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    3/17/2018 10:49:38 AM, by RANJINI4



    3/4/2018 7:14:35 AM, by RANJINI4

    Guys,It is boiling hot here!However,am going to keep on going! I really believe the climate makes us do things-and we must overcome these ef... Read more

  • Day 55

    2/24/2018 11:04:58 PM, by SKMMOM16

    I have been keeping a food journal for over a month now. I think tomorrow I will set aside some time to go through it and see how well I did with... Read more

  • Day 50

    2/19/2018 10:35:24 PM, by SKMMOM16

    Did a cardio video today and man, was it good! It was not HIIT, but rather steady state cardio with no breaks for a full 20 minutes. I was drippi... Read more


    2/17/2018 10:41:35 PM, by RANJINI4


  • Day 44

    2/13/2018 10:47:21 PM, by SKMMOM16

    Today was quite a busy day but I managed to get in a quick strength training workout. I need to find short videos for days like today. Most of th... Read more

  • Day 41

    2/10/2018 10:38:58 PM, by SKMMOM16

    Hello out there! Did not workout today, decided to take it off. But I'm feeling so excited because I tracked all my progress and productivity for... Read more

  • Day 39

    2/8/2018 9:59:08 PM, by SKMMOM16

    Second day of my period and I'm feeling like eating everything in sight! This is a natural tendency for me every month during my time of the mont... Read more

  • Thank you

    2/7/2018 5:30:25 AM, by RAPUNZEL53

    Thank you for all the support. I really appreciate it. Have a wonderful safe day!... Read more

  • Thank you

    2/7/2018 5:30:22 AM, by RAPUNZEL53

    Thank you for all the support. I really appreciate it. Have a wonderful safe day!... Read more

  • Day 37

    2/6/2018 8:50:37 PM, by SKMMOM16

    Woke up feeling energized and motivated but after doing household chores and cleaning and then eating lunch, I didn't feel like doing my workout.... Read more

  • Good Morning!

    2/6/2018 5:28:35 AM, by RAPUNZEL53

    Wish all Sparkers a great day!... Read more

  • Day 35

    2/4/2018 3:38:07 PM, by SKMMOM16

    Did a 40 minute Zumba workout today. I had to tell myself to let loose and just enjoy the movements. I'm so used to cardio HIIT and things that g... Read more

  • Day 34

    2/3/2018 9:50:02 PM, by SKMMOM16

    Hello out there! Today I did a 25 minute strength training routine with my 10 lbs dumbbells. I felt so strong and I'm considering trying out 15 l... Read more

  • Day 32

    2/1/2018 8:57:25 PM, by SKMMOM16

    It's the first day of a new month! Feeling pumped and ready to get back on track and stay consistent this month. I've marked off my wall calendar... Read more

  • Day 31

    1/31/2018 8:16:58 PM, by SKMMOM16

    Last day of the month. Can't believe that January is already over! Feels like the new year just started. I took off about 4 to 5 days last week. ... Read more

  • Away

    1/25/2018 4:30:53 PM, by RAPUNZEL53

    I am going to go out of country on Saturday and will be back first week of February. I will not have cell phone or internet so I will not be able... Read more

  • Day 18

    1/18/2018 9:27:35 PM, by SKMMOM16

    Missed more than a week of blogging on here but I'm still alive and well! I'm doing more strength training - 3 times a week on nonconsecutive day... Read more

  • Day 7

    1/7/2018 5:49:00 PM, by SKMMOM16

    Missed writing on here yesterday. Sunday (today) is my rest day. Yesterday I did a 40 minute strength workout. I felt so strong in doing it and f... Read more

  • Cold

    1/7/2018 6:34:28 AM, by RAPUNZEL53

    It is very cold in many parts of the country. We have below zero temperature. My washing machine is frozen again, so I cannot do laundry. No wate... Read more

  • Day 5

    1/5/2018 7:19:05 PM, by SKMMOM16

    Did 30 minutes of a tabata cardio + strength workout. I've done the video a few times before and I think I may need to move on to something a bit... Read more

  • Day 4

    1/4/2018 11:31:19 AM, by SKMMOM16

    Did a 30 minute strength workout today. I used 5 pound dumbbells, but I think next time around I can experiment with my 10 pound weights. I felt ... Read more

  • Day 3

    1/3/2018 11:34:40 AM, by SKMMOM16

    Here we go - day 3 of the new year! Today I was feeling lightheaded again and so I decided to do my stretches and breathing exercises and then a ... Read more

  • Day 2

    1/2/2018 11:06:43 AM, by SKMMOM16

    Got in a 30 minute dumbbell tabata workout today. Feeling a little light headed after it. I should have stayed in child's pose for a bit longer b... Read more

  • Jan 1, 2018 - here we go again!

    1/1/2018 10:18:43 PM, by SKMMOM16

    I've decided that this is the year I'm going to build consistency into my days. Last year had on again off again months of bursts of fitness. I l... Read more

  • Hello!

    12/29/2017 7:44:55 PM, by RAPUNZEL53

    Got my invitation to Shooting Stars. I am glad I made the team again. Cannot wait to start. Good Luck fellow travelers.... Read more

  • Journal_Day 14_28 Dec 2017

    12/29/2017 12:18:01 AM, by *MADHU*

    So I have completed my free trial of SP Premium. Though I didn't get time to track my food on SP and blog about it, I have been keeping a food di... Read more

  • The 2017 resolutions recap blog..

    12/26/2017 1:32:57 AM, by SPDEWINA

    Time for the Recap Blog of 2017 resolutions. i always love doing this. Age goals ( copied from 2016) : 31 - Get a tattoo 32 -Climb Mou... Read more

  • Journay_Day 8_22 Dec 2017

    12/23/2017 3:31:18 AM, by *MADHU*

    Raisins, soaked almonds, Banana Coconut water Lotus seeds and Tea Sabudana Khichadi w/ buttermilk Strawberries Tomato Soup ... Read more

  • Journal_Day 7_21 Dec 2017

    12/23/2017 3:16:19 AM, by *MADHU*

    Raisins, soaked almonds, Banana Lotus seeds and Tea Overnight rolled oats in lactose free milk with chia, strawberry, banana, ci... Read more

  • Journal_Day 6_20 Dec 2017

    12/23/2017 2:37:42 AM, by *MADHU*

    Raisins, soaked almonds, Banana Coconut water Lotus seeds and Tea Brown rice poha w/ carrot and buttermilk Strawberries and gr... Read more

  • Journal_Day 5_19 Dec 2017

    12/20/2017 5:20:33 AM, by *MADHU*

    Raisins & Date Lotus seeds Tea Omelet w/ buttermilk Puffed Amamranth Veggie soup [Bottle gourd-Tomato-Drumstick pods] Rice w... Read more

  • Journal_Day 4_18 Dec 2017

    12/19/2017 4:41:09 AM, by *MADHU*

    Raisins Almonds Lotus seeds Tea Rajgira halwa Rice w/ drumstick tomato curry Curd w/ chia seeds & moringa powder Lotus see... Read more

  • Journal_Day 3_17 Dec 2017

    12/19/2017 4:25:42 AM, by *MADHU*

    Date Puffed Amaranth Tea Buttermilk Veggie juice Veg grilled cheese s/w with fried egg and chips Jasmine green tea Curd Gr... Read more

  • Journal_Day 2_16 Dec 2017

    12/17/2017 5:01:28 AM, by *MADHU*

    Tea Papaya Boiled Eggs Vangi Bhat with spinach raita Strawberries Grapes Pop Corn Tea Orange Akki Roti with coriander chu... Read more

  • Journal_Day 1_15 Dec 2017

    12/16/2017 4:43:50 AM, by *MADHU*

    Soaked almonds Tea Sabudana (Sago) Khichadi Rice with curd (moringa powder & chia seeds) Strawberries Grapes Puffed Amaranth... Read more

  • SP Journey resumes

    12/16/2017 4:21:00 AM, by *MADHU*

    Following a Low FODMAP diet is very restricting. Though I have re-started using SP's amazing Food Tracker, certain nutritional inf... Read more

  • Happy Thanksgiving!

    11/23/2017 4:23:32 AM, by RAPUNZEL53

    Happy Thanksgiving! I will be traveling most of the day. There is always a lot to be thankful about for everyone. ... Read more

  • Proud day!

    11/17/2017 4:34:57 AM, by SSUSMITA

    I am really proud of myself today! I woke up late with only 1.5 hours to spare before I go to work which includes time for me to get ready, make... Read more

  • When time ran out..

    11/16/2017 7:38:47 PM, by SPDEWINA

    For the entire year now, my goal was to " To be 50 by 40" = goal weigh 50kg by my 40th birthday. I did weekly calculations, missed my short term... Read more

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