that was just the start of th... Read more

  • An Off Week

    3/19/2015 10:52:21 AM, by MOMTOMONKEYS2

    This has been sort of an off week this week and has turned from a good start to just trying to get through it! I started the week with 2 days... Read more

  • Just keep swimming...just keep swimming....

    3/19/2015 7:50:09 AM, by BELLE4LIFE

    I haven't posted for a long time. I haven't been successful at staying active on SparkPeople for any length of time. Consistency is a real issu... Read more

  • Where did our warmer weather go?

    3/19/2015 4:41:05 AM, by THINNERME2009

    I have already been spoiled by the decent weather bug and then Mother Nature pulled the rug out from under me!!! The sunny weather helped me get ... Read more

  • Feeling Back in Control

    3/18/2015 11:42:52 PM, by BEINGAROLEMODEL

    I've stayed within my calorie range for 3 days now! I'm feeling in control.... Read more

  • One step at a time

    3/18/2015 12:49:12 PM, by 51PHATGIRL

    I get so easily overwhelmed. My head has a committee going on all the time, and most of the talk tells me I shouldn't even try because I can't re... Read more

  • Forgetfulness

    3/18/2015 12:38:45 PM, by OUIOUIOUI

    Losing weight requires me to remember that I am actually trying to do this! The thought of wearing a bathing suit this summer and feeling comfor... Read more

  • Holy mood swings batman!

    3/18/2015 11:09:09 AM, by MRSGROUCHO

    Frankly, I'm pretty miserable! I'll blame hormones and things like that but really, I'm no fun to be around right now. Could be the lack of prope... Read more

  • happy St. patties day

    3/17/2015 6:33:34 PM, by VANILLAMAMA

    So tomorrow marks 6 weeks of eating right and working out. I've dropped a total of 20 pounds so far. (I won't change my weight until Thursday) I... Read more

  • Back At It

    3/17/2015 3:30:21 PM, by MSTGERMA1

    Wow. My last blog entry was when I hit my goal, back in 2012! I did stay at my goal weight for the summer, but then started to slide. I was n... Read more

  • Oops, I did it again!

    3/17/2015 2:47:41 PM, by WHOVIANGIRL23

    So I logged on today, looked at my status and realized that 47 days ago, I updated that I was starting again at 236 pounds. Fast forward to now (... Read more

  • St. Patty's Day Challenges

    3/17/2015 1:24:30 PM, by MOMTOMONKEYS2

    I completed Day 2 of my 10&10(4)10 Challenge. I did JM 30 Shred for the second day in a row. I wasn't as sore as I thought I would be this morn... Read more

  • Old clothes

    3/17/2015 1:19:45 PM, by SKINNYMAMA038

    In terms of clothes I have a lot in a lot of sizes. Even some for when I was 9 months pregnant with my daughter who is almost 18 months now. ... Read more

  • Day 25/320 - Another day on track :)

    3/16/2015 7:29:40 PM, by KORIS_MAMA

    Well another day is just about through here and I am happy to report that i'm still on track. I am coming up on the two week mark of being on tra... Read more

  • What a Busy Weekend

    3/16/2015 5:22:50 PM, by POISONGIRL999

    This weekend just zoomed by. Seems like we had something planned for every minute. Good news I stayed on track. We'll get that out of the way ... Read more

  • step it up

    3/16/2015 2:26:55 PM, by TCTHOMURE

    So about three weeks ago I had a weight freak out when I stepped on the scale and oh my! I was heavier than I was at any point in my last pregnan... Read more

  • Life up in the air

    3/16/2015 12:15:11 PM, by EBERKSHIRE86

    I am a planner, I plan everything its just who I am. If you were to look on my desk, in my purse, in my car or by my night stand you fill find en... Read more

  • Day 1: 10&10(4)10

    3/16/2015 12:14:31 PM, by MOMTOMONKEYS2

    Today is Day 1 of my 10 minutes of Cardio/10 Minutes of Strength for 10 days. I'd been getting in some walking but struggling with the strength... Read more

  • March 16-22 Workout Schedule

    3/16/2015 11:37:32 AM, by MOMIN09

    Monday - 4 Miles, Herbalife24 Fit Tuesday - Personal Trainer, Herbalife24 Fit Wednesday - 6 Miles, Herbalife24 Fit Thursday - Pers... Read more

  • March 9-15 In Review

    3/16/2015 11:35:30 AM, by MOMIN09

    I got 5 out of 7 days of workouts in. I wasn't as good about following my food plan for the week so I was over my calories a few times durin... Read more

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