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  • where I am at today

    3/23/2017 2:04:15 AM, by SUNNYWAGAL

    Well, it is March 22nd 2017. I have had several health challenges over the last 4 years that have impacted my ability to function. Most recently,... Read more

  • Missed Opportunities

    3/22/2017 3:39:54 PM, by RHITAI

    Gah. I had a total newbie moment, I should kick my ow... Read more

  • Flexibility

    3/22/2017 11:26:27 AM, by PAIGE2017

    No one tells you that when you have kids your personality may change. Before I had kids I was a totally different person. I'm talking borderlin... Read more

  • Take the Stairs

    3/21/2017 4:49:09 PM, by RHITAI

    It was surprising and rather amazing to see how man... Read more

  • It always catches up....

    3/21/2017 11:54:53 AM, by PAIGE2017

    We had a great weekend...but my weight loss journey did not. Oops! Friday started out with Tuna melts which would have been okay except for the... Read more

  • Week 12: "being good"

    3/20/2017 11:38:45 AM, by MAGLITE7

    Yesterday, my parents came over for dinner. My mom brought the requisite fruit and cheese plate. While we were chatting, I got my food scale and ... Read more

  • Restful Weekend!

    3/20/2017 9:58:53 AM, by VICKIEMO

    I was able to Spring clean my house this weekend, complete the laundry, and have a date night with my husband. That is an accomplishment for me.... Read more

  • What happened?!

    3/20/2017 9:24:04 AM, by AMANSKE1

    Life - that's what happened! The last time I posted, I was just 12 weeks into my 3rd pregnancy. Now my little guy is almost 18 months old! I hav... Read more

  • Running after the wagon

    3/20/2017 3:35:34 AM, by RHITAI

    Yet again, I fell off the wagon. I'm pretty sure I la... Read more

  • Sunday is funday

    3/19/2017 6:33:22 PM, by BO0BERRY

    Today has been a lot better then yesterday. Went to my nieces birthday party at a park and went walking afterwards. Limited my starches and only ... Read more

  • Trying again

    3/18/2017 8:45:30 PM, by ADSALES

    Day 1- starting over: Praying God gives me the strength, motivation, and willpower to succeed.... Read more

  • Saturday hussle

    3/18/2017 5:32:35 PM, by BO0BERRY

    Not a good day today. Haven't eaten much, which it will not kill me and lord knows I could use to skip 50 meals. Stress is high, taking care of m... Read more

  • Hello Friday!

    3/17/2017 6:16:40 PM, by BO0BERRY

    We I have managed to make it through the work week. It has been tuff with some slips here and there. It's just the start, and I have to be patien... Read more

  • Unexpected Side Effect

    3/16/2017 2:12:01 PM, by PAIGE2017

    I am allergic to everything. When I say everything...I'm not exaggerating. My mom took me to the doctor when I was little for allergy testing ... Read more

  • Busy Productive Week!

    3/16/2017 9:59:30 AM, by VICKIEMO

    No travel this week! Thank Goodness!! I have been able to track my meals and catch up on all the work that I was unable to tend to last week. ... Read more

  • Day 3

    3/15/2017 11:04:55 PM, by BO0BERRY

    Today was not that bad, other then having trouble staying awake. Feeling physically drained. Not sure if this is from the time change or this hor... Read more

  • Keep going, no matter what.

    3/15/2017 2:47:04 PM, by MAGLITE7

    This has been a hard week (and it's only halfway done!). Between my crazy singing schedule and winter storm Stella, there have been some hitches ... Read more

  • Facebook Memories

    3/15/2017 10:43:17 AM, by PAIGE2017

    I love looking at my memories on Facebook every morning. I love remembering what was going on in my life over the past few years. On this day 5... Read more

  • Day 2

    3/14/2017 10:04:49 PM, by BO0BERRY

    Restarted walking today. I believe my body is rejecting it, however that will not stop me. I will be at it again tomorrow. Diet wise I had ... Read more

  • Little angel of encouragement

    3/14/2017 9:42:06 PM, by DEE845

    Today I went to water aerobics and after we went to hot tub. There was a lady there who said that she use to weigh 246 lbs and now she is 131. ... Read more

  • OH...POOP!!!

    3/14/2017 3:29:19 PM, by PAIGE2017

    As the day went on yesterday I was feeling better. I picked my oldest up from violin and was super excited to get home, make a healthy breakfast... Read more

  • Feed a Cold, Starve a Fever?

    3/14/2017 10:40:56 AM, by SAMANTHAKNUTH

    I haven't been feeling well lately. I have a sinus infection. I have noticed that I am SO HUNGRY. I have been trying to stay on track and doing p... Read more

  • Week 11: working with a crazy schedule

    3/13/2017 11:39:58 AM, by MAGLITE7

    I am in the middle of two very intense weeks of singing. I sing with a semi-professional chorus and we just finished one concert w... Read more


    3/13/2017 10:10:06 AM, by PAIGE2017

    So I'm not sure how well my plan was thought out in regards to getting a new puppy the same weekend as time change. Not only are we sleep depriv... Read more

  • same time new year

    3/13/2017 5:56:25 AM, by BO0BERRY

    It happens every year around this time. Time changes and the need to become a healthier version. So today I get up an hour earlier then norm... Read more

  • Untrackable exercise

    3/10/2017 7:58:19 PM, by PAIGE2017

    Today we went to Hot Springs to pick up our new puppy... Read more

  • Is there a hidden runner in me?

    3/10/2017 3:45:11 PM, by MAGLITE7

    So, this Ironman Challenge I've been doing at the Y has got me thinking -- could I do a real triathlon? Not an Ironman, of course, but maybe a "s... Read more

  • Singing burns calories!

    3/10/2017 12:13:29 AM, by MAGLITE7

    Just found this article on Livestrong: www.livestrong.com/artic
    s-are-burned-from-singing/ ... Read more

  • Never Make a Promise You Don't Intend to Keep

    3/9/2017 1:18:52 PM, by PAIGE2017

    I've blogged in the past about my middle child's behavior issues. She never seems to go a whole week without getting in some kind of trouble at ... Read more

  • Need to Make a Change

    3/8/2017 3:40:40 PM, by JANIS-IRENE

    There comes a time when the weight that has piled on has become too much. And that is where I am at. I'm not at the heaviest I've ever been but I... Read more

  • Another reminder I need to do something

    3/7/2017 5:45:38 PM, by DEE845

    My weigh is back up to 241 again....... Read more

  • Nervous

    3/7/2017 4:33:56 PM, by PAIGE2017

    So after the whole need a doctor's note situation yesterday, I am really nervous to go to my son's parent/teacher conference this afternoon. I a... Read more

  • Still moving forward and downward

    3/7/2017 1:03:54 PM, by APTOREN

    Here I am, another month into this journey. The weight isn't falling off, but the energy is increasing, the exercise is holding steady, and the ... Read more

  • NSV: endurance!

    3/7/2017 12:29:08 PM, by MAGLITE7

    I am in week 2 of the "Ironman Challenge" at my Y. I have so far walked 10 miles, swum 1 mile, and biked 60 miles. I am on track to get it done i... Read more

  • Exercise

    3/7/2017 7:14:49 AM, by MOMMYOFCAM

    So for the past 2 weeks I have managed to continue to exercise 5 mornings per week for 30-40 min. Slept in yesterday, so my daughter dragged me ... Read more

  • Week 10: Still going strong!

    3/6/2017 2:46:08 PM, by MAGLITE7

    It's been 2 full months of tracking, working out, and making healthier choices. I have lost all the weight I gained last year -- almost 18 lbs. I... Read more

  • Doctor's Note

    3/6/2017 12:20:38 PM, by PAIGE2017

    Had a great weekend! I went to the favorite things party I've been talking about but I didn't exactly take the favorite thing I had planned. I ... Read more

  • Rockin' It This Week!!

    3/6/2017 11:48:40 AM, by VICKIEMO

    I feel pretty good today! Finally over that nasty cold. Big work week. Travelling to the home office to meet with my team. Feeling energized ... Read more

  • Time For a New Challenge

    3/6/2017 6:02:14 AM, by IDEFYGRAVITY

    I haven't been on here in forever. However, I'm excited to get active on here, socially, to help me stay on track with some new goals that I have... Read more

  • Bad choice weekend

    3/5/2017 8:42:08 PM, by DMGUMAER

    This weekend was full of bad food choices. My body can feel it. Indegestion, so tired and just sluggish. It's amazing how by just eating heath ly... Read more

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