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  • New Adventure

    6/23/2017 10:06:28 AM, by NETTY129

    Well, I did it. I put my two weeks in at my job. I will be starting my new job on the 10th. I am sad, excited, scared, nervous. I also am worried... Read more

  • Decisions Decisions

    6/21/2017 12:39:44 PM, by NETTY129

    I am in a quandary as to what to do. I recently changed my job (about 4 months ago.) I have been offered another job at a different company. More... Read more

  • 6/20/2017

    6/20/2017 12:24:04 PM, by NETTY129

    Wanted to workout this morning, but I didn't. I really need to get into a routine of doing this every morning. Walking on treadmill or strength t... Read more

  • New.....everything!

    6/19/2017 1:17:38 PM, by NETTY129

    This has been a year of new things. New job, maybe another new job. New campsite at the Lake. New thoughts on getting healthier. Not only for me,... Read more

  • No motivation at all today

    12/19/2016 9:01:08 AM, by BLUEROSE73

    I have a lot to share about the past month or so, but that's not what I'm blogging about today However, a fallout of the past few months is ... Read more

  • Back at it.

    12/2/2016 7:25:39 AM, by BLUEROSE73

    I'm working on getting back to it all. I went for my run this morning. I did start out running half of it - run 1 block, walk 1. Even though I... Read more

  • In my ideal world...

    11/23/2016 8:27:45 AM, by BLUEROSE73

    I would be in an awesome practicum placement, with opportunities to grow and learn as well as mentoring. I would be at my ideal weight I woul... Read more

  • Today

    11/22/2016 6:48:38 AM, by BLUEROSE73

    I stopped running for just over a week due to illness. I was struggling to get back to it. Who am I kidding. I still am. However, I made the ... Read more

  • Still plugging away at it

    11/13/2016 3:12:24 PM, by BLUEROSE73

    my focus hasn't been on weight loss for a few months now. I knew it wouldn't be possible to make it my top priority. I've been far too busy wit... Read more

  • It's been a bit ...

    11/8/2016 6:49:19 AM, by BLUEROSE73

    ... but I'm still here. I haven't been running, but I have gone out for a run daily. I get about half of my run in and they I power walk. I rea... Read more

  • Today's kick in the Butt

    10/28/2016 8:33:43 AM, by BLUEROSE73

    It's been a bit of a busy week, but mostly I've been resting. I've been exhausted all week long. I know I'm fighting a cold, so I've been letti... Read more

  • Today's kick in the butt

    10/24/2016 8:37:23 AM, by BLUEROSE73

    I realized this morning that I've really slacked off of my running for the past few days. I took Thursday off. I had cramps Friday. I didn't g... Read more

  • Today's kick in the Butt

    10/21/2016 8:12:14 AM, by BLUEROSE73

    Today was a bit rough on my run. Cramps are bad today. I'm hoping that the rest of my day goes better. I'll be sure to take some Alieve with m... Read more

  • Today's kick in the Butt

    10/19/2016 7:54:25 AM, by BLUEROSE73

    Thank you for the comments yesterday. I really needed the gratitude one. I am struggling with being overly stressed. That post reminded me tha... Read more

  • Today's kick in the Butt

    10/18/2016 7:48:30 AM, by BLUEROSE73

    Back from today's run. It's raining lightly out there. Funny. I always find I run my best in the rain. Today wasn't a best run overall, but i... Read more

  • Today

    10/17/2016 8:56:01 AM, by BLUEROSE73

    It's been a while since I've blogged. Lots has happened, but that's common considering how busy I am. Hubby has had to go back to work. ... Read more

  • Today

    10/12/2016 8:24:05 AM, by BLUEROSE73

    Today seems to be off to not such a good start. My run didn't go so well. I feel so emotionally drained when I'm out there. I just don't ... Read more

  • Today's kick in the Butt

    10/9/2016 12:12:45 PM, by BLUEROSE73

    Tomorrow is my final weigh in for my diet bet. This morning I weighed myself. I've hit my goal. Now to keep it there until weigh in tomorrow. ... Read more

  • Today's kick in the Butt

    10/8/2016 10:29:41 AM, by BLUEROSE73

    ... and follow up on yesterday I returned to my practicum. There was plenty to do, but it was for the most part pushing papers. I get that... Read more

  • Today's kick in the Butt

    10/7/2016 8:06:40 AM, by BLUEROSE73

    This morning I weighed out (final weigh in) on my first of two diet bets. I made this one plus two pounds. Now I have to hit my next goal - one ... Read more

  • Today's kick in the Butt

    10/4/2016 7:57:29 AM, by BLUEROSE73

    I'm just not feeling very good today. I am tired. I couldn't breathe this morning, so today's run turned into a 3mile walk. Now I've got waves... Read more

  • Today's kick in the Butt

    10/3/2016 7:47:17 AM, by BLUEROSE73

    Back from today's run already. It went well. I finished my stepbet on Saturday. 6 weeks of walking 6 times/week - 6500 steps 4 times a we... Read more

  • Today's kick in the Butt

    9/30/2016 8:08:52 AM, by BLUEROSE73

    Got Lulu and I out for this mornings run. Even started to run. But the nausea I was feeling when I woke up didn't pass. I ran two more blocks ... Read more

  • Today's kick in the Butt

    9/29/2016 9:27:53 AM, by BLUEROSE73

    Today was a day of firsts. First day I woke up with no pain in my hip. First day of running without painkillers. First day with only a slight ... Read more

  • Today's kick in the Butt

    9/27/2016 7:43:44 AM, by BLUEROSE73

    Still here. Still running Hip still sore. Swelling this morning. It's getting frustrating. Still no time. I'll update when I get some... Read more

  • Today's kick in the Butt

    9/26/2016 8:44:51 AM, by BLUEROSE73

    ... Read more

  • Today's kick in the Butt

    9/24/2016 9:13:45 AM, by BLUEROSE73

    Today is a rough day to get out and run. It's pouring rain. I haven't had a good, strong run in 2 weeks now. My hip has been in too much pain. ... Read more

  • Today's kick in the Butt

    9/22/2016 9:38:32 AM, by BLUEROSE73

    Once again, I'm just back from this mornings run. I was actually able to push myself this morning. I'm just hoping I didn't hurt myself - my hi... Read more

  • Today's kick in the Butt

    9/21/2016 8:17:30 AM, by BLUEROSE73

    Once again, back from today's run already. The pain in my hip is still not gone, but it's not getting worse. In fact, it seems to be easing up.... Read more

  • Today's kick in the Butt

    9/19/2016 9:59:50 AM, by BLUEROSE73

    Yesterday's run brought back the hip pain. This mornings run made it worse again. I am beyond frustrated. My weight loss has been stalle... Read more

  • Today's kick in the Butt

    9/18/2016 10:21:28 AM, by BLUEROSE73

    Today is only a little kick. The plan is to go running this morning. First time in a week. I'm really hoping my hip holds up alright. It was ... Read more

  • Plans for the Weekend

    9/16/2016 8:51:23 AM, by BLUEROSE73

    Tomorrow I'll be weighing in. I haven't had a chance to do an actual weigh in for the past week. My mornings consist of getting up and getting ... Read more

  • Today's kick in the butt

    9/14/2016 9:13:17 AM, by BLUEROSE73

    Already back from this mornings power walk. I LOVE getting my fitness in right at the start of my day. It helps wake me up, and I end up ... Read more

  • Today's kick in the Butt

    9/12/2016 8:13:15 AM, by BLUEROSE73

    I'm up. I just took my thrive. Giving it a few minutes to kick in. When I was at dance lessons last night, doing the body isolations - e... Read more

  • Needing to rethink things

    9/11/2016 3:42:14 PM, by BLUEROSE73

    My hip hurt again during today's run. Not a little nagging ache. Actual pain. I didn't even finish walking the entire route. Lulu and I stopp... Read more

  • Today's kick in the Butt

    9/11/2016 8:51:01 AM, by BLUEROSE73

    I'm frustrated today. I got on the scale this morning. When I weigh about an hour after waking up - no food or water - my weight is at it... Read more

  • My Goals for this week, and review of last weeks goals

    9/10/2016 6:29:33 PM, by BLUEROSE73

    I didn't actually do a review of the previous week, or define this weeks goals at all. I was just too busy. Despite this, I can still rev... Read more

  • No Kick in the Butt today

    9/10/2016 6:17:14 PM, by BLUEROSE73

    I was up at 2am making a roast beef dinner for 250 people. Around 200 showed up. I had to go home after 13 hours. I started to have stom... Read more

  • Today's kick in the Butt

    9/9/2016 8:07:02 AM, by BLUEROSE73

    I'm still on track with my stepbet. I have also joined two dietbets as well. One starts today, the other on Monday (I'll be weighing in on Satu... Read more

  • Today's kick in the Butt

    9/8/2016 8:06:37 AM, by BLUEROSE73

    Yesterday was alright. I needed the rest from running though. The pain I had on Tuesday night is long gone (thank heavens). Now time to m... Read more

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