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  • Homecoming

    9/16/2016 12:49:36 PM, by COOP9002

    our youngest daughter will be hanging out with her friends all day and into the evening today. it's homecoming in our little town. they will go t... Read more

  • Thursday Friday

    9/16/2016 6:47:52 AM, by RO2BENT

    Got a lot of work caught up Thursday but I have a big meeting with the director Thursday so it's going to be a busy week coming up. Almost exerci... Read more

  • Homecoming

    9/15/2016 12:09:25 PM, by COOP9002

    It's the calm before the storm as homecoming weekend approaches.... Read more

  • Wednesday Thursday

    9/15/2016 6:44:45 AM, by RO2BENT

    Easy day at work actually not behind and we almost had a chance at second place in the sailboat regatta last night but we filed our spinnaker whe... Read more

  • Wednesday

    9/14/2016 12:47:27 PM, by COOP9002

    all i can say is that i'm extremely frustrated with somethings going on right now...i better be quiet. "if you can't say anything good, then you ... Read more

  • Tuesday Wednesday

    9/14/2016 6:45:44 AM, by RO2BENT

    Pretty good day at work yesterday still only slightly behind. I was hungry and crabby most of the evening so not a stellar day. Should be another... Read more

  • Still No Apartment Yet

    9/13/2016 9:34:35 PM, by BMCC488

    The apartment office was closed on Sunday as well, but we finally got ahold of someone at the office yesterday morning. They said the previous te... Read more

  • Oh Well

    9/13/2016 3:20:54 PM, by COOP9002

    i had a nice Skype meeting with a church from Ohio last night. It went well, and they would like to extend a call to our family. the only snaffu ... Read more

  • Monday Tuesday

    9/13/2016 6:46:11 AM, by RO2BENT

    Still pretty busy at work only slightly behind will have to put in extra time today probably. Went for a bike ride last night speed is getting fa... Read more

  • Monday

    9/12/2016 11:22:03 AM, by COOP9002

    our early worship service went well yesterday. of course, our worship team and i were wore out when it was over. it was great to see us making ro... Read more

  • Sunday Monday

    9/12/2016 6:48:04 AM, by RO2BENT

    Went to church after sleeping in and played with kids until picnic dinner with oldest daughter's orchestra. Back to work got to try to get caught... Read more

  • I'm in the groove!

    9/12/2016 4:06:48 AM, by ADZY86

    Yesssss! This week I've lost another 3.2lbs! I literally cannot believe it! Double what I hope for each week. AND it's put me back into the 'over... Read more

  • Sunday

    9/11/2016 4:13:45 PM, by COOP9002

    we have had a busy day so far. our church added a second service this morning to help with our space challenges. it was well attended. I am looki... Read more

  • Finally Here in Our New City

    9/11/2016 12:19:48 PM, by BMCC488

    From the fifth day on the road, we were past the "honeymoon phase" of the road trip. There was plenty of irritable moments and some hurt feelings... Read more

  • Making Strides of Hartford against Breast Cancer

    9/11/2016 11:46:30 AM, by DEBRAJ61

    Well, been so long to blog. I was blogging mostly about my running. But, that has been put on hold due to a knee injury. That is fine, it is only... Read more

  • Saturday Sunday

    9/11/2016 9:19:44 AM, by RO2BENT

    Went to Cedar Point yesterday, got a little wet but happened to be under cover all three times the rain hit then the lines were super short! Typi... Read more

  • Thanks for your prayers

    9/10/2016 4:12:12 PM, by COOP9002

    thanks so much for all your prayers and concern expressed for my wife. she is feeling much better, and we are relieved that it was not as bad as ... Read more

  • Taper Time

    9/10/2016 3:56:14 PM, by MOBYCARP

    Yesterday was a rest day. It was necessary, after running 9 days in a row including a very good effort at Oak Tree Half. After Oak Tree, I had ... Read more

  • Fall 2016 5% Challenge Exercise Commitment

    9/10/2016 9:42:05 AM, by KKINNEA

    I've been carrying around extra weight from partying early in the year but now I am going to zap it! I'm rechecking my BMR and plan to walk ... Read more

  • Friday Saturday

    9/10/2016 9:36:47 AM, by RO2BENT

    Went to Put In Bay did a jog along the 5k course then had beers and lunch while walking around the island and enjoying the weather. Going to go t... Read more

  • Trip to the ER

    9/9/2016 2:32:34 PM, by COOP9002

    yesterday evening i took my wife to the hospital emergency room, because she had been experiencing chest pains. her family has a history of heart... Read more

  • Thursday Friday

    9/9/2016 7:10:30 AM, by RO2BENT

    Almost caught up at work yesterday but taking the day off for some recreation today so I'll have more work Monday ... Read more

  • Struggling with body image

    9/9/2016 5:50:42 AM, by ADZY86

    Why is it some days I can feel very good about myself and like I'm making progress, and then other days I wake up, look in the mirror and want to... Read more

  • The day after

    9/8/2016 1:01:40 PM, by COOP9002

    we survived last night, but did have one incident while we were waiting for kids to get picked up by their parents. our Associate Pastor and... Read more

  • Wednesday Thursday

    9/8/2016 6:24:50 AM, by RO2BENT

    Pretty good day at work yesterday but still slightly behind then an excellent evening of sailing. Probably will get caught up at work but one sup... Read more

  • Wednesday

    9/7/2016 12:53:11 PM, by COOP9002

    our first Wednesday back into the swing of things is filled with extras. our church family lost one of our dear saints this week, so the church i... Read more

  • Tuesday Wednesday

    9/7/2016 6:49:19 AM, by RO2BENT

    Pretty good day at work still only slightly behind but I had to leave early to go to Costco because we were out of toilet paper and then I went f... Read more

  • Tuesday that feels like Monday

    9/6/2016 11:24:50 AM, by COOP9002

    While i enjoy having Monday off, it causes the Tuesday morning after to be rather hectic. hope your Tuesday is going well. i think i'm start... Read more

  • Monday Tuesday

    9/6/2016 6:45:45 AM, by RO2BENT

    Shouldn't be too bad a day at work probably several warranty claims to disposition but the entire company was off yesterday so that will help. Sp... Read more

  • Labor Day

    9/5/2016 6:19:24 PM, by COOP9002

    Took a road trip with Debbie & Olivia today. Now Olivia is hanging out with friends while Deb & I are at home with our dogs. Blessings... Read more

  • Sun Mon

    9/5/2016 10:21:32 AM, by RO2BENT

    Busy day yesterday after church took another van load from grandmas house but this was all for work bench craft space in basement but had to move... Read more

  • Race Report: 2016 Oak Tree Half Marathon

    9/4/2016 3:39:48 PM, by MOBYCARP

    I signed up for Oak Tree because it's traditionally hot and humid, and I didn't want waste the training I'd done in heat and humidity; because it... Read more

  • Rare Sunday Afternoon

    9/4/2016 2:58:00 PM, by COOP9002

    Enjoying a rare Sunday afternoon with no church activities in the evening.... Read more

  • Fourth Day on the Road

    9/4/2016 2:08:03 PM, by BMCC488

    Today marks the fourth day we've been on the road. Friday night we stayed in a La Quinta Inn in Missouri. It was pretty nice and had an indoor po... Read more

  • Sun Mon

    9/4/2016 9:10:50 AM, by RO2BENT

    Group cardio kickboxing and scrubbed garage floor yesterday then dinner party to plan December Key West trip. Church and visit family this AM and... Read more

  • Fri Sat

    9/3/2016 10:38:08 AM, by RO2BENT

    Visited my boss at the rehab facility yesterday, making great progress in recovering from his stroke. Amazing how speech becomes difficult but mo... Read more

  • Friday

    9/2/2016 1:59:13 PM, by COOP9002

    Enjoying a day off. Got a nice run in this morning and lunch with my wife. In a little while, I will pick up our daughter at school, unless she h... Read more

  • Thursday Friday

    9/2/2016 6:52:56 AM, by RO2BENT

    Pretty good day at work try to visit my boss at the rehab center but he was occupied and then I went for a 4 mile run gassed up the cars quality ... Read more

  • Finally on the Road!

    9/1/2016 10:35:54 PM, by BMCC488

    This week is already going by in a blur. Sunday we made it to church, my parents in the morning and me and my mom in the evening, because someone... Read more

  • Thursday

    9/1/2016 10:00:14 AM, by COOP9002

    i'm hoping to get a few things done today. we have our bi-weekly trip to the grocery store tonight. had a good run this morning in some bea... Read more

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