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  • What did I accomplish in July?

    7/30/2016 9:50:42 PM, by STRNGNGRNDED

    What I apparently accomplished in July 2016 1. Trimmed my dsís hair twice 2. Had the main a/c unit fixed. 3. Picked up beef for my deep fr... Read more

  • Exciting day!

    7/30/2016 9:17:31 PM, by GET2BEFIT

    Today I went to Verizon and got my cellphone screen u... Read more

  • Halfway through week one!

    7/30/2016 4:40:14 PM, by MUFFIY831

    I have to admit, it's getting a little easier. I'm halfway through week one of Nutrisystem! I get to eat more after the first week, and get 'flex... Read more

  • 120's!

    7/30/2016 1:45:41 PM, by 1HOTFUDGEMAMA

    Been in the 127-130 range for 4weeks! ... Read more

  • Date slice review

    7/30/2016 1:38:32 PM, by RAWCOOKIE

    Well, I've made the date slices........ and tested them, of course! I like them - but I know they're not quite like the ones you get in the cafe/... Read more

  • Tribal connections

    7/30/2016 11:34:11 AM, by RAWCOOKIE

    I really enjoy being part of the Park Run #tribe! ... Read more

  • Altering goals

    7/30/2016 11:31:58 AM, by EMSMOM4

    I altered my goals to reflect more realistic progress. My nutritionist said 1 lb weekly. I allowed for 2. SP's max. I need to concentrate on the ... Read more

  • Don't jinx it...

    7/30/2016 10:29:02 AM, by TEACHFIRST268

    Hi Sparkfriends, Dare I get my hopes up? As of this morning's weigh in, I'm .4 away from the Dr.'s recommended # given to me 5 years ago. L... Read more

  • Saturday

    7/30/2016 1:08:59 AM, by CHIBIKARATE

    Well my brother has taken a very bad turn and I do not think he has much time left not eating or drinking sad but I have him with me at home se... Read more

  • Saturday

    7/30/2016 1:08:58 AM, by CHIBIKARATE

    Well my brother has taken a very bad turn and I do not think he has much time left not eating or drinking sad but I have him with me at home se... Read more

  • Trip To The Mountains!

    7/29/2016 5:09:47 PM, by LDYHAZ

    DH and I managed to get away for a couple days. Much... Read more

  • So happy to be back on the wagon

    7/29/2016 1:44:37 PM, by MINATHERED

    Still not 100% where I want to be for eating, but doing so very much better. I'm at a full two-week streak of walking the dog for at least 30 mi... Read more

  • Want to Change, then be as you are

    7/29/2016 1:06:04 PM, by WINACHST

    Ok. I just found a file on my computer that I copied from Hey Sigmund and the jest of the article was when wanting to change not to fret too much... Read more

  • it's friday

    7/29/2016 10:58:02 AM, by MOMMY445

    a long weekend here! happy simcoe day on monday to all who celebrate it! woo hoo! my daughter says hi and sends hugs. all of the birds say cheep,... Read more

  • Day 2

    7/29/2016 10:40:10 AM, by MUFFIY831

    Isn't there a thing they say about AA, like "you gotta work the program?" That's pretty much how I'm feeling about Nutrisystem. Day 2 is in the b... Read more

  • Checking the connection & re-routing!

    7/29/2016 4:58:25 AM, by RAWCOOKIE

    Today the plan was to make lunch for a friend who was coming over to visit me, and I'd already prepared the ingredients. Yesterday evening I... Read more

  • TGIF

    7/29/2016 1:29:31 AM, by CHIBIKARATE

    Have a blessed and prayerful day be blessed and try to enjoy life hugs... Read more

  • Dog is Home and Doing Well :)

    7/28/2016 11:39:10 PM, by BMCC488

    Yesterday I did some housework in the early afternoon, namely dishes that have been neglected for various reasons. I didn't get very far till we ... Read more

  • Nutrisystem, Day 1

    7/28/2016 10:57:31 AM, by MUFFIY831

    I have been gaining and losing the same 15 pounds or so since around 2005. I feel good when I get to the bottom of the 15, and then sabotage myse... Read more

  • Shanties, buffets and a baked bean overdose

    7/28/2016 3:38:43 AM, by RAWCOOKIE

    I had a day fully-connected yesterday - it was great, but my head feels like it's going to explode and I'm looking forward to a quiet evening ton... Read more

  • Long day!

    7/27/2016 10:22:36 PM, by GET2BEFIT

    Today was draining UNTIL the last hour. After watching... Read more

  • it's wednesday

    7/27/2016 1:09:47 PM, by MOMMY445

    i am not doing a lot today,as it is still very hot here and i was really active yesterday. my daughter did really well at her soccer game last ni... Read more

  • Moving Along

    7/26/2016 9:35:11 PM, by BMCC488

    Well, eating went okay yesterday.... until evening. Still not as horrible as usual since I did well most of the day but ugh. Stress always gets t... Read more

  • Recipes for Date Slices

    7/26/2016 1:16:01 PM, by RAWCOOKIE

    I've looked at several different recipes for date slices and come to the conclusion that I can wing it! They are all basically the same - wi... Read more

  • a very warm and sunny day here

    7/26/2016 12:42:08 PM, by MOMMY445

    i find places to keep cool. the interview for today got postponed. the person doing the interviews got called away. i will keep on trying. my dau... Read more

  • A Grand, Expensive Experiment.

    7/26/2016 11:23:05 AM, by MUFFIY831

    Let's start by saying that I have generally been against things like Nutrisystem because I always felt like it didn't teach you anything. Sure, e... Read more

  • Am I moving forward?

    7/26/2016 8:32:10 AM, by WINACHST

    It is my birthday next week and I reached the phase one of my goal that I set for myself this year, just barely made it but I succeeded. However,... Read more

  • Afternoon Tea

    7/26/2016 2:58:15 AM, by RAWCOOKIE

    Today's 'connect' is a simple (?) invitation to my friend and neighbour to join me for afternoon tea on Sunday. I've suggested a walk, then ... Read more

  • another warm day here

    7/25/2016 11:44:25 AM, by MOMMY445

    overnight, there was a thunderstorm here, complete with some actual rain. it is calling for it to be another warm day here today. i was going thr... Read more

  • Old Metabolism..isn't as easy to drop the pounds.

    7/25/2016 11:26:17 AM, by EMSMOM4

    So, it's been a huge struggle. I had plantar fasciitis which kept me very inactive. Met with a nutritionist at the GI Dr. the other day...(I star... Read more

  • Getting Down to the Last Stages

    7/25/2016 10:23:46 AM, by BMCC488

    29 days till the move, 207 staring back at me on the scale this morning when I braved it. At my doctor's appointment it was a couple pounds up so... Read more

  • Celebrating Old Traditions

    7/25/2016 10:02:13 AM, by RAWCOOKIE

    Today's activity ticked quite a few of my 'how to be happy' boxes as well as the 'connect' one! Today was a unique 5-yrly celebration of the... Read more

  • Movement

    7/25/2016 1:37:40 AM, by LADYMCDUFF

    Every other night I will do 20 squats, 20 sit-ups, 10 wall push-ups, 30 sec. modified plank. I will increase squats and sit-ups by 1 each week. ... Read more

  • a new week

    7/24/2016 1:58:06 PM, by MOMMY445

    it is still hot and humid here today. my daughter and i are keeping cool and well hydrated. all of the birds say cheep,cheep! with the weather be... Read more

  • Flatline

    7/24/2016 1:01:24 PM, by TEACHFIRST268

    Hi Sparkfolks, I haven't blogged in a bit, but there's not much to report. I did complete a 3 week round of 21 Day Fix Extreme, including t... Read more

  • I had a weight gain this week

    7/24/2016 9:03:47 AM, by KLMEIRING

    I knew that it was bound to happen eventually and I can't say that I am surprised that this was the week that it happened. Parties all last week... Read more

  • Rest day

    7/23/2016 5:08:47 PM, by GET2BEFIT

    I sure could use some much needed rest, considering the National Weather Service has issued a excessive heat advisory ALL weekend. No Leslie to... Read more

  • I got a call-back :)

    7/23/2016 12:16:02 PM, by RAWCOOKIE

    A while ago (see 9th July blog) I sent a card to a not-so-close friend asking if I could call in for a visit............ I hadn't heard, so I tho... Read more

  • Death of the Blog?

    7/23/2016 11:15:04 AM, by DEBJAE

    Warning, this is a rant and I apologize out of the gate. This is a site where we are all free to post what we want on our status and blogs. I t... Read more

  • Fuel for the Next 10 Days

    7/23/2016 4:09:06 AM, by LADYMCDUFF

    NUTS/SEEDS/OILS almonds sunflower pecans pistachios cashews grapeseed PROTEIN tuna turkey beef pork scallop catfish ... Read more

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